The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - Season 4 Episode 1: Matthew McConaughey

10. jan.. 2021
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This episode was recorded: 12/21/2020
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Matthew McConaughey (actor, producer, and best-selling author of Greenlights) sits down with Jordan B. Peterson to talk about Matthew’s new book, his upbringing, his relationships with his mother and father, his journey to being at peace with his fame, what it’s like to play malevolent or dark characters in movies or on television, and a surprising satirical review of Greenlights.
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Show Notes:
[1:00] Jordan Peterson kicks off the conversation by asking why and how Matthew McConaughey wrote his book Greenlights.
[4:00] Matthew realized he needed to write the book himself without a ghostwriter as initially planned and dig back into his journals as a form of necessary reflection on the past.
[6:00] Matthew’s old journals revealed their common thread through all the stories, poems, and bumper stickers. That common thread was the creation of good things in life through mindset or action “Greenlights.”
[12:00] Jordan talks about his initial response after reading Matthew’s book and how his expectations were changed.
[14:00] Matthew talks about his solo trips when starting to create the structure of his book. Jordan comments that this was a book written by a celebrity that did not really focus on the traditional parts of being a celebrity (very family-focused and foundational). Matthew states, “When we were editing the book, I found that the more personal the stories became, the more relatable they seemed to become, to the human condition, and that was my hope.”
[18:00] Jordan and Matthew revisit the African trip, chasing dreams and having the same exact dream multiple times over the span of many years.
[24:00] What was the personal impact on Matthew during his trip to Africa where he got to strip away the identity we all know him for and exist as something else? Jordan comments that very often, people confuse their reputation with who they really are, and they start to act as a representation of their reputation instead of themselves; it’s an easy trap to fall into.
[22:00] Matthew discusses dealing with the pitfalls of fame. Matthew covers his changing relationship with his mother due to success.
[25:00] Jordan B. Peterson asks Matthew McConaughey about some of his acting work in True Detective and playing dark characters. “How do you play a dark role very well without letting the darkness invade you?”
[32:00] Matthew talks about the positive aspects of the sometimes tense relationship with his father and having a childhood that balanced love and hardship directed from the same people.
[37:00] Jordan and Matthew continue talking about going deeper into the psychology of a dark character like Rustin Cole on True Detective
[45:30] Matthew expanded on the short-term effects of initial fame.
[51:30] Matthew and Jordan discuss the long-term effects of fame.
[55:00] Jordan points out, “If flawed people were incapable of creativity, we would have no creativity.”
[1:03:00] How Matthew and Jordan first became friends.
[1:07:30] Matthew shares a comical review of his own book written as if Jordan was the one reviewing it.

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    Jordan B PetersonJordan B Peterson13 dager siden
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      WanderBreadWanderBreadTime siden
    • @Historia Antiqua Very good.

      Sherlock Holmes lives.Sherlock Holmes lives.17 timer siden
    • @Historia Antiqua The mathematician and polymath, Jacob Bronowski, known for his British television series and book 'The Ascent of Man' said in that series that he had to say he particularly detested Hegel, when Hegel set out to prove there was only 6 planets in the solar system, and wrote a thesis about it. Bronowski said that just as the ink was drying Uranus was discovered, and that it took a much better man, Gauss to come to the right answer and not only that but Shakespeare answered it long ago, in King Lear I think Bronowski said, the King said to the fool ( Hegel ) "Why are there only 6 planets?" and the fool replied "Because there are not 7", and the King said well done, thou should make a good fool ( Bronowski said "And so did Hegel" ).

      Sherlock Holmes lives.Sherlock Holmes lives.17 timer siden
    • @Sherlock Holmes lives. you're right. Hegel is what Bertrand Russell later called "word-salad philosophy."

      Historia AntiquaHistoria Antiqua19 timer siden
    • @Sherlock Holmes lives. Lol @Froop Zoop and I aren't the same person but I would at least give him a reach around

      Historia AntiquaHistoria Antiqua19 timer siden
  • I have watched several of Matthew's interviews since he published Greenlights. I bought the book not because of who you are but what you said during those interviews. Many of us will get several whispers -then slaps before we attempt to examine their life after a crisis- or a great loss. He listened to the whispers- - his dreams- the universe or his God who told him to do it now. I love the title-

    carol Burkecarol Burke3 minutter siden
  • Only 3.4 million subscribers? C'mon man.

