This $650 Gaming PC is Pretty Nuts!

15. mai. 2020
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I built a $650 Gaming PC to game over 100 FPS, for titles like Fortnite, Valorant, GTAV, Modern Warfare and more!
►How to Build a Gaming PC:
►Windows 10 CD Key ($13):
20% off code: TS20
This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.
►US Parts◄
Ryzen 3 3300X ($120):
Ryzen 3 3300X (Newegg):
Gigabyte B450M ($73):
Patriot Viper 8GBx2 3600Mhz ($85):
PowerColor RX580 ($160):
Nvidia GTX 1650 Super ($160):
ADATA SU800 512GB SSD ($63):
Cougar 80+ Bronze 600W PSU ($45):
DarkFlash DLM21 White ($65):
DarkFlash DLM21 Black ($65):
RGB Fans x3 ($30):
*Fan Hub ($8) Optional :
*Apevia 120mm Fans x5 ($17) Optional:
►Alternate Parts (if above sold out)◄
Motherboard: ASUS Prime B450M ($80):
G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GBx2 3600Mhz ($73):
Zotac GTX 1650 Super ($160):
Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super ($160) :
Thermaltake 80+ Plus 600W ($55):
DarkFlash DLM22 ($65):
►UK Parts◄
Ryzen 3 3300X:
Gigabyte B450M:
Patriot Viper 8GBx2 3600Mhz:
PowerColor RX580:
Nvidia GTX 1650 Super:
EVGA 80+ 600W PSU :
DarkFlash DLM21: (N/A)
RGB Fans x3:
►Canada Parts◄
Ryzen 3 3300X:
Gigabyte B450M:
Patriot Viper 8GBx2 3600Mhz:
PowerColor RX580:
Nvidia GTX 1650 Super:
Cougar 80+ Bronze 600W PSU:
DarkFlash DLM21: N/A
RGB Fans x3:

  • Download War Robots for free on your iOS/Android device and get a special bonus for new players! If you do it until May, 21 you will also receive an extra bonuses on 10 and 23 levels! Don't lose your chance

    TechSourceTechSource6 måneder siden
    • bro thats funny

      Hidden BeastHidden Beast6 dager siden
    • tech from edsource

      SwimvortexSwimvortex10 dager siden
    • Can you stream on this pc?

      LaylatsukiLaylatsuki11 dager siden
    • Will this run fortnite

      PezzaPezza14 dager siden
    • The thermals suck pick a different case

      Alyss XAlyss XMåned siden
  • Go to get this build for Christmas to do reactions and game

    FLASHFLASH3 timer siden
  • what are the rgb fans called? because i get linked to corsair ones which are 76 pounds.

    Ģirts NolleĢirts Nolle5 timer siden
  • Can i add a ryzen 5 instead of ryzen 3

    KimKim10 timer siden
  • 12:01

    The MysteriesThe Mysteries18 timer siden
  • hey techsource, could you help me build me a gaming pc

    Typo GamesTypo GamesDag siden
  • If you live in the UK, there is a pretty similar case called FORGE M by tecware for £40 and it comes with 4 fans

    minigadgeminigadgeDag siden
  • Anyone know any other gpu options under 170$ ? Because the ones linked are sold out

    Post MachromeePost MachromeeDag siden
  • What is the windows key for?

    Yungg XddYungg Xdd2 dager siden
  • anyone have any idea on what monitor to get for this?

    Z_v3 YTZ_v3 YT3 dager siden
  • Building this exact pc build today wish me luck!

    SudekuSudeku3 dager siden
    • Good luck man! If you've finished. How is it?

      Izaiah MartinezIzaiah Martinez3 dager siden
  • Buy Gaming PC From Best Buy :

    HAJAANHAJAAN3 dager siden
  • now if you have a larger budget you could get some more RAM, or bigger storage, better GPU or CPU

    ColeCole4 dager siden
  • 4:30 Damn, i remember when Doc and Rook had Acog, why they have to ruin them 😔

    ColeCole4 dager siden
  • bruh most high end graphics card costs more than this build

    ColeCole4 dager siden
  • in my country, this set up is 750-800 usd

    AristoKratAristoKrat4 dager siden
  • Anyone know from the uk if there is any replacement for the red dragon???? That will fit in the exact same pc for around the same price

    Itis WillItis Will5 dager siden
  • Does the case have a Ethernet port?

