The NZXT H1 Mini PC actually impressed me

24. april. 2020
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Taking a close look at the NZXT H1! Gaming Benchmarks, Thermals, Overclocking and productivity performance!
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  • First Edit: lots of people saying why the H510 costs $350 on the parts list. (3:10) The H1 case costs $350 but isn't available on the site, so I put the H510 elite instead. Hope that clears it up!

    TechSourceTechSource7 måneder siden
    • Hi @TechSource i was wondering if this is a good pc for streaming games while streaming at 1080p 60fps

      Travis JuradoTravis Jurado2 måneder siden
    • Hey I’m trying to build my first pc but I can’t find any motherboards or psu in stock do you have any extra psu and a motherboard

      Sean LeeSean Lee5 måneder siden
    • What’s your monitor??

      Abraham-YTAbraham-YT5 måneder siden
    • TechSource i wish I could get a pc

      GinganinjaGinganinja7 måneder siden
    • hi I'm from Philippines, i also want to have a pc🥺🥺

      ronald valenciaronald valencia7 måneder siden

    Tyrell GrahamTyrell GrahamDag siden
  • My parent when I was born: 2:22

    CrazyLemon58CrazyLemon583 dager siden
  • It will impress People with 🔥 fireball caused by the case

    Son GokuSon Goku4 dager siden
  • Pulled an Linus I first 5 seconds

    Martiez4NMartiez4N5 dager siden
  • Armenian Linus Drop Tips right here

    MR_JOCKITCH -MR_JOCKITCH -11 dager siden
  • 3:13 $350 for a h510? hmm

    John P.John P.15 dager siden
  • I like how you were excited when you turn on the pc on 0:40 but when it said you pc ran into a problem your face change to sadness

    Adan GarciaAdan Garcia15 dager siden
  • Can I have one of ur prebuilts

    Seven DoveSeven Dove15 dager siden
  • Finally someone with a real review of a pc!

    Mitchell TorresMitchell Torres16 dager siden
  • If anyone knows, would this pc be able to run with the sims 4 all expansions packs and mods? And also would it be able to run among us? I’m brand new to PCs I usually play console or on my school computer and I need a pc! Would this be a good bet for me? Thanks!

    YungGurl RubyYungGurl Ruby16 dager siden
  • Oh man i just purchased the streamer version, but now you are making me want this one... =(

    Alberto CastroAlberto Castro19 dager siden
  • Very good case for 80 dollars

    rehan zaidirehan zaidi19 dager siden
  • Did yours come with a power cable?

    Will BartonWill Barton21 dag siden
  • Maybe you can send it back here in PH 👉🏻👈🏻😅

    John Oliver Dela CruzJohn Oliver Dela Cruz23 dager siden
  • I’m saving up for this I have $1200

    Devour HyphyDevour Hyphy24 dager siden
  • What would it be like streaming and gaming?

    winter_whooshwinter_whoosh25 dager siden
  • i can hear my pc from across the room... :(

    JackJack25 dager siden
  • This is the new xbox on steroids

    The_Hawk2018The_Hawk2018Måned siden
  • Is this the Xbox series x

    Bolt ΨBolt ΨMåned siden
  • I wish I could get this pc I don’t have the money for it I only have enough to get the starter pc plus which is what am getting

    LunarLunarMåned siden
  • Hey Can you do a quick LAN cable review A.K.A Ethernet

    Cam VGLCam VGLMåned siden
  • But y do I want a small pc

    Cam VGLCam VGLMåned siden
  • Did you notice that the box says do not drop and the first thing he dose is drop it

    Robeson PerryRobeson PerryMåned siden
  • Xbox series x?

    Priyen VarsaniPriyen VarsaniMåned siden
  • An update, you can now get it cheaper by building it yourself if you go AMD. Like 500-600 less.

