These digital clocks aren't digital at all

17. april. 2021
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It's time.
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  • Hair.

    Technology ConnectionsTechnology ConnectionsMåned siden
    • Totally missed the opportunity to display the patron names with flip board letter transitions.

      PXPX19 timer siden
    • do not cut it

      Alexandre MeloAlexandre Melo13 dager siden
    • Hair

      Rylan ScottRylan Scott16 dager siden
    • How about a nice simple video on how the atomic clock works.

      Steve McLeanSteve McLean18 dager siden
    • I feel like you have spent lot of TIME watching VSauce in quarantine.

      Nishant DesaiNishant Desai19 dager siden
  • I definitely had a wood grain alarm flip clock radio growing up. Didn't we all of a certain generation? I forget the branding. RCA maybe? No idea.

    lunsjlunsj3 timer siden
  • To understand them, we’ll first need to learn about latent heat and the refrigeration cycle…. I knew you were kidding as soon as you said that 😂 and it absolutely cracked me up! But seriously your treatment of heat pumps elsewhere on your channel, was sooo good. 👍 😊

    Charles CavanaughCharles Cavanaugh14 timer siden
  • "Some even have a third hand that we call the second." Ok. This video is a masterpiece

    ZudaZuda20 timer siden
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    Eileen GreenbaumEileen GreenbaumDag siden
  • Dust buildup?

    Rice CakeRice CakeDag siden
  • All writers are Idioms

    Videos From ElsewhereVideos From Elsewhere2 dager siden
  • These are such cool clocks! I'm so glad you did a video on them!

    RSpudieDRSpudieD4 dager siden
  • am I the only one here that want's a link for the one he gave one away of? anyway you could DM where you got it good sir?

    gatvolboergatvolboer5 dager siden
  • You really got me in 0:56 😆

    nobodynemoqnobodynemoq5 dager siden
  • Cant you make a playlist??, latent heat and the refrigeration cycle.

    Get creative with JoshGet creative with Josh5 dager siden
  • Just so good

    ErikgasmErikgasm5 dager siden
  • Oh, great. I had no idea there were cloud-connected split-flap displays. Now I want one, too.

    comedy4castcomedy4cast5 dager siden
  • Someone's even more amusing than usual . . . .

    49metal49metal6 dager siden
    • And seems both slightly fatigued and slightly more relaxed than usual. It's appealing.

      49metal49metal6 dager siden
  • Thats not Ideal (long): @11:16 thats not ideal: @11:42

    Waka MakaWaka Maka8 dager siden
  • “3rd hand we call the 2nd” I didn’t even catch that joke the first time

    Wcl12uWcl12u8 dager siden
  • I used to measure that analog alarm set to the minute, then set the time again.

    Nate NewmanNate Newman8 dager siden
  • I have a flip clock that rotates cubes or hexagons? Vs using a tab like these.

    Nate NewmanNate Newman8 dager siden
  • That Panasonic Flip clock is the EXTACT one used in BTTF. Except it was a brown one.

    Nate NewmanNate Newman8 dager siden
  • I like those HTC Sense Clocks!!!

    善膜师善膜师9 dager siden
  • 0:56 that actually got me! I immediatly thought what i knew of these was a lie and i was about to be schooled! hahaha

    Rinoa's Auspicious TravailsRinoa's Auspicious Travails10 dager siden
  • I think it would be more funny for the alarm to go off 5 minutes early. Can you imagine the irritation of having a few minutes of sleep pointlessly robbed from you. Even better if after exiting the loop it wakes him up even earlier but causes him to be overjoyed.

    fishbaitzezfishbaitzez10 dager siden
  • I caught that 4:20 references

    Gerg GuyGerg Guy10 dager siden
  • I have 3 clocks in my kitchen, and I'm starting to think opaque tape might end up being my solution for not seeing different times on them occasionally.

