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13. mars. 2020
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Also hey okay -- cable news is designed to be scary but the COVID-19 coronavirus is serious business - WASH YOUR FREAKIN’ hands and stay home if you can. Even if you’re young and healthy you can carry the virus to people that are not (even if you’re not showing symptoms.) Don’t panic but stay informed. Love y’all and be safe.
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It's good and I like it.

  • The nuance of this political statement is quite outstanding. Bravo, Ryan, bravo.

    Lord MoaLord Moa3 timer siden
  • After a long week at work, I'm going to treat myself by binge watching a guy talk to himself 🤣

    J_FerlyJ_FerlyDag siden
  • I'm watching this with my puppy so when it said my puppy will stab me I was like oh God

    Noah CormierNoah Cormier2 dager siden
  • 1:35 HAHAHA the pickle sandwich guy !!

    NotASpyReallyNotASpyReally2 dager siden
  • i love how the ad after is buy this sandwich with a big pickle

    carter beebecarter beebe3 dager siden
  • I am the one millionth view

    Hawkroth 3290Hawkroth 32903 dager siden
  • Wow what a twist

    WwFourWwFour3 dager siden
  • 998.999 Views lol

    WhitespaceWhitespace4 dager siden

    Gabriel HerreraGabriel Herrera4 dager siden
  • I feel like this is sort of like the real news 😂😅

    Yuri KamadoYuri Kamado5 dager siden
  • Damn that pickle Commercial though 🤣

    KiTTU RaOKiTTU RaO5 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Jacob OlsonJacob Olson5 dager siden

    jon lynjon lyn6 dager siden
  • Experts are advising that anyone with plans or hope for the future should cancel them- this video Experts are advising that anyone with plans or hope for the future should cancel them- news in 2020

    Connzer JessConnzer Jess6 dager siden
  • another video following the name ruuuuuules AND THEY USED THAT ADVERTISEMENT this is avengers infinity war crossover threat

    NinjabloxNinjablox7 dager siden
  • I have that Native deodorant and i like it.

    Luke FrostLuke Frost7 dager siden

    Jillian HaleJillian Hale8 dager siden
  • Now over to Gerald with sports! death.

    King Shrek’s SwampKing Shrek’s Swamp8 dager siden

    NotFlashNotFlash8 dager siden
  • "And if you go outside, you will be stabbed by a minority." LOL

    thisismycommentaccount3434thisismycommentaccount34348 dager siden
  • Some people do have puppies that are trying to kill them. This video was really insensitive to them

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV8 dager siden
  • I *love* the shout-out to the Pickle Commercial!

    justin burroughjustin burrough9 dager siden
  • Wait this isnt a real news channel?

    JazyzampJazyzamp10 dager siden
  • Ok but think about how before its time this video was

    craftspartacraftsparta11 dager siden
  • #fireforce

    Halo MasterHalo Master11 dager siden
  • The scare-o clock news

    ManMakerManManMakerMan11 dager siden
  • This is literally why Americans couldn’t take the virus seriously for the first month and some still can’t. This is why Trump called it the next Democrat hoax because literally for 3 years all you heard was that the sky was falling every day.

    omnimoeishomnimoeish12 dager siden
  • “The days kinda blend together now so that’s a plus” It’s really not

    Matthew JobsonMatthew Jobson12 dager siden
  • the pickle sandwich comercial

    Lauren ClawsonLauren Clawson13 dager siden
  • Just talking about how nothing that channel says is real... The tv talking about a disease- This is fake! Let's go cough on people!!

    StellasFunCornerStellasFunCorner13 dager siden
  • Do they also use NATURAL musk?

    durereeedurereee14 dager siden
  • So who's right in this sketch

    Batman 2020Batman 202014 dager siden
  • ummmm. how does he know what a spa smells like... 3:31

    the weird and the wackthe weird and the wack14 dager siden
  • It's the frickin boy that cried wolf

    Nopp ToppNopp Topp15 dager siden
  • Hi

    Jo MauriceJo Maurice16 dager siden
  • The advertisement is giving me nostalgia

    Eyesore GamingEyesore Gaming16 dager siden

    Froggy BoiFroggy Boi17 dager siden
  • love it

    Rafael NegronRafael Negron17 dager siden
  • CONTENT!!!!

    Jack VargasJack Vargas18 dager siden
  • CNN...

    LarsLars19 dager siden
  • "What happens if something actually serious happens?" Lol

    J. TendeanJ. Tendean20 dager siden
  • There’s this news channel And then there’s 2020

    Kristina SmithKristina Smith21 dag siden
  • Sooooo 2020?

    Joeseph JoestarJoeseph Joestar22 dager siden
  • Yeah this was a pretty tame part of the news

    CrusherCrusher24 dager siden
  • This is just plain news

    RedBlue GamezRedBlue Gamez25 dager siden
  • Am I the only on who realized the ad is from another video of his?

    Home LevinsHome Levins25 dager siden
  • The micheal pickleseller callback

    IAteAnOnion 1IAteAnOnion 125 dager siden
  • 0:33 Is that the ba ba ba guy?

    RandomChannel101RandomChannel10126 dager siden
    • I do believe so

      Home LevinsHome Levins25 dager siden
  • me, a comm student: cULTivAtiON thEOrY????

    Well-nigh MonochromeWell-nigh Monochrome26 dager siden
  • Yeah you got me x) thought he bursts into flames, but then the 'rona twist x)

    Rene JaenschRene Jaensch26 dager siden
  • Then he did a backflip snapped the news guys neck and saved the day!