    Karl PKarl P4 minutter siden
  • 19:45 :'(

    Randomfully WonderfulRandomfully Wonderful17 minutter siden
  • Looking alot more better Mr. Peterson, I am glad to see that

    Paolo televisionPaolo television27 minutter siden
  • This was awesome. 2 of my favorite men having a talk. I can relate so much to how Mathew feels. If more of Hollywood would have this conversation with itself, maybe there wouldn't be so many of these issues and cults. Unfortunately for Hollywood, like myself, there are 200'd of thousands that are done with Hollywood, movies, pro sports. It's all an ulgy cover up to what they really do behind the scenes. So many souls lost to people with bad intentions and ideas. More love and creation, instead of power and control God bless both of these men and their journey. ,🙏👍👊🤙💚🌎

    David B. IIIDavid B. III44 minutter siden
  • Great talk!

    Andrea BerumenAndrea BerumenTime siden
  • Thank you for the interview and for the job you do

    Elena ZhuravlevaElena ZhuravlevaTime siden
  • I liked Matthew in this interview, I've never seen him before but he seems chilled which I like. JP seemed stiff and always trying to be overpolite towards Matthew..

    orion9korion9kTime siden
  • Very enjoyable interview!

    Ric LiangRic LiangTime siden
  • This just ended his career.

    nustadanustada3 timer siden
  • I’ve never commented before but at 32:13 there’s a cut. I’d like to know what was said there please

    james tarnjames tarn3 timer siden
  • It’s an honour to see you back again sir.........❤️Australia

    Bob DownBob Down3 timer siden
  • This is Off topic but we just bought MUD on VUDU, great movie. We also loved the old boat that was in the tree. Anyone know what model, year, or manufacturer the boat in the tree or on the river was?

    Ron ChamberlainRon Chamberlain3 timer siden
  • I cant imagine a person who I would make greater efforts to avoid listening to.

    sacredgeometrysacredgeometry4 timer siden
  • I guess mcconaughey is a cool dude

    Lost in Hilbert SpaceLost in Hilbert Space4 timer siden
  • Please. Load of shite

    daughy docdaughy doc4 timer siden
  • God Bless you Uncle Peterson continue to seek truth in your study of the oldest history book in the world "The Bible" and persist in using your given skills in Academia and bringing people together.

    Rodwell MarkRodwell Mark5 timer siden
  • i thought he was more interesting in True Detective.

    Sno OtySno Oty5 timer siden

    Margaret KintzelMargaret Kintzel6 timer siden
  • This is some sage shit til our authoritarian government cancels it

    M RM R6 timer siden
  • Matthew mcconaughey looks old af

    crimson_noircrimson_noir6 timer siden
  • Jeez this was based

    M RM R6 timer siden
  • I really enjoyed the book. I also really enjoy listening to your perspective on things Mr. Peterson.

    R LondonR London6 timer siden
  • I've nothing against JP but why the hell does he appear in my next video every single time I watch anything on YT? I am wondering if JP is the modern version of 're-education', or maybe just distraction from something useful and informative.

    Restless GypsyRestless Gypsy6 timer siden
  • Matthew is aging into an elderly librarian

    APG95APG957 timer siden
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    James AseltineJames Aseltine7 timer siden
  • I wonder if Peterson charged matthew mcconaughey for this therapy session...

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez7 timer siden
  • I can’t stand either one of these guys.

    Naaman SalasNaaman Salas8 timer siden
  • Sorry I have never seen this famous person. I have no idea who he is.

    johnny5fingerjohnny5finger8 timer siden
  • i truly truly believe the beard suite you so well mr jordan. and longer hair

    Johnny WyperJohnny Wyper8 timer siden
  • I've never witnessed a conversation that made me self reflect so deep in my experiences, choices, and future. This was truly enjoyable! 🙂

    ShadowRavenRazShadowRavenRaz8 timer siden
  • One of, if not the best interviews and conversations I've ever watched. So much to unpack and take away from this. I'll certainly be purchasing Greenlights once I've posted this comment. Thank you JBP

    Charlie ColtartCharlie Coltart9 timer siden
  • I have never purchased or read a book by anyone in Hollywood, and..... now I’m going to

    Amanda CollyerAmanda Collyer9 timer siden
  • This was an amazing interview. Thank you so much.

    Bethany GriffithBethany Griffith9 timer siden
  • i cant believe he didnt laugh at his JBP review hahah

    nafznafz10 timer siden
  • Daddy

    Ahmed AntimarxistAhmed Antimarxist10 timer siden
  • We're so lucky to be alive at the same time as these to legends. One of my life long dreams is to see these two IRL.

