The life of the super-rich in Central Africa | DW Documentary

3. april. 2021
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Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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  • As an African I have been in Congo several times, these guys are so cruel you can't even go to police if you get robbed.

    jk Emmanueljk Emmanuel32 minutter siden
  • It took me out how close the rich asf neighborhood was to the super poor they could literally see the lambo and the mansions omg

    Swxvy 1Swxvy 133 minutter siden
  • So interesting idea to put out there. Marie, the bread seller, makes £18 a day. That’s €504 each month. Now using the 25% rule she should be saving up £126 a month for her future business. Now let’s say she’s serious and ready for a proper bread shop. I checked, a location like that would cost her £1000 a month. That means her start up cost would be about £10000. Now if she goes completely out of pocket, it would take her over 6.5 years to save up. But let’s say there’s a charitable loaning sector. Saving up for a year would put her at 15% of her loan down. Her loan would probably be at a flat 25% interest, meaning she’d have to pay off £10625 as soon as possible. Let’s say the shop makes 10 times the amount of profit she makes now. That’s £5040 a month. If we subtract the rent of the shop and then apply again the 25% rule, in a 11 months she’d pay of her debt. And she’d have a monthly income of £3030, almost the amount the couple makes a month that lives in the high end apartment.

    Natasha SaeedNatasha Saeed53 minutter siden
  • The real pandemic is the capitalistic mindset- poisoning everyone into this pyramid of classes. Pathetic.

    AbcflcAbcflcTime siden
  • And Yet some will come and blame Marx for saying:Opium of the Masses . you’ve just witnessed it .Exploitation to the core .the DRC needs one thing , and one thing only :Justice .

    stalin1909stalin1909Time siden
  • Congo 🇨🇩 is very rich .

    bofa joelbofa joelTime siden
  • Queen N'zinga of the congo .This Sister fought 3 white nation at the same time and died in her sleep in her bed.

    Willie ItsonWillie ItsonTime siden
  • This is Africa.

    Davies WambwaDavies WambwaTime siden
  • I am horrified to see this evil false prophet, who is PROFITING, off the Congolese people. He will go straight to hell for misleading God's poorest people. Prayers for the Congolese.

    DJ HollidayDJ HollidayTime siden
  • The West is behind all the suffering in DRC, why do you want to change narratives you better leave them in peace and there won't exist any poor person. Is what you have taken and still taking not enough?

    Acheri AugustinoAcheri AugustinoTime siden
  • Why not begin from 1900 to give a better perspective?

    The Asomasi PodcastThe Asomasi PodcastTime siden
  • WHO CARES about the super rich? Greedy Sociopaths

    Just MoiJust MoiTime siden
  • Rich is poor from the heart & poor is rich from the heart even offer own food to poor round the world

    vipan purivipan puri2 timer siden
  • Wow the bread seller is the real Millionaire here

    Andril A ChakrabortyAndril A Chakraborty2 timer siden
  • don't smoke no butts whiles drinkin da juice.....just sayin

    Steve VastakisSteve Vastakis2 timer siden
  • Buy, drink, believe, and bring in at least one other person. Rinse, repeat!

    Samuel AndersonSamuel Anderson2 timer siden
  • I am appalled by the audacity of that preacher who is using Gods name to enrich himself while poisoning half the population.

    Jemutai RuttoJemutai Rutto2 timer siden
  • Look at all of that "Systemic Racism" in Africa. Do they blame Trump?

    George LeonardGeorge Leonard2 timer siden
  • So you are rich, & you build a house next to a dump?

    onap onaponap onap2 timer siden
  • I felt sorry for them until l saw them buying that stupid juice so sad how can they believe in such rubbish l am saddened.

    Shamiso MakuvaroShamiso Makuvaro2 timer siden
  • Central Africa. In title says congo. I'm confused

    Andril A ChakrabortyAndril A Chakraborty2 timer siden
  • I hope those successful millionaires take some of their investments into actually developing the DRC. I'm talking infrastructure projects that will actually benefit everyone not just the rich. Like paved roads. For god sakes how are they okay driving on muddy hills with their fancy imported vehicles. They have the right idea there but they are going about it entirely the wrong way.

    LewisLewis2 timer siden
  • The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer so sad poor my African people.Much love from Zim

    Shamiso MakuvaroShamiso Makuvaro3 timer siden
  • I don't understand why someone with the means doesn't just move somewhere else. That seems to me the logical thing.