    JoshJosh28 dager siden
  • Ok but the fact that Cap Guy sounded convincingly normal when he was reacting incredulously to SNN, only to become an example of willful ignorance himself (instead of it being Viewer Guy, as I'd expected) is classic Ryan-level complexity of satire. Subverting expectations and portraying both sides of the discourse on media engagement is----

    A BA B28 dager siden
  • Can't like it enough.

    homemadejesushomemadejesus29 dager siden
  • Lol..the brand of the TV is "backflip"🤣

    david ludwigdavid ludwigMåned siden
  • This is just 2020 in a nutshell

    Fail MeepFail MeepMåned siden
  • He did

    Tom NickTom NickMåned siden
  • 1:35 hey I like pretty big pickles they’re good

    Treyson PerryTreyson PerryMåned siden
  • 1:33 Loved this Ryan George cameo, a mean this proves that all the previous Ryan George cameos are indeed connected, I love the RGEU

    Br 1Br 1Måned siden
  • ok so this has interesting layers

    Mateus FigueiredoMateus FigueiredoMåned siden
  • Other youtubers: oh no how will I film skits if I can’t see my friends and I’m in quarantine? Ryan George: This is gonna be super easy barely an inconvenience

    Ze BruhZe BruhMåned siden
  • That's a pretty good Carlson impression

    AmigoRobertoAmigoRobertoMåned siden
  • cough on people the law frowns on that

    Wayne WW BrownWayne WW BrownMåned siden
  • I wish the news reported on the ethnic threat...

    EdwardEdwardMåned siden
  • Ryan: After two weeks of using this toothpaste my mouth felt cleaner 👽: yeah your mouth smells great Ryan: when did you smell my mouth? 👽: i have to go. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Snigdho Dip HowladerSnigdho Dip HowladerMåned siden
  • quite frankly the people who watch scary clickbait news are usually the ones who don't wear masks, just sayin

    Trey McKinstryTrey McKinstryMåned siden
  • You are a genius

    Aleksandar NikolajevAleksandar NikolajevMåned siden
  • That pickle and a sandwhich reference haaa

    Chewy MustardChewy MustardMåned siden
  • I like that the brand of the TV is *"BACKFLIP"*

    You TubeYou TubeMåned siden
  • Florp Flap and Kid Ryan need to have a spin-off sketch series.

    Boocho Mcfly 2Boocho Mcfly 2Måned siden
  • the t.v has a "backflip" logo on the bottom 😂😂😂😂👍😆

    Cyan SpaghettiCyan SpaghettiMåned siden
  • The product placement was super effective because now I want a sandwich with a pretty big pickle in it

    Daniel McGownDaniel McGownMåned siden
  • 0:36 that’s the Ba Ba Baa guy

    Nuclear NickNuclear NickMåned siden
  • @cnn

    Keegan WKeegan WMåned siden
  • Karen’s choosing what to do during 2020

    Christian 08Christian 08Måned siden
  • "You will be stabbed by a minority" Why do some News actually say/imply that though?

    Flora EvoliFlora EvoliMåned siden
  • "I didn't eat deodorant" -- Amen brother

    Moist nuggetMoist nuggetMåned siden
  • But if its made from vegan food and all natural you could eat it right?

    jimmy climerjimmy climerMåned siden
  • "Will hitting that Like Button and subscribing stop your puppy from trying to kill you? Hit that Like Button and subscribe to find out."

    Infinite SheldonInfinite SheldonMåned siden
  • This skit gives me mixed signals here.

    Robin ToledoRobin ToledoMåned siden
  • Is your puppy trying to kill you? 😂

    Myra JessoMyra JessoMåned siden
  • "When did you smell my mouth?" Imagine having to ask this...

    RileySmileyRileySmileyMåned siden
  • Coming up: Are you going to die if you don't support us? The answer might shock you... yes, you are going to die if you don't support us.

    Still TiredStill TiredMåned siden
  • I’m taking a shit rn

    Sad ManSad ManMåned siden
  • 2:24 = LOL

    Megan SniderMegan SniderMåned siden

    Fire lord azula [BL]Fire lord azula [BL]Måned siden
  • Very much enjoying a few giggles in these crazy times! Thank you!

    Jeanie AlksneJeanie AlksneMåned siden
  • This is why you shouldn't watch the news.

    Dr. MarioYTDr. MarioYTMåned siden
  • Thank you, I love this. The media is just terrible. CNN is king of that

    Kevin HagenKevin HagenMåned siden
  • Friendly banter to show we aren't demoms is my favourite line

    Jimmy JangaNationJimmy JangaNationMåned siden
  • Well,about that virus...

    Jose Niño LacuataJose Niño LacuataMåned siden
  • 258,000 dead Americans later??

    LifeOfNighLifeOfNighMåned siden
  • Ryan you are Eddie Murphys wet dream!

    Arthur SandomineArthur SandomineMåned siden
  • Anxiety as a tv show

    Rose the catRose the catMåned siden
  • Western news be like:

    Robert E.O. SpeedwagonRobert E.O. SpeedwagonMåned siden
  • Oh my GOODNESS

    Janus InitiativeJanus InitiativeMåned siden
  • Eat your cereal

    I eat CEREAL!!!I eat CEREAL!!!Måned siden
  • Fox News.

    bradc002bradc002Måned siden
  • 2020 in a video

    DanielDanielMåned siden
  • Woah, you get Fox News in Canada?

    ElPayasoMaloElPayasoMaloMåned siden
  • Was that the Pickleseller commercial?

    Sporty GamerSporty GamerMåned siden