These Gaming PCs are a SCAM!

12. okt.. 2020
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There are a lot of horrible pre-built PCs out there that are ripping innocent people off. This video will guide you on what to look for when deciding to buy a PC!
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  • Who here bought one of these prebuilt PCs? Don’t lie 👀 Edit: Turns out I was right about the gift card thing...sellers can get their accounts terminated because of this ouch.

    TechSourceTechSourceMåned siden
    • Cyberpowerpc are on Amazon Are amazing u bought it prebuilt because I wanted to get into Gaming/Streaming Those are NOT scams If u want to buy a good/decent PC buy a Cyberpowerpc Edit It’s like 800-1000 dollars

      Starzy WarzyStarzy Warzy2 dager siden
    • I bought a sky tech gaming and it works great

      Seth cheungSeth cheung3 dager siden
    • me

      Cringe2WinCringe2Win3 dager siden
    • My first gaming computer was pre-built I knew nothing about gaming desktops...I just knew I wanted one. It didn't even last a year. I am going to build my own or pick the parts I want for my next gaming rig

      Raymond DezRaymond Dez6 dager siden
    • i play on a crappy laptop

      DST AuroraDST Aurora7 dager siden
  • I just bought a prebuilt pc, so far im looking forward to changing the cpu, ram, SSD/HDD, psu, case, gpu, motherboard, fans and stockcooler

    Syren ArchSyren ArchTime siden
  • NZXT doesn't ship anywhere but US/Canada. So that sucks for the rest of the world

    Jeremy FlowersJeremy FlowersTime siden
  • did you account for the OS ?

    Lupe OcampoLupe Ocampo3 timer siden
  • I got them first editions. What you got on em

    EriktheHeartlessEriktheHeartless4 timer siden
  • You should do a review on the gaming rigs on the cyber power website I’m buying one and I my opinion it’s really good value

    Mr MJCMr MJC4 timer siden
  • Is cyber power a good prebuilt pc brand?

    ShadowsShadows5 timer siden
  • i litteraly have a crap pc i have 4gb intel i3 1tb 76o nvidia gpu and yea hcsgo runs on 20 to 30 fps

  • idk but in Lithuania there's a company also called skytech, which also specializes in pc hardware, but unlike this skytech they mostly sell components and are pretty damn reputable

    Matas CekasMatas Cekas6 timer siden
  • I got a hp omen 30l 3700x 2060 for 950 bad or good?

    Big TexasBig Texas6 timer siden
  • This man really just rated a fucking toaster😂. Thx for the help with the pc selection tho

    Trust no SuitsTrust no Suits7 timer siden
  • My friend bought a Skytech Shadow a month or so ago, pretty jealous because he runs games pretty well while I'm here with my deteriorated potato run it with constant lag spikes. Other than that he had no problems so far, didn't even hear the fans when he was playing, even from some more games. P.S. ): > |: > (: > C: > :D

    REDSightZREDSightZ7 timer siden
  • Yo I bought the toaster

    yo stixyo stix11 timer siden
    • Good choice! It has great airflow and it should run anything at over 1800 fps

      DownkeyDownkey5 timer siden
  • I have that thermaletake case u showed at the start except its from a build a put together myself. I also have 3 exhaust fans on it and have never had a problem with temps. GPU doesnt reach more than 68 Celsius.... while gaming at close to 100% usage

    oliver paulsenoliver paulsen13 timer siden
  • I don’t want to build a pc it’s so frustrating and if I brake something I would have to say goodbye to my butt so I’ll just buy a prebuilt pc

    Pizza GameristPizza Gamerist14 timer siden
  • 50-$150 dollars might cover labor true, but if you think that is gonna cover warrenty then you are off your rocker. Sure the seller or maker might handle claiming a manufacturers warranty on your behalf for that cost, but if you think they are gonna cover parts for that cost you are mental.... I mean seriously mental and I think you are trying to argue from the curse of knowledge. Its legitally not possible to say in business with those numbers you just said.... so is every human in the world suppose to build there own computers? Also GPUs are high priced because of crypto mining, it has NOTHING to do with the none sense you mentioned....... Like %50 of this video is gross assumptions, backed up by children, with no experience in the industry. Or our countries are completely different, and do things 100 percent differently.