    Ciro Cogo FagaCiro Cogo Faga3 timer siden
  • Pure evil

    Turtle BaylonTurtle Baylon3 timer siden
  • That singer is amazing.. rappers brag in america about helping people in the Streets... This guy really does

    Tim LaperleTim Laperle3 timer siden
    • he gives them money so they leave him alone. i know fear when i see it. you are naive if you think he is doing this because he cares about those poor people

      Dean GgoldDean Ggold2 timer siden
  • It doesn’t cure naivety.

    hussein ghandourhussein ghandour3 timer siden
  • Our country Pakistan is just similar to congo, We have power outages, no jobs, living in the same areas like in congo...Our per capita income is less than india and banglasdesh now which is a bit alarming...

    Nelson Darwin Pak TechNelson Darwin Pak Tech3 timer siden
  • And the dead

    Patricia RackPatricia Rack3 timer siden
  • Is sad to see this and most of all the poor children's, may God protect them all

    Patricia RackPatricia Rack3 timer siden
  • Africa as a whole is suffering, everything needs to change,

    people of the sunpeople of the sun3 timer siden
  • All of this is because of Western colonisation, if only these people left us alone with our resources, omg 🤑

    people of the sunpeople of the sun3 timer siden
    • @people of the sun "us learning your language was going to be way easier than you learning our languages" of course that is called logic. how can we learn your language if you couldn't even write it down. MORON

      Dean GgoldDean GgoldTime siden
    • @Dean Ggold we have our own local languages, instilling your beliefs and systems on us which included reading and writing was a way to get us to believe that you were superior to us and that your ways are better, a demonic way and a mental breakdown upon an already civilised people, and you did it in order to communicate with us because u knew ,us learning your language was going to be way easier than u learning our languages because u also knew our high levels of adaptation and intelligence which u lack in so many levels, we learnt the German, the English, the Portuguese, the French, yet u could not learn any of our languages, a proof of our supreme intelligence over minions of demonic colonizers, fool "who taught u to read and write"

      people of the sunpeople of the sun2 timer siden
    • who taught you to read and write?

      Dean GgoldDean Ggold3 timer siden
  • Africa has a long long way to go, we are our own worst enemy, can't believe in 2021 we still leaving like this

    Koketso MogashoaKoketso Mogashoa3 timer siden
  • So she thinks if she rent house in expensive area there will be no pollution 😂👌 and her kid will have bigger opportunity

    sheisbluehawksheisbluehawk3 timer siden
  • I never knew you could sell your own juice let alone filling in hundreds of bottles a day

    OhC'monOhC'mon3 timer siden
  • Africa is not poor , inequality makes it poor

  • I'm gonna send $600,000 for my poorest countrymen to look at as their families starve... And then I'll throw a boat full $50 here and there and live my best life. 🤢🤮🤢🤮

    amanda jonquetamanda jonquet4 timer siden
  • Who did the swahili translation of the mining notice I need to help them improve After watching this clip I conclude Africans love problems. If they are not Fighting and killing each other they involve themselves in risky ventures. Look their miserable working conditions. I commend the women taxi entrepreneur give a woman education and she will change the world! Juice may God have mercy on you.

    Kalahari MKalahari M4 timer siden
  • All is well In the end everything is gonna be alright Nothing really matters in this life

    J MakathiJ Makathi4 timer siden

    Marek UlicnyMarek Ulicny4 timer siden
  • What is the difference between US ? Black Americans in Mississippi live in poverty and can’t even drink clean water .

    Super_ _starSuper_ _star4 timer siden
  • Groups fight china and other countries from stealing resources..this documentary is bull crap..

    Gloria thomasGloria thomas4 timer siden
  • everyone's talking about the prophet but can we just take a moment to acknowledge that amazing pink-cab lady? and the bread lady!

    Maya KatherineMaya Katherine4 timer siden
  • Just won't finish watching this its too much for me, a mineral rich country but we all know the west has too much interest here and therefore no peace to allow development.

    Julie OkokiJulie Okoki4 timer siden
  • Patricia N is an amazing human. I wish her much more success on her business and in life.

    Kay RodKay Rod4 timer siden
  • The miracle juice guy is if Joel Osteen had a kid with a snake oil salesman.

    Royce BenningRoyce Benning5 timer siden
  • The prophets juice is a gasoline and lemon juice mixture... great. People are believing that it heals them? Even better... Great for the country. Really good looking out.

