7. april. 2021
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SEASON 3 in Rocket League is here and with it is the BIGGEST Trade Up UPDATE in the HISTORY of the game! Leave a like if you enjoyed and are excited for more! #PixelArmy #Roadto900k
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  • I traded up TW hand heart because I didn’t know it was so rare

    Fall Mountain SucksFall Mountain Sucks32 minutter siden
  • Kan I get a fennec pls I liked and subscribe

    Ethan RossouwEthan RossouwTime siden
  • Can I get a bm

    Aaron DiverAaron DiverTime siden
  • bro i would be freakin out if i got all those black markets but dis guys like ahh dat is stupid Me: SHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSHHHHHH Pickapixel: STUPID

    Mr. PixelMr. Pixel4 timer siden
  • can i have a white endo or mainframe

    Floris de GierFloris de Gier5 timer siden
  • My epic is:Cool_Fish1303

    Angelika KoehlAngelika Koehl6 timer siden
  • I folow,like,

    Angelika KoehlAngelika Koehl6 timer siden
  • Can you plssss give me a bm🥺🥺🥺

    Angelika KoehlAngelika Koehl6 timer siden
  • But u could make so much money back if u sell the black crimson and tw exotics right? It will be worth so then u could buy cheaper exotics to trade up and it will help u alot

    Jaden NopperJaden Nopper8 timer siden
  • imagine getting the grey mainframe

    Zuguy ZuguyZuguy Zuguy13 timer siden
  • 16:05 lol better watch yourself

    Zack CroweZack Crowe14 timer siden
  • Can you still get crates

    Jayden LeBlancJayden LeBlanc14 timer siden
  • Hears the bad news he has to many amazing wheels he won't know which one to choose

    Aaron clapzAaron clapz14 timer siden
  • The pain to see him trade up ninja star boosts that are worth so much

    Elijah PerezElijah Perez15 timer siden
  • Are you console

    Armand du PlessisArmand du Plessis15 timer siden
  • Yo can I get a decal from anyone

    Random ManRandom Man15 timer siden
  • Can I have a fennec please??

    ara bedrossianara bedrossian16 timer siden
  • Damn can I have some Lol

    Gaming Drift-Kings KingsGaming Drift-Kings Kings16 timer siden
  • Take a minute to breathe, close your eyes and rel- *MAN'S GOT A *KFC GAMING* HOODIE ON. LOL

    Cosmic FireCosmic Fire18 timer siden
  • Can I please have white octane or white zombas

    Chase MattinglyChase Mattingly19 timer siden
  • Yoooo

    Snowy xXSnowy xX19 timer siden
  • Yo

    Snowy xXSnowy xX19 timer siden
  • And keep it up

    Kayden SchembriKayden Schembri20 timer siden
  • Ecxotic true ups 5:51

    Om1en FNOm1en FNDag siden
  • This game just gav him the best life in the would I wot everthing in rocket pls god give me the best life in the would I wot everthing in rocket pls god give me the best life good good bye guys is for this read it all bye have a good day for you byyyyyyyye guyyyyyyss i have to go

    Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
    • Yo

      Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
  • Hey Bro i was for 2 tw Dominus scammed and i have nothing then i was a question can u Gift me 1or seconds item?😞

    scatchtvvscatchtvvDag siden
  • See you got the heart exploshion Lucky man

    Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
    • This game just gav him the bigis life in the would wow you gat so Lucky you have the life to do eneythink you wot to do i wish i was you só Lucky and só many creadits to pls god give me the best life pls i wot creadits and cars and boost and goal exploshion everthink in the game plsss i need good luck for me bye guys i wish you loved my words i gav to everone in this big chat and you pixel

      Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
  • You sell something you gat something rare or super good wheels or paint or goal exploshion or cars or boost so so Lucky i gat Lucky ones not evertime like you you gat super Lucky

    Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
    • This game just gav him the best life in the would you gat rare stuff to sell wheels or cars or paint i wish i was you with só many creadits and goal exploshion or boost or paint or wheels or cars i wot like everthing in the in rocket pls god give me the best life ever in the would i wot everthing in the game pls i wish you guys like it is for everone in this big big big chat and good luck to you guys to bye have a good good dayy bye

      Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
  • You gat so Lucky selling wheels

    Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
  • Hi

    Cristiano VianaCristiano VianaDag siden
  • 15:30 is what you’re here for. Thank me later

    Cuz Im ChosenCuz Im ChosenDag siden
  • I can take some of this Blackmarkets when It’s not painted😂

    Wipex 69Wipex 69Dag siden
  • No way he can’t get to 1mil subs everyone sub right now

    Cooper DuxCooper DuxDag siden
  • When i trade 5 items i get an exotic wheel burnt sienna and if pixel trade 5 items je gets duel dragons then hE Say ohhh its not painted thrn i go cri😂😂

    Nabaouia LouatiNabaouia LouatiDag siden
  • Hey zenic I just started rocket league and I was wondering if you can give me a fennic I’m on PlayStation 4

  • i want ur account lol

    Aven NordinAven NordinDag siden
  • And all I wanted was bp 😓

    TiagooTiagooDag siden
  • Me getting a titanium white octane : OMG NO WAY THAT HAPPENED Him: Yes a titanium white octane

    amustycowamustycowDag siden
  • Slide me one of those dissolvers?!? Ahha

    uthoniauthoniaDag siden
  • bruh why can't he donate some to me he has so much stuff

    maxwastakenmaxwastakenDag siden
  • me: gets one unpainted black market and freaks out pixel: gets a painted black market certified goal and shrugs it off

    TroveionTroveionDag siden
  • I really want a tw octane ;(

    Arda GöktasArda Göktas2 dager siden
  • I've watched you for years, used ur code when u released it, octane is my car I use the most mean the world for a tw one

    J & B skillsJ & B skills2 dager siden
  • And I can’t even get an exotic 🤣

    InderectActivityInderectActivity2 dager siden
  • 10:02 kalos kalos greek meme

    alex turboalex turbo2 dager siden
  • I have never heard pickapixle say yes so many times bro

    NJB challenge tv Jody and NoahNJB challenge tv Jody and Noah2 dager siden
  • They should hav trade all.

    Hunter KornHunter Korn2 dager siden

    Harry SweetHarry Sweet2 dager siden
  • Who's like me and skip to the end at the black markets

    Krystal HughesKrystal Hughes2 dager siden
  • His black market inventory could buy him a lambo

    Marwan SafwatMarwan Safwat2 dager siden
  • Bro,i have been looking for a fennec and cant find one,and you have 22?Can i have 1 free man?

    Живко НиколовЖивко Николов2 dager siden
  • Me: trying to trade up all of my core items Game: crashes

    Tauras TaurasTauras Tauras2 dager siden
  • can i get a car please

    Rinad SajjadRinad Sajjad2 dager siden
  • Heres me with my standard octane and Cristianos😀

    Eethan LittleEethan Little2 dager siden
  • OMG trading up the Green Draco's..... ouch. I mean i know its not a million dollars but Id wear em.

    AJ JamesonAJ Jameson2 dager siden
  • i got tw atomic blip which was my first bm so im hype af

    Fainted YGFainted YG2 dager siden
  • Hey pickapixle can i have a trade plzzz i only have a rlcs decal and im bing made fun of 4 it :( if u do see this my user is YourBoySpicy on xbox

    Chris MartinezChris Martinez2 dager siden
  • Hello Pixel can you give me pls a Polypop or a Mainframe Epic JannisKiller26

    Jannis BauchJannis Bauch2 dager siden
  • 13:06 crazy glitch

    Dylan StudeDylan Stude2 dager siden
  • Broooo you skip a tw K2 no? 12:59

    TH3 L4S7TH3 L4S72 dager siden
  • 13:05 truly no one cares about k2's not even white

    Daniel TDaniel T2 dager siden
  • Repeated yourself 5 times in the first 5 min...

    Manny FrescoManny Fresco3 dager siden
  • Why is Pixel wearing a G2 shirt?

    G2 DAWSONG2 DAWSON3 dager siden
  • I traded up 2 painted octanes and I got burnt sienna hypnotics it looks like freaking diahhrea

    Firey HiFirey Hi3 dager siden

    Elaine FleurElaine Fleur3 dager siden
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      Malik KasonMalik Kason7 timer siden
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      Stone RomeStone Rome8 timer siden
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      Stone RomeStone Rome8 timer siden
    • All thanks to my aunt who introduced me to him.

      Magda TaejunleeMagda Taejunlee14 timer siden
  • How can a person even get so many Items I mean I dont even have a black market and he has like a thousand

    Royal DonutRoyal Donut3 dager siden
  • 9:41 sweeper creepers

    Andrew BrownAndrew Brown3 dager siden
  • Can I have have the white kalos plz

    Josiah ColsonJosiah Colson3 dager siden
  • My birthday is on the 27th of april, I've always wanted a fennec of any color could I please get a fennec? From anyone?

    Gabriel Rodriguez.Gabriel Rodriguez.3 dager siden
  • Some times when he get something really good im mad because one time I spent all my savings that took me 2 years to get which was $150 on creds and I had to do sooooooo much stuff to get that money but then i bought i think about 100 exotic I got nothing good my best thing was a chameleon

    Blaze Gaming YeetBlaze Gaming Yeet3 dager siden
  • Wow, just wow. Keep the trade ups coming!

    Zack PaceZack Pace3 dager siden
  • Ww

    Mateo PerezMateo Perez3 dager siden
  • Btw Black market 15:34

    Nolan HillNolan Hill3 dager siden
  • 9:38 look to the crimson draco no Look to the credit yes Omg you have too many credit 😅😅

    awwab elarabiawwab elarabi3 dager siden
  • Bro I have Helios black certified you like it?

    Gumball WatGumball Wat3 dager siden
  • So many Hell fires bro

    Rl AxoRl Axo3 dager siden
  • I got tw standard boost

    Alex WilhelmAlex Wilhelm3 dager siden
  • Can i have 1 fennec ill tell you my epic when u comment

    Insane RoleplaysInsane Roleplays3 dager siden
  • Today I was trading and I lost my fennec to a scammer. I wanted it for a year and then I finally got it and lost. Could you please donate a fennec to them. I have been a big supporter of your channel and you videos always put a smile on my face please.

    FlwrrFlwrr3 dager siden
  • it would be a magical dream to have that many items ): i only have 4 exotics ):

    xd.blue_xd.blue_3 dager siden
  • Can i get something??

    Bengaal 2017Bengaal 20173 dager siden
  • Did he get only exotic wheels?

    David IIDavid II3 dager siden
  • Give me a price and i will pay you to get your accont

    Jonatan IvanssonJonatan Ivansson3 dager siden
  • pixel saying get ur food and drink me fasting

    BeastPolaroBeastPolaro3 dager siden
  • Pickapixel: trova tutto Io che non ho neanche abbastanza oggetti per gli scambi

    Giovanni MineoGiovanni Mineo3 dager siden
  • This man could get scammed for striker white apexes and then not care cause it’s like 1% of his credits lost

    DopeyDopey3 dager siden
  • He didn’t get a meteor storm

    Cassius MoreauCassius Moreau3 dager siden
  • Are u in g2

    Joel NightingaleJoel Nightingale3 dager siden
  • How do you get so much stuff

    Aidan BadgerAidan Badger3 dager siden
  • Holy f word I called the white toon and duler dragons

    Sky CrSky Cr3 dager siden
  • Can you do a giveaway because i have really bad things

    KAC118PERKAC118PER3 dager siden
  • he got a sb atomizer just totally skipped it LOL :)

    dutch Thomas 3dutch Thomas 33 dager siden
  • Please could I have the wheels I am poor 🥺🥺🥺 steam and epic username: NOGFOSS1

    ZUD1975ZUD19753 dager siden
  • Bruh wait did you trade up your 25 fennics

    yassinouttgaming 17yassinouttgaming 173 dager siden
  • I recommend Valheim guys:)

    Jáchym JelínekJáchym Jelínek3 dager siden
  • Bro all them items i would cry to trade up any

    Jesus GuizaJesus Guiza3 dager siden

    Gaming FreakGaming Freak3 dager siden
  • I deadass got a tw fennec my 3rd BM trade up

    FreezFreez3 dager siden
  • Just made the game winning shot in a comp 3's match while listening😎

    AJ BravesAJ Braves3 dager siden
  • Yo pickapixel I got the new exotic titanium white goal explosion out of a gold cup

    Dane CheadleDane Cheadle3 dager siden