The HUGE PROBLEM with Shane Dawson and James Charles...

6. april. 2021
249 899 Ganger

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This video is about James Charles, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook and more! Enjoy :)
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  • Me: catching up on the last 13 videos I missed while having bad internet during the move

    kaeleigh katkaeleigh katDag siden
  • Can I just say that you look beautiful in navy blue!! 😻 you should wear it more often.

    EzraEzra2 dager siden
  • Tbh I think Jeffries “important and serious announcement” is about him and Shane.

    Hayl noodleHayl noodle2 dager siden
  • Tati and Jeffree NEVER spoke about James and underage boys. They spoke about him and STRAIGHT guys. So let's not give them credit where it isn't due.

    Mandapants xMandapants x3 dager siden
  • Uhh how bout we DONT negate anything Shane, Jeffree, or anyone did just because James also did shitty things. They're all trash and Shane and Jeffree are JUST AS BAD. Jeffree is WAY WORSE

    Mandapants xMandapants x3 dager siden
  • shane is a racist who makes p*do jokes, jeffree is racist, and james is a predator. they’re all horrible. i don’t think tati is a horrible person but the bye sister video wasn’t it, it seemed like she cared more about the vitamins than the predatory behaviour but she wasn’t really wrong about him in the grand scheme of things

    sarsar4 dager siden
  • 15:39 Sorry but you sidelined the serious stuff Shane Dawson did. That D Angelo covered several things and what James plus Shane did honestly should be taken to court.

    awkwardnshyawkwardnshy4 dager siden
  • Totaly normale tot have a relationship 16, 17 and 21. My lil brother was 23 she was 17. Her parants fine Whit IT. Different cultuur i gess , . Dutch.

    Jessica FrancinaJessica Francina4 dager siden
  • Why am I getting notifications for old videos today.

    AngelaAngela5 dager siden
  • What’s sad is maybe without their influence and power they wouldn’t have morphed into who they are today. I think a lot of people think about them as they started on NOworld and social media but they’re not the same people anymore. Money, power, influence, popularity, etc. gets to your head and maybe they were different then, but they’re acting dangerously now!! We can’t make excuses for people!

    Hannah BrennanHannah Brennan5 dager siden
  • There are plenty of times where Shane was inappropriate to underaged people. Just because some of it was ''jokes' doesn't mean it doesn't count. There was also that time where he had young girls that were fans tw--king and doing other s--ual things, and he'd only give them attention if they did. That's not a joke. Why would someone do that if they aren't a p---phile taking s--ual advantage of children? You always downplay this stuff which I think is really misleading.

    ReymazingReymazing5 dager siden
  • Nope, wrong. Shane was inappropriate to his niece if I remember correctly and he taught her about sex, and he sexualized Willow Smith.

    Ra ShrashaRa Shrasha5 dager siden
  • To be fair Shane was in his late 20s/early 30s when he did these things and James is only 21. That doesn’t mean what he’s done is okay I just don’t think the two should be compared.

    Eliza HurdEliza Hurd6 dager siden
  • He trademarked his name?What if there are other people of the same name?

    VampressVampress6 dager siden
  • didn't Shane have that group chat with little girls? plus all those clips of him telling young girls to twerk for him and whatever? sounds like the same level to me

    Zoe DuboisZoe Dubois6 dager siden
  • You look so beautiful here 😍

    dalia ataridalia atari6 dager siden
  • I feel like people are afraid of "canceling" James again sense last time when he got cancelled it turned out he was "innocent" (We know better now.) And clearly Shane, Jeffrey and Tati were in it to ruin James career, not actually caring about the victims or otherwise they wouldn't have gone silent when James was "proven to be innocent." Cancel culture is toxic but people really need to learn the difference between cancelling someone and de-platforming someone because they use their platform to do harm. This isn't just tea or drama, this is criminal.

    Ebrill SwanEbrill Swan6 dager siden
  • can u add 1 second to the video

    Ashlee NowzariAshlee Nowzari6 dager siden
  • not related to the drama BUT I think you're the first person ive seen actually drop their phone with the phone footage to like legitimize these cases and I never flew too a link so fast 💀. I have been wanting one but I never trusted anything other than my otter box but now I have a lil more hope for these. maybe I can finally have a cute phone lmao

    TheOriginalFlowerchildTheOriginalFlowerchild6 dager siden
  • I like your videos, but sometimes they are very hard for me to understand because you speak reeeeally really fast :/

    Desdemona DupréDesdemona Dupré7 dager siden
  • It's funny how fast Morphe dropped Jeffree Star but now they just cant show that same energy towards James. I shouldn't be too surprised, they still collab with Nikita.