    QuackedBot69 OkQuackedBot69 Ok5 dager siden
  • Instead of the rx 580 could I add the 5500xt 8gb

    Editing WallsEditing Walls5 dager siden
  • lmao bc of black friday all this is under 600 build this rn if u want

    joshua leejoshua lee5 dager siden
  • Guys u think this is still worth? And will it work with the ryzen 5 like the motherboard looking for my first pc

    Itis WillItis Will5 dager siden
  • when I was the 1,000,000 viewer lol

    Bishop JonesBishop Jones6 dager siden
  • I saw ryzen 3 and I said... (I said nothing I commented here and left.) No one but a homeless person would use this. Cause you know... they found it in the dumpster.

    RetroSplashRetroSplash8 dager siden
  • the total is 815 howcome ?

    Marcus CunninghamMarcus Cunningham8 dager siden
  • What case should I use in the UK? I really like the case but it's not available where I live... :(

    pain.pain.8 dager siden
  • If i paint cables black like you did, with me being a beginner does anybody think i would get confused as to where to even plug them afterwards? 😅

    Robert MoralesRobert Morales8 dager siden
  • Wait what about the operating system there ain’t windows 10 or anything in there

    FLIPZFLIPZ8 dager siden
    • You use a usb to install windows 10

      Mario Cardenas 1Mario Cardenas 18 dager siden
  • You know it’s going to be a good pc when TechSource says it’s nuts.

    Roman MesaRoman Mesa8 dager siden
  • I’m new to PC building. Would it work if I put a ryzen 5 2600 instead of the cpu that you mentioned in the video?

    easy moneysnipeseasy moneysnipes9 dager siden
  • Ik I’m late to this video but is there anything you would change or is it all still the same

    Mason BakerMason Baker9 dager siden
  • mfw the 3300x doesn't exist anymore

    ElectrosationElectrosation9 dager siden
  • can we use the gtx 1050 ti bc both gpu’s are out of stock :c

    yes ericyes eric10 dager siden
    • @Nate Balls ok thx

      yes ericyes eric8 dager siden
    • sure

      Nate BallsNate Balls9 dager siden
  • I’m going to build this pc on Christmas

    Gavin SappGavin Sapp10 dager siden
    • I’m also having to swap the amd ryzen 3 3300x out for a AMD - Ryzen 3 3200G 2nd Generation because the 3300 was out of stock everywhere and this was about the only thing that was cheap still in my budget I was told by some people on Reddit it will cause some bottle necking but not a lot so it should be fine

      Gavin SappGavin Sapp3 dager siden
    • I had to swap the msi nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 super cause it was out of stock almost everywhere and every else way to expensive to the MSI GTX 1650 SUPER VENTUS XS OC they’re basically the same thing but the boost clock on this is 1740 MHz and the other one was 1755 MHz and this one only has 1 display port while the other one has 3 the MSI GTX 1650 SUPER VENTUS XS OC has the slightest differences it barely does anything and it’s around 30-40 dollars cheaper than the other one on the dell website (all places are nearly sold out for most of this stuff cause of where nvidia sold most of their stuff to crypto something I forget )

      Gavin SappGavin Sapp4 dager siden
  • Can someone pls list the part reply to my comment pls

    Anthony TovarAnthony Tovar10 dager siden
  • What stores can you find these parts?????

    Anthony TovarAnthony Tovar10 dager siden
  • Can u use the same parts in the uk

    ScythebombScythebomb10 dager siden
    • yeah that only thing that would be different is the psu connation to the wall outlet

      Nate BallsNate Balls9 dager siden
  • Does the monitor matter or can you just buy the cheapest monitor and run it?

    Andy LeeAndy Lee11 dager siden
  • I'm unclear on PC Partpicker the Ryzen 3 has a compatibility error with the B450M Motherboard so would it still work?

    KloudKloud12 dager siden
  • the ram sticks are not available for me, which other ram sticks can you suggest? i was thinking CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB 3200MHZ also want the alternative for the PSU can i go with corsair cv650? also an alternative to the cabinet since its not available in my country

    Zeppeli SanZeppeli San12 dager siden
  • So will the games like call of duty modern warfare run at 144 fps on low settings

    Harley PettittHarley Pettitt12 dager siden
  • lol a third of the video is him gaming XD

    ArtOfPantryArtOfPantry13 dager siden
  • why is he actually good at apex?