    Ian MooresIan Moores10 dager siden
  • I have one of those I got it from my grandpa when he passed away

    bobby bissellbobby bissell10 dager siden
  • Anyone know the brand of the clock that's sitting on the rubix cube and at the end is directly on Alec's right.

    B DB D10 dager siden
  • noice

    Marie BCFHSMarie BCFHS10 dager siden
  • I bought a flip clock radio 8 months ago after watching Groundhog Day. It’s not similar looking but I love it, they are great. The radio is good on it too. I set it to an 80s station,

    onyourjackjonesonyourjackjones11 dager siden
  • Dude, that was great!

    Aaron P.Aaron P.11 dager siden
  • My Dad had one of these when I was a kid. It fascinated me. I'd sit on the floor and wait for it to flip. The hour changing was very exciting.

    Doxie LainDoxie Lain11 dager siden
  • The person with one clock or watch always knows what time it is. The person with *two* is never quite sure.

    David BeamerDavid Beamer11 dager siden
  • What if the clock in Groundhog Day just happened to accidentally be right that day? It would be accidentally exactly right every time.

    Tim FrancoeurTim Francoeur12 dager siden
  • 👍👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu12 dager siden
  • “Dad where do babies come from” “Latent heat and the refrigeration cycle”

    Personal AccountPersonal Account12 dager siden
  • Stewart Lee has let himself go. ;p

    Bag of NailsBag of Nails12 dager siden
  • well, at least they arent as bad as my grans house, where the clock in every room seemed to display "local time"

    Pineapple roadPineapple road12 dager siden
  • You can remove the "Victrola" brand from stainless steel with paint remover and a cloth. Doesn't leave a scratch.

    JulianSaucoJulianSauco12 dager siden
  • My ears really perked up when I heard you say the "43" minute card was messed up on one of your clocks. For his birthday in 1971, my brother received a Soundesign flip clock radio. It was very impressive, except for one flaw. The "43" minute card was messed up (it would display "43" on one half and I think "44" on the other half. Strange coincidence.

    Thomas LongThomas Long14 dager siden
  • I had a Mickey all mechanical clock (with the "tension key" that had to be turned every two days), it kept time very well comparing to my tissot and my old ipod (when it wasn't even called classic xD) and the alarm hand was damn precise, it was 1-2 minutes off max. It was bought at Disneyland Paris before 2000 and was made in Austria.

    NoxieNoxie14 dager siden
  • Ah, another step in Alec's slow descent into even more madness.

    Victoria MVictoria M14 dager siden
  • Mad scientist look for this video? :D ... it's alive ... ALIIIVEEEEE!!!

    Patrick CardonPatrick Cardon14 dager siden
  • I remember watching one of those giant flippy display boards at Prague main train station ages ago, flipping through all the combinations. I paid particular attention to the train type field, which whirred past with all the ususal Os (local), Ex (Express), IC (InterCity), EC (EuroCity) and to my surprise, it also quickly flipped past a TGV option. Later I also noticed an ICE (German high speed train) option which also never went to Prague. The TGV (French high speed train) never ran to Prague so this led me to believe they used to make one type of info board for all European train stations, loaded with every possible combination for all countries. Makes sense as creating various types of these boards would be a nightmare so best to just design a one type fits all and save a lot of dosh on development.

    Ondrej SedlakOndrej Sedlak15 dager siden
  • I love this channel so much.

    Alan SwansonAlan Swanson15 dager siden
  • He already made me buy a toaster... I guess I'm buying a clock now too 🙄

    Jordan TothJordan Toth15 dager siden
  • 11:34 I see what you did there...

    monsterhunter30001monsterhunter3000115 dager siden
  • Incalculable indeed.

    My Little ParodyMy Little Parody15 dager siden
  • They show the time by displaying digits, so they're digital. "Digital" doesn't mean "electronic".

