This INSANE Stick Fight Animation Blew My MOTHAFOOKIN' Mind...

24. okt.. 2020
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this is the greatest stick fight reaction video of all time
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  • 19:03 the one unspoken rule of flexing: when the person passes you your own weapon, you're fucked....guaranteed.

    Arceus DominusArceus Dominus4 timer siden
  • me and my friends playing stick fight the game be like

    Erik WendelErik Wendel3 dager siden
  • gonna be honest and say I was expecting dominate hosted by guz

    stubcut 4stubcut 47 dager siden
  • Again

    Edoardo SannaEdoardo Sanna9 dager siden
  • Alan becker is best stickman yt

    [notswappap some roblox player idk][notswappap some roblox player idk]11 dager siden
  • What is this bleach😂😂😂😂😂

    Kazekage11 HffsKazekage11 Hffs12 dager siden
  • Watch all the AvA episodes. Please?

    Thomas HoganThomas Hogan12 dager siden
  • 8:05 "Before, he was using weapons. Now that he's up against a valiant opponent he won't even use weapons I take it back." This one had me good ngl

    History EggHistory Egg16 dager siden
  • Do you not know he traced from different anime and different stick fights

    DoM_DoM_17 dager siden

    Tricia InocencioTricia Inocencio17 dager siden
  • What if i got both

    Team GL4Team GL419 dager siden
  • lmao

    nikola cenovnikola cenov21 dag siden
  • theyre not scrolls theyre nunchucks lol

  • Captain America is awesome and because you said that I not liking video

    KristenLuke FletcherKristenLuke Fletcher21 dag siden
  • 19:27 FINISH HIM

    Savegemew My identity is none of your businessSavegemew My identity is none of your business25 dager siden
  • 13:27 are you captain Britain

    Savegemew My identity is none of your businessSavegemew My identity is none of your business25 dager siden
  • You poor idiot alan backer is the best you should have watched all of his videos

    adamadam27 dager siden
  • Remind me not to get betting advice from Nux

    TheGreatBelmasTheGreatBelmas28 dager siden
  • 1:18 Yellow fellow turns very phallic.

    Barnabus The HobgoblinBarnabus The Hobgoblin29 dager siden
  • Dbz btw

    Connor BradyConnor BradyMåned siden
  • My favorite anime is the old iron man one

    Rocco T CacharelisRocco T CacharelisMåned siden
  • Weapon master is just the guy who has maxed all his stats

    Sir_Chonky_Seal Art-For-AnimatorsSir_Chonky_Seal Art-For-AnimatorsMåned siden
  • He also stole H20Delierious's mask right hand man go brrrr

    John RootJohn RootMåned siden
  • Does anyone notice how hes like a sans au

    John RootJohn RootMåned siden
  • red and blue team was a soul eater reference.

    Darius FoxDarius FoxMåned siden
  • beard ninja hit hard for me, I recommend it

    Kinkajou LegendKinkajou LegendMåned siden
  • I always feel like One Punch Man got most of their Battle Inspirations from such Stick Figure Fight Animations xD I remember one of the first ones I've ever seen. The one where the dude forgot his keys and tried bashing the door in xD

    LordBloodySoulLordBloodySoulMåned siden
  • Nix he rapper

    JayJJayJMåned siden
  • yellow be like one punch man

    Vjosa BodoVjosa BodoMåned siden
  • That base tho

    Iwinosa IgbinoviaIwinosa IgbinoviaMåned siden
  • bruh shield simp was thunder, firmament was lightning guy, look at the colors. and I may be a bottom but I did not get pokemon shield...nor sword 😂😢

    Little SillyLittle SillyMåned siden
  • Should Nux livestream the entire Animator vs. Animation series, not including the shorts or the Minecraft Adventures?

    doubledamndoubledamnMåned siden
  • Naginatas

    KRTxSkyKRTxSkyMåned siden
  • Yo nuxanor i freaking love your videos! Combat gods is nice as heck! Also that flip scene was funny as heck!

    djdjMåned siden
  • The yellow dude is worth an enemy for saitama

    H A P P YH A P P YMåned siden
  • can you watch animator vs animation 5

    Freddy MathisFreddy MathisMåned siden
  • Definitely watch guildedguy's animations!!!