    EraserEraser15 timer siden
  • I bought the first pc (from sky tech) and it came with an intake but I bought two more to be safe so I have 3 haha

    Thomas McKenzieThomas McKenzie15 timer siden
  • I got this on sale for $950 pretty good deal

    Groot GrootGroot Groot15 timer siden
  • Do you consider the cost of a licensed OS?

    Terrence BakerTerrence Baker18 timer siden
    • You shouldn’t. Most people don’t activate windows when building, or they buy a cheap key for 5 - 15 dollars. OEMS and prebuilt companies are most likely getting these at a discounted price anyway

      DownkeyDownkey5 timer siden
  • 😳

    Tiko BoyTiko Boy18 timer siden
  • Wait if you look at what he looked up on Amazon it says cuffs and whips

    Tiko BoyTiko Boy18 timer siden
  • so i skipped the intro and all of a sudden im looking at toasters of of amazon

    Dox GrindsDox Grinds21 time siden
  • At 10:34, yea I can, it’s that they are pairing a 10700F with a 1660 ti

    TNT FireballTNT Fireball21 time siden
  • Windows 10?

    Yash DhillonYash Dhillon21 time siden
  • Damn i was about to buy the skypoop

    ThetzinThetzinDag siden
  • You are my fav man, a lot of other NOworldr pressure us but you don’t🙌❤️

    MixTapeMixTapeDag siden
  • So I basically know nothing about PCs, so I looked on Amazon and looked for some nice-looking PCs for a reasonable price. Until I watched this video, I was heavily considering getting a Skytech Archangel. I'm really glad I was able to see this video before I bought the PC.

    Elizabeth NaceElizabeth NaceDag siden
  • 5:17 what is he buying

    Cornetto MannCornetto MannDag siden
  • Whips and Handcuffs?

    Decade OneDecade OneDag siden
  • this man calls latency latsy 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Anthony ChabanAnthony ChabanDag siden
  • stfu, most of those pcs are okay value dont start talking shit about them, you literally suggest the same type of psu in some of your other builds, just stfu and stop tring to get views by talking shit about companies. If they were acctually scamming by giving a gt1030 on a 1000$ pc or smth then i understand u getting mad at them, but they're doing very little wrong so stfu

    Project RandomProject RandomDag siden
    • Did you watch the same video I did?

      DownkeyDownkey5 timer siden
  • 5:20 ebay searches

    B x b y t e a r sB x b y t e a r sDag siden
  • don’t see the problem with prebuilt as you say, bought an Omen Obelisk Prebuilt : i7-9700f GeForce RTX 2060 16G RAM, couldn’t ask for more

    ConMczConMczDag siden
    • @Broski Brobro no because I don’t play it

      ConMczConMcz35 minutter siden
    • @ConMcz Fortnite isn’t a very graphically demanding . Have you tried playing red dead redemption 2 on it?

      Broski BrobroBroski Brobro38 minutter siden
    • @Downkey idk I’m not having any problems I run 240fps consistently in Fortnite with no storage or overheating problems

      ConMczConMcz3 timer siden
    • You should’ve gone with a 2070 super and a Ryzen 5 3600 for that price. Also, your motherboard and PSU are very mediocre.

