The Oculus Quest 2 is Finally here!

30. okt.. 2020
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  • 4:10 That's what he said

    Joergen The HorseJoergen The Horse3 dager siden
  • guess?

    RBD ShadowRBD Shadow4 dager siden
  • There she is ladies and joemen

    Rocketat DoodRocketat Dood5 dager siden
  • 1:24 “this is actually the first vr I’ve seen in white” Oculus go: cries in corner

    CharlieBoi CogburnCharlieBoi Cogburn6 dager siden
  • Lol why did he blur his shirt

    Connor CrottyConnor Crotty6 dager siden
  • TechSource: 9:17 Beat Saber: Am I a joke to you?

    gacha purple Galaxygacha purple Galaxy9 dager siden
  • I have this or got as an early birthday present

    シVnyxシVnyx9 dager siden
  • Another episode of: "Nope, I could never afford that."

    KLAYKLAY11 dager siden
  • cleaaaannn 🤍

    Ariff FirdausAriff Firdaus11 dager siden
  • My brother surprised me with the oculus and I was like wtf

    Xavier VillamorXavier Villamor11 dager siden
  • 11:53 Ed we see the logo that your editor tried hiding for the entire video

    Jimmy YouKnowTheOneJimmy YouKnowTheOne16 dager siden
  • Lol wait till u get ur hands on the new steam valve controllers

    Ryze KmanRyze Kman17 dager siden
  • Your Late enough to where the view were already has it before you

    Nate StevensNate Stevens19 dager siden
  • I just saw that you have all the games free in the store.. is that some black magic?

    _ ProteX_ ProteX20 dager siden
  • Ouch I really felt that watermelon head comment.

    j00c3 E d3uc3j00c3 E d3uc321 dag siden
  • Who else just loves the ad for this thing

    FizzickzFizzickz22 dager siden
  • bruh this dude has no idea how to play pistol whip (youre supposed to shoot the bad guys to the rhythm of the song)

    Schmoop DoopSchmoop Doop22 dager siden
  • I want it soooo bad man

    UriUri23 dager siden
  • That is sick...🔥🔥 Can u play the beat saber game... That would be even more amazing....🤓

    Arnab BhattacharyaArnab Bhattacharya25 dager siden
  • 1:01 You guys heard it first, the first white box of mankind. Oculus making BIG moves.

    MrJoochMrJooch26 dager siden
  • free games wtf ? but why ?

    Strohhut RuffyStrohhut Ruffy27 dager siden
  • I bought this headset after saving up for it. And he ain't lying it is really good

    Luke HillsLuke Hills27 dager siden
  • hello ed uhm im a Filipino and i already watch your videos, i just wanna ask when will you gonna do the (THE SETUP MAKEOVER AGAIN) cause if you will gonna continue it i will do my best to be chosen ed cause my pc like a cheap one i buy it in a price of: 16,500 php ( in USD it only cost 330 USD here is the specs of my pc: Ryzen 3 3600 gigabyte A320M-H Elite ddr4 8gb 266 (1 STICK ONLY) adata SU650 120 gb ssd no gpu no video card POWER SUPPLY UNIT ATX 700w not modular, not true rated( DOESN'T HAVE A SWITCH JUST PLUG THE CABLE STRAIGHT TO GENERATOR) CASE: CVS ACRYLIC WITH RGB LED STRIP(GENERIC ONLY NOT A HIGH END CHASIS CASE) keyboard and mouse bundle:(i dont know the name the name is written by chinese) and its not a mechanical keyboard and the space bar keep stucking when i click it also its rgb but cant chase the color cause its fake. monitor: nvision 18.5 inches if you want proof here is the link( ) also i am a vlogger and i vlog my unboxing of my pc and i want to stream too but my pc is a low specs and cannot support streaming and high end games AND THATS ALL, thats why i want to join in the setup make over and this pc is like 2 or 3 months old thats all ed please choose me if you want a picture just say it i will picture it anytime you want im not joking or anything i just what to have like close to my dream pc build

    Jayrhel Dela CruzJayrhel Dela Cruz27 dager siden
  • So this is what jealousy feels like 😐

    Gerrard Israel LaragaGerrard Israel Laraga27 dager siden
  • why you blur your shirt?