    Harsha SubasingheHarsha Subasinghe12 timer siden
  • Seems more like a Jordan peterson interview than an interview with Matthew McConaughey...he really talks too much

    SuspiciousAlertnessSuspiciousAlertness12 timer siden
  • well i wasn't but now i am going to buy a lincoln

    Marie MillerMarie Miller12 timer siden
  • What a great interview. Two of the people that occupy my top ten list of the people that I would love to sit down and have a few beers with and enjoy the conversation that came about. It would be my treat. Heres to Men that put principle before fame and pride!!

    Rance ShoresRance Shores14 timer siden
  • Thank you for putting yourselves out here.

    Walter WhiteWalter White14 timer siden
  • Hope you're feeling better Dr Peterson, great to see you back.

    unregisturdunregisturd14 timer siden
  • Imagine all actors being like Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, Jeff Bridges, Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey... My hat goes down only to actors that are like them! Are there any that I didnt list? Oh yeah, musnt forget these two comedians : George Carlin and Bill Hicks ,) WHAT an excellent podcast!! Thank You Gentleman! Ciao (ćao) out of Zagreb, Croatia

    Papa CrowPapa Crow14 timer siden
  • Such an insightful interview and pleasant conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you.

    MortimurGrimmMortimurGrimm14 timer siden
  • As a native Texan I can tell you, if McConaughey really runs for Governor of Texas...........he will win. Great conversation thank you both!

    Kelley McBrideKelley McBride15 timer siden
  • Not EGOTISTIC!!!!???? ARE YOU KIDDING????? LOL!!! What ever do you mean, Jordon? You have been snowed!!! You are soo wrong.. his book is one big snow job with very little of it true. ALL these people (celebs) only get to where they are because of the immoral things they are willing to do. The Casting Couch is not just for women. When you began the interview I thought it was an ugly women which could have explained it. An ugly woman with a voice like a marble rolling around in a rusty can... what a grating voice! I could'nt get past 10 minutes of his me, me , me!!!

    AlmegaMediaAlmegaMedia16 timer siden
  • Did anyone watch this whole thing? Is awful.

    FinstorFinstor16 timer siden
  • Mathew is a tough dude to judge, and thats what we do celebs, right? So I made my decision, hes an interesting man, who says almost nothing, an unending drone of nothing. Then Peterson lets him go, and asks him nothing of import. Then says how amazing it is for a rich man to go to Africa. Maybe Jordan is better is elsewhere. I came from Joe Rogan and expected more.

    FinstorFinstor16 timer siden
  • I couldn't give a sh t what Matt mavconohey has to say or feels about anything. Stupid Hollywood F k

    Lyn DiorLyn Dior17 timer siden
  • Good stuff Matt!

    Shelton BradshawShelton Bradshaw17 timer siden
  • Matthew McConaughey is superb actor I'm one of his fans since I watch True Detective.

    alis demircisalis demircis18 timer siden
  • Beautiful souls.

    NOPE.NOPE.19 timer siden
  • Great interview.

    The MagpieThe Magpie19 timer siden
  • Random, but I wonder if Matthew’s wife crocheted the rug on the bed!

    The MagpieThe Magpie19 timer siden
  • Thank you Jordan for bringing him on. Rejoiced to hear that Mathew is on this path. Jesus is God and we need to get right with him.

    Isla De laIsla De la19 timer siden
  • Gentlemen, you have been a great addition to my day and night. Hope to hear you both speak truth and sense into the world again sooner than later. Form New Zealand with admiration

    Joseph Mo'aleJoseph Mo'ale19 timer siden
  • Good things come to those who wait!

    KrazykilperKrazykilper19 timer siden
  • Jordan Peterson...This is the way...

    TheEdubTheEdub20 timer siden
  • Ref: Time stamp: 1:09:00. Jesus spoke in parables for the same reason, he's just practicing characteristics embedded by our divine father/ judge. Apparently complex and profound subjects are better understood by us in the form of stories. It resonated with me b/c today I recognized that all self help speakers or self improving material are strategies that have been expressed, practiced, and shared in the Holy Bible already. Thank you both for creating this video, I truly believe my Heavenly Father guided me here to see his work being put to practice for good. It's encouraging so that I may continue practicing these characteristics and keep the faith. Thanks again

  • I bet Mathew enjoyed this interview because I guarantee he’s never been interviewed by someone that can go so deep on any subject.