      DownkeyDownkey5 timer siden
  • that was deep

    0wen Tobin0wen TobinDag siden
  • but i have the first pc case and it’s fine and it’s not a prebuilt

    domshadugledomshadugleDag siden
  • I bought the skytech 800 dollar one :/ same case i was gonna get a different case anyways there is only 1 ram stick i didnt buy it my parents did and they got scammed :/ so ya i have to upgrade alot in my pc @TechSource You Mind the help

    KrxmbleKrxmbleDag siden
    • the case isnt that bad, it should be okay cooling for those parts, and the ram can easily be upgraded by reselling the 1 stick and getting new ram

      Project RandomProject RandomDag siden
  • he hearts the comments about the handcuffs but he doesnt explain...

    Roderick MaRoderick MaDag siden
  • Who cares that’s on you

    King ArcyKing ArcyDag siden
    • So you’re saying it’s wrong to advise people? Right, makes sense 🙄.

      Broski BrobroBroski Brobro37 minutter siden
  • I really do not understand what the heck this guy is toasting. Even though he notices that it is not overpriced and he recommends Thermaltake SMART 600W PSU and a case with one opening in the front in his own PC build video: I would be convinced if he ordered those PC's and tested them himself first before toasting. He just clicks on some links, shows his Ebay search of handcuffs, and just speculates before any concrete measure, and still being watched over 500k. Weird. I think he should devote himself to his handcuffs instead of creating such toasting videos.

    Suat AKBULUTSuat AKBULUTDag siden
    • Another building video with AsRock Motherboard: And another one with the same RAM brand:

      Suat AKBULUTSuat AKBULUTDag siden
  • btw is the nzxt starter pro good idk if i should buy it.

    Robaugh familyRobaugh familyDag siden
  • 5:20 his eBay search history tho 😂

    Over 21Over 21Dag siden
  • my mom got me this dell pc and im happy abt it it runs ok idm it

    NoNo2 dager siden
  • I have the ibuypower one...

    SkylessSkyless2 dager siden
  • I remember when I bought my first computer I was too scared to build one so I decided to buy an Ibuypower it sucked it didn’t even turn on half the time

    Dr triggerDr trigger2 dager siden
  • Ngl I was playing roblox for the first time in 2 years and I can play some well made games at 4k it’s not that bad graphics wise nowadays

    Matthew SantibanezMatthew Santibanez2 dager siden
  • I'm glad I found this video. I was seriously 99% close to buy these amazon gaming pc's since it will be my first and I have no knowledge or experience. But just know that I'm truly greatful for your expertise and for saving me with this video last minute. I will most definitely order my pc from NZXT this week just like you recommended it. Thank you.

    Young TipsYoung Tips2 dager siden
  • This seemed like a build up to promote NZXT.

    Chip RayChip Ray2 dager siden
  • On eBay he searched up pokemon pikiachu 1st edition

    Ricem654 GamingRicem654 Gaming2 dager siden
  • H- hand cuffs

    Connoc 72Connoc 722 dager siden
  • the whole point of this guy's channel is to tell people to get a better system... me: destroying people with an intel pentium pc.

    Christopher PhamChristopher Pham2 dager siden
  • I made a 500 dollar pc from getting the parts on Facebook and I looked the parts up and it cost 3000 dollars

    Aggressive-TYAggressive-TY2 dager siden
  • Can you review this computer CUK ASUS TUF GT301 Gaming PC

    CornDawg ENTERTAINMENTCornDawg ENTERTAINMENT2 dager siden
  • bruh ibuypower really does that!?

    Mohamed Ashjau AslamMohamed Ashjau Aslam2 dager siden
  • I got a sky tech gaming computer it’s different then the one you showcased and better I did 6 days of research and the only flaw I found is I was paying I little over 100 dollars for the pc so yes I would’ve saved 100 dollars but it is a great pc

    SpectreSpectre2 dager siden
  • Im building a pc for minecraft, and recording. Should I still spend more money on a gpu, even if Im not streaming?