    NotoriouslydeviousNotoriouslydevious7 dager siden
  • what tati went through was called gaslighting, it makes you question your own mind

    honey bhoney b7 dager siden
  • i dont know if this make sense butttt i think james is going to release that makeup line till may ( maybe birthday celebration thing) to revive his carreer , he is going to lay low till then to make people forget about this and try to come back with a good makeup line so thats the thing he is know for , the makeup not the scandlas. and even if people dont forget they are going to buy and try to roast but we kinda know that that doenst work like that and charles is still going to make good money out of it bc people still need to buy it to test it and roast it , in both cenarios james is still winning from it i think ( just like J STAR lost a lot of money and buyers but still sells a lot fo makeup and procucts ) and we can forget that james is more popular among teens and children ( more "naive" people) so they are still going to buy it and support him ) he is not going to get so much of a drag bc he is "still safe" from the bye sister thing ( eventho it doesnt make sense cause this allegations are very real)

    Beatriz PedrosoBeatriz Pedroso7 dager siden
  • Idk about you guys but it feels like Tati was gas lit into taking the accusations back.

    VisszhangVisszhang7 dager siden
  • But when is Jenna Marbles coming back tho

    ashleii bernathashleii bernath7 dager siden
  • hmmm I don’t think you have enough info on Shane Dawson. He has done a lot more than “tell jokes” about minors

    simplycbhsimplycbh8 dager siden
  • 10:56 oof I actually forgot about that

    Sammy MbSammy Mb8 dager siden
  • Tati didn't retract, she said she stod by what she said in 'bye sister'. She gave context to the hole situation.

    hanne nicolaisenhanne nicolaisen8 dager siden
  • I forgot JC had so many scandals wow. 😳

    Marisa LopezMarisa Lopez8 dager siden
  • I hope Tati comes back. I miss her. No one fills her place

    Home to StayHome to Stay8 dager siden
  • These influencers are really creepy and even criminal. I think that I can't support any of them with either my money or my views

    Maria - Estera karpathianMaria - Estera karpathian8 dager siden
  • Her eyes are so blue.

    Shawn MichaelShawn Michael8 dager siden
  • I knew tati was on to something, I do hope she does come back 💖💖💖

    Laura PustikaLaura Pustika8 dager siden
  • Shane and Tati cancelled themselves by leaving the internet. If they posted they wouldn’t be cancelled

    ntyorintyori8 dager siden
  • To anyone struggling with eye shadow staining, two things- - use a decent eye shadow primer- not an expensive one, just a decent one- I use elf, which isn’t the greatest but does the job. - extend your skin care to your eye lids. I didn’t have a good silicate regiment before and now I do- my eyes never stain now- also, my skin is less dry- not sure if that’s a factor

    Gaurav VikalpGaurav Vikalp8 dager siden
  • Black face not black fishing. He was running a minstrel show. Also people like James grew up watching people like Shane be inappropriate with minors. Cancel both.

    fireyonixfireyonix8 dager siden
  • Bit hypocritical angelika you're the one that was giving him a second chance and telling us he has really matured..

    KasiaKasia8 dager siden
  • I feel like even if Tati was being petty, manipulated, or whatever, the fact that James Charles showed *any* sign of acting like a predator or trying to prey on straight men was a red flag. Sure, Tati might have been a bad person, but it doesn't mean that what she said was entirely incorrect. People on the internet seemed to have taken her being 'exposed' as meaning that 'oh, everything Tati said was just a lie', but when James Charles never really contested those claims, and seems to be getting embroiled in more similar issues per day, it's perhaps time to reconsider on that.

    Raven BloomRaven Bloom8 dager siden
  • James Charles Fragrance: Chloroform

  • I hate that people are letting James get away with this... he literally admitted to what he did, and what he did is a crime. He's a predator; there's no way around it

    Alethea Larrad-TyeAlethea Larrad-Tye8 dager siden
  • Is it because he’s young?

    The q is for queerThe q is for queer9 dager siden
  • look I think we all know you have a bias towards Shane but no, he's done MANY sexually charged things with minors multiple times that have all been caught on camera as well. even though James and Shane are both disgusting, lets please not sit here and pretend like they're even on the same level.

    frances osugifrances osugi9 dager siden
  • watch the video about shane from d’angelo wallace it explains everything about his past that he has done

    alexalex9 dager siden
  • actually shane kissed an underage fan on the lips at a meet and greet cause the fan asked him to he is an adult he should’ve known better

    alexalex9 dager siden
  • I've never liked James charles. He's always given me the creeps.