    MumbaDumbaMumbaDumba28 dager siden
  • oculus is great i have the first one and it is pretty good

    Ed BartlettEd Bartlett29 dager siden
  • Edgar Oganesyan: Mercenary

    Billy HendersonBilly Henderson29 dager siden
  • you should do a review on the omni one

    Meme Porg Memes and GamingMeme Porg Memes and Gaming29 dager siden
  • Claim your before 690 comments ticket here

    Antonn RequermeAntonn Requerme29 dager siden
  • My brother got one 2 weeks ago I’m saving for one

    Mayo and AceMayo and AceMåned siden
  • ed reviewing vr??? MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED

    spellzspellzMåned siden
  • Do you have to blur the branding on your shirt? we know which one it is anyways?

    FrederikVoigtFrederikVoigtMåned siden
  • why was the sound going sometimes up and down

    Sukman BambrahSukman BambrahMåned siden
  • We not gonna talk about that ad ?

    Matthew DMatthew DMåned siden
  • 4:58 No he took off the wrist bands. He said he would wear them for the rest of the video😥.

    Sam DoughtySam DoughtyMåned siden
  • 5:00 he said ¨two¨ its one

    beyblade productionsbeyblade productionsMåned siden
  • how the heck did ed get Onward for free?

    MrSirDolphinMrSirDolphinMåned siden
  • “Pressing keys on your keyboard or controller, it’s very limited” Me: *Laughs in Racing Simulator*

    Ty Wild327Ty Wild327Måned siden
  • Guess?

  • Just commenting because there are 666 comments and that's bad ✝

    IamScoutzyIamScoutzyMåned siden
  • What was the problem with the "Guess?" Logo? why'd he blur it out for the whole of the video?

    Alpha GamingAlpha GamingMåned siden
  • Just FYI, you mentioned multiple times that it has 2 display pallets but the Quest 2 has just one single panel.

    3DIY3DIYMåned siden

    SwiftlessSwiftlessMåned siden
  • watching this on my quest 2

    TheGAMERcampTheGAMERcampMåned siden
  • 8:40 pastel wahp

    CosmicRetroCosmicRetroMåned siden
  • -good vid

    EndlessgamingEndlessgamingMåned siden
  • why did you blur your tshirt logo?

    Kabir SidhuKabir SidhuMåned siden
  • Watching this video randomly made me think of like 20 years down the line. There is pro VR shooter teams and leagues, and they have large scale VR esports

    luke millluke millMåned siden
    • VRML echo vr, or onward, echo combat Ecfl look them up here is some videos of these games it's a good step forward Echo vr VRML already hade 150 teams in season 2 check the VRML website out I'm sure you will be interested

      fasha xfasha x17 dager siden
  • The triangle of censorship

    XeanXeanMåned siden
  • is no one gonna talk about ed's insanse reaction time while playing the game

    Hollow ShoxHollow ShoxMåned siden
  • Not an honest review I understand some people like the original strap but he didn’t mention the comfort I feel like it’s gonna be just fine for me but maybe not for others

    GreenLemon24GreenLemon24Måned siden
  • For a nearly 3 million channel very late review ? Quest 2 came out month ago

    Daniel UpsonDaniel UpsonMåned siden
  • Two weeks ago

    Luke DierkingLuke DierkingMåned siden
  • May I ask why Ed had to blur the "Guess" branding on his tshirt while it's very obvious that it's guess anyway?

    Glenn ThoughtsGlenn ThoughtsMåned siden
  • Why is his shirt blurred out????

    ReeeganReeeganMåned siden
  • Day 4 of asking Ed for a windows 10 home product key

    TameTameMåned siden
  • Can you "Guess" what is being blurred out?

    DoogleDoogleMåned siden
  • Why would you need the 250gb over the 64???

    Beav 23Beav 23Måned siden
  • this is 499dollars but in my country its prices is 650 or even more smh :(

    MiauMiauMåned siden
  • Onward was free?

    Ryen With an E!Ryen With an E!Måned siden
  • As long as it requires an active Facebook account there WILL NOT be an Oculus Quest 2 in my future

    TreverSlyFoxTreverSlyFoxMåned siden

    average_chickenaverage_chickenMåned siden
  • Why is every game free? Can somebody please answer that

    Cannon TankCannon TankMåned siden
  • Ed talking about the oculus 2 and casually shooting people

    TinyTinyMåned siden
  • "The process is easier than applying thermal paste" Me: Thank you for narrowing it down!

