21. feb.. 2021
209 425 Ganger

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  • What did you guys get?? Save 5% on FUT coins, NEW customers enjoy an 8% discount,buying with code "haber" at:

    ItsHaberItsHaber11 dager siden
    • @Bezingha123 same :(

      The greasy GamerThe greasy Gamer10 dager siden
    • I GOT PRIME R9

      Ethans TrainsEthans Trains11 dager siden
    • How much is sbc ?

      Mr MiyagiMr Miyagi11 dager siden
    • Also got prime nesta😭

      Blacklava PlaysBlacklava Plays11 dager siden
    • Prime nesta😭

      Blacklava PlaysBlacklava Plays11 dager siden
  • I got 89 Bobby Moore :( SUCH a bad card

    Johnny Peña-GomezJohnny Peña-Gomez11 timer siden
  • Is this sbc over ?? 🥺🥺🥺

    Chico CheChico Che5 dager siden
  • I got big nose mid Lineker 🥺🥺🥺

    Ambrose Asylum97Ambrose Asylum976 dager siden
  • I got prime Socrates, not sure if small L or small W

    Harry KentHarry Kent6 dager siden
  • Got Mid Larsson from the mid to prime and Garrincha from the mid, cant complain

    Liam FlindersLiam Flinders7 dager siden
  • And i got inzaghi....

    kikino 77kikino 777 dager siden
  • good job

    Kamui NoahKamui Noah8 dager siden
  • Haner you ar askinig to much

    Pål Eikrem MålerudPål Eikrem Målerud8 dager siden
  • I wasted my team on Kaka! KAKA

    CakevikingCakeviking8 dager siden
    • Mid kaka

      CakevikingCakeviking8 dager siden
  • he said mid blanc was class but not prime nesta

    H CH C8 dager siden
  • Thanks for the prime seedorf bro😂👊🏽

    Fifa 21 Squad builderFifa 21 Squad builder8 dager siden
  • I got Samuel Eto prime lets goooo

    LukaLuka8 dager siden
  • ofc credicardFC deserved that

    Nil BachkaniNil Bachkani9 dager siden
  • I got prime van nistelrooy I paid 815k for the sbc and got a player worth 375k 😒😒

    Soap ShampooSoap Shampoo9 dager siden
  • Anyone know if the coins thing is legit ?

    Jay RobertsonJay Robertson9 dager siden
    • @Jack Greenhow ye im tempted but i dont really want my whole bank acc emptied lmao

      Jay RobertsonJay Robertson8 dager siden
    • Yes I used it all last fifa bro

      Jack GreenhowJack Greenhow8 dager siden
  • Prime xavi 💪🤩

    IneshInesh9 dager siden
  • You know the game is shit when a 92 rated Nesta isn’t ‘usable’ But then an 89 Blanc is class 🙈😂

    MartinMartin9 dager siden
  • 90 xavi is a dub

    fire jaydandoggfire jaydandogg9 dager siden
  • No joke i got prime zidane!!!!!

    Zach GoughZach Gough9 dager siden
  • would you rather have mid pele or prime beckham

    Jacob ForsterJacob Forster9 dager siden
  • Got mid klose 😭

    BongoBaseBongoBase9 dager siden
  • Coin selling. Downvote.

    Matt HarrisMatt Harris9 dager siden
  • I got prime Beckham. Never been more disappointed in my life

    james fisherjames fisher9 dager siden
  • The thumbnail 🤦

    Corin SmithCorin Smith9 dager siden
  • Was over the moon with carlos Alberto but wasn’t happy with prime roberto🤣

    Connor MoodyConnor Moody9 dager siden
  • Got mid eusibeo Buzzing

    Adam MorrisonAdam Morrison9 dager siden
  • I got mid shearer...

  • It is gonna expire on Saturday, right?

    Adrian.Velt.Adrian.Velt.9 dager siden
  • Got mid stoichkov, W or L ?

    j0shNwtzj0shNwtz10 dager siden
  • I got prime R9. I’m nearly 30 and I still shouted 😂

    Sammy BSammy B10 dager siden
    • You can get his prime when his moments is out?