    Jimmy zJimmy z21 time siden
  • i feel like these two are on the same intelligence level,

    Thunda1986Thunda198621 time siden
  • Even if it is all for nothing, it is still amazing to get to see it. Even if all of man was gone and the universe just kept on being, some great stuff still happened. I'm happy just to be here hangin out the same time these guys are, even knowing its pointless.

    Jacob127 WJacob127 W22 timer siden
  • ❤ Jordan !!!

    Chris FehrChris Fehr22 timer siden
  • I guess he made a decision that he was done with Hollywood.

    AdrianAdrianDag siden
  • Mud vs Killer Joe

    Kowboy USAKowboy USADag siden
  • From one of the most profound and needed intellectuals of the day to interviewing Matthew McConaughey. Maybe next JP will host a weekly segment on Access Hollywood? RIP the real Jordan Peterson. I appreciate all that you did, and I miss you.

    Chris AChris ADag siden
  • He needs to watch the Sam Harris podcast with an anti-natalist professor, so he can understand that it is separate from pro-mortalism.

    rockerdude83rockerdude83Dag siden
  • Thank you JP and MM. Appreciated the insight.

    Don GiannattiDon GiannattiDag siden
  • What a great conversation between these two. So happy to see Jordan looking healthy. As always, best wishes to the family.

    Agenda AnalystAgenda AnalystDag siden
  • Wonderful conversation. Dr Peterson never claimed to be perfect, and he is using the exact same tools that he shared for years to put his life back together. Happy to have him back. As far as Matthew, i didn't know much about the person...very pleasently surprised, probably will end up getting the book :-)

    Jesus LedesmaJesus LedesmaDag siden
  • how can this have that many down votes???

    bane bukowskibane bukowskiDag siden
  • Stick to acting because your pretty good at it

    Craig HallCraig HallDag siden
  • I never comment on NOworld videos....but this is an exceptional conversation. I would like to thank both of you for sharing such a thoughtful discussion.

    Ben LGBen LGDag siden
  • Love them both 🤩😍🥰

    Roja JanemanRoja JanemanDag siden
  • He knows the truth and he soon will fight the good fight

    Joseph DohertyJoseph DohertyDag siden
  • This interview was so interesting.... I loved it TY so much for sharing.

    Halley EvansHalley EvansDag siden
  • I'm so happy to see you, Dr Peterson, back towards health, and the continuance of the positive effects your words and thinking have on people including me. Wishing you a all the best, keep on getting better.

    Andrew TatarekAndrew TatarekDag siden
  • If a biopic is made on Jordan Peterson then Matthew McConaughey should play him.

    wylserwylserDag siden
  • I downloaded and watched. It was a good exchange but I question McConaughey's sincerity esp after his mask-shaming commercial which his puppet masters paid him well for. He still has his demons as a Scorpio-Leo complex and maybe a "Contact" epiphany would stir him in the right direction.

    Michael WirthMichael WirthDag siden
  • 31:36 How does the "adopted attitude" of the anti-natalist guy make suffering worse? For the guy personally? Because he sees life negatively and that's unpleasant? Because he won't get to enjoy having children? If that's the case why would it be _courageous_ of him to adopt a more optimistic attitude to life which would alleviate his own suffering and bring him more happiness (at the expense of others in his view)? Why is it not more courageous to endure your personal suffering for what you believe to be the moral thing to do, or not do, when it comes to the greater good? Also, is Peterson suggesting that someone ignore what is the truth, to their best reasoning, for their personal well being (and in their view detriment of others)? Just... fool themselves because it's more pleasant overall? MM makes sure to point out he's not a delusional optimist, but that's seemingly what's being suggested in this case. You don't necessarily have to think life is a Hallmark card to harbor some degree of delusion about it. Seems like Peterson wants to dismiss the world view he doesn't agree with not for being incorrect but for being hard to cope with and not self serving enough, while at the same time calling his own world view courageous because he tries to enjoy himself as best he can through life's hardships, which is frankly the normal thing to do, for the courageous or not. It's why there are billions of us. Any polite replies gratefully received. I know Peterson has many fans and I think a lot of what he says is sensible practical advice. Just don't get his argument here. Not interested in mud slinging. (Yeah, I know it's NOworld...)

    greyztonegreyztoneDag siden
  • One of Hollywood’s actors I now respect. 💓

    GJGJDag siden
  • I hate em and I love em at the same time. That fucker 😂🤣😭☠

    chic on a peaceful pathchic on a peaceful pathDag siden
  • One word.... Class

    MY DLMY DLDag siden
  • Wait Matthew is such a humble, cool guy! So glad to see Jordan back again with such a good guest 😃

    M ZM ZDag siden
  • So so so great to see Mr Peterson back to himself. Sir I hope your symptoms continue to subside.