    ChristiannChristiann2 dager siden
  • Whips and handcuffs wtf

    Jamison BatesJamison Bates2 dager siden
  • 5:17 are we gunna talk about how He looked up handcuffs and WHIPS the Pokémon cards are fine

    Starzy WarzyStarzy Warzy2 dager siden
  • that rgb toaster tho

    Ryder EdwardsRyder Edwards2 dager siden
  • Weird they didn’t market these for “Fortnite” and “PUBG”

    egs1505egs15052 dager siden
  • Anyone see his search history on eBay it’s said handcuffs

    Wheeler_ PlayzWheeler_ Playz2 dager siden
  • EBAY Search history Everyone else: cars Ed: Whips Handcuffs 😑🙄

    Grant CamarilloGrant Camarillo3 dager siden
  • what if we can't afford this...

    Colin KubiczColin Kubicz3 dager siden
  • bro what if i just want a pc that will run minecraft

    Colin KubiczColin Kubicz3 dager siden
  • the whole point of this guy's channel is to tell people to get a better system... me: destroying people with an intel pentium pc.

    Colin KubiczColin Kubicz3 dager siden
  • NO 1 never spend more for your GPU than The whole build (STUPID) reasoning on his part. No 1 the 2 things to be replaced on a pc are power sup - vid card so if you spebd 600 + for a card whitch is already STUPID CRAZY ANYWAYS Vid CARDS should cost under 300 no matter what they are.

    comp wizardcomp wizard3 dager siden
  • AND we SAVED WHAT if you canot save at least 100.00 +it is pointless

    comp wizardcomp wizard3 dager siden
  • Buying used parts from Amazon site OR even EBAY LOL

    comp wizardcomp wizard3 dager siden
  • Well this man looks young enough to be my son. When you can say Mt first build was a custome built TRS 80 or a com 64-128 .you can say you are a master builder. i have never bought a prebuilt system in 25 yrs.

    comp wizardcomp wizard3 dager siden
  • ibuypower actually got better from what it was but still needs work

    Vipe ShadowV2Vipe ShadowV23 dager siden
  • Search ___________ Pikachu 1st edition Whips Handcuffs Charizard 1st edition. WTF ED

    poke leaf Ekengrenpoke leaf Ekengren3 dager siden
  • What if i use 1 16GB ram stick and 1 8GB ram stick in my pc?

    Nedas JonušisNedas Jonušis3 dager siden
  • Complains about airflow then recommends nzxt lol

    Grimshaw 973Grimshaw 9733 dager siden
  • Do you think that the sky tech blaze 2 is a good pc? I hope cuz I really want that one

    GatorgamerRex248GatorgamerRex2483 dager siden
  • 5:25 anyone see the searches that he did it say handcuffs and whips he be on somthing bruh

    CoCainCoCain3 dager siden
  • i just bought the black matrix gaming pc was wondering if i made a good decision on amazon

    MiracleGordoMiracleGordo3 dager siden
  • With windows 10 it’s actually $100 more

    Unlimited GamingUnlimited Gaming3 dager siden
  • 14:48 hurts my brain

    richnoob talksrichnoob talks3 dager siden
  • thank god I watched this video I am new to pc gaming and I was planing on buying the first one thank you so much I mite billed my own pc.😁😁😁😁

    Kiyoshi CroskeyKiyoshi Croskey3 dager siden
  • but i got that pc on sale in march for $950 and havent had a problem with it since? i can play any game with good frame rate and no lag at all? i stream and the only thing i changed was the cpu to a r7 3700x cuz i wouldnt have need to update bios and i get 240+ fps on fortnite on all low but cap it at 240 and uncapped i get like over 300? i got it for fortnite and call of duty and havent had a problem with it? it does have 2 fans in the front but its probably true that the air flow sucks. anyways i would recommend this computer to a friend because i have had no issues with it at all and i added another ssd to it because it only comes with 500 gb but ive maintained this pc and its nice

    SpookeyysSpookeyys3 dager siden
    • and the rtx 2070 that i got was the msi ventus gp

