They actually listened to me!!! - Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

17. april. 2021
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Thanks to Lenovo and Microsoft for sponsoring this video! Check out the new Legion 5 Pro Gaming Laptop here:
Gaming Laptops, they're getting almost as good as desktops and it's all in one package, but they tend to run a bit hot. The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro gaming laptop has a few neat tricks to deal with the heat.
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  • Fun fact: This new laptop can also come with Freesync and Gsync and the display is over 500 nits and the gpu is powered at over 140W!! On paper it's a beast! and probably burn a hole in your wallet.

    ree B0undree B0und2 timer siden
  • My last legion has an intermittent hardware fault that has made my life really really hard

    Paige SaundersPaige Saunders3 timer siden
  • I would buy but the keypad on the keyboard really bugs me. They should remove it for 15in

    Deirdre ChongDeirdre Chong13 timer siden
  • Saw in a review some black level and contrast measurements. These values suck tough, especially the black level which is 0.42cdm. That is horrible and for me a deal breaker.

    Henno AppelHenno Appel18 timer siden
  • terrible review

    hien nguyenhien nguyen22 timer siden
  • 6:33 not using gloves

    Savim 18Savim 18Dag siden
  • I have Legion 5 Pro 4600h for a few weeks now and it is an impressive machine, once you overcome some nuisances caused by bad drivers, it runs smoothly. The most annoying thing is the coil whine, heat exhaust on the side that heats your hand with a mouse (seriously Lenovo, what the hell... gaming laptop with exhaust on the side in 2021?!) and the charger brick, which is HUGE...

    Julian ApaleosJulian ApaleosDag siden
  • Can you choose a local Windows account during initial set up or do they force you to go with the Microsoft account ?

    DeckardDeckard2 dager siden
  • Ugh, and still heavy AF at 5.5lbs. My current 2011 HP "beats edition" laptop is that heavy, and that's what I'm trying to get away from.

    Lynne FTWLynne FTW2 dager siden
  • Good Job Done By Lenovo🥰 And Hope they keep up that Everyone of their machines👍

    MrunAL ChaudhariMrunAL Chaudhari2 dager siden
  • eh... when can we actually buy these?

    tinostarkstinostarks2 dager siden
  • i'd like to see laptop makers put smaller batteries in their laptops, when it comes to high-end gaming laptops. I think most people who buy these buy them cause they are portable in the way you have desktop level performance with a screen attached to it. Not so much because you can run it without power. I mean, who ever runs their gaming laptop on battery other than maybe a quick surf and the likes. I say: make the batteries smaller and the heatpipes larger.

    KargoKargo2 dager siden
  • It's in stock in Belgium for 1899€, should I wait for more stock to arrive or is that too risky? This is nearly 2000 euros so idk

    Alexander DemesmaekerAlexander Demesmaeker3 dager siden
  • Idk if I should get this laptop because I did get a gaming laptop after watching a review like this and it was terrible and had multiple service repairs and still sucked. I really don't know. :(

    Samuel LevisSamuel Levis3 dager siden
  • Hi, nice review. Whats the main difference in performace between this and the legion 7i?

    XVenomXVenom4 dager siden
  • This Laptop is 40k money in my country. İmagine this laptop to be 40k $....

    Berk AkbulutBerk Akbulut4 dager siden
  • What is the actual price for lenovo legion 5i pro?

    Ali AAli A4 dager siden
  • Where is the benchmark comparison, oh of course it's a sponsored video

    Siddhanth ShettySiddhanth Shetty4 dager siden
  • thank you Lenovo , now it's your time to steal the show even more with a IPS monitor with 16:10 2560x1600 165hz. for now we can only get such resolution used products at 60hz quite expensive too

    Mr. Athos DewittMr. Athos Dewitt4 dager siden
  • 1080p for a 15,6 screen is not enough ? Dude I’m playing on a 55 LG cx on a QHD , because difference with 4K generally is not that big compared to performance lost. You guys crazy need 8k on a 15” 😅

    Viliam BeňaViliam Beňa4 dager siden
  • Hahaha isn’t that the golden Xbox controller? I thought you need a glove for it? 😂

    Burst FrameBurst Frame5 dager siden
  • I have the legion 5 2020 model with the 1650 in it and so far it's playing games really good and 700$ was definitely worth it!!

    RifRafRifRaf5 dager siden
  • The only thins that holds me back is that I want 17" screen. How big is the deference 16" vs 17"? How ist the screen quality when u lower the resolution. I could get the 5600h rtx 3060 version for 1399 euro in Germany. Thank you!!

    Tob FonTob Fon5 dager siden
  • Lenovo being a sponsor of the video makes this review ingenuine.

