The Insane Logistics of Shutting Down the Cruise Industry

7. april. 2021
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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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  • @15:25 "This is not a brothel. There are no prostitutes at this address." I wish I could say the same.

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiTime siden
  • too bad hahaha

    Cindy BrownCindy BrownTime siden
  • The cruise lines should remain shut down until the Trump-supporting, Republican CEO'S are removed! These companies have been exploiting enployees, nickel-and-diming passengers and evading US Federal taxes long enough. Guys like Frank Del Rio and Richard Fain should be thrown into prison! These guys earned more money during the shut down; while crew members and sub-management employees took pay cuts and/or were laid off.

    Capt Dave CCapt Dave C2 timer siden
  • So many of crew are jobless now very tough time for them CDC should make new guidelines to resume the cruise industry and boost the economy

    Mohan KannaujiyaMohan Kannaujiya2 timer siden
  • The cruse industry need to sue their government's and China. The moronic governments are at fault. I am so pissed. The governments used the CCP19 for a power grab not caring about the lives they destroy!!!!

  • Even though the industry has all this money, they still tried to convince the US Congress to help them out. Congress informed the Industry that they would be happy to help any US ships . None of the Ship are based in the US. If they were , they have to obey US labor laws . And no Cruise Company could afford to stay in business . So the US Government told them to talk to the governments of the Home Ports of the ships .

    unclepatrick2unclepatrick24 timer siden
  • its a global goverment take over covid is just to keep the ppl in check

    brendon rookesbrendon rookes4 timer siden
  • It's amazing that these mfs are registered in Panama, treat their workers terribly, have billions in rainy day money, and still have the gall to ask for bailout from the us.

    Benjamen BabcockBenjamen Babcock4 timer siden
  • It should be shutdown as well as air travel

    Shane HumphreyShane Humphrey4 timer siden
  • No vaccine no cruise

    Baby OhanaBaby Ohana5 timer siden
  • The entire aim of the pandemic is to inject the world's population with God knows what and give every man, woman and child a bio-digital ID. SNAP! We've all been had!

    Liberty ChannelLiberty Channel5 timer siden
  • Vaccine doesn’t prevent spread it just reduces symptoms.

    مكافحة زحلمكافحة زحل5 timer siden
  • Wake up world and see how this virus is being used it is not nearly as deadly as they are telling us And is being used to destroy businesses and the middle income the deep state is using the virus in their efforts to usher in their NWO. more people have died from taking the poisonous vaccine then those who have died from the virus. The MSM is complicit in this hoax and they are spreading fear and destroying economies world wide.

    Wyona MageeWyona Magee5 timer siden
  • How can you make negative sales revenue?

    AlloAllo6 timer siden
  • did carnival just scrap the ships sent to Asia?

    crash6674crash66746 timer siden
  • Sump the cruise industry. These pricks won’t take people off an island with dangerous volcanic eruptions unless they could prove they had a covid shot. As far as I’m concerned they can all go out of business never to return.

    fullmotiondriverfullmotiondriver6 timer siden
  • c'mon sheepople get you steriliziation....

    xXMeecrobXxxXMeecrobXx6 timer siden
  • Cruise industry never gonna really recover. Insane to think about

