the MOST SATISFYING Videos On The Internet

6. april. 2021
516 440 Ganger

today Socksfor1 reacts to the MOST SATISFYING Videos On The Internet
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  • The white liquid is probably bleach

    Rick CoreRick Core52 minutter siden
  • Can u react to Memerman

    Jackie GortneyJackie GortneyTime siden
  • react to theodd1sout

    Joshua CastanedaJoshua Castaneda2 timer siden
  • Yo you wac karitie kid

    Cravebox SluCravebox Slu2 timer siden
  • The liquid was bleach

    dragon boidragon boi3 timer siden
  • the liqud in the cup is water the bottle is coke and the water is making it clear

    Grim Reaper'sGrim Reaper's3 timer siden
  • 8:54 Socks’ godzilla roar:

    DarthMaulDude ‘DarthMaulDude ‘7 timer siden
  • 1:16 it’s bleach

    Amare HenryAmare Henry7 timer siden
  • It’s bleach

    Xander raridenXander rariden7 timer siden
  • Laf isn't joking in the uk we have no chic filla

    OcEaN falconOcEaN falcon11 timer siden
  • 8:43 I Love boba tea!😋🧋

    Elyse ZhouElyse Zhou12 timer siden

    Someone SecretSomeone Secret15 timer siden
  • FREE SKATES hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Y y.......................................................................

    Divine soulDivine soul15 timer siden
  • if you join that lollipop job you will eat it all socks

    ArthurArthur15 timer siden
  • This is primarily Exeter

    Luana HooglandLuana Hoogland16 timer siden
  • Bleach

    Spooky GamesSpooky Games18 timer siden
  • BILL NI it blood

    Robert MartinRobert Martin18 timer siden
  • No one: tbh: you know the golden coin choclate? socks: YESSSSSSSSS

    GageGage19 timer siden
  • that fruit is a pommello

    Yooples54Yooples5419 timer siden
  • how to get socks mad step 1 say chick a filla step step 2 repeatedly yell chick a filla

    Marcus GaglioMarcus Gaglio19 timer siden
  • Tomorrow: A school day Me watching this at 2:AM: I don’t care

  • Hey you forgot to say with or without a snack (just because I like the intro)

    Pius the proPius the pro21 time siden
  • Chick a Filla is the new and approved 5 star restaurant.

    Impervious NoobsImpervious Noobs21 time siden
  • I know what that is it has chemicals in it i forgot the name of so it is science

    mr_panda smr_panda s21 time siden
  • Ηi

    Μιχαλης ΜανωλακακηςΜιχαλης Μανωλακακης21 time siden

    GETREKggGETREKgg21 time siden
  • the satisfiying thing is it is exactly 10:00

    Jayden LinJayden Lin22 timer siden
  • TBHhonest: it bubble tea Jesus: when do people call it boba

    GOD DUCKGOD DUCK22 timer siden
  • "Don't water, don't warm" - Socks for one

    Living MemeLiving MemeDag siden
  • Chick Chick Fil Fil A A Chick fil a Chick a filla

    Hisey BoyHisey BoyDag siden
  • This sucks I'm not subscribing

    Devin CDevin CDag siden

    Moose ModifireMoose ModifireDag siden
  • "I like that spoon." -Socks 2021

    Nerd DanielsNerd DanielsDag siden
  • In the one where the Guy put the paper in the folder when he put the paper in the folder his finger pushed the folder open so it was legit

    Kaija LehtimäkiKaija LehtimäkiDag siden
  • 6:03 its not a tiny hat laff its a wallet

    Do not read this channelDo not read this channelDag siden
  • Why does this remind me of my brother and me XD 8:48

    midnight_moonxxmidnight_moonxxDag siden
  • On the cake one my aunt can make better

    Mahdi AbdallahMahdi AbdallahDag siden
  • 0:57 socks for gone

    lee friendlee friendDag siden
  • socks always scream at any satifying videos he will scream ik it

    Dio BanurofiDio BanurofiDag siden
  • 7:17 that’s an moon cake 🥮 we eat it wen like the moon year but I forgot wen

    Ring WuRing WuDag siden
  • it’s chick a fila

    FlabberFlabberDag siden
  • 3:40: i thought that it was pizzas lol!!!!!!!

    Kylie WellsKylie WellsDag siden
  • Bubble tea is super delicious

    cyberwolf 2007cyberwolf 2007Dag siden
  • Boba tea and tapeoca balls are the best

    Lisa FlynnLisa FlynnDag siden
  • Tbh says golden coin chocolate... Socks: *screams* YES!!! Like... u no need to scream

    Dark TyphoonDark TyphoonDag siden
  • This entire video is pretty Much socks screaming yeah

    Liam Lee priceLiam Lee priceDag siden
  • 8:47 It's Pronounced Chick-fl-A not Chick-a-Fill-a

    Katie XiongKatie XiongDag siden
  • gilt is gold choclet coin

    idkisofidkisofDag siden
  • Coke+bleach -clear liquid BTW do not drink

    matthieu moreaumatthieu moreauDag siden
  • say milkshack milkshack now say milk malk misin fallied XD

    Brandy CrumleyBrandy CrumleyDag siden
  • I was not satisfied watching this

    ant kellyant kellyDag siden
  • laff being cute for __minites and_____ secends

    Brandy CrumleyBrandy CrumleyDag siden
  • Also.. EXACTLY 10:00 no extra seconds.

