THESE Plugs Are Really Cool

30. april. 2021
516 020 Ganger

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Learn about old and obscure video connectors.
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  • Is your obesity a choice? You know that it's unhealty? You know you can get help?

    Martijn de GraafMartijn de Graaf6 timer siden
  • BNC

    The KombinatorThe Kombinator11 timer siden
  • Thunderbolt cable: am I a joke to you?!

    ChristianChristian13 timer siden
  • RS-232

    KalahanKalahan22 timer siden
  • S-Video

    Matthew DiAngeloMatthew DiAngelo23 timer siden
  • lets not forget dvi.

    pacxelpacxelDag siden
  • I had a hand-me-down CRT behemoth that had BNC cables. I remember you could "sync" R, G and B signals separately, because they could get misaligned. I thought BNC was dead but according to the internet, it seems they are still being used today for surveillance and security equipment.

    Rolando MocanRolando MocanDag siden
  • Well technically it is: "You don't want to send too high a voltage down the RGB lines" because moving electricity has voltage

    tutacattutacatDag siden
  • My favorite host ❤️

    Augie aAugie aDag siden
  • So many connectors are not fit for purpose. Scart was awful. Try connecting one at the back of a 32" CRT TV in a cupboard where you just have to feel where the connector should go. Impossible. RJ45 is another bad connector. Pull an ethernet cable out from the back of a disk or cabinet and it acts like a fish hook, catching on every other cable until the fragile clip breaks off.

    TigerPiTigerPiDag siden
  • scsi, fast scsi, 10MB coax ethernet connectors made *good chew toys.*

    KarenKarenDag siden
  • Honey booboos mom really got educated.

    Afk 2secAfk 2secDag siden
  • you put your hand in you pocket and thought you were going to pull a new cable out

    Brian JordanBrian Jordan2 dager siden
  • Great video. Could of mentioned S-VHS , Display-Port , DVI - DVI-D.

    John Paul BaconJohn Paul Bacon2 dager siden
  • Boring nonsense

    Zanzibar OwlZanzibar Owl2 dager siden
  • SDI???

    LMojzisLMojzis2 dager siden
  • Having lived in France for a year when I was a kid, seeing SCART brought back a bit of nostalgia to me haha

    SVenZSVenZ2 dager siden
    • Ever use a Minitel? Haha those were awesome, I remember them from the 80s.

      The KombinatorThe Kombinator11 timer siden
  • Wait.. SCART was not a thing in the US? That was one of the first cables I ever knew since I connected my SNES to the TV with it. This blows my mind :o

    PaleriusPalerius2 dager siden
  • 3 years and still no DVI, especially with DVI-D/A and single-dual.

    afeliasafelias3 dager siden
  • HDBaseT almost always needs a shielded cable....

    Orion MadsenOrion Madsen3 dager siden
  • How much can I get myself an Anthony for and where too?

    CnPxCnPx3 dager siden
  • Excuse me since when is DVI not a thing anymore?

    Noah AchtergaeleNoah Achtergaele3 dager siden
  • End screen: Quality Control - Dennis Liao

    Paw GamingPaw Gaming3 dager siden
  • I got a 2015 Samsung TV, which has a SCART. It even came with a SCART cable. I can plug a PlayStation 1 in there, no problems :p

    t3amb4sht3amb4sh3 dager siden
  • Eh, My favorite is the female connector.

    ACguernicaACguernica3 dager siden
  • Please tell me how to efficiently adapt a 15-pin gameport to Windows10. PLEASE! I know of the ~40 bucks 4-switch adapter solution but I was thinking something even more efficient with focus on the price considerations...

    hateeternalmaverhateeternalmaver3 dager siden
    • heard rumors of sacrificed Xbox compatile boards that got rewired and spliced into legacy hardware. What I need is a tutorial with like a pinout on how to FERNAGLE these together.

      hateeternalmaverhateeternalmaver3 dager siden
  • *ahem* dvi?

    Bacon TechieBacon Techie3 dager siden
  • Ofcrs u missed all my favorite connectors

    Mong SowaththaraMong Sowaththara3 dager siden
  • Another connector is ADC, used in some select apple displays

    The AlterlionThe Alterlion3 dager siden
  • you forgot to completely geek out by calling the 1284 also centronics interface :)

    BoGyBoGy3 dager siden
  • buying a bajillon SCART cables for use with my OSSC and Retrotink (input upscalers) was probably the best thing I could've done for my retro console collection. No longer was I bound to horrible composite video!

    RecklesFlam1ngoRecklesFlam1ngo4 dager siden
  • are those wii RCA cables

    Atticus FinchAtticus Finch4 dager siden
  • DisplayPort

    SuperiorForcesSuperiorForces4 dager siden
  • That's the proof: Loooooong before Case Modders got it, video-connectors have had RGB 😏

    User NameUser Name4 dager siden
    • VGA had RGB, from its predecessor, MCGA, which also shot RGB analog signals down the wire.

      The KombinatorThe Kombinator11 timer siden
  • my previous plasma tv had 2 scarts and 2 hdmi

    JoliieJoliie4 dager siden
  • I see Andy, a hit like.