    DullerZDullerZMåned siden
  • tsk tsk you don't know RWBY songs. 4:05 Red like rosses

    alex bezalex bezMåned siden
  • combat gods... stick death x10

    alex bezalex bezMåned siden
  • Wait till you see umbrella

    Adddmeee eAdddmeee eMåned siden

    Meliodas playzMeliodas playzMåned siden
  • "whats the sound track" when the anime flex god has yet to discover RWBY and the (.....) of rooster teeth honestly i dk wtf to call it at this point ps. nux there is enough content there for you to run another channel where you flex on rooster teeth

    MercMercMåned siden
  • nux missed the mortal combact x reffrence in the first animation

    ĐęVįŁĐęVįŁMåned siden
  • Nux: *Roasting The stick man video* Nux mind: "I wish i could do that "

    SxAlienSxAlienMåned siden
  • Scrolls??? Nah dude they are nunchucks lmaoooo

    Isaac McBainIsaac McBainMåned siden
  • Just saying to attach blades to your shield so you can pretend to be Kung Lao but with a shield instead of a hat.

    『BudderCobi』❄『BudderCobi』❄Måned siden
  • Guess I'm a bottom then.

    『BudderCobi』❄『BudderCobi』❄Måned siden
  • OMG i had my speed set to 1.25x times speed and i didn't even know i had it set wrong... i just thought Nux had way too much coffee today XD

    KillaBunny17 .Hououin KyoumaKillaBunny17 .Hououin KyoumaMåned siden
  • I appreciate this man judging the powers, power levels, "holding back" and shit, and man do i agree with you, DIO could have stopped time and detonated Jotaro's head after DIO makes Jotaro use his stopped time movement second be put to waste, boom, win

    Felipe da SilvaFelipe da SilvaMåned siden
  • I'm really disappointed you dont know red like roses which also implies you dont know what rwby is which is very triggering

    Crimson DemonCrimson DemonMåned siden
  • 1 vs 1000, the one always wins? Tell that to Zack.... he died....

    Ezequiel TorresEzequiel TorresMåned siden
  • Im still waiting for the day when nux watches more stick fights

    Alexander Lloyd MendozaAlexander Lloyd MendozaMåned siden
  • God u talk so damn much😤

    SmallpandaSmallpandaMåned siden
  • but i thought u were a man of culture, a tiddy man. and if u get shield u get the tiddys. if u get sword u get this clumsy awkward dude. i prefer the tiddys sow i chose the shield version with moma. ;) xD sowwy for the bad english ma man

    ElysTrails LPElysTrails LPMåned siden
  • funny how he knew what the Rwby scythe was but didn't recognize red like roses part 2 in the first one.

    Belphegor_Belphegor_Måned siden
  • I’m slightly pissed that the only Alan Becker animation that you reacted to in this video was his oldest one, check out animator vs animation 5, the most recent episode one. That stuff is fire and better than a majority of anime out there.

    KompiKompiMåned siden
  • Chain blades so many chain blades

    rozalina freyarozalina freyaMåned siden
  • The soundtrack from the first video is red like roses part 2 from RWBY. And it is one of the best music I've heard

    DED Beat Jr.DED Beat Jr.Måned siden
  • This is what happens when you spec all of your skill points toward animation instead of art.

    DeathKnight5608DeathKnight5608Måned siden
  • Dude, check out some of Oxob's battles, starting with Demonstration. He is my favorite. Also, the League of Legends Stick Fights are fire as fuck

    Atrium Games&MoreAtrium Games&MoreMåned siden
  • imo the only great stick figh animations are all the colabs like imitator strongest stick and the ones synced to music

    Aiir_NormalsAiir_NormalsMåned siden
  • watch dominate and the massacre room next

    Denia KwenahDenia KwenahMåned siden
  • 1:18, funniest part in the video.

    the judge's jesterthe judge's jesterMåned siden
  • Nux ...? NUX click the link, it's a stick fight

    reign kalawreign kalaw2 måneder siden
  • is 12 like nux fav number, he's like i will hit you 12 time, i will slash you 12 times, he flew TWELVE miles

    Total_CalamityTotal_Calamity2 måneder siden
  • 6:36 Did my dude pull out a kusarigama?

    Sketch BoiSketch Boi2 måneder siden
  • I recommend hyuns dojo "The immitator 1 and 2

    4GOT10 GAMING4GOT10 GAMING2 måneder siden
  • you have all seen it here folks nux do not know what a nunchuck is

    DarkemperDarkemper2 måneder siden
  • Petition for him to see the sync collabs

    D34th4L1f3 [Vtuber]D34th4L1f3 [Vtuber]2 måneder siden
  • Sucks that combat gods was traced tho...