    ArtOfPantryArtOfPantry13 dager siden
  • Is it worth it now pls answer me i need it fast

    DelosDelos13 dager siden
  • when you literally cant find the Ryzen 3 3300X anywhere.....

    cabcab13 dager siden
  • Asking a question: is there a good box for budget other that this cus it is out of stock

    Funkl3ssFunkl3ss14 dager siden
  • Any other cpu option it’s out of stock uk

    Luke SGLuke SG14 dager siden
  • Would this be good for a beginner pc

  • fricknite

    Finggy MowFinggy Mow16 dager siden
  • now were talking BUDGET

    bee posebee pose16 dager siden
  • Your good at like every game on this planet

    Rayan AkramRayan Akram16 dager siden
  • will the amd 3100 work

    Squirrel RotmgSquirrel Rotmg16 dager siden
  • I'm playing assassins creed odyssey with 170$ pc lmaoo (i3 3rd gen gtx 760 2gb 4gb ram)

    Dineth ChaminduDineth Chamindu17 dager siden
  • This PC is so good that I had to build it and make a youtube video about it!! Thank you so much for the inspiration because this was my very first PC i've ever built.

    115SKY115SKY18 dager siden
    • You did an amazing job building it too😍

      Disturbed SabriinaaDisturbed Sabriinaa8 dager siden
  • Why are you using a gigabyte b450 intead of a msi b450 mortar or pro vdh, they are better in the same price

    Sohan MisraSohan Misra18 dager siden
  • @TechSource I am building a pc similar to this one but this pc that you have for 650$ what fps does it run in fortnite?

    FC NeetFC Neet18 dager siden
  • came out to 696$ ask me if you want the links!

    tyler millertyler miller19 dager siden
  • Idk if it was just me but the pc looks great except for that fort nite clip, it looked pretty bad

    Luke PaulusLuke Paulus19 dager siden
  • did i here 1080p high 144hz over 100 fps? pog

    Chris LapierreChris Lapierre19 dager siden
  • Can I stream and play at the same time with this pc?

    OhmysamuuOhmysamuu20 dager siden
  • Is this pc good to stream on?

    Aj Wood759Aj Wood75920 dager siden
  • Is this pc upgradable?

    Cristian GarciaCristian Garcia21 dag siden
    • Every pc you build can be upgradable. All you have to do is get better parts and put it in your pc

      M00se HeartM00se Heart19 dager siden
  • Go for RX 580 guys so you don't have to sell your kidney.

    Bright StuffBright Stuff21 dag siden
  • Can you do a hydro x watercooled build with hardline tubing, blue coolant, and gold fittings?

    Ryan RahmanRyan Rahman21 dag siden
  • Ryzen 5000 will work with b450

  • Can someone please tell me which gpu is best out of the ones he advised

    Cynical_SNEAKZ YTCynical_SNEAKZ YT21 dag siden
  • That case kinda clean tho 🥶

    Cynical_SNEAKZ YTCynical_SNEAKZ YT21 dag siden
  • Is this pc able to stream?

    Jack HuftyJack Hufty22 dager siden
  • on minute 1:45 he finished Advertising 😎

    PiXeLPiXeL22 dager siden
  • I keep watching this video and im super conflicted on how to feel, I have an rx580 (might be because mine is an older model) but mine pushes much higher temps and i have 5 case fans, 3 in front for intake, two on top for exhaust and one in the back, also my cpu is running pretty hot as well at some points sitting at almost 80C which I don't understand because it is overclocked but not by too much and on top of that uses the wraith prism cooler which I've heard is really good. sucks because I'm not smart enough tech wise to easily solve what's wrong and this is having a somewhat negative effect because with 2 games now i've experienced crashes due to overheating ( I Think) so I have no clue what's wrong with that way I have it set up and I don't really know what to do.

    RosePnutRosePnut22 dager siden
  • Can any psu fit in the dlm21

    Finlay HoltFinlay Holt23 dager siden
  • This system gets you round 1500 in Minecraft I'd say

    lrislris25 dager siden
  • if i have 3 fans do i need a gpu cooler???

    Stone_Gaming _Stone_Gaming _25 dager siden
  • I couldn’t find the 3300x but can I use the 3100?