    Crystal ZawadaCrystal Zawada9 dager siden
  • What's wrong with saying "The house" I just thought that was a phrase to exaggerate something? Like it's "very" something

    Tess HouseTess House9 dager siden
  • I know it won't happen but I feel like we all owe Tati an apology.

    NicoleNicole9 dager siden
  • Well I have to agree that it was terrible ngl

    Summer ReaganSummer Reagan9 dager siden
  • I don't understand how people still get away with grooming literal children? Like there's this other girl tiktok creator that got called out for grooming children, she admitted to it and now she keeps telling people to move on? Like no? Tiktok is a full of kids, these people do NOT deserve a platform.

    MahouiMahoui9 dager siden
  • THANK YOU!!! I don’t understand why James isn’t getting cancelled like all the other you-tubers when James committed an actual crime!! His fans keep defending him, yet Shane Tati Jeffrey and Trisha were ALL right about him all along

    anna novakanna novak9 dager siden
  • I think with James Charles is a little bit different than with Shane and not because Shane was only joking about those stuff but because he did it alone. Let's be honest, even tho people that James was talking to were minors, they still understood that what they and James were doing were wrong and that's why they are talking about it right now. What is more, if they are brave enough to talking about this right now in front of milions thay probably had courage to tell James that they didn't want to talk with him like this, i mean flirting. So let's be real, those boys probably are doing this to destroy him and not because they feel offended. I want to disclame I'm not deffending James Charles, I think he should checked they age before he started to writing with them. What I'm saying for talking with minors you need minor who is rosponding to your message, and having 16 you do understand what is happening, they are not like 11 or 13 y.o, to making a joke, like Shane, you don't need another person and that is why James is not cancelled yet. Again, I'm not deffending James, i just wanted to share my thoughts. You agree, disagree? I invite you to the discussion, but pleas without hate!!! Apologizing for mistakes, english is not my mother tongue ;)

    JJ JoeJJ Joe9 dager siden
  • i haven't even watched the video but damn i really wanna know where her shirt is from. it's so cute! ;w;

    meechtasticmeechtastic9 dager siden
  • Uhm this video is not u just read an article? That's all? I can read the article myself. I'm watching your videos for your input and for your content prepared by you. And you also put not only ads but also a sponsorship there? You didnt do any work for this video.

    FeboFebo9 dager siden
  • The problem, in short, is that they are predators.

    S R.S R.9 dager siden
  • what the hell half of the drama james charles has been in isnt even drama, its just snow flakes trying to create drama beacause they are bored. I dont like james, but comon he got hate for copying someones look? get a life ppl

    gabija gabriellagabija gabriella9 dager siden
  • I think the reason why people are giving James a pass is because Jeffree, Shane and Tati (although I think she is the least responsible out of the three) orchestrated the whole Bye Sister situation for nefarious reasons. I believe Tati’s intentions were genuine but also motivated by James’ betrayal regarding the vitamins which I think Jeffree used to manipulate her. “He betrayed you AND he’s a predator girl, let’s get him”. Then after James came back with receipts, maybe whoever is on Jeffree’s supposed voice message accusing James backed down and said he didn’t feel comfortable with it being exposed. Then Jeffree had to back down and later recanted to save his image/not get sued. I think they all essentially would’ve let James get away with it if he hadn’t upset them personally/been seen as a threat. Why would Shane say he needed to be “humbled”? If James is a predator he needs to be in jail. In short, I think the three of them are to blame for people doubting the credibility of James’ accusers/being so apathetic towards his behavior. They really did a disservice to those boys/young men because James’ career was essentially resurrected after No More Lies because James was the only one who produced any type of evidence which heavily discredited Tati in people’s eyes. Jeffree thought he’d have receipts to release but once the victim changed their mind, he knew he had nothing and couldn’t continue the crusade without getting sued if he didn’t have tangible proof. This is why I think what they did was ultimately extremely harmful to the victims. I think Tati was motivated by the hurt she felt, which is wrong, but I also think that she genuinely thought James was abusing his power with his fans. Essentially she got set up and thought that victims would come forward and then all of a sudden she is the bad evil witch who tarnished a “child’s” reputation. If Bye Sister had been a sincere “operation” in order to get justice for the victims, James would have stayed canceled and may have actually faced repercussions for his behavior. We can’t know for a fact if he was behaving the way he has admitted to behaving in his recent video, but a lot of things point to this being a pattern of behavior. It makes me sick to think that potential victims of SA and/or sexual harassment were used as pawns to dethrone Jeffree and Shane’s competition and to sort of “teach James a lesson” for his lack of appreciate for Tati’s help with his career.