      Alina GlavanAlina Glavan9 dager siden
  • Got prime Eto, delighted

    RoloRolo10 dager siden
  • I got Matthäus Prime im so happy

    rxmxn_ 2rxmxn_ 210 dager siden
  • Don't even want to do this, as I've got lampard, gattuso, sanchez, and baggio from base/mid packs

    William UppenaWilliam Uppena10 dager siden
  • I got prime rio

  • I got a dupe Mid Inzaghi...

    BedboundBedbound10 dager siden
  • What’s better the 81 x 25 and 82 x 25 OR the 83 x 25?

    Deane GreenouffDeane Greenouff10 dager siden
    • Honestly there pretty much the same you could open the 81+ and bag 4 walkouts then do the 83+ and not even get a walkout with a bunch of 85s it's all about luck

      Chris MoyleChris Moyle10 dager siden
  • Do you have merchandise?

    DrRenegadeDrRenegade10 dager siden
  • Least you at least got a prime I got mid John Barnes 😱 to

    Daniel O'Neill SwDaniel O'Neill Sw10 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️The intro is getting op everyday ❤️❤️❤️

    FREE FIRE, COD-MFREE FIRE, COD-M10 dager siden
  • Got mid Lahm. The cdm one. Fits perfectly in my team

    Chelsea fan for life Timo WernerChelsea fan for life Timo Werner10 dager siden
  • nesta 38 agility OH NO

    Louie HoganLouie Hogan10 dager siden
  • I got George Best Mid. Very nice :D

    Rafael BarizonRafael Barizon10 dager siden
  • Is it worth it

    Andrew WrightAndrew Wright10 dager siden
  • Legend

    iDrxp6ixiDrxp6ix10 dager siden
  • i still have base bergkamp

    Lxwie __Lxwie __10 dager siden
  • Real madrid flags ... gets xavi

    Geovanny VillanuevaGeovanny Villanueva10 dager siden
  • I use mid nesta and he is so so good, he is very rapid on the recovery

    J1GYJ1GY10 dager siden
    • @MFX Xehn what

      J1GYJ1GY10 dager siden
    • @J1GY no

      MFX XehnMFX Xehn10 dager siden
    • @MFX Xehn guess ur awful at the game

      J1GYJ1GY10 dager siden
    • No

      MFX XehnMFX Xehn10 dager siden
  • Prime Seedorf lieve mensen. Frank zou gek worden

    Rafael NeterRafael Neter10 dager siden
  • i got mid gullit ;)

    monty glynmonty glyn10 dager siden
  • Just did a mid and got mid cruyff

    No user name addedNo user name added10 dager siden
    • @MFX Xehn yes? Else boras would have gotten the baby and not the mid. Baby Eusebio is better then the mid therefore the mid is cheaper. Mid cruyff is more expensive then the baby you bozo

      daniel gardardaniel gardar9 dager siden
    • @daniel gardar no

      MFX XehnMFX Xehn9 dager siden
    • @MFX Xehn baby is not better. Less overall shooting and passing. + less balance and stamina

      daniel gardardaniel gardar10 dager siden
    • Baby Cruyff is better,I have him

      MFX XehnMFX Xehn10 dager siden
  • The disrespect Ea gave to xavi is unreal

    Samir GrgSamir Grg10 dager siden
    • And Iniesta

      Manuel PintoManuel Pinto10 dager siden
  • I got 91 Shearer in mine....

    Too FooTToo FooT10 dager siden
  • Roy keane on an arsenal kit should be a crime

    Gabo DeelyGabo Deely10 dager siden
  • i only got 85 de jong

    Ian BarnabyIan Barnaby11 dager siden
  • Mid matthaus for me :)

    brendan1523brendan152311 dager siden
  • People opening their 25x 83+ packs are just incredibly stupid. No promo's and a shitty totw. Why the hell would you open them now

    Nick -Nick -11 dager siden
  • Day 124 of calling Haber a nonce

    AshAsh11 dager siden
  • I got fucking prime Nedved please fucking kill me

    Ewan HampsonEwan Hampson11 dager siden
  • I got mid Vieri

    Guto Wynne JonesGuto Wynne Jones11 dager siden
  • I got Mid Klose. Please pray for me.

