The Undertaker Takes Care of Business While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

19. nov.. 2020
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Mark Calaway is the Undertaker-a 7x World Heavyweight Champion (in WWF and WWE), and one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His five-part docuseries ‘The Last Ride’ is currently airing on the WWE Network. On November 22 he'll be giving his "Final Farewell" at ‘Survivor Series,’ the same event where he made his wrestling debut more than 30 years ago. How will Big Evil match up in this rumble with the wings of death? Find out how the trench coat-wearing Deadman fares in the scoville inferno known as Hot Ones while answering questions about his early days performing under the name Commando, backstage locker room beef, the zen of motorcycling, Mike Tyson’s impact on professional wrestling, and how he wants his fans to remember him. Will the Lord of Darkness ascend from hell and survive the hottest hot sauces to ever enter the ring, or will he be buried alive in the chicken bone graveyard? From Death Valley… The Undertaker!
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  • What is your favorite Undertaker match?

    First We FeastFirst We Feast6 dager siden
    • 500th comment

      Samuel McgrawSamuel Mcgraw18 timer siden
    • If there’s anybody I’d want to have a beer with it’s definitely taker

      Murder Mitten GarageMurder Mitten Garage5 dager siden
    • vs. HBK WrestleMania 25

      Know Your Role ProductionsKnow Your Role Productions6 dager siden
    • Undertaker mankind hell in a cell.

      Matthew LathamMatthew Latham6 dager siden
    • Undertaker vs JBL summerslam 2004

      thomas childsthomas childs6 dager siden
  • We have a saying back home called *“Undertaker ku ezhu uyir uu”* meaning undertaker has 7 lives and he can die 6 times IRL and the catch is, we all believed in this for the first decade of our life.

    Saran K R SSaran K R S46 sekunder siden
  • "Don't worry about the election; Trump's not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!" Dominion ERIC COOMER told his fellow Communists.

    CHOW MEINCHOW MEIN6 minutter siden
  • Why does Sean Evans look like a priest

    Lorraine HallLorraine Hall9 minutter siden
  • Undertaker is a legend ‼️

    Anas MutiAnas Muti11 minutter siden
  • Nice neck knife. I wonder what he edcs.

    Kevin DoyleKevin Doyle12 minutter siden
  • lol did you guys REALLY think the UNDERTAKER, OF ALL PEOPLE, would need milk? are ya'll crazy? its the fucking undertaker.....

    Ocean ReduxOcean Redux12 minutter siden
  • From a child, undertaker was always my scarey hero... I miss the old times

    Epic travellerEpic traveller17 minutter siden
  • Just don't put cucumbers in his food

    SR.CAVEIRA 141SR.CAVEIRA 14124 minutter siden
  • do one with spice king

    tate399tate39926 minutter siden
  • His voice was so scary on wwe now its just pleasant

    JOOKIE -TVJOOKIE -TV29 minutter siden
  • Love to see that he's a really cheerful, happy, thankful guy.

    DocRobotnikDocRobotnik29 minutter siden
  • Wait he speaks

    JohnzilllaJohnzillla29 minutter siden
  • This is amazing

    Evan O'DellEvan O'Dell31 minutt siden
  • I love the Undertaker when first came out and love his humble personality. I will miss ya undertaker , Well Deserve of retirement ✊🏾🥰💯

    Bernie FranklinBernie Franklin34 minutter siden
  • ik the undertaker theme is iconic but i love his american biker theme *just keep rollin rollin rollin rollin*

    boom 350boom 35040 minutter siden
  • If you love undertaker like this 💯

    BluntMaster YSBluntMaster YS54 minutter siden
  • what took you so long to invite this Living Legend? 😑

    Ardi ArdiansyahArdi ArdiansyahTime siden
    • knew him since i was 5, i'm 30 years old now

      Ardi ArdiansyahArdi ArdiansyahTime siden
  • he is a knife guy! i love him even more! xD

    Proving TeddiiProving TeddiiTime siden
  • What a nice guy he is.

    B-RuckusB-RuckusTime siden
  • Way-to-go Hot Ones and First We Feast, you have given wrestling fans a true champion of the sport. The Undertaker is great and you can't help but like someone who appreciates his fans the way he does. He should be on the Mount Rushmore of wrestlers.

    Clyde PerrineClyde PerrineTime siden
  • Man, this is the first time I see the real Undertaker, enough to make me dumbfounded

    mdr893mdr893Time siden
  • My favourite wrestler and my favourite interviewer! Sean, I love the question you and your team compile. Your interviews are always interesting and worth watching. Great work.

    Sweet DeedeeSweet DeedeeTime siden
  • Look up " Covidien rap ' Listen to the channel. Listen to the songs. I dare you all.