    Milad RahimMilad Rahim5 dager siden
  • Any idea when this will come to indian markets? Last year's models are coming now. I hope this doesn't one take another entire year.

    John McTavishJohn McTavish5 dager siden
  • WHERE ARE ALL THE 16:10 HIGH REFRESH MONITORS? Damn it LG, Samsung and AU Optronics, one of you must do it.

    Generously buttered ALCOGenerously buttered ALCO5 dager siden
  • will you also do a non-sponsored reviews of these?

    RomiRomi5 dager siden
  • Linux... FN+Q to switch so performance mode (power indicator would turn red)

    Felix Mubei HöhneFelix Mubei Höhne5 dager siden
  • watching this on the legion 5 pro feels good

    Nicklas BøhmNicklas Bøhm5 dager siden
  • Is it a plastic chassis or metal

    Jowaine JonesJowaine Jones6 dager siden
  • Also full-size arrow keys! The half-sized ones are one of the worst design decisions ever!

    Alexander VynogradovAlexander Vynogradov6 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure last year's legion 5P had no webcam but this one has. Now it really has everything

    Doge The DogDoge The Dog6 dager siden
    • Everything but a Type-C / Thunderbolt or SD card slot.

      Lynne FTWLynne FTW2 dager siden
  • Top laptop in 2021

    Jevgenij ZebrikovJevgenij Zebrikov6 dager siden
  • I just got the legion 5p for Christmas 🥲

    How will pizza get a job now?How will pizza get a job now?6 dager siden
    • Okay doesn't matter the price is a lot higher for the pro, I'm happy with what I got, £999 ($1300) compared to £1800 ($2500) is a pretty big difference. Still it'd be nice to have 8gb on the rtx 2060

      How will pizza get a job now?How will pizza get a job now?6 dager siden
    • (Ryzen 7 4800h, RTX 2060 6gb, 144hz)

      How will pizza get a job now?How will pizza get a job now?6 dager siden
  • This is an over $1,000.00 product that's showing a July 2020 launch date in India and SE Asia! Call that overdue, overpriced and NOT gonna happen! - WTF!?!

    Paul MPaul M6 dager siden
  • the object that dropped made me go check what fell in my house

    MrAphexcloudMrAphexcloud6 dager siden
  • Watching on my lenovo x220 😂😂😂

    domidomi6 dager siden
  • 5:22 Is this how the aspect ratio will look like when recording the screen? Because of 16:10 ratio screen?

    Aldrine GomezAldrine Gomez7 dager siden
  • Will I gain extra hours of usage if I could disable the RTX GPU?

    Am KingAm King7 dager siden
  • my brother bought this laptop and this is awesome

    Cain !Cain !7 dager siden
  • Lenovo Legion 5 best i ever owned got mine for 799 at besbuy

    lisa carpenterlisa carpenter7 dager siden
  • Can you charge via USB PD when the battery is empty?

    zeroibiszeroibis7 dager siden
  • Only a lazy youtuber gets a new specced 16:10 display and never puts it side by side to a 16:9 one. good job.

    Ahmed SarhanAhmed Sarhan7 dager siden
  • Why no one mentions HDMI 2.1 and maybe connect it to LG CX and see how it works . Speechless

    DeckardDeckard7 dager siden
  • Is this laptop on Amazon ?

    Ibrahim MomanIbrahim Moman7 dager siden
  • "why did 16:10 ever go away?" Because 1080p and 1080i were easier selling gimmicks, Linus. Why does anything superior ever go away, Mr. 16k?

    Stephen KolostyakStephen Kolostyak7 dager siden
  • Microsoft should try getting Cyberpunk 2077 on Gamepass. It's a really good game once you play it and having it on Gamepass is a sure fire way to get players actually play the game as opposed to just judge it by the PR.

    Thapu NairThapu Nair7 dager siden
  • How many channels does he have

    joshua johnjoshua john7 dager siden

    anany mathuranany mathur7 dager siden
  • Realy like your channel, i am from europa, and computer specialist, can i sign for your pc builds or something like that, i realy need to upgrade my pc and win some parts😂

    Lauris MurjānsLauris Murjāns7 dager siden
  • What's the brightness level of this laptop?

    LightLight8 dager siden
  • Did they release?

    Zay ResellzZay Resellz8 dager siden
  • Already got it YEAAAHH

    baukepoelsmabaukepoelsma8 dager siden
  • Is there a comparison between this and the Zephyrus G15?

    GiovanniGiovanni8 dager siden
  • Do these devices have coil whine problem.?

    Fatih DemirtaşFatih Demirtaş8 dager siden
  • Funny how all those companies finally notice that 16:10 is much better (except Samsung). And Apple is once again laughing that it took them so long. Just like with good haptics on phones.