    ProperProper6 timer siden
  • GOOD NEWS for SINGP, UAE, NRW, DNMK, CYPR, CUBA, CYMN, NZ, MLDV, SYCL, ISR, CURC, ARUB, BORA-BORA, the World Lowest Infected Countries by Covid-Corona-Variants v. Contemporary Methods Failure to bring final recovery. FACTS. FINAL PANDEMIC RECOVERY by Unorthodox, Philosophy-Science, "Climate Thermodynamics", CT, is also posted below for those who can really read-comprehend the "Countries List" and CT-Conclusions*. 77 days or 5-months Trends in Covid Deaths Ratios in 180 countries v. Life Expectancy Ranking, posted inside [...] are available. Source: Countries reporting CDR DATA to WHO and reordered, trended here. E.G. Trend From Jan 30 2021, inside (...), to Apr 18 2021, Today. Copyrights by Prof.-Dr. Benjamin Gal-Or/David Galor. Apr 18 2021: [4] SNGPR 0.05(0.05).....[99] BUTN 0.11(0.12) [126] MNGL 0.20(0.11)....[33] MLDV 0.26(0.32) [49] TLND 0.24(0.43).......[41] UAE 0.31(0.28) [93] CYM 0.38(0.51)........[28] CYPR 0.52(0.64) [93] SYCL 0.52(0.26).......[37] CUBA 0.55(0.83) [51] SLNK 0.64(0.49).......[43] CURC 0.72(0.44) [112] USB 0.74(0.79).......[9] ISR 0.75 (0.74) [54] BORA 0.75(0.73)......[72] ARU 0.90(0.85) [?] ANDRA 0.97(?)...........[15] NZ 1.00(1.04) [29] DNM 1.01(1.06)........[22] FIN 1.06(1.50) [?] INDIA 1.20(1.37).........[15] NL 1.21(1.43) [11] SWD 1.53(2.04).........[3] SWS 1.66(1.80) [118] PHL 171(2.11).........[35] U.S. 1.79(1.69) [15 ] IRL1.99(1.99) ..........[12] FR 2.02(2.40) [20] PRTG 2.04(1.70).......[103] RUS 2.24(2.11) [6] SP 2.26(2.07)..............[25] GRM 2.57(2.59) [66] BRZ 2.67(2.44)..........[25] UK 2.90(2.77) [15] GRC 3.00(3.70).........[5] ITL 3.02(3.47) [68] TUNS 3.42(3.48).......[54] CN 5.12(5.18) [109] SYR 6.82(6.68)........[146] SDN 6.95(6.75) [75] MXC 9.20(8.51)..........[?] YMN 19.40(?) * CT Conclusions are inter alia based on Worldwide Acclaimed book COSMOLOGY, PHYSICS and PHILOSOPHY, Amazon, followed by 32 editorials, reviews, comments at 'in', U-tube,10 million-plus References-Citations by Google: CT 1. CYM, CYP, SYCL, MLDV, CUB, CURC, ARUB, NZ, BORA have Islands CT. CT 2. SINGP, UAE, DNM have Peninsulas-CT, with tight border disciplines/policies. CT 3. NRW'S Cold, Gravity-CT [e.g. 'in'-vid], causes high "Residential Distancing". CT 4. UAE, MNGL, BUT, ISR domestic diets are traditionally healthy, Id. CT 5. No country, alone, can execute global final recovery from this pandemic. CT 6. Less politics, such final executing recovery is by INT'L LAW a UN/UNSC Task. CT 7. Under INT'L LAW UN/UNSC CAN MANDATE SINGP-WHO-ETC. AS CT-CZARS. CT 8. A million would die for lack of Big Powers Deal to work with such a czars.

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or7 timer siden
  • Why do you pronounce “Caribbean” two different ways in this video?

    Geo GuerreroGeo Guerrero7 timer siden
  • While it is fascinating to look at their economic tale of woe I can't help but mention the entire World which was basically shut down over a disease w/ a " 99.xx % " survival rate & decent therapeutics if you needed them ? Early on I showed caution to this b/c we just didn't know but now in retrospect things are becoming clearer...... I'd bet that the titans who own these corporations are fully aware of all the reasons involved in their shutdown & that they had to take it on the chin as part of a bigger plot? Meanwhile we see friends in western nations who are being locked down even further as this tyranny springs forward in time...... This is an interesting video of how they handled things but we're no where near the end of all of this.... Nothing will ever be the same including our freedoms. peace & GB ALL

    diggy dicediggy dice7 timer siden
  • History is going to show that the mass hysteria that we have observed over this was entirely unnecessary. But that's something that will only be generally recognized in hindsight, after all of the damage has been done.

    Ben SchuminBen Schumin8 timer siden
  • How can a Covid vaccine be produced when the virus has never been isolated - see below ""

    marcia menagemarcia menage8 timer siden
  • People are fed up with this nonsense. People just want to go back to living their lives without government control.

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • Danger warning. Beware of the Socialist state. 1938 all over again.

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • FEAR is CONTROL. We are being fooled folks. We need mass public hangings of these treasonous dictating tyrants.

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • Beware of the mutant ninja covid fake virus. World War Z.