    lil lunchboxlil lunchbox9 dager siden
  • @15:50 SD sexualized minors *in their faces, to them!* over and over again. It was not just joking out of their view. That is clearly crossing a line. I've come across at least 2 of the girls he's done this to and they were clearly much affected by it. Let's not minimize things that have huge consequences for the victims just because we don't hear about them as much as we only see the perpetrator wanting to return as they act like victims and their apology says they've changed/they get it. If changing means taking down the disgusting vids only when forced to and not a second before.

    Flying figFlying fig9 dager siden
  • Kind of distasteful to do a sponsor at the beginning of a video about something so serious. You shouldn't profit off of victims

    KoolKidKoolKid9 dager siden
  • commenting for that engagement

    Azra SophieAzra Sophie9 dager siden
  • angelika: *showing cute compostable phone cases* me with a google pixel: 🥲

    jonnnolenjonnnolen9 dager siden
  • hi

    Caroline DaviesCaroline Davies9 dager siden
  • 10:24 transgender men ARE men. stop being ignorant and disrespectful.

    Dragana TišmaDragana Tišma9 dager siden
  • Idk if Angelika just misremembered but there are videos of Shane being explicitly inappropriate with underage CHILDREN that are not jokes about them but actions towards them.

    Hannah JaffeHannah Jaffe9 dager siden
  • I see a lot of people in the comments defending james and saying what shane did was worse but james committed a legal crime and could get into trouble for it but he's not because he's going to get away with it time and time again yet everyone shits on shane over jokes. It's so obvious it was jokes. Everyone's twisting things and making it a false narrative. It's disgusting that people are downplaying what james did.

    cuddle fishingcuddle fishing9 dager siden
  • i feel like we’re the last few tati stans 😭

    MeganMegan9 dager siden
  • I take it you've not watched D'Angelo Wallace's video RE Shane Dawson. He didnt simply "make jokes" about minors lol

    Dark Arts StudioDark Arts Studio9 dager siden
  • I love that top! It give me boss business women vibes

    BradenBraden9 dager siden
  • im sorry, but back when the whole bye sister scandal was going on, i knew something was fishy and definitely distanced myself from his content. i knew that tati wouldn't just make those accusations over some stupid hair vitamins... i kinda wanna re watch tati's video just so i can better understand the context from where she was coming from lmao

    im stinkim stink10 dager siden
  • honestly I think James will get cancelled but if we look at someone like onision who has done countless criminal things its like I don't think James will ever actually go to jail.

    WassupWassup10 dager siden
  • The kinsey Scale thing was so messed up, idk how people can believe that james always is getting baited when he is really just trying to force questioning/straight people to get with him. Literally ever since that vid I was weary of him then when bye sister happened Ijust unfollowed and never went back

    WassupWassup10 dager siden
  • Casetify won’t let me check out 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Hannah XHannah X10 dager siden
  • James is getting away with all of this because the public outcry is not as intense as it was with Shane last summer. When this gets more attention, the brands will get scared and drop him.

    aflowerforyourtroublesaflowerforyourtroubles10 dager siden
  • For the engagement💕

    Runa YoshinoRuna Yoshino10 dager siden
  • off topic but your shirt is super cute

    EricadatgirlEricadatgirl10 dager siden
  • Shane has kissed min*rs on the mouth. Joking or not, it's still kissing those under*ge. And there's him trying to get min*rs to twerk for him online. Plus he admittedly looked up certain disgusting things involving certain types of people under a certain age. And let's not forget when he literally mot*r-b*ated his dog's nether area. So maybe not the exact same thing but same poop different pile imo.

    Aqua PuffAqua Puff10 dager siden
  • Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if fewer awful people ended up having a massive platform and fame and money

    Annika MAnnika M10 dager siden
  • This is actually a joke... the volume of the things he's done and people are still out here supporting him. I have never liked him, mainly because of his arrogant/superior vibe. Its amazing to me the pedestal he has been placed on, when the foundation on which he's built his legacy was a lie to begin with. Add that to the fact he has gotten worse over time, to the point of actual crimes now with no one holding him accountable. In turn causing his ego to inflate more and give him the sense of untouchability is disgusting. When you compare the treatment he has received and the way he is praised despite his "missteps" to someone like Jaclyn (or Tati even) the word ridiculous comes to mind. Tati was vilified, belittled and torn apart after her video, she was mocked over her age, the cause of her hurt, how she went about addressing it, etc Yet people forget the initial reaction they had to her accusations before he came out with his PR damage control spin.... Her accusation struck a cord with people that rang believable....WHY? now a year later look where we are....