    Wizard 3 Hall of fameWizard 3 Hall of fameTime siden
  • Enjoy retirement bro, have fun, see you after

    Trevor Joseph O'NeillTrevor Joseph O'NeillTime siden
  • I'm actually quite moved to see him be himself. It's a thing of beauty. What a legacy.

    pioneer parkpioneer parkTime siden
  • Gona miss the undertaker

    Kisa PatiKisa PatiTime siden
  • Undertaker went from burying his father with cement to being on NOworld talking and smiling . Time changes

    JayZtunningJayZtunningTime siden
  • This is the first time I hear his actual name.

    kinomoto chankinomoto chan2 timer siden
  • Bro the Undertaker wtf? he was my idol as a kid!

    hoohoo2 timer siden
  • only 20+ minute NOworld video i've ever watched.

    Christopher LazarusChristopher Lazarus2 timer siden
  • Mark Calaway is The Undertaker, who is The Beast with a Good Heart!

    Daniel JustadoDaniel Justado2 timer siden
  • ive always wondered when these og wrestlers would retire and here we are, thank you Mark Calaway, growing up

    ChrisChris2 timer siden
  • Just watching this I had to pull out the salsa and chips.

    Steve CraigSteve Craig2 timer siden
  • Dedicated NOworldr still makes and releases videos during Covid, Keep up the good work.

    Austin ChicoineAustin Chicoine2 timer siden
  • I saw Undertaker at McDonald's eating with his family when I was younger, I was scared to ask for an autograph

    Alberto EusebioAlberto Eusebio2 timer siden
  • I really enjoyed you on the wrestling.

    Steve CraigSteve Craig2 timer siden
  • “I’ll tell you one thing, my butt is puckered” - The Undertaker, 2020

    Tommy SalgadoTommy Salgado2 timer siden
  • how much was the last one now?

    [Osu]Overlord Official[Osu]Overlord Official2 timer siden
  • Childhood memories with this guy deadman

    Carlo Bien De LunaCarlo Bien De Luna2 timer siden
  • We know you're home damn it!! Better give us those stories! Start your own podcast or a book atleast

  • I saw Undertaker at McDonald's eating with his family when I was younger, I was scared to ask for an autograph

    bowen voowybowen voowy2 timer siden
    • 'My first post with post'

      bowen voowybowen voowy2 timer siden
  • Hoping one day we'll see Triple H, RDJ, donald trump and the rest of the avengers in hot ones.

    Snails and TiresSnails and Tires2 timer siden
  • I watched this whole video with a smile.

    highway70brownboyhighway70brownboy3 timer siden
  • Did he ask him if wwf was real? Lol jk. Shiii the nick Foley and undertaker cage match was real af. Nothing like the new stuff that wrestling dudes talking about nuttin on each other...

    Juan EchevarriaJuan Echevarria3 timer siden
  • Impressive fortitude to barely flinch after all that (and not grab the water!). That alone makes him a legend! Nvm that he carried much of the WWE through good times and bad for 30 years. That's a man's man, in every sense of the word.

    ServantRulesServantRules3 timer siden

    Issac AlejandreIssac Alejandre3 timer siden
  • omgggg such an icon! I know I know, but I was on the 4th grade when me and my friends started to watch wrestling

    lee yowwlee yoww3 timer siden
  • This man got me into wrestling and back out of it. Wish he retired when he fought hhh didn't need that brock match just to "pass the torch" for a business he did more than enough for

    Shane TaylorShane Taylor3 timer siden
  • Pedas....

    PusakaOfJava Sheor_rayPusakaOfJava Sheor_ray3 timer siden
  • the best character in wrestling ever, I only watched it when I was a kid but this guy was the boss, he made it interesting for me

    Mister ADHDMister ADHD3 timer siden
  • Who else used to believe that Taker and Kane were brothers , Kane killed taker and buried him, then after few days he came out of coffin and took revenge.

    Himanshu SumanHimanshu Suman3 timer siden
  • Wouldn’t even fight mystic Rick to scared of the turkey slicer...

    Jacob PowellJacob Powell3 timer siden

    M.BordeuxM.Bordeux3 timer siden
  • Undertaker and Paul Bearer on Regis and Kathie Lee Show -

    Christopher LazarusChristopher Lazarus3 timer siden
  • I fucking love himm 😆

    Kiara WilliamsKiara Williams3 timer siden
  • *U N D E R T A K E R*

    WreklossWrekloss3 timer siden
  • Lmao when he tried the bomb I started cracking up. Seriously that shit is so hot idk how ppl stay calm. I lost it when I tried that

    Khalil ClaybrooksKhalil Claybrooks3 timer siden
  • 'My first post with post'

    ZodiacPsycho Inc.ZodiacPsycho Inc.4 timer siden
  • did the undertaker died yet or just fighting

    klyde mykel jimenezklyde mykel jimenez4 timer siden

    LCF Esco RichLCF Esco Rich4 timer siden
  • watched Undertaker the whole of my childhood, it is so unusual to hear / see him speak!! hahahaha

    Parnit SParnit S4 timer siden
  • Greatest Of All Time dude

    DumpyDumpy4 timer siden
  • Sean is legit one of the best interviewers I know

    AristoAristo4 timer siden
  • God I'm gonna miss this man. Favorite character when I was a young kid in early 90s. Though stuffing people in body bags did scare me lol.