    StabYouInTheEyeHoleStabYouInTheEyeHoleDag siden
  • that is a flipping task though. 2:30 I just burned my 2 foot tall stack.

    Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
  • I love both of these men. ❤️❤️

    aMUSEheraMUSEherDag siden
  • Alright, alright, alright!

    d pd pDag siden
  • Two of my most favorite humble men who inspire us to be better 🥰

    Mahoosive SupertasticMahoosive SupertasticDag siden
  • 1:07:00 i love that Peterson is interrupting, when he says Humility is a Form of Courage. because it raising a good point. and it circles back to McConaughey's comment about seeming frail and fake. Humility is defined as your, integrity. essentially, when you discern what it entails. it's not being quaint, or allowing other's their right to speak. It's standing behind what is right/ or true. (socially, it can be hard. professionally even.) but its funny. because You go all in, instead of living for nothing. BUt Jordan was showing courage, to intervene and risk his reputation on his words.

    Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
    • and there is the 4 horsemen again. they show up everywhere. One desolates the army from afar for he is a vengeful spirit, then comes an emissary and preaches his nonsense of the ways of Hades (barren), and the champion stands to defend the Condemned Nationm, and all for Her Magesty, Our Lord, the Bearer of all Blessings, the Chained and Bound Maiden Jesus Christ whom they rape.

      Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
    • alright, I hate myself: I do this all the time. see see, you come at people with something heavy and you get 4 responses. they see it, they see it as stigma, and you are made to look like the idiot who took a shit. and it's not them being malicious. - this can be malicious. they see it, they perceive it as stigma, and they react like they smell a shit. and it's arrogance. but it's no worse. and it's not them antagonizing you. - but they might. this is the dumb face, not the jeezus buddy what are you trying to do to me face^. they see it as stigma, so they reverse engineer it, and put it at you and say, "Yeah. So what do you think of This/"that"." and you say, That's just nonsense, no one would want to even pick that up, unless they were mocking the original clause. convoluting your objective, to bury it like dogs. and so they reply to you, "Exactly. so drop it." - and they see this as a generous opportunity for you to shut up. and the fourth reaction, is a really good heated, intellectual, dynamic conversation. (and I can go on.)

      Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
    • now I am not trying to be a life coach. so if u don't want to touch base, sure. DOn't then try to have integrity, and we won't treat you with it (we'll give you something else: which is probably what you want; ... ).

      Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
    • now, I wanted to temper my tongue. because I know it can be hard (sometimes) for people accept what's being said. - little bit of me being personal. I say, "don't kick a horse when it's down", as a reference to allowing people to have revelations. [because i'm inclined to believe you can't jam them in] - but i'm not sure who will read this, so I want my statement to be clear {: For the Record} Humility is your take away, when someone is talking. ...sigh. {I hate clarifying things}{it seems so apologetic, to incline people to let me clarify} [ command (@ humility): touch /base. ]

      Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
    • its weird because it can get confused with ego.

      Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
  • 55:50 i don't like to think of naivety/ignorance as a flaw. we don't know what to do. that's not flaw. A flaw is when we think wickedness is coping, or is an attempt. no? I mean, We laugh at appalling things. sometimes we propose appalling things. but to actually attempt.

    Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
    • i can't believe this is 10 days old. so cool

      Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
  • Mat's a solid, imperfect, warm and approachable human being. Seems like he's always willing to learn and grow. Profitable interview/discussion.

    sabr686sabr686Dag siden
  • I need Matthew to make an audio book of him reading his own book

    monkiskwlmonkiskwlDag siden
  • Interesting, hollywood pawns actually do have self awareness.

    Nick WilsonNick WilsonDag siden
  • Outstanding - VERY outstanding. Listened to it all, beginning to end. Wholly enjoyed it.

    Brian WardBrian WardDag siden
  • 28:00 yeah. his answer was good. pandering. needs. but, the villains story is at it's climax. they are developed.

    Gordon FialaGordon FialaDag siden
  • Great fucking chat.

    jim pjim pDag siden
  • Lol, speaking of introspection and reflection, why must you go to place with no cell reception when you can turn your phone off anywhere you are?

    ob1coyoteob1coyoteDag siden
  • 2.5 million views. Holy shit

    Obo299Obo299Dag siden