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • There are 659 billionaires in the USA. 56 billionaires since covid 19 started in March 2020. There you have it folks, that's where all the trillions of dollars being printed went to. What do you make of all that. LOL

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • Looks like a lot of cruise ships are going broke. No way am I taken that fake vaccine. Just lost another customer.

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • The covid vaccine genocide continues unabated. How Bizarre this is turning out to be folks.

    Jimmy Cook 1Jimmy Cook 19 timer siden
  • I felt heavy, sad and my heart goes to the people who lost their jobs and business because of the pandemic. I learned a lot today and this video is an eye opener and informative. I wish and pray that someday these people who lost their jobs and opportunity will sail again and regain what is lost. Gob bless us all and be safe. Cheers from Jeddah.

    Franco Eric AmuraoFranco Eric Amurao9 timer siden
  • @14:39 Hey what a cool bus, that's an MCI MC-9 Crusader II stainless steel coach bus !

    RealDDDealRealDDDeal13 timer siden
  • i had hoped that they went bankrupt. They are a disaster to the environment

    viggo bergströmviggo bergström14 timer siden
  • Was waiting for Wendover to do a video on this

    Aleksandar IvanovAleksandar Ivanov14 timer siden
  • This was more like shutting down a cruise ship....we haven’t touched on the food supply to these ships and the knock on effect to the food suppliers.....just brutal.

    kedanpie4409kedanpie440914 timer siden
  • This person knows what he is talking about like he knows his pocket.

    Daniel Iddo Abera-BalchaDaniel Iddo Abera-Balcha15 timer siden
  • My man feels sorry for the cruise industry. Carnival lover 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    CollinCollin16 timer siden
  • Someone is in bed with the cruise industry..... good luck bro.

    CollinCollin16 timer siden
  • 9:19 no the don't just park it and leave don't need it in working order at the moment. why pay milions bunch of stupid people on high places. absolutly retarded how much money they are trowing away. all of this people should be prosecuted. money of all this ships combined would actully end world hunger but NOOO peopel must bath in gold.

    Simon MačekSimon Maček17 timer siden
  • Aren't they just a floating casino + old folks home ?

    blight blighttblight blightt17 timer siden
  • there enslaving the world and slaves don't get holidays

    fritz thecatfritz thecat17 timer siden
  • When people see all that plastic in the oceans where do they it comes from ? how much plastic waste do think is generated on a cruise ship that has 5000 people it for X amount of months ? what do you think happens to all of those tons of plastic ?

    Peter HicksPeter Hicks18 timer siden
  • although slightly off subject, one thing that has gone under media's radar is the fact that the hotel industry has suffered similarly , as a cruise ship is more or less a floating hotel, one and immediately make the connection of how bad the hotel industry has been effected by covid. But unlike the cruise industry being very transparent of its obvious problem the hotels kept thieir problems under the radar, to keep their doors open to customers. And those some major Hotels temporarily shut their doors, need we forget about the dangers that has come from the likes of AirBnb. If your a condo owner, and other owners rent their units out via AirBnb, then what if any precautions are the owners taking? answer.. next to none!. they could care less about covid and the wealfare of their fellow owners and those residing in their units. All these people care about is continued rental sales and income. And as far as their customers are concerned they just wanna have vacation fun and stress relief more often than not, not wearing masks or any precautions further spreading the virus.

    xevious2501xevious250119 timer siden
  • I live in the Portland, Oregon area. There is a coastal town called Astoria about an hour away that has just gotten the facilities for cruise ships, nothing huge. However, there were 10 cruise ships anchored because of the shut down. It was a big deal because no one from around here had ever seen that many large vessels in one place before.

    The PDX Skeptic - Never Stop LearningThe PDX Skeptic - Never Stop Learning20 timer siden
  • Thanks for a great presentation!! Knew a little about their shutdown but this really opened my eyes!!

    Neil OpferNeil Opfer20 timer siden
  • Cruize liners are huge rat traps and huge polluters!!

    harry vikingharry viking20 timer siden
  • great video

    Will StehlikWill Stehlik20 timer siden
  • Curise is an automated flying or running software with good control

    Hassan ZaffarHassan Zaffar20 timer siden
  • afloat.