    Kara NoyesKara Noyes10 dager siden
  • James Charles has TOO many scandals for a twenty-something like daaaamn, dude needs to chill

    Laura MartínezLaura Martínez10 dager siden
  • I miss Tati. I hope she comes back with her previous content, reviewing makeup, talking about do's and don't's, monthly favorites. A huge comeback would be her showing up on NOworld with a baby, a full family.

    VinnieVinnie10 dager siden
  • I’m so sick of there stupidity. I wish we could move onto new drama 🤣

    what and whywhat and why10 dager siden
  • 9:50 i will never take people seriously when they say that being a youtuber is an actual “job”/“career”

    438811 .H438811 .H10 dager siden
  • the fact that james threw a tantrum over the fact that netflix would dare to make a documentary about the beauty industry without him really illustrates how entitled and arrogant he real is

    lisa marie jo.lisa marie jo.10 dager siden
  • Didn't Shane do or say something inappropriate to a poster of Willow Smith? I remember her mom and Jaden speaking up about it

    It's_AngelikaxIt's_Angelikax10 dager siden
  • i think maybe people aren’t as quick to cancel james because he’s younger than shane and jeffree idk but that seems to be the only noticeable difference

    KiaKia10 dager siden
  • Shane not being innapropiate around underage people??? what aboit his videos? when he and his ex girlfriend asked disgusting things to a girl, when he did like an interview in the street and said something about a girl's body development? THOSE ACTIONS ARE NO OK

    Beatriz BravoBeatriz Bravo10 dager siden
  • Tati also mentioned in her last video JC's upcoming makeup line

    D In.D In.10 dager siden
  • i don’t know how many times i need to remind people but just bc ethan and trisha have made good points, doesn’t make them good people. they are still horrible people

    Mochi MuffinMochi Muffin10 dager siden
  • I miss the threat...where's the threat Angelika?! 😳

    ToccoraToccora10 dager siden
  • Obviously the topic of this video is extremely serious and not to be ignored but, when Angelika said "my nickname Angela", I was kind of shook because thinking of Angelika as Angela or even Angie feels so bizarre lol (Also Angelika is just such a beautiful name)

    Grace RuarkGrace Ruark10 dager siden
  • What is so special about james charles that he's immune to criticism or...ya know... Getting deplatformed for admitting to grooming and sexually messaging minors...

    LexLex10 dager siden
  • I feel that James is hard to cancell because he's younger than the rest cancelled people

    ViceBlastViceBlast10 dager siden
  • I really want Tati to come back. Its so clear now more than ever that she was run off the internet for no reason and its disgusting to me how James is getting along fine while she's dealing with lawyers behind the scenes and can't even post when really she did nothing wrong!

    Ruby JRuby J10 dager siden
  • You eyelashes are UNREAL here. What mascara is this?

    Kayla GarbKayla Garb10 dager siden
  • Really enjoyed this video! Feeling like an expert now lol

    MidleenaMidleena10 dager siden
  • JC needs to be put away and Tati needs to come back. There I said it.

    Sabrina MameriSabrina Mameri10 dager siden
  • Am I wrong? but didn't Tati say that is was Jeffree who was the one to tell her about James first? and that led to her being manipulated and throwing him(jeff) under the bus? Because he had "said" receipts about them all. That keeps popping up in my minds eye. She must have been scared and had to think fast, thus going live on yt that way she can't get "cancelled". Its like when a spy defects to another country and shows there face in the media to not get killed kinda thing...ya know? You know when your having your coffee and watching all this at home thinking whats going on hahah

    merpmerp10 dager siden
  • You really have a weird obsession for Shane Dawson

    NeldaNelda10 dager siden
  • I think Tati should come back

    Frédérick LaplanteFrédérick Laplante10 dager siden
  • Shane Dawson was canceled because he was being inappropriate with underage children

    Melvin WilliamsMelvin Williams10 dager siden
  • been consistently watching you for five months now!! (knew about you since early 2019? on my other account) not a video of yours i’ve skipped and haven’t watched

    mkayarimkayari10 dager siden