    HéctorHéctorMåned siden
  • imagine buying a prebuilt disgusting

    Kaikya 我爱你Kaikya 我爱你Måned siden
  • Building a gaming PC for your first time be like: 0:35

    Toad ToastToad ToastMåned siden
  • How many hours can I play after it's start getting hot

    Aizakku YnkAizakku YnkMåned siden
  • xbox series x

  • Does it have a ssd

    DwizDwizMåned siden
  • Wow can’t believe ur scamming us on this vid I always love ur content but this ones a dislike.. so let’s start with the 9900k costs $400 and not $500, rtx 2070 super is $500, and not $620, U ADDED WINDOWS FOR $110 something that is free on a prebuilt, and MOST IMPORTANT H510 ELITE IS $150 NOT FUCKIng $350 just wowwww 💔

    Itz Too EzItz Too EzMåned siden
  • why dose it say mine is only $400???

    KizboKizboMåned siden
  • Since when does a 2070 super cost $620?

    KnightKnightMåned siden
  • *Me sitting here thinking it looks like the new XBOX coming out*

    Mark FrancoMark FrancoMåned siden
  • On his pc part picker list the h510 cost 350 dollars

    Caleb StaplesCaleb StaplesMåned siden
  • 3:13 H510 for 350$ ONLY! WOW WHAT A DEAL SO SPOT ON PRICES

    zoyuzoyuMåned siden
  • 2:22 it’s black 😠 Ed this sounds a little wrong

    Noah CraneNoah CraneMåned siden
  • when your wife gives birth to your first kid 2:22

    VØłĐVØłĐ2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know the monitor he used at 0:40

    SclarkSclark2 måneder siden
  • impresses him cuz the moment he turnes it on he sees a blue screen

    WkeyFNWkeyFN2 måneder siden
  • 2:20 White people in 1856

    left on redleft on red2 måneder siden
  • I feel like ed was a bit racist at 2:22

    StAtIcZ ClanStAtIcZ Clan2 måneder siden
  • 0:35 made me laugh xD

    MaxDoes GamingMaxDoes Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Hi was wondering if I could revive this pc for free because we cannot afford one and I would like to win tournaments to support my family

    Cranks FNCranks FN2 måneder siden
  • 2:05 speed running of unboxing

    SayukiBtwSayukiBtw2 måneder siden
  • can you do th e nzxt streaming pc review

    stickzstickz2 måneder siden
  • Looks like the new XBOX

    xxICON 890xxxxICON 890xx2 måneder siden
  • Ed: talking 1 minute about prebuilds Also Ed: but, we are not talking about prebuilds in this video 😆

    Stee kiStee ki2 måneder siden
  • H510 $350 lmfao

    FabledFabled2 måneder siden
  • how did he download warzone and finished it the same day to play? thats some fast internet

    JadJad2 måneder siden
  • Ordered this last monday now i gotta find a monitor

    assassin101assassin1012 måneder siden
  • Can you up grade to the 3000

    ArmoKat999 9ArmoKat999 92 måneder siden
  • This video made me really think if I should get H1 ITX,

    Earthly GamerEarthly Gamer2 måneder siden
  • Can you lay it down on its side?

    murat elahimurat elahi3 måneder siden
  • Bruh 2:22 be like

    Milan StaffordMilan Stafford3 måneder siden
  • 2:23 Europe discovering Africa

    will._.will._.3 måneder siden
  • Finally a good pc to stand out from corsairs pre-builts!

    Toblek !Toblek !3 måneder siden
  • Which monitor u are using?

    Komail YassineKomail Yassine3 måneder siden
  • it looks too compact ://

    DissifateDissifate3 måneder siden
  • what game is he play at 6:59

    Ayaan KhanAyaan Khan3 måneder siden
  • me : no money tech source: every week a new build

    jacob to marsjacob to mars3 måneder siden
  • can you review the starter nzxt pc

    Ryan RojasRyan Rojas3 måneder siden
  • Looks like x Box series X lol

    MCMC3 måneder siden
  • 0:40 that face tho

    Hugues MaaloufHugues Maalouf3 måneder siden
  • H1 is now $400, thanks to Drumpf's tax

    DaVrikDaVrik3 måneder siden
  • Him i dont even play overwatch Also him being better than my diamond friend playing hog :/

    XDC GamingXDC Gaming3 måneder siden
  • When you try your best, but you don't succeed 0:37

    VizseマVizseマ3 måneder siden
  • NZXT PCs oof so good I’m getting one and it’s $1699 OOF

    VD TinsVD Tins3 måneder siden
  • Is this pc better than the streaming one

    Aaron TorresAaron Torres3 måneder siden
  • Does anyone have geek bench 4 scores for this build?