    May BergkampMay Bergkamp11 dager siden
    • mid barnes😢

      Leon LeeLeon Lee10 dager siden
  • i put my whole team in this xdd i quit the game. but then, i got, 93 gullit......

    BõsBõs11 dager siden
    • @Soulja Hernandez no one cares about you tbh

      BõsBõs7 dager siden
    • @Bõs no one cares tbh

      Soulja HernandezSoulja Hernandez8 dager siden
    • @Andrew Wright im good g

      BõsBõs10 dager siden
    • @Tai Bhalla i'd rather not give my account to some random child on the internet🤣🤣🤣

      BõsBõs10 dager siden
    • @Bõs can I have ur account then

      Tai BhallaTai Bhalla10 dager siden
  • I got 91 Eusebio

    bob rossbob ross11 dager siden
  • I got mid Carlos but u wasn’t in the vid w or l

    Charlie MorrisCharlie Morris11 dager siden
  • Got sanchez prime, absolutely gassed

    Tom McCarthyTom McCarthy11 dager siden
  • Got Barnes from mid or prime and nesta from mid

    Aidan ogaraAidan ogara11 dager siden
  • I’m not sure about mine prime frank lampard

    theo robinsontheo robinson11 dager siden
  • I got Prime PELEEE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Zijad JusufiZijad Jusufi11 dager siden
    • @Jonathan Gonzalez I got mid best

      Keane HodkinsonKeane Hodkinson11 dager siden
    • Lucky

      Jonathan GonzalezJonathan Gonzalez11 dager siden
  • Got mid Eusebio.

    neilsmallhandsneilsmallhands11 dager siden
    • Used him through TOTS and Summer Heat last year that’s class

      Josesito Tan BonitoJosesito Tan Bonito10 dager siden
    • homeless dynamic image

      Taha TanvirTaha Tanvir10 dager siden
  • I got makelelelele Prime, w or l?

    GianGian11 dager siden
    • W, he’s been a champ for me..when I packed him a month ago I was like 😐 but he’s a great cdm

      javier ramosjavier ramos11 dager siden
  • Actually your title isnt correct because they arent all your accounts

    OhThatShitIsDeepOhThatShitIsDeep11 dager siden
  • 4:07 Roy Keane dancing in an Arsenal shirt 😬

    Ruben EasedaleRuben Easedale11 dager siden
    • Get Micah Richards on it

      Pierry HenryPierry Henry10 dager siden
    • 😪

      Chr1sOlaChr1sOla11 dager siden
  • top marks for consistency ryan!

    Nottingham Forest Goals!Nottingham Forest Goals!11 dager siden
  • 🌹🌹🌹🇸🇦

    خيالي 6خيالي 611 dager siden
  • Sherar 91😒

    יוסף חיים חזיזהיוסף חיים חזיזה11 dager siden
  • 2.40 that's the hero himself I swear

    Ralf SyrettRalf Syrett11 dager siden
    • This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw it. he’s literally famous

      Mustafa vlogz FanboyMustafa vlogz Fanboy10 dager siden
  • 10:00 De router

    Muawiya ImranMuawiya Imran11 dager siden
  • Got prime Fernando Torres, so gassed🤣

    Charlie BallCharlie Ball11 dager siden
    • @Invaluable GOAT Sterling lmao he’s mine too

      TheblokenextdoorTheblokenextdoor10 dager siden
    • holy shit u got my favorite player..

      Invaluable GOAT SterlingInvaluable GOAT Sterling10 dager siden
  • So happy with my new vieri 🤗

    Rico ObrienlRico Obrienl11 dager siden
  • I got prime roberto Carlos after spending 30k

    Big AlBig Al11 dager siden
  • Mid del piero, W or L

    Olly ClaysonOlly Clayson11 dager siden
    • @Olly Clayson obvisouly its a W then why u gotta comment u clown

      Tesco BleachTesco Bleach11 dager siden
    • @Ben Anderson nah I payed 100k

      Olly ClaysonOlly Clayson11 dager siden
    • Small W unless u payed full price for the shc