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni21 time siden
  • Amazing content 🙏

    Vipul DVipul D21 time siden
  • despite the downsides described in this video, i now want to work on a cruise ship

    jollyjolly21 time siden
  • Covid is pretty much like the flue. The fact that you need a vaccination to board, but not a flue shot, shows how malicious this whole thing is. Next is covid passports Sheeple

    Canadian mistakeCanadian mistake22 timer siden
  • I'd go on a cruise Called " the Ecstasy" Sounds like fun 💎🙌

    MadRawZzMadRawZz22 timer siden
  • These companies should pay employees more! Charge a bit less! Greed!

    Capital OlingerCapital Olinger23 timer siden
  • Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom... again!

    Knucklehead SmiffKnucklehead Smiff23 timer siden
  • Well done. I subscribed and bought the year of Curiosity Stream and Nebula because this was so well made. Good job.

    shawn wrightshawn wrightDag siden
  • I'm not saying I don't care.... I'm just saying I've never been on a cruise lol

    Joel ChildsJoel ChildsDag siden
  • It’s way too soon to say the cruise lines will be fine. If the vaccines are not one hundred percent effective that can still lead to a disaster. I hope they stay away from Australia. Cruise liners already caused enough trouble here.

    J IslandJ IslandDag siden
  • Happy that no longer working on the Cruise Ship Industry, but it was a Great experience.

  • This is all part of the end times scenario, the world is on the brink of the 7year Tribulation with the Antichrist but don't worry, get rapture ready: accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior today!!! Study biblical end tims prophecy, listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology.

    alberta farmeralberta farmerDag siden
  • Everything bad is happening because someone..people did not take the initial virus claims seriously.Apparently Covid is a variant of SARS..Bird Flu,well that has been around a long time so obviously health officials did NOT take is seriously in ANY country.So now we are seeing NEW variants of the virus and imo this will continue for anotehr 100 years,similar to the common cold and it's MANY variants. They are NEVER going to get this under wraps because just like the common sold,it NEVER goes away,it remains and spikes year after year.Sure we might see LESS effects just liek we have adapated our immune systems to the common cold but do we really feel LESS sick year after year,imo NO we do not.All the POSITIVE talk is a result of the pharmaceuticals trying to justify all their medications making claims "they work".Anotehr sort of modern cash grab has been the FLU shots,again you get the shot,still get the flu and still feel just as sick as you ever have.This is simply a giant money game played by pharamaceuticals. I get the feeling people are spreading the word trying to make it sound like there is some CURE for Covd,there is NO such thing as a cure for viruses.How can ANY pharmaceutical claim they take into account millions of people and millions of variant immune systems,they have NO idea how each individual will respond to medicines that do NOT cure but only try to HELP.

    galkanftwgalkanftwDag siden
  • Great job by the cruise industries making sure everyone made it home! Even if it took up to 2 months, that will be an unforgettable experience, albeit may have felt like the movie 28 days... or playing the "left for dead" video game..

    MoVieZafterMidNiGhTMoVieZafterMidNiGhTDag siden
  • I would think this pandemic should pick up the cruise industry considering it can sometimes take up to a month to get where they are going when we didn't have planes... Which means that during cruises people would be able to serve part of their "quarantine" while "on board" as opposed to the airline industry that spread this disease all over in first place! Why is the airline industry still operating anyway while all other businesses are shutting down from this? People going on holiday caused all this in the first place!!! Do they even have proper hand washing stations at the airports yet before allowing people to board who are going to countries halfway around with world within hours? Read only if curious... 1. Masks are spreading the virus by creating a "point of contact" that normally wouldn't exist in such high levels.. There are videos of the very authorities demanding we wear masks while they are touching their masks and common surfaces... While they can not think of other ways the virus may be transmitting, they readily disregard any mention of masks being the potential "compromise" in our safety... 10 years ago SARS came and went WITH public festivals included and the common denominator is that back then we didn't wear masks knowing then that SARS travelled by mask, in fact everyone pretty much just ignored it and it went away in less than 6 months.. Now all the Neurotic Hyper-Chondriac suffering from OCB & Dementia are calling the shots, raising the alarms and I wonder how much longer till we find troops with flamethrowers hiding in the bushes... What makes them think that SARS COVID is ANY DIFFERENT than ANY OTHER SARS???? ALSO I did NOT sign any "VACCINE WAIVERS" releasing my rights to life so if I become infected with ANY of these VARIANTS that are DIRECLY RELATED TO EACH VACCINE then I will be suing that particular VACCINE MANUFACTURER!!! I DO NOT CONSENT TO YOUR STUPIDITY!!! I have NO ARGUMENT about Isolating & Social Distancing, THOSE are PRUDENT CHOICES based in LOGIC and SOUND SCIENCE!!! 2. Variants are created BY the vaccines, that is why they have their designated variants from their respective laboratory locations! They did not research the Avery, MacLeod & McCarty experiment OR they did not clearly understand it and why it is important... They demonstrated through using deadly bacteria that was dead by heat, mixed with live healthy bacteria still transmitted the disease to the healthy bacteria proving the "chemical nature" of our genes. They also demonstrated that the transforming principle happened through DNA, not Protein!!! So Mr. Ford only has his own uneducated & underqualified "covid advisory panel" to thank for this mistake.. Vaccines aren't meant to be spread out to the whole population, they are designed for those suffering the worst and depleting stocks is actually making it more lethal for the most vulnerable...