    DerxpyyDerxpyy26 dager siden
  • This computer is perfect for me, because its White (My Wanted Color) and the LED's Are Rainbow (which its also my Wanted Color) And runs all of my games in high/maxed Graphics. And its also cheap!!!

    Nicolas Willy PretkoNicolas Willy Pretko26 dager siden
  • If anyone knows about pc's and would be willing to help me my snapchat is aidencole1234

    Mr. WubbaMr. Wubba26 dager siden
  • Is 3300x good for editing?

    Yash KanyalkarYash Kanyalkar26 dager siden
  • The motherboard in this build sucks.

    NPC CaliNPC Cali26 dager siden
  • Is there an hdmi port?

    RombRomb29 dager siden
  • But wouldn't a ryzen 5 be better ?

    skynhutpro 91skynhutpro 91Måned siden
  • Is this pc future proof ??

    Juri_LRFJuri_LRFMåned siden
    • @simplistixz thanks

      Juri_LRFJuri_LRFMåned siden
    • no get a better motherboard and maybe a higher wattage psu

      simplistixzsimplistixzMåned siden
  • Soo how do i built this 😂

    JoseJoseMåned siden
  • TechSource: have you ever heard of war robots? Me: *flashback to six years old*

    sage gralnicksage gralnickMåned siden
  • Could this run a rockstar game like gta 5 and rdr 2

    Brandon RosenBrandon RosenMåned siden
  • Hi techsource I want to ask what is the name of the processor cooler you made please answer plis I need a PC like the one you made this

    19 Muhammad abdi Baidlum19 Muhammad abdi BaidlumMåned siden
  • what keyboard is that in the video?

    shiroireishiroireiMåned siden
  • E

    BoaJackHorseMan101BoaJackHorseMan101Måned siden
  • war robots doesnt require tactics, it requires spending $100 per robot on 5 robots. the exact reason why i quit.

    snak1tysnak1tyMåned siden
  • What is the song playing at 1:53?

    TGETGEMåned siden
  • Its Octobers 2020 and this PC is now 810 dollars .

    Crumplybark 3Crumplybark 3Måned siden
  • I have the Mesh version of this case and I got a B550M board but I noticed that my GPU will go into slots 2 and 3 just like yours did. I'm currently waiting for the Gigabyte RTX 3070 Vision to be shipped, will I have any clearance issues? I checked the RX580 Red Dragon has a height of 38mm according to their spec sheet, but the 3070 Vision has a height of 51mm.

    Motmo TVMotmo TVMåned siden
  • i cant get the 3300 can i get the 3200 instead

    ForeiignArloForeiignArloMåned siden
    • get the 3100, its a better deal

      snak1tysnak1tyMåned siden
  • Can this pc stream and edit videos?

    stevenstevenMåned siden
  • Does the b550 fit into the dlm21

    atinuke obidoyinatinuke obidoyinMåned siden
    • It will once the b550 motherboard is a Micro-ATX so make sure the b550 says it is Micro-ATX and not just ATX

      TGETGEMåned siden
  • If anyone has built this pc lmk! I want a affordable streaming and gaming pc. but im broke so this price is pretty good.

    AudariteAudariteMåned siden
    • @Audarite u gotta find a r3 3300x or get a r5 3600

      ali mohmaedali mohmaedMåned siden
    • @ali mohmaed ty ty

      AudariteAudariteMåned siden
    • U can stream on it

      ali mohmaedali mohmaedMåned siden
  • Can i use a ryzen 5?

    Christos StavrouChristos StavrouMåned siden
    • Yes but u need to update the bios if it's (3600)

      ali mohmaedali mohmaedMåned siden
  • the 3300x is like 235 bucks for me from a 3 party becuase amazon doesnt have it nor newegg

    N0T_ 61XN0T_ 61XMåned siden
  • Me looking for a pc for competitive gaming, to play Siege at high FPS and high settings, wanted a 1650s in the build... are you speaking to me Edgar?

    Emiliano JusticeEmiliano JusticeMåned siden
  • where tf is eu parts

    Trym MoenTrym MoenMåned siden
  • It’s like the 3300x doesn’t even exist anymore

    Hadden CurrenHadden CurrenMåned siden
  • Ay yo what the heck

    ‹ Donny ›‹ Donny ›Måned siden