    Patrick BPatrick B4 måneder siden
  • where did you purchase that keyboard its dope

    Wavy HoodiesWavy Hoodies4 måneder siden
  • 2:23 out of context is so funny lol

    TrueJasonTrueJason4 måneder siden
  • Lol what a broken gun

    Hadi AlshamsiHadi Alshamsi4 måneder siden
  • It’s so cute. I want one.

    DivineArtemisDivineArtemis4 måneder siden
  • I love how mine came broken

    SyfterSyfter4 måneder siden
  • the overclock tho. that cpu heats faster than my stove lmao

    AriiiyxnaAriiiyxna4 måneder siden
  • 10:42 so nobody is going to talk about why he titled his video "help"

    6low6low4 måneder siden
  • "...If they let me keep it"

    JackattackJackattack4 måneder siden
  • “It’s black I thought I was getting sent a white one”😧

    Mckay MukwayaMckay Mukwaya4 måneder siden
  • You guys should start testing pc’s on war zone cuz that’s a a WHOLE different story and you don’t have to worry about buying the game every time cuz it’s free

    Daily done23Daily done234 måneder siden
  • I might get the streaming

    Elder MonkeeeElder Monkeee4 måneder siden
  • This video was awesome and also funnny

    ZEN_REFLEXZEN_REFLEX4 måneder siden
  • No RGB no interest

    KaiTzyKaiTzy4 måneder siden
  • On this pc can you play cod at over 240 FPS

    Orca 2kOrca 2k4 måneder siden
  • hey guys I've done my own research I just want other opinions how do you think this will run a valve index on max specs

    Razorhater_PlayzRazorhater_Playz4 måneder siden
  • Does any one known what key caps he has on the key board

    defiancedefiance4 måneder siden
  • can u use 2 moniters

    OmegaPaladinOmegaPaladin4 måneder siden
  • Why are the GPU’s fan at 1500rpm while idle on the desktop? Is that normal? Mine is the same.. (new to the PC world)

    Jacob RalphJacob Ralph4 måneder siden
  • its black?!

    JaylenJaylen4 måneder siden
  • Ed when giving birth 1:55

    Shsjs hsshShsjs hssh4 måneder siden
  • I se my swidish police car

    BluddBludd4 måneder siden
  • Is this an xbox

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake4 måneder siden
  • The price for these are over the top. I'd suggest nobody to buy a PC in the US atm, prices are crazy due to Covid. As an example, the 2070 Super is at $621 in that config, while it is 3% faster than the $380 5700XT. The 9900k is availbale for €450 in Europe, even though Intel is an American firm which usually adds a premium in Europe. And it's total overkill for most people anyway. 95% of people would benefit from building themselves for $1200-$1300 and getting a similar performance for two thirds of the price.

    dia98dia984 måneder siden
  • Will I be a blue to upgrade to the RTX 30 GPU with this pre built in the future?

    AJAJ4 måneder siden
    • No

      jelo villasenorjelo villasenor4 måneder siden
  • bruh... why is it impossible to get this case now?

    Kerone CrearyKerone Creary4 måneder siden
  • Is it worth the price? Or is there any other setup that we can build for a lesser price but same performance? Thanks! Still an awesome setup! 👍🏻😊

    JKicks Type1 Video Clips, Vlogs, Streaming soon!JKicks Type1 Video Clips, Vlogs, Streaming soon!4 måneder siden
  • Another wish build for me! Damn so nice! Wish i can afford it! 😢🥺😞

    JKicks Type1 Video Clips, Vlogs, Streaming soon!JKicks Type1 Video Clips, Vlogs, Streaming soon!4 måneder siden
  • 0:43 that face tho, thank you Ed for making me laugh harder than i did in ages. have a good day...

    Axyon MusicAxyon Music5 måneder siden
  • It looks like the Xbox X series

    PJay JohnsonPJay Johnson5 måneder siden