    Rosie FayRosie Fay16 dager siden
  • "these clocks, When they're stopped, it's only right ONCE a day" Well..a broken digital clock is right zero times a day. So that idiom doesn't work anyways

    That Random GuyThat Random Guy16 dager siden
  • Well, you've set up quite the running joke for yourself. I expect to see callbacks to "latent heat, and the refrigeration cycle" every few videos, in perpetuity. You did this to yourself!

    Brandon LewisBrandon Lewis16 dager siden
  • The damage really is incalculable.

    ButterButter16 dager siden
  • 11:37

    David MarvinDavid Marvin17 dager siden
  • That clock reminds me of a clock at a Starbucks near where I work. "Edinburgh Clock Company - London" it says on the dial. Uuuh, those two cities are like, 650km apart. Like, nearly the same distance from Los Angeles to Sacramento...

    Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson17 dager siden
  • Im so tired I heard time is time from time to time on time, now its time to get into time

    Jayden GomezJayden Gomez17 dager siden
  • I am boosting engagement!

    Sean DarkeSean Darke17 dager siden
  • We had a similar one in the late 1970’s, I remember. It also displayed date and day of week, I'm not sure if months were displayed as well, but I remember that we needed to manually turn the date to 1 after months that didn't have 31 days. Weekdays were coloured. Thursday was my favourite, it had a certain nuance of green that I liked, but I never liked the light blue Wednesdays… The time displayed 24-hour time, since that's what we use in my country, so no AM or PM (fm and em in my language).

    Johnny RosenbergJohnny Rosenberg17 dager siden
  • I enjoy your videos; but I'm upset that I enjoy your videos. Or, that I enjoy your videos, and I'm upset?

    VeremalusVeremalus17 dager siden
  • "latent heat and the refrigeration cycle" Me: 😮😁😁 "kidding!" Me: 😭😭

    thcottiethcottie17 dager siden
  • You know, another argument could be made about the flip. Some sort of symbolism for how he's repeating all the time?

    SheosMan117SheosMan11717 dager siden
  • what are the clocks you used in the video?

    Daniel GordonDaniel Gordon17 dager siden
  • Welp, didn't know I needed this in my life and now do

    Bugside almightyBugside almighty18 dager siden
  • 10:50 Well there's a future topic for you. Master/slave clock systems ;)

    RTD LaboratoriesRTD Laboratories18 dager siden
  • hey i liked the latent heat and refrigeration cycle

    Andrew JAndrew J18 dager siden
  • pitter patter, lets get at'er

    Mike DancyMike Dancy18 dager siden
  • This man is a national treasure. 10/10 Would recommend him having a pbs time slot.

    Guy TevisGuy Tevis18 dager siden
  • Mate, you should be providing a link to buy this thing on an amazon affiliate link. You just doubled the money you make from this channel: You're welcome.

    DesignVisStudiosDesignVisStudios18 dager siden
  • Can you do a video on how the station presets worked on old car AM/FM radios?

    David HaywardDavid Hayward18 dager siden
  • I had one of those flip clocks when I was a kid back in the early to mid 80s. It was my alarm clock for many years and had only AM radio. I forget how or why it died, but I still have the rolodex of numbers that I got out of it when I scrapped it. I probably have the speaker too, but I don't know which speaker it would be.

    SkyfoxSkyfox18 dager siden
  • To tell you how much effort he puts into these videos, The time he takes to just record is over triple the amount of time the actual video is, as indicated by the clocks. thank you for the quality videos my friend.

    BanjoGunBanjoGun18 dager siden
  • I'm sorry if your going through hard times bud. Good news is whatever it is... you LOOK good! We all appreciate the hard work you put in. Great videos.

    Goligo GoGoligo Go18 dager siden
  • If you ever look at me like that again, I'm filing a restraining order.

    GQGeek81GQGeek8118 dager siden
  • I’d like to see your take on radio synchronised clocks.

    James BarclayJames Barclay18 dager siden
  • Anyone who ever thought **a flip clock** was digital really needs to be forced back into grade school, for society's own good.

    EconAtheistEconAtheist18 dager siden
  • I love you.

    thatguy431thatguy43119 dager siden
  • The Finger? Is it analog or digital?