    HopeHope4 timer siden
  • It was the days I was waiting to see only undertaker.. 😎

    Lifen TimeLifen Time4 timer siden
  • #thankyoutaker

    Krayton Be Thy NameKrayton Be Thy Name4 timer siden
  • 20:14 I winced when he reached for his eyes

    HopeHope4 timer siden
  • Hope he still be on WWE even as a commentator.

    RS232RS2324 timer siden
  • Undertaker would make a great leatherface...

    Taydon thorpeTaydon thorpe4 timer siden
  • Hell in a cell was so good. Undertaker is one of the greatest to ever do it. But It's wierd seeing him as a regular guy

    Rift SixRift Six4 timer siden
  • I was at Wrestlemania 25!!! Got to witness undertaker and Sean Michaels live it was an amazing experience

    Joe WallaceJoe Wallace4 timer siden
  • LEGEND 🤩💖

    Chante Te KanawaChante Te Kanawa4 timer siden
  • I thought that was dude from counting cars

    BiggestComplainerBiggestComplainer4 timer siden
  • He looks like Mark walburg

    Funny Fails YoutubeFunny Fails Youtube4 timer siden
  • One of my favorite wrestlers, and I loved this episode for it.

    Connor MonroeConnor Monroe4 timer siden
  • Seeing him look so happy makes me happy 😊

    Robb’s Revenge666Robb’s Revenge6664 timer siden
  • Im hungry.

    gielies 99gielies 994 timer siden
  • THANK YOU TAKER!!! you are the most important person that made me love wrestling so fucking much. my father and i are like huge fans. when i see like old matches my favorite persona was the american badass. thank you taker for being an inspiration to many people and thank you for sparking that fire of me loving wwe today. thank you.

    Sinai GarciaSinai Garcia4 timer siden
  • I'm not even a big WWF/WWE fan but this was such a genuine and intriguing interview. Enjoying what you do for a career really shows.

    Meriman13Meriman134 timer siden
  • How about putting that hot shit on the Corona virus so it will disappear like Coolio?

    Random TaskRandom Task4 timer siden
  • You know, some here say seeing The Undertaker as Mark Callaway after all these years feels odd. For me, knowing that, the man who captivated me as a child, and inspired my love of all things wrestling, was an approachable, down to earth dude from Texas all these years? It's comforting in a sense. Tells me I chose a solid role model. All the best to you, Mark. Thanks for everything.

    Zero KelvinZero Kelvin4 timer siden
  • Thanks, Taker.

    Dustin MastersonDustin Masterson4 timer siden
  • Havent watched this in a while ... tbh the guest choice hasnt been great but have to watch Taker.

    Scyon13Scyon134 timer siden
  • This interview is such a treat.

    gutspraygoregutspraygore4 timer siden
  • Damn his vocabulary is old school but it’s pretty damn cool. Not very many people like that around anymore.

    simeon517simeon5174 timer siden
  • The pulling back of the curtain is actually nice

    Thomas dgfhfThomas dgfhf5 timer siden
  • Man He is a Legend #UNDERTAKER

    Franklin WilcoxFranklin Wilcox5 timer siden
  • Hearing his voice is weird

    Ned McCarthyNed McCarthy5 timer siden
  • Dude is wearing eye liner

    ACAC5 timer siden
  • So when u watch him in his wwe career he’s this scary lookin dude but when u see him normal he’s still got the wwe scare but just sounds like a dude named Greg

    The__ SAUCE__KingThe__ SAUCE__King5 timer siden
  • Why it does not say CORONA VIRUS EDITION?

    Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar5 timer siden
  • There will only ever one undertaker no man can match him in life

    elisha olomuelisha olomu5 timer siden
  • sorry I cant watch this covid themed crap anymore, I wish he was sitting across like Austin.

    vinylpimpvinylpimp5 timer siden
  • Kane next! Or Randy Orton

    Wade HardwickWade Hardwick5 timer siden
  • I think a Goonies reunion is in order. Since Chunk spilled his guts for the Fratellis, I think they all should on a zoom call.

    Drew Anthony-RyanDrew Anthony-Ryan5 timer siden
  • This was a great one! Great Job taking the heat!

    Lacy StarrLacy Starr5 timer siden
  • Definitely earned that retirement. For his sake he needs it.

    Holy SneakersHoly Sneakers5 timer siden
  • This is my first time seeing him not acting. Such a chill guy.

    SIKulanITSIKulanIT5 timer siden
  • For all you youngsters out there "The Undertaker" was in a movie! He played a bounty hunter in Suburban Commando!

    Correy BensonCorrey Benson5 timer siden