    NovakeoNovakeoMåned siden
  • I got mine on the day it came out love it

    reds Guide to Becoming a pokemon masterreds Guide to Becoming a pokemon masterMåned siden
  • If you watch Netflix on oculus quest 2, do you still see pixels? Oculus Go was pretty bad and it’s one 50% better than Oculus Go. Just want to see should I buy this. Thanks

    C HC HMåned siden
  • I have got 2 questions: 1) If you connect the vr headset to your pc, do you download the games on the vr headset or the pc? 2) Can you access all steam vr games or is it just some of them?

    JedibiaJedibiaMåned siden
  • wow O.O. No cables is so good omg

    Akku SavageAkku SavageMåned siden
  • wheres ur views at

    No Vanity DomNo Vanity DomMåned siden
  • I liked and got it to 3.4k yeah🤣🥳

    Lloyd FosterLloyd FosterMåned siden
  • Thumbs down for being weeks late

    wanderer 666wanderer 666Måned siden
  • 2:49 it’s really not

    BANT3RBANT3RMåned siden
  • 5:24 is when his shirt is unblurred. finally paused it at the right moment.

    GroovsGroovsMåned siden
  • He has to blur the guess logo for like the whole vid. Thats really hard.

    Joseph MathewJoseph MathewMåned siden
  • why is your shirt blurred?

    ItzAleItzAleMåned siden
  • Why is your T-shirt blurry

    Skoobary RyanSkoobary RyanMåned siden
  • Love those dope Guess shirt...

    Winston LaliconWinston LaliconMåned siden
  • You should have just put the oculus shirt on so you didn't need to blur it 😂

    SatanSatanMåned siden
  • graphics still look kinda wonky to me. looking forward to future vr gaming

    damndamnMåned siden
    • Depends on the game

      RoooRoooMåned siden
  • im on my quest 2

    Crafty PaddyCrafty PaddyMåned siden
  • No squadrons ?

    Michel DruycquertMichel DruycquertMåned siden
    • Yes if you link it to PC

      RoooRoooMåned siden
  • Yes I’d love for you to watch my every move face please do not let me use my oculus the second you see anything remotely nsfw

    RoVerRoVerMåned siden
  • just wow awsome

  • How is the merch super comfortable if u have not tried it on yet😂

    Mac FaltoMac FaltoMåned siden
  • I bet you the person to create the best haptic gloves will be a dude in his moms basement wanting to have a GOOD TIME in VR...

    Pooca StudiosPooca StudiosMåned siden
  • Could any one send me a gaming pc because I am not able to afford for the gaming pc please help me

    venktesh Gvenktesh GMåned siden
  • “This is my first time seeing a white vr headset” Ps vr: you sure about that?

    SENPAISENPAIMåned siden
  • Edgar kinda looks like stormy with the headset on ngl

    Jaewon YoonJaewon YoonMåned siden
  • 6:47 all his games are free 😆

    Morgan WilliamsMorgan WilliamsMåned siden
    • Ok now I'm jelous

      RoooRoooMåned siden
  • Shout out to 11:53 for the accidental logo reveal on the T-Shirt ... totally makes the blurring on the rest of the video pointless

    SecretOfMonkeyIslandSecretOfMonkeyIslandMåned siden
  • That's some slick merch, Oculus must really like you

    mattymatt2323mattymatt2323Måned siden
  • We all love you ed. I think you're better and funnier than Linus tech tips. I love your content man and just keep up the good work

    Keuwyn FritzKeuwyn FritzMåned siden
  • Please could you give me the laptop . I don't have a that is powerful enough to run my games. I know you just told to play games on nvidia now but I am living in India so I am not able to play because it is not available in India.

    nimai R nambiarnimai R nambiarMåned siden
  • WHERE IS PS5???😒

    RayyanRayyanMåned siden
  • The amount of times Ed moaned in this video: - - - >

    KashmiryyKashmiryyMåned siden
  • liked ur guess shirt ed

    Dhruv JadhavDhruv JadhavMåned siden
  • Can you giveaway one please

    amo_supalonelyamo_supalonelyMåned siden
  • Imagine if he was playing all these games without realising he wasn't in the frame of the camera

    UndreamedJrUndreamedJrMåned siden
  • I just love your videos and you are the best host

    Ahmad ZebAhmad ZebMåned siden