    MoVieZafterMidNiGhTMoVieZafterMidNiGhTDag siden
  • Well crafted, in-depth reporting.

    Kim RodriguezKim RodriguezDag siden
  • instead of island jumping, why not just hire chartered planes for each destination.? i would think it's cheaper then moving that ship thousands of miles

    latham arealatham areaDag siden
  • There has never been, a time in our history where people with a mask and a cell phone made it so that we should be called aliens. The mask mandates along with cell phones are our future egzoskeleton, that is why aliens have them. To perform better, faster and have a much higher defense from biological attackers such as bacteria and virus.

    Marko NiksicMarko NiksicDag siden
  • "the" is only pronounced "thee" when before an initial vowel. Otherwise "thuh." "a" is pronounced "EH-ee" when referring to the initial letter of the alphabet; otherwise, "uh." Your pronunciations not only sound affected; they're incorrect. Very interesting information, though.

    ian1856ian1856Dag siden
  • This guy sounds so gleeful about the implementation of the Covid Passport. Strict covid precautions = Excuse to curb out freedoms. Big Brother is watching .

    Robert TussRobert TussDag siden
  • So you think that the vax is going to solve all of the problems ? Good luck.

    Daniele SbordoneDaniele SbordoneDag siden
  • I have never been tempted to go on a cruise. They are prison vacations on water.

    Alexander MeyerAlexander MeyerDag siden
  • so the government shut down the industry, then people say Covid did it. That is some great PR.

    john jajohn jaDag siden
  • We don’t call the Cruise ship passengers tourists up here in Alaska. We call them terrorist. When they come to small towns we feel abused by the industry and terrorized by the invasion of millions.

  • Most of the tourist shops in Alaska that the cruise ship passengers visit are either owned by the cruise lines or businesses that follow the cruise industry. Most of the money leaves our towns. These businesses also hold valuable retail space in our towns and shutter themselves in the off season. This makes our downtown areas literal ghost towns during the winter. Around the holidays there is virtually nowhere to shop in our downtown stores because they are closed. Not that we want their tourist junk but that the locals do not have our Mom & Pops anymore. The lease fees for the shop spaces is outrageous. So outrageous the locals can not afford them.

  • Without these ships coming to our capitol city life here has returned to normal. We are a town of less than 30,000 . The cruise ship industry had been bringing in over 1 million passengers per year to our town. They’ve turned it into Disneyland in the summer. Tour buses everywhere. Tourist rubber necking while they step into the street right in front of traffic. Complete disrespect for locals. As a local with a boat here the Coast Guard charges us with a manned 40 caliber deck mounted machine gun pointed right at us. These cruise ships come down our narrow channel making it impossible for local boaters and fisherman to maintain the required federal distance thus creating the frightening moments when you have a live 40cal pointed directly at you. As far as I’m concerned they can stay out of Alaska permanently.