    ŁukaszŁukasz4 dager siden
  • When i bought a ps3 super slim back in 2013, it came with a composite and scart adapter. I reckon it was around this time the scart plug got phased out of tvs. Atleast here in Scandinavian.

    TobiasTobias4 dager siden
  • I'm usig hdbaseT regulary. Best on venues where carpenters insert cat cables beforehand.

    Max MichelMax Michel4 dager siden
  • More of this and more Anthony pls

    Albert McNuggetsAlbert McNuggets4 dager siden
  • @4:05 i can't even

    Mic NorMic Nor4 dager siden
  • SCSI is sorta cool🤷🏼‍♂️

    Joey JohnstonJoey Johnston4 dager siden
  • "You don't want to send voltage down your RGB lines..." What else were you planning on sending down them? Think you meant power ;p

    IMelkor42IMelkor425 dager siden
  • bruh in the UK scart was in everything and still is now. bought a new dvd player a couple of years back and that is the connecter it uses and the tv we have also has one too

    FirenadoFirenado5 dager siden

    86 Chris86 Chris5 dager siden
  • Our old tv had two scart port and we had 2 sacrt cable to 1 and you have to plug the two for it to work

    Med BenMed Ben5 dager siden
  • SCART was also known in Poland as "Euro złącze" in English " Euro connector"

    GREK64GREK645 dager siden
  • SCART was the way to go here in Germany. Next to audio it could carry three different types of video signals RGB, Composite and S-Video. RGB has the best quality of course but most cables that came with consoles only carried composite and a fitting RGB-cable had to be bought seperately. I still have an adapter laying around somewhere that is only a small connector that goes into SCART and on the other side is composite, L/R audio as cinch connectors and S-Video. Even modern TVs that still has SCART can display RGB over it and they are still able to accept 15khz RGB signals of for example an Commodore Amiga. I still use my Amiga 500 over SCART but it also got a scandoubler so I can hook it up to modern VGA monitors.

    Lukas SteinbrinkLukas Steinbrink6 dager siden
  • Oh yes! The "better known" lesser known video connectors! 😄

    Markus PrecklMarkus Preckl6 dager siden
  • dvi

    Daan van MoorselDaan van Moorsel6 dager siden
  • I'm not a gamer but over 10 yrs ago built a PC. Haven't been able to set it up a use it since early 2010. I installed an Nvida card that had 2 ports, 1 was SVGA the other I believe was DVI. It enabled me to set up a dual monitor system so I could have my photo editing work area on one screen and menus / tool bars on the other. And yes the CPU was / is an AMD Athalon 32/64 bit processor. The heavier cable on the DVI caused me to switch from a tower to a desktop case, as the heavier cable would partially unseat the video card grrr.

    Lowell MartinLowell Martin6 dager siden
  • I always liked the look of DVI cables for some reason, plug always looked cool to me.

    Phished123Phished1236 dager siden
  • LPT1 (old printer port). In pre 2000 years on windows 98 i was creating LAN via LPT1 and playing with my friends. It was around 1Mbps speed, but it was enough for duke nukem 3d and such.

    BooyamakashiBooyamakashi6 dager siden
  • Scart is still popular in my country

    RockyTVShowRockyTVShow7 dager siden
  • scart isnt used anymore?

    GLN TVGLN TV7 dager siden
  • Ahh memories

    William RogersWilliam Rogers7 dager siden
  • love how he's using a display cable from a nintendo wii as a composite cable

    Luke BryceLuke Bryce7 dager siden
  • Really? Not including S-video and not using the correct name Centronics 36 or IEEE 1284-B, for shame Anthony. :) Or DVI which is fun because of it being both analog and digital.

    Oscar SommerboOscar Sommerbo7 dager siden
  • Dvi

    that one guythat one guy7 dager siden
  • DVI)

    Old LiquidOld Liquid7 dager siden
  • More anthony please

    Cody RzepkaCody Rzepka7 dager siden
  • Feel like SDI or Triax should be on this list somewhere... Or maybe those funky DMS-59 connections they used on old dell desktop gpus

    SanztrackSanztrack7 dager siden
  • Wait you guys don't have scart what

    Scutoid StudiosScutoid Studios7 dager siden
  • My vote goes out to DB-23 :)

    Remon PelRemon Pel8 dager siden
  • Ah, "obscure" _laughs in Matrox breakout connector_ If you want TRULY obscure, come take a look at our storage rooms full of broadcast gear (some still in active duty) and some of the wildest microsoldered D-types you've ever seen :D

    Christopher WoodsChristopher Woods8 dager siden
  • The SCART did actually pretty widely standarize in Europe, but it was known by another name, in Spain at least: Euroconector. So much so, that if you ask the average user what a SCART is, you probably won't get an answer.

    Zazu RadiantZazu Radiant8 dager siden
  • SCART was the single worst thing the French came up with

    canonip3000canonip30008 dager siden
  • Where's S-Video?