      SpookeyysSpookeyys3 dager siden
  • So lets just not talk about the "Handcuffs" and "Whip" on ebay

    aenostaenost3 dager siden
  • whips and handcuffs oh my

    Monstah r6Monstah r63 dager siden
  • Can’t u just....remove the window on the pc and walla 💫 AIRFLOW💫

    Tyler DezsoTyler Dezso3 dager siden
    • probably... it'd still be inefficient if there's no intake but yea should be an improvement

      Liamono AnonymousLiamono Anonymous3 dager siden

    ZOFIA MAINZOFIA MAIN3 dager siden
  • Good thing I found a really nice cheap Alienware on eBay.

    RIOT-GAMEZRIOT-GAMEZ4 dager siden
    • I spent $2000.00 at Was hounded by someone from Dell to extend the warranty just before it expired, I don’t and the month after it expired Walah had to take it to Best Buy to get it repaired. I’ll never buy Dell again. But good luck with yours.

      Guitar PlayerGuitar Player3 dager siden
  • The archangel is terrible but the skytech blaze 2 is awesome for a beginner pc

    PeytonTheNoobPeytonTheNoob4 dager siden
  • i have the same pc and it works really good for me no problems or overheating sure it could be better but its worth the price

    AlviFRAlviFR4 dager siden
  • I don't know what pc box to get cuz I'm not experience whit this stuff. Can anyone tell me a good built pc box for 700$ or less? That is good for gaming and good to stream

    Danil DDanil D4 dager siden
  • Ummmm, why are there whips and handcuffs on your eBay search history????

    AndyjayAndyjay4 dager siden
  • I think you failed man. 150 bucks is not that much of a profit for the builder. You're only argument is that it gets too hot.

    Bobby's WorldsBobby's Worlds4 dager siden
  • i bought a prebuild, it was ok. I swapped out the case fans, motherboard, the cpu and gpu, cpu cooler, power supply, and the case. after that it runs very smooth, i cant recommend pre builds more

    DunkenDogsDunkenDogs4 dager siden
  • I could’ve gave it a 1 star and you would’ve still gotten the $10 gift card it said HONEST

    WoozyWoozy4 dager siden
  • Have you ever worked in IT? Nobody is building PC’s for 50 bucks but you’re saying “50-150 is fair for labor and warranty...” Lol. A good way to go out of business is to give warranties and labor on custom PCs for 50 bucks. Christ, how many would you have to build a month to pay staff and the space you rent to build them, as well as profit? 1000 PCs a month? Take a business class. 😂

    Derek StilesDerek Stiles4 dager siden
  • I just look at lytetechnology gaming pc's. Best company for gaming pc's, cheap and good. 👍

    xd_Mario Torresxd_Mario Torres4 dager siden
  • I bought a pc for £1000 or $1599 and it said it had a intel core i9 but I got a intel core i3 it doesn't even load games it just keeps on loading

    charlie plays RBcharlie plays RB4 dager siden
  • Tbf this one isn't too bad, there is so much worse out there, could be running on a great wall psu, that $10 giftcard for reviews is dodgy tho

    T3rminaV3locityT3rminaV3locity4 dager siden
  • Welp i have a pc which has a i7 9700f and gtx 1660 super, my parents said that the i7 is more important cuz we will just upgrade the GPU in the future

    Gio AdvinculaGio Advincula4 dager siden
  • Yo that Intro was hella inspirational though lowkey

    ScoapzyScoapzy4 dager siden
  • That skytech case looked pretty nice though. Just wish it had more cooling vents

    S7VAN Gaming And UnboxingS7VAN Gaming And Unboxing4 dager siden
  • literally everyone went down to the comments when they saw 'handcuffs' lol

    //////4 dager siden
  • Just to let you know sky tech doesn’t know what they doing because of this as well: it had a gtx 2060?? Also in that pooptech one ur looking at it says ryzen 5 2600h downwards a bit

    Anoop SinghAnoop Singh4 dager siden