  • its blowing my mind that Wendover went to Ketchikan omg i was born there

    HlheutteHlheutteDag siden
  • Can you imagine the crew party's going on these ships.

    dannyd5050dannyd5050Dag siden
  • do u know where the case numbers rising the most?Yesss Israel,and other vaxxed countried.Fully vaxxed people are allowed only?It will be a big shut down again.😀 by the humans.Not by a virus.Which is spreading with vax as well.You spread,you get it,you just don t get very sick and end up in the vaxed society on a ship? thanks but no.No thanks..

    igazi hamisigazi hamisDag siden
  • Time to stop the BS and open up he country and the cruise ship industry

    George GGeorge GDag siden
  • We will look back on this and realize how utterly stupid we were. We did all this shit for a disease that literally kills less than the flu.

    Jim JamensonJim JamensonDag siden
    • Don't repeat completely false information. Covid 19 has killed more than 585,900 people in the U.S. so far--and still rising. Far more deadly than any flu.

      Jay VigdiorJay VigdiorDag siden
  • That's unprecedented you know it's unprecedented holy cow that's unprecedented the new worn-out catchphrase it's unprecedented🙉

    Fred ToppFred ToppDag siden
  • This isn’t just your average everyday logistics... yes!

    seeni gztyseeni gztyDag siden
  • Cruise lines are one of the worst polluters on the planet, it's to bad most of them didn't have to shut down.

    Alfons RAlfons RDag siden
  • This is lovely

    festus ewerefestus ewereDag siden
  • A totally made up, fabricated disease that doesn't even exist has brought the world to a standstill. New World Order, Agenda 21-30 proponents have already stated that the oceans and all of nature will soon be off limits to all but the chosen elite. Of course this won't happen until the ignorant fools getting the injections begin dying-off by the billions.

    Tom McDonoughTom McDonoughDag siden
  • Personally I Happy as hell the cruise industry is shut down, it is supported by well to do low iq libtards, now one of their hob is is taken away, it’s time they suffered the consequences of supporting a scam covid bull shit.

    Doc HolidayDoc HolidayDag siden
  • What this video left out is the massive bailout cruise lines received from our tax money here in the US. even tho they pay no taxes here, as like mentioned their flag ship is from other countrys. Its time these corporations start paying taxes or forget about getting bailed out everythime they are in trouble. Makes you wonder why The US always has moeny to give corporations but non for the people or healthcare ,infrastructure, schools exc.

    Junior BricuyetJunior BricuyetDag siden
  • I went for a walk along a hill near Weymouth, UK in around July last year and all you could see was rows and rows of cruise ships anchored in the water. They were already offering rebookings for autumn that year at that point.

    Matt CMatt CDag siden
  • You didn't mention the cruise ships that have been sent to the scrapping yards in Turkey and India.

    AvariceUntiedAvariceUntiedDag siden
  • Cruise ships are liberal cesspools. Yuck.

  • i will take it that it is not going to take 2 months to get the staff back they will fly back to the ship. but what they did was really impressive i did not hear that on any news report. it would have been good if every industry could have that much back up money to get there hands on

    David's WorldDavid's WorldDag siden
  • 1000 filipinos are in a cruise ship now stranded docked in philippines manila, quarantined and about to lay off from work in that ship

    Crasher CrasherCrasher CrasherDag siden
  • to survive as a business entity in a no trade environment, you've to make business out of what you've!!! granted earnings will be miniscule & probably even foolish in a business that needs billions of euros in revenue to survive every single year!!!

    Chandrachur NiyogiChandrachur NiyogiDag siden
  • Well at least there's less shit released in the oceans.

    Meg GourleyMeg GourleyDag siden
  • It’s amazing how cruise ship workers are from literally all over the world

    Tigi BucaroTigi BucaroDag siden
  • One of the benefits of the pandemic. There are just so many downsides to this industry that you just can't stop counting..

    PietroPietroDag siden
    • you had the first part right the goverment is using this pandemic as a way to control the masses

      brendon rookesbrendon rookes4 timer siden
  • Could they not just create a holiday on board without actually cruising. These ships are amazing without even getting off.

    TanduayDancerTanduayDancerDag siden
  • With all these ships whose fuel-consumption is measured in m³ standing still, maybe Greta could let me have a car?

    Johannes PilvikukkaJohannes PilvikukkaDag siden
  • you lost me at EXCLUSIVELY

    Snowfall ThecatSnowfall ThecatDag siden