      Ben AndersonBen Anderson11 dager siden
  • this geezer is a right nob

    Mike SmithMike Smith11 dager siden
    • Shutup

      Faisal 1HunnaFaisal 1Hunna11 dager siden
  • I got prime nesta aswell😭

    Blacklava PlaysBlacklava Plays11 dager siden
  • I got prime inzahgi I think I win on the best pull today

    Tyler MayesTyler Mayes11 dager siden
  • I packed eto'o

    Mathijs MirckMathijs Mirck11 dager siden
  • I got prime butrageño i’m fuckin’ happy

    Zsoro UzunovZsoro Uzunov11 dager siden
    • @Logan Cuneo 🤣🤣🤣

      Mr MiyagiMr Miyagi9 dager siden
    • @Corin Smith yeah, thanks bro😂😂👌

      Aitor Marín GilAitor Marín Gil9 dager siden
    • @Aitor Marín Gil not how you spell legend

      Corin SmithCorin Smith9 dager siden
    • @Luis Rodriguez mid torres is good and dub valuewise but kinda performs meh but prime torres is different gravy

      Invaluable GOAT SterlingInvaluable GOAT Sterling10 dager siden
    • I have mid lamperd 😭

      Gerd DeggendorfGerd Deggendorf11 dager siden
  • Got mid puskas😍😍😍

    TheclockendofficalTheclockendoffical11 dager siden
  • What is the price of mid blanc

    jurre Oeverjurre Oever11 dager siden
  • I got mid cantona, happy with it but would have loved a prime

    Matthew O'doughertyMatthew O'dougherty11 dager siden
    • I know what you mean but dont get greedy loads of people got bad ones like inzagi

      Jonathan LogueJonathan Logue10 dager siden
  • is mid pirlo good out of base or mid?

    matthew_quinn08matthew_quinn0811 dager siden
    • No

      Maroun BeyrouthyMaroun Beyrouthy10 dager siden
  • I have a lot of untradables but idk if I should do it fellas

    King HaynesKing Haynes11 dager siden
    • Do it and enjoy your laudrup

      Rick BainesRick Baines10 dager siden
    • Do it

      James EdwardsJames Edwards11 dager siden
  • i got mid cannavaro too is he usable next to varane?

    Z4hid 912Z4hid 91211 dager siden
    • Too small. Easily gets bullied

      bhargav bhoslebhargav bhosle11 dager siden
    • whos your other cb

      BraMBraM11 dager siden
  • You’re always one of the first to upload 6pm content bro👏🏻👏🏻

    jack andrewsjack andrews11 dager siden
  • I got fockking gattuso mid🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

    LezzaMotionLezzaMotion11 dager siden
  • How long you got to do the sbc?

    Footie DonutFootie Donut11 dager siden
  • Got Vieri prime I’m just so fucking done with this game now cbaaaaa

    James YouthJames Youth11 dager siden
    • Unlucky

      Skinny Muscles kidSkinny Muscles kid10 dager siden
    • @Tesco Bleach I did that in fifa 20 and got an insane team

      Jonathan LogueJonathan Logue10 dager siden
    • Un install. Have a break for a couple week mate

      Tesco BleachTesco Bleach11 dager siden
    • Read this as viera at first, unlucky man 😂

      HazladHazlad11 dager siden
  • When your camera runs out of battery😂😂

    TrickstarrHDTrickstarrHD11 dager siden
  • Prime figo

    JS7_TWITCHJS7_TWITCH11 dager siden
  • I had lot of fodder saved to do neymar potm, so did this sbc Got prime ferdinand, not bad I guess

    José SantiagoJosé Santiago11 dager siden
    • @José Santiago Same thing as bamba over mbappe a couple months ago. Players don't vote for neymar or mbappe because its normal for them to get stats like that I guess

      SlowlywavSlowlywav11 dager siden
    • @Slowlywav have no idea, he had the worst stats performace wise So for me was between volland, or neymar with the help of the fifa community voting Never expected boulaya to win

      José SantiagoJosé Santiago11 dager siden
    • yh how did boulaya win that

      SlowlywavSlowlywav11 dager siden
  • I got mid Trez I was fuming

    Oliver EllisOliver Ellis11 dager siden
    • Same

      Ev LloydEv Lloyd10 dager siden