    Puppet BikePuppet Bike19 dager siden
  • Now I have to go and watch Groundhog Day...again. Now I have to go and watch Groundhog Day...again.

    raspucin70raspucin7019 dager siden
  • "NEW PARAGRAPH" I am going to use this

    phezterphezter19 dager siden
  • “Is that Sonny and Cher?” Is that a Groundhog Day reference?? 😎

    Juxtaposed ManifestJuxtaposed Manifest19 dager siden
  • Hair

    RetroGeetRetroGeet19 dager siden
  • this video had me flipping out

    Jonathan StoutJonathan Stout19 dager siden
  • *2:40** why do you look like you want to kill the nonexistent cameraman?*

    GhostMinerGhostMiner19 dager siden
  • Now I really, really want a Groundhog Day prop clock that only alternates between 5:59 and 6:00!

    LyndonlivesLyndonlives19 dager siden
  • I remember having an alarm clock like these, also bought in the thrift store. The alarm function also didn't match the exact time. It had a nice base alarm that would go off. And yes, the alarm was about three minutes fast.

    Madd the SaneMadd the Sane19 dager siden
  • How much do you know about Micronesian slave trading?

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone19 dager siden
  • 14:36 he says "lat little fact" instead of "that little fact"

    Ryan McGuireRyan McGuire19 dager siden
  • It would he funny, if the groundhog alarm would run at 5:55.

    Torsten HehmannTorsten Hehmann20 dager siden
  • It's latent heat day. Again.

    DasSkelettDasSkelett20 dager siden
  • If you drove this with a stepper motor would it then be digital?

    Fixitall PaulFixitall Paul20 dager siden
  • As an owner of a 5$ chinese digital rubber hand watch which lags 30sec each day i can feel your pain.

    NikšaNikša20 dager siden
  • Why did it always go off at exactly 6AM? Because PLOT, that's why!!!! And did you see Techmoan's video on flip clocks? I also think TechTangents may have had one.

    James LaBarreJames LaBarre20 dager siden
  • This clock is digital. The fact that it is mechanical is irrelevant. Time is displayed in discrete units. From the synchronous motor (which digitally counts line cycles) to the gears (which have integer numbers of teeth), to finally, the release catch & display, everything is digital. You can't look at this clock and see "12:45 3/4". In "real" digital logic, all the transistors are analog amplifiers, clipped by the voltage limit to make it discrete, just like the catch on the flipper.

    Brian ParkBrian Park20 dager siden
  • Your episode on the CVD was quoted on Media Tropes.

    AetheralMeowsticAetheralMeowstic20 dager siden
  • during this whole video i thought he was just a costumer service brained guy but during the bloopers i remembered he's just a normal human.

  • Anyone know the thing at 4:05 ?

    RickRick20 dager siden
  • Strong Oliver Platt/Oliver Babish, West Wing vibe with the slicked back long hair.

    Brian GreyBrian Grey21 dag siden
  • You are turning from lawful good into chaotic neutral

    Incorrect Stuff ThingyIncorrect Stuff Thingy21 dag siden
  • .....Yeah, the Groundhog Day thing IS going to bother me going forward. Thank you, _so much._

    That Sodding GamerThat Sodding Gamer21 dag siden
  • I remember an orange flip clock my grandma had that I liked to play with. (which annoyed her because she constantly had to reset it when I visited.)

    AustynSNAustynSN21 dag siden
  • Do they have any of these clocks that actually wind up instead of taking a battery? I remembered the one my mom had you wound it up... Maybe I'm mistaking that changing the time. Could have sworn they had wind up version. I'd buy one if I could find one

    jj Gjj G21 dag siden
  • I wanna buy one of these cause they're so cool but the decent ones are pretty expensive idk if I wanna spend 130 on a clock lol

    jj Gjj G21 dag siden
  • *video begins* *rubs eyes*

    NickNick21 dag siden