    Josh EllisonJosh Ellison5 timer siden
  • Have this prophet arrested

    Arup ChattopadhyayArup Chattopadhyay5 timer siden
  • Thank you for this video DW, this video reminded me to appreciate even more everything that I have, and also reminded me to when I become wealthy to go to Africa and help as much people as possible in my countrie first then other, thank you!

    Badukebas ShushnigBadukebas Shushnig5 timer siden
  • I want that miracle juice!!

    Die NineDie Nine5 timer siden
    • don't take it, it looks unhealthy trust me, i don't think that guy that made it had a sip of it for himself, it includes gasoline and lemon juice, ppl in drc are only taking it because they have no other choice they just want to be healthy and cured, so don't!

      Agnes MakiAgnes Maki5 timer siden
  • Yea right it cures aids only Jesus can cure you and he don't charge you a cent what a fake Matthew 24:5 Jesus answered, “See to it that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come

    Tony DanzaTony Danza5 timer siden
  • maggot sellers??

    Nikhil VJNikhil VJ6 timer siden
  • I fell I couldn’t breath they were going down the mine. I don’t know what to think of all of this. It’s kinda simple thou in order for someone to live an above average luxurious and wealthy life many have to suffer and die. Living like worms

    Jesse NelsonJesse Nelson6 timer siden
  • 250 euros better add up to a good life. here I would only get to live on a street with that same pay.

    Jay ChaggyJay Chaggy6 timer siden
  • 6:42 real comedy 😂

    Live NyheterLive Nyheter6 timer siden
  • wow they are in 2040 already 39:28

    memer boyzzmemer boyzz6 timer siden
  • So, where are the super rich?

    Zari BallardZari Ballard6 timer siden
    • okay there is no hope for you

      Dean GgoldDean Ggold2 timer siden
  • Great documentary!!! But the miracle juice story 😣😥

    Martina SimoneMartina Simone6 timer siden
  • One of the many things i found funny is like, You might own a Lamborghini But, No power Generator. WOW

    Hasan AzeezHasan Azeez6 timer siden
  • The guy selling his juice to whomever who's asking for it is more concerning to me. I mean he literally walked in a room with dozens of people expecting him to spill his juice all over them waiting with their mouth wide open ready to drink every single drop. I don't know about you but you can't just drink anybody's juice just because you believe it's gonna cure cancer. I mean how many times were you asked to drink somebody else's juice because he explicitly told you that you would feel much better afterwards. Did it happen? Did you see any improvements when you drank it? No. They lied to you. No different from this guy. His juice is no better than anybody else's. It could taste a little funny, a little salty but it's never ever gonna cure cancer. No way. But worst, the government is in it and he performs in front of thousands of people.

    OhC'monOhC'mon6 timer siden
  • doesnt cures near sightedness

    J SJ S7 timer siden
  • wish that guy sold his juices globally...

    FacelessFaceless7 timer siden
  • Fally ipupa ft Booba Kiname nice song!

    Mcth McthMcth Mcth7 timer siden
  • civil war , my ass !!!! it was the CIA behind of all crimes that happened all over the world ,not just in Congo .

  • His Pimp Juice cant even cure his poor eyesight.

    Rude 05Rude 057 timer siden
  • all them millionaires and thy cant even help their own country

    Fernando MaganaFernando Magana8 timer siden
  • I’m surprised they didn’t mention China in this. They’re taking over huge parts of Africa and exporting many many local jobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of this money originated there somehow.

    Finn PennFinn Penn8 timer siden
  • Within 10 years or less I see the U.S.A. coming in and taking over mainly to screw over the chinese in all honesty it will probably work out better 4 them I see taliban or isis or Al shabab and the us will wanna take it away from other countries hands down The U.S.M. is not going to to allow all the minerals to go to are rivals I just hope they can run it in away where they actually get what they deserve because china and other shady places are not going to be able to handle all the shady stuff that goes on U.S.A. will take the minerals and I believe give them a fair enough deal to where they can consider a dele where they don't need to work and they can just collect a monthly payment that the Americans will pay off 100 percent what he owes good luck to whoever pull this off

    Justin BreedloveJustin Breedlove8 timer siden
  • I can feel the sarcasm in this narrators voice when he’s talking about the miracle juice 😂

    ThabangThabang8 timer siden
  • This is heart breaking to see as an african. In a fair world DRC would have been the dubai of the world.

    Kutlo MaholeKutlo Mahole8 timer siden
    • Come to INDIA, dear AFRICANS.