    Tim R.Tim R.8 dager siden
  • Tech NOworldrs out there... This video is such a good example to learn from... Y'all _MUST_ do the exact opposite of what Linus does here. By that it means, to make an actual good review...and not a 9mins waste of time ad. Misleading ppl with "Lenovo AI engine" LoL.

    The A_0Hero47The A_0Hero478 dager siden
  • Some listens to laugh Linus, some listens to laugh.

    The A_0Hero47The A_0Hero478 dager siden
  • Just bought this RTX3070 version - aaahh so excited.

    GB 192GB 1928 dager siden
  • If there are any newer people here I would recommend playing at high preset for most games with vsync ON. The frame rate will be capped at 165 meaning your computer won't work on frames above that, making it run cooler and more efficiently.

    HarthamHartham8 dager siden
  • @7:25, Need explanations?????"The sell's Pitch wasn't cønvincing."

    AjayAjay8 dager siden
  • its interesting that Playstation users are pleased by 60fps . But in a gaming PC thats bottom line crappy performance.

    1231238 dager siden
    • Well considering their console is only a fraction of the price, they should be pleased. A PC that's valued the same as a PS5 probably won't come near those frame rates.

      raider968raider9686 dager siden
  • I am using lenovo Legion 5 2021 Now Out of stock in Thailand 🤣🤣🤣

    Nut ToNut To8 dager siden
  • You are probably going to put that laptop in a shelf somewhere and never use it again... I would use it. I could take it. Just saying 😶

    SakumiSakumi8 dager siden
  • Paid reviews huh

    zuldozuldo9 dager siden
  • yes dad, i need this for school...

    jorg van de Meerakkerjorg van de Meerakker9 dager siden
  • Hi! Is there any laptops availeble with the following specs: AMD Ryzen 9 5900h, 3080 grafic card, 240-360 hz 1080p monitor, Mux switch (advanced optimus), With TDP/TGP (or what it is called) 125-150W? If not, have you heard any rumors regarding a laptop coming soon with the specs listed above?

    Oskar AugustssonOskar Augustsson9 dager siden
  • I cannot wait to get my hands on this! Anyone know when it’s supposed to be available in the US?

    Atreyo BhattacharjeeAtreyo Bhattacharjee9 dager siden
  • Hey guys, I wanna ask... is the 16:10 ratio okay when gaming/ watching videos/ films.. doesn’t it create any problems (black stripes) in terms of full screen? Also I’d like to connect it to a bigger 16:9 screen via hdmi. You think it’ll adjust fine?

    Lukáš MarkotánLukáš Markotán9 dager siden
  • I want one, but could I please ask your advice on build quality? I've always bought Asus, but love this so much!!!

    claudia daviesclaudia davies9 dager siden
  • Please tell me you are choosing between two Legion 5 Pro: Ryzen 5 5600H + 3060 or Ryzen 7 5800H - is there a big difference in performance? Is it worth the € 400 difference?

    Дмитрий БольшаковДмитрий Большаков9 dager siden
  • A personalized linus windows xp backround 😄

    KEEVVYKEEVVY9 dager siden
  • Work give us $4000 every two years to buy new laptops, but because the g15 doesn't have webcams, had to look elsewhere, this seems to be a good option.

    Milko OwenMilko Owen9 dager siden
  • Can someone please tell me how Lenovo's track record is for longevity, ease of repair and customer support is like?

    Kere AmohauKere Amohau9 dager siden
  • When will be available in my country, I hope in May :)

    Russinator 13Russinator 139 dager siden
  • Link to Lenovo site says, "Coming Soon"...... When?! It was supposed to be released a month ago...

    Andrew HopmannAndrew Hopmann10 dager siden
    • Global shortage. Had to wait weeks to get mine in Australia. Not surprised that they're delaying the US release.

      raider968raider9686 dager siden
  • I bought an acer predator 300 with an rtx 3070 😁but I have the feeling it is slower then my old acer predator 300 with gtx 1070. Is this possible? Or just in my head ?

    T IndustriesT Industries10 dager siden
  • This or asus zephyrus g15?

    bLuGhOsTbLuGhOsT10 dager siden
    • obviously...this

      ScofindScofind9 dager siden
  • Please see if you can get LG to listen to you. It is a great laptop but they only offer it with a cramped 10key keypad - not sure why they couldn't offer it with a full sized keyboard with the numbers above the letters.

    boe dillardboe dillard10 dager siden
  • Are you guys gonna review the Surface Laptop 4? It seems like Microsoft has fixed a lot of the problems that Linus had with its predecessors.