    Mo Jo's Bizzare AdventuresMo Jo's Bizzare Adventures8 dager siden
  • Throughout all the video I thought he's going to pull out some coolest plug, from his left hand. I thought he was hiding the best for last.

    mohammed waseemmohammed waseem8 dager siden
  • 13W3 was used on Sun SPARCstations and NeXT machines.

    Charles HowarthCharles Howarth8 dager siden
  • I use 13w3 with my Sun Sparcstation 20. It's got dual 85MHz(!!) processors and kicks ass.

    Steve DonkersSteve Donkers8 dager siden
  • It's funny how everyone at my place just called scart "euro"

    backmasking klocucha12backmasking klocucha128 dager siden
  • Love those printer connectors! Free di/o for projects on older mobos.

    Chris LaneChris Lane8 dager siden
  • parallel cables.... loolllololo

    jjolmyunjjolmyun8 dager siden
  • how could you forget about dvi and dvi-d

    It’s_Robbie TimeIt’s_Robbie Time8 dager siden
  • How is it possible that DVI is not mentioned as a video plug that is still currently used?

    Sean RiveraSean Rivera8 dager siden
  • I finally threw out my box of SCART cables and adapters a few weeks ago

    KuleRucketKuleRucket8 dager siden
  • I had NO IDEA that ethernet cable could handle video and audio! that's wild!

    GutsRageGutsRage8 dager siden
  • I remember SCART needing some elbow grease to get this bad boy plug in.

    Dark GTDark GT9 dager siden
  • I always hated SCART...great from a technical POV, but they were bulky and annoying to fit in confined spaces behind equipment.

    Chris CrowtherChris Crowther9 dager siden
  • i would watch / listen Anthony talk about literally anything.. idk what it is with him, but i love the guy!

    Attila KosAttila Kos9 dager siden
  • God the CRT clunk at 2:35 takes me back!

    TizzyDTizzyD9 dager siden
  • I never realised SCART wasn't used outside of Europe.

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips9 dager siden
  • S-Video, Composite

    michael woodmichael wood9 dager siden
  • My 8 bit Nintendo graphic looked so much better with Scart then basic thing thing that came in the box.

    c5onc5on9 dager siden
  • Watching this on a 2003 VGA HP Pavillion monitor, 4:3, 1280x1024, VGA thicc bezels and radiating heat because of the significant power draw. This thing used to be the shizz back in the day. Still looks better than cheap modern monitors IMO.

    Chris de WolfChris de Wolf9 dager siden
    • I raise you a Sun Microsystems 19 inch CRT.

      The KombinatorThe Kombinator11 timer siden
  • Thanks Anthony, very cool.

    Cryptid Dating SimCryptid Dating Sim9 dager siden
  • I think everything should be replaced with USB, including HDMI and network. Superspeed USB is more than enough to transmit 4k60fps video and that's with a very naive approach (basically transfer raw, uncompressed RGB frames), with compression you could probably fit it into USB3 connection.

    Jagielski GamingJagielski Gaming9 dager siden
  • We use HDBaseT at work all the time. I really wish it was more affordable, because it would be so useful in so many situations. Even just in your home AV setup, it could take the place of so much complicated cabling AND you can run it through a switch and route it wherever you want!

    Jamator tJamator t9 dager siden
  • Dvi and s-video are the only two i'm aware of the were not named

    icyphilippeicyphilippe9 dager siden
  • is RS-232 the same as SCART?

    Marcus IrelandMarcus Ireland9 dager siden
  • I have a whole box of SCART cables and adapters. Gimme your address (and the shipping expenses) and it's yours.. :)

    EliFanEliFan9 dager siden
  • As a french i never heard the term scart before Only peritel

    AnthonyAnthony9 dager siden
  • Im still using VGA in my monitor

    Krystian WojtasKrystian Wojtas9 dager siden
  • I love how youtube notifies me 6 days later after the vid was posted

    dolita windodolita windo9 dager siden
  • “THICC”

    ODNUODNU9 dager siden
  • scsi cables

    MikeazyMikeazy10 dager siden
  • We used SCART last chrismas to play a DVD on some old dvd player :D Unsurprisingly, the picture wasn't that good ^^ That said: my ~5isch old smart TV still has a SCART connector :-o edit: And regarding obscure ones... Mini DVI Not sure why Apple had to use that crap on their macs in 2008 or so

    Noch_ein_KamelNoch_ein_Kamel10 dager siden
    • Anthony the reason why I watch Linus videos

      dolita windodolita windo9 dager siden
  • Lol i have so many scart cables, somebody wants to buy some :)

    RomanRoman10 dager siden
  • I see Anthony, I click. Never had those RCA things, always used SCART here in Europe for TV stuff. But I still do have some VGA and DVI setups running. You didn't mention the plug the Amigas had though. 3:59: Yeah, Centronics! But TBH, I don't miss those.

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash10 dager siden
  • With the advent of streaming, it's cheaper overall just to use wifi to stream directly to the tv you're watching. The video preloads into RAM, so there's no lost quality over wiring.

    Midnight MechanicMidnight Mechanic10 dager siden