      Dinesh BhatDinesh Bhat7 timer siden
  • The singer guy is really attractive

    Sasha Rogers LMTSasha Rogers LMT8 timer siden
  • The DRC untapped natural resources are estimated to be 14 trillion US Dollars. And they repeat the word poorest, poorest, poorest bla, bla, bla.......This is a typical narrative of a western media.

    ቻርሊ ቻፕሊንቻርሊ ቻፕሊን8 timer siden
  • Africa, dictator's club

    Creotech SRLCreotech SRL8 timer siden
  • The superstar could do something for his immediate community across the river the poor fishermen he's just showing off his wealth when he just hands OUT A FEW NOTES, this DOESN'T HELP THEM REALLY. The river on his doorstep needs cleaning up, to begin with. Sigh! See now, the female cab company that makes dollars and cents...would take a woman to have some vision!

    Angela SlackAngela Slack8 timer siden
  • god bless you bro, the rich often just ignore poverty

    GamerWorksGamerWorks9 timer siden
  • well, 18 euros sounds like a lot given the context. Marie is doing great.

    Cake vs FondantCake vs Fondant9 timer siden
  • Kudos to the female entrepreneur(s) supporting women 👍🙏🏻

    F MF M9 timer siden
  • Would somebody from Canada be able to get rich on the African stick market?

  • Fake prophet don’t believe this things 😱😡

    Jacinta NimoJacinta Nimo9 timer siden
  • So many things were censored but those kids who were obviously hiding didn’t have their faces blurred out. That’s reckless DW. I hope those kids weren’t punished for your oversight. Please censor children’s faces.

    MacKenzie KingMacKenzie King9 timer siden
  • "This Drink brings back the Dead" Yep a fake Prophet

    Simp GamingSimp Gaming9 timer siden
  • the most thing I disliked was the fake prophet at the end. It's not just third world countries where these scams happen also first world countries. These type of people that claim they're helping people and just take their money need to be wiped out

    Ahmed A.Ahmed A.9 timer siden
  • gaiii😢😢upuzi gani hio ya juice? nkt. prophet be like are yu still taking the juice ?continue taking it. I love Marie tho❤❤ Viva taxi director!!

    susan wanjirususan wanjiru10 timer siden
  • That Rick Ross poster.. 💀

    Michael PawlakMichael Pawlak10 timer siden
  • What a cluster fuck of an area holy shit😂😂😂

    Michael PawlakMichael Pawlak10 timer siden
  • Landry caught lacking.

    PersonaPersona10 timer siden
  • Maggots tho???

    ayan Nuurayan Nuur10 timer siden
  • Tantalum is used for capacitors.

    jonndajonnda10 timer siden
  • I appreciate my life now, thanks.

    PersonaPersona10 timer siden
  • Add a car battery to that mixture and it will certainly bring people back from the dead.

    Valdi KamenarovValdi Kamenarov11 timer siden
  • I know besides all the bad things that are happening in this country, it’s is still amazing to see how it’s slowly evolving. More people than before can actually work their way out ob their poverty and lift their life standard. I could imagine that in a couple of years if nothing stops it less and less people would live poverty. Dunno...just a thought. Correct me if I’m wrong. :)

    KuroakaKuroaka11 timer siden
  • Never follow someone who is a self-proclaimed prophet.

    IsaaIsaa11 timer siden
  • That really pmtfo that someone could lie and steal from people like that.... thats so sad

    Signature Envisions llcSignature Envisions llc11 timer siden
  • The prophet did work a miracle... he managed to lie and manipulate all of them into making him rich smh

    Signature Envisions llcSignature Envisions llc11 timer siden
  • I got anxious watching them go down in the hole... this is sad..

    Signature Envisions llcSignature Envisions llc11 timer siden
  • It’s disgusting where people blindly follow that greedy person as a prophet and drinking his harmful drink, it is the same in poor countries, lack of education ,poverty ,corrupt leaders.

    khalid ayamikhalid ayami11 timer siden
  • I remember living in Kinshasa and the water of the Congo River being too dirty for people to swim in so when Fally was riding through the water I was just thinking "Don't fall in!"

    Tanatswa TaruvingaTanatswa Taruvinga11 timer siden
    • Come to INDIA, dear AFRICANS.

      Dinesh BhatDinesh Bhat7 timer siden
  • peps out here buying magic juices and we all wonder how africa became the resource for the first world for generations

    shafi mohamedshafi mohamed11 timer siden