    ErupticEruptic10 dager siden

    SOLWOLFSOLWOLF10 dager siden
  • 0:05

    ArcJacksonArcJackson10 dager siden
  • Still no idea on when this shit is coming out or pricing on lenovos website lmao..

    lofasz 33lofasz 3310 dager siden
    • I would say June

      K LK L10 dager siden
  • sweet, and they added separated discrete arrow keys!

    Cecil MerrellCecil Merrell10 dager siden
  • What are the temperatures ? And the noice levels ?

    Sinan GüzelSinan Güzel10 dager siden
  • Is the r7 4800h a good cpu for gaming, streaming and editing?

    alain avalain av11 dager siden
  • Wanted to see fps on warzone and other games smh wack

    Michael's GAMING channel!Michael's GAMING channel!11 dager siden
  • They need to release it already!!!!!!!! xD I want to buy one! Lenovo, take my money already!

    akustakaakustaka11 dager siden
  • I use a real keyboard /w 10key and a mouse hooked up to my USB-C hub /w built in Gigabit Ethernet. I can hit my keys so hard during a gaming session. I would break my laptop keyboard. $20USD to $60USD for keyboard compared to $1,500+ for a new laptop. But, I would prefer a shutter over my webcam like I have on my Lenovo S340 (intel (AMD was OFS)) my only peeve about Lenovo and many others. There is no easy access to upgrade memory and SSD or HDD. Doors on the bottom to access these would be nice.

    Adam SAdam S11 dager siden
  • I hate 16:10

    FrancoYayaFrancoYaya11 dager siden
    • @K L Yeah, 16:9 is the superior aspect ratio, it just works and works just fine

      FrancoYayaFrancoYaya10 dager siden
    • Yeah not the best for gaming

      K LK L10 dager siden
  • If the keyboard is similar to the 2020 Legion 5 it should be fantastic. That’s what I’ve been using and it’s probably my favorite laptop keyboard out there.

    NinjaGamerUSANinjaGamerUSA11 dager siden
  • what is the tgp of rtx 3070 in this variant please can anyone tell??

    Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)11 dager siden
    • @K L ok

      Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)8 dager siden
    • @Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049) wait I thought I were asking about 3060. the 3070 should be 140w

      K LK L8 dager siden
    • @K L SO IT ISN'T 140 WATTS

      Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)10 dager siden
    • 115+15

      K LK L10 dager siden
  • Is this worth picking up for 1500€ fellas?

    kevin 'kevin '11 dager siden
  • felt more like a lenovo ad then a review gota be honest ...musst be the perfect machine since there was not a single flaw mentioned

    Erem CelErem Cel11 dager siden
  • Will you be doing Lenovo Legion 7 review anytime soon?

    screemer08screemer0811 dager siden
  • How much is this thing?!

    LaneG6nzLaneG6nz12 dager siden
  • I love my Gigabyte Aero, particularly the super bright screen that can easily compete with direct sunlight at certain angles. That said, I much prefer the keyboard of this Lenovo. Having alternate functions backlit rather than printed makes for much easier use. I find it difficult to see the charcoal print on black of the Gigabyte to be frustrating even in a well lit room. Backstage, at night or really any low-light situation mean you either have to carry a pen light or memorize what key has which alternates assigned to them. Additionally, I would prefer the step down arrow keys to give both a visual and physical break between the qwerty and numpad sides of the keyboard. I can't begin to estimate how often I've gone for my right shift, only to hit the up arrow and insert the letter in the previous line or reached for the up arrow in an RTS or texted based game only to hit the end key and have to restart from my last save. My one criticism of this Lenovo is the cooling solution. While it can certainly keep up in a climate controlled, room sitting on a desk, the real world isn't so friendly. While it certainly won't apply to everyone, I find myself setting my laptop on soft surfaces such as my legs, padded desks, chairs, car covers, etc. I also find that I am occasionally outside in direct sunlight, in an un-air-conditioned building or near some other heat source, such as someone's gaming tower running a stress test. With the Gigabyte, I have thick feet that wrap the corners around the intake and give it a fighting chance in even the worst conditions. With the Lenovo, the long foot across the back doesn't provide a cavity for the intake when on softer surfaces and doesn't shield the intake from the heat being expelled through the side venting radiators. Overall, had THIS Lenovo been around when I last upgraded my laptop, I would likely have gone with it if the screen nits had been about the same and just added my own feet to the corners if thermals became an issue.

    D HawthorneD Hawthorne12 dager siden
  • It’s not for sale yet

    Dajustisce81Dajustisce8112 dager siden
  • 4:23 critisism level😂😂

    Parth KavhaleParth Kavhale12 dager siden
  • It's too heavy 😟

    HyukHyuk12 dager siden