    PixelPixel2 måneder siden
  • "You may have seen me at 27% of my power, but you'll never defeat me at 31% of my power!" Fucking brilliant

    typhoonhurricane18typhoonhurricane182 måneder siden
  • I remember crazy jay from my childhood playing stick wars on

    chris mosleychris mosley2 måneder siden
  • On the first video wanted him to coment on it was made/animated with a mouse

    BrotherGUNS105BrotherGUNS1052 måneder siden
  • i recommend the attacker vs defender animation

    Ryan ButlerRyan Butler2 måneder siden
  • You know, in Myth Busters, they shown two things not done right in movies and such dealing with things like this. One: Getting hit with a gun shot, even by a shot gun shot will not send a person flying. Two: Body parts do not stay put as you slice them off the body with a fast moving blade or sword. Though both are quite fun to see happen anyway.

    glenfoxhglenfoxh2 måneder siden
  • These stick fight videos are fun to watch. I love watching them. There is so much energy to them. You should see both the first five animations of Bunny Kill, and Smile HD. Both are a blast! ^.^

    glenfoxhglenfoxh2 måneder siden
  • do more alan becker crap its amazing

    PancakePancake2 måneder siden
  • im sub to two of your chanle

    Andre EdwardsAndre Edwards2 måneder siden
  • i love this

    Andre EdwardsAndre Edwards2 måneder siden
  • stickfigure videos are my childhood. it's all i watched on youtube and then i found memes and minecraft

    The Prime ReasonThe Prime Reason2 måneder siden
  • I don't like your stance on shields, and have you considered gun shields? I mean I like Bayonets anyway, but a good shield is not a bad option stick figure fight me...i mean...I don't really have the time but if you want respond and maybe we could stick figure fight whatever we wanted? idk thanks for the video in any case.

    Luke BraggLuke Bragg2 måneder siden
  • nux : what is this soundtrack (its red like roses from RWBY btw) also nux : THATS THE RWBY SCYTHE

    KiryuKiryu2 måneder siden
  • How dare you say that a shield is a simple wedding I’ll pop round with the shielded

    Ahmed MunassarAhmed Munassar2 måneder siden
  • Flexing is a requirement of being stupidly op

    David GatesDavid Gates2 måneder siden
  • Are you trying to say something about me picking pokemon shield before sword. : (

    Allison NicholsAllison Nichols2 måneder siden
    • Yes he is

      pikachu gamerpikachu gamer2 måneder siden
  • Nux in the firmament vs thunder battle the dude with the shield is called thunder

    infinite darkinfinite dark2 måneder siden
  • Wanted to speak up on your bottom comment, then i realized i am am bottom... nux was right all along...

    Mr_ Pi1grimMr_ Pi1grim2 måneder siden
  • Little did he know that this animation has some parts traced

    MoriNori.MoriNori.2 måneder siden
  • Fun fact, combat gods took about 3 years to make.

    Very Thicc Cat S A L A DVery Thicc Cat S A L A D2 måneder siden
  • DUDE! react to the Imitator Collab (the first one... then the second one!)

    Dragon Dad VillaroDragon Dad Villaro2 måneder siden
  • 0:22 I love that nux artwork. Its really well done.

    zirath ashezirath ashe2 måneder siden
  • 6:51 so he gets the RWBY weapon but no the RWBY BGM on the first video?

    Marcos MoraMarcos Mora2 måneder siden
  • can you make fun of me running for president

    aa aaaa aa2 måneder siden
  • 15:36 so bacicaly he is gonna lose or he is gonna win

    Dat _ PigDat _ Pig2 måneder siden
  • 18:03 when you do a tandem attack in JJBA heratagefor the future

    Yare Yare DazeYare Yare Daze2 måneder siden
  • The YoYo, actually is from Hunter X Hunter. It was originally used as a weapon by NES

    DersiesDersies2 måneder siden
  • if you reacts to more stick animations then you should react to the cliff/stickworld reacts to cliff first then stickworld by zeruel82mk2

    Cascas08 ÖsterlundCascas08 Österlund2 måneder siden
  • Me who bought pokemon shield: :0 how tf did you know?!?

    Crossed OutCrossed Out2 måneder siden
  • um "Red Like Roses"

    Tristan CummingsTristan Cummings2 måneder siden
  • Que Dios nos perdone.

    Loi TraLoi Tra2 måneder siden