22. okt.. 2020
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Another week another undefeated restaurant challenge...
Today we're on route to Harty's Cafe in Hykeham, just south of Lincoln to take on their 'Heart Attack' breakfast challenge. Sausages, bacon, toast, beans, eggs, fried bread, tomatoes & mushrooms, all on top of a big old pile of chips...not to forget the mandatory latte! £20 to order, but if you can neck it all inside 30 minutes it's FREE!
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Q: How come you don’t get fat?
A: I eat like this for 1 hour of a 168 hour long week. In simple terms, I eat at caloric maintenance over the course of time, meaning I don’t gain weight. If you're interested in learning more, see the 'It Was Just A Normal Day...' video.
Q: Don’t you worry about your health?
A: Not in particular. I’m active. I eat nutrient dense foods five days a week. And, I get quarterly bloods done, amongst other health checks.
Music credits to my man FLORIAN HAACK for the incredible video game metal covers!
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  • Evening All! Hope you’re all doing well and thanks for joining me for yet another video…really does mean a lot to me. Tonight we’re taking on another undefeated restaurant challenge; although to be fair it’s only been around for a few weeks. Still, ’twas a laugh to film, so I hope you all enjoy it, and I hope to see you again this Sunday for the next one :)

    BeardMeatsFoodBeardMeatsFoodMåned siden
    • They're pretty strict here, there's a bit of egg left on my jeans. 🤣🤣🤣

      Scarlett SantiagoScarlett Santiago6 dager siden
    • P

      Zakir PATELZakir PATELMåned siden
    • The next time you’re in America in Glendale, CA there’s a pizzeria named big mama big papas that has a 50lb pizza. 8 people have 2 hours to finish it and win $1000.

      Brooke BarksBrooke BarksMåned siden
    • Chips do not belong on a breakfast

      paul headpaul headMåned siden
    • Yoo what car have u got

      Joshua JamesJoshua JamesMåned siden
  • Made the right way, mushrooms can be tasty. I agree chips don't belong on a "normal" breakfast challenge. LOL

    Jessica LanSpeJessica LanSpe2 dager siden
  • "no way you`re gonna finish that m8" *hold my beard*

    A FrogA Frog3 dager siden
  • is the catchphrase an attempt to do a guttural?

    Rodjea lambRodjea lamb6 dager siden
  • I feel full after watching this