    Rocco VallejoRocco VallejoDag siden
  • Am I the only 1 that tough laffa chic a filla was funny

    LobopLobopDag siden
  • It’s called boba

    Guu Jun PyoGuu Jun PyoDag siden
  • Chick a fila Laff-2021-2021

    ViviPlayzViviPlayzDag siden
  • They poured Coke in bleach stupid

  • If anyone wonders what those mini skateboards are they are free skates

    grull cgrull cDag siden
  • Pog socks

    poke bellpoke bellDag siden
  • The red liquid is Cotton candy syrup and cotton candy is known to disolve in watter.

    Esteban Callejas PadillaEsteban Callejas PadillaDag siden
  • Chick fil-la !!!!!!!

    Bob the filmer 2.oBob the filmer 2.oDag siden
  • no snack?

    Ben PBen PDag siden
  • Woooooooooooooooooow incrible

    Raquel PradoRaquel PradoDag siden
  • “On The Internet” Daily Dose Of The Internet: b o i

    Trendex On YTTrendex On YTDag siden

    Alijah 1212Alijah 1212Dag siden
  • remember when this wasn't about food me to

    B TB TDag siden
  • Chik fila lmao

    gamer boy9028gamer boy9028Dag siden
  • Osaka’s

    Bryson HallBryson Hall2 dager siden
  • 8:33

    Codexage 50Codexage 502 dager siden
  • 1:17 there are 2 possibillities either its 1. the bottle is full of a mixture of water, ferric chloride, and pottasium thyocyanate, and the glass is water andsodium flouride wich nutrelizez the red colour or itsjust that the glass has clarifying additivesmeaning you could piss in it and it would be clear

    guan v Yuanguan v Yuan2 dager siden
  • That SUP Gamers never gets old

  • Chick a filla

    XenithXenith2 dager siden
  • Can anyone tell me what is socksfor1 outro doing in socks reacts ?

  • Ive never had bubble tea or chick fellt idk how i spell it

    AA2 dager siden
  • Not like Mr beast did this

    meryman 228meryman 2282 dager siden
  • This fruit is called Pomelo... In austria

    niggi De la maveniggi De la mave2 dager siden
  • Their reaction was smoother than the video👍.

    Dan KalDan Kal2 dager siden
  • When laff said maybe for a tiny dog

    Haidar HaidarHaidar Haidar2 dager siden
  • 4:40 he do be Socksforsnacks tho

    AB BaruchAB Baruch2 dager siden
  • “I LOVE CAKE. I want a cake I’m gonna but a cheesecake”

    Daniel HodgeDaniel Hodge2 dager siden
  • noice

    Kristian De GuzmanKristian De Guzman2 dager siden
  • The dark liquid is hitting bleach

  • That science thingy is Hydrogen peroxide, Sulfuric acid solution And the dark liquid is Potassium permanganate solution

    Santhosh RSanthosh R2 dager siden
  • make more of

    GunGun2 dager siden
    • u react to satisfying now!

      GunGun2 dager siden
  • chic a fila is the correct way to say it (the way laff said it)

    PAUL NOBLEPAUL NOBLE2 dager siden
  • THEY'RE MAKING SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK! *2 seconds later* Oh, that's not SpongeBob and Patrick.

    Malachi BrooksMalachi Brooks2 dager siden
  • There's an ad below the video that made me think "THIS WORLD MUST BE CLEANSED."

    Malachi BrooksMalachi Brooks2 dager siden
  • Do you know Vietnamese bro because the food is Vietnamese 9:01

    MasonxLeoxNanaMasonxLeoxNana2 dager siden
  • what if you made a podcast, thoughts???

    magical tanksmagical tanks2 dager siden
  • The clear liquid is probably bleach And the dark liquid is probably water with pH sensitive dye

    Mario GewelMario Gewel2 dager siden
  • Socks: Chick Laff: Chic Socks: fil Laff: fil Socks: A Laff: AAAAAAAAAAAA Socks: Chick-fil-a Laff: Chick-a-fulla Socks: "mental screaming"

    BeastGaming1BeastGaming12 dager siden
  • It looks like a dog 💩

    Marcos LunaMarcos Luna2 dager siden
  • Who else watched his videos

    Marcos LunaMarcos Luna2 dager siden
  • Bill Nye the science guy

    Marcos LunaMarcos Luna2 dager siden
  • 8:50 socks:Now said "chic" laff:chic socks:fill laff:fill socks:a laff:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa socks:now put them together laff:chick a filla socks:aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    GunGun2 dager siden
  • SnacksFor1...

    Lauren MillerLauren Miller2 dager siden
  • when socks said that people do tricks when they cook, I went to shogun and that's what happened to me😋😎😎

    Jonathan DefoeJonathan Defoe2 dager siden
  • I have a brother the same age as nadway

    Pulse LiamPulse Liam2 dager siden
  • No way~ I was eating the gold coin chocolate when tbh started talking about it

    Blossomz_AjBlossomz_Aj2 dager siden
  • It not bubble tea is BOBA tea it has chocolate lemon milk chocolate flavor and it not BUBBLE TEA it BOBA TEA BO-BA tea Lol tbhhonset just trigger my brain

    Toasty_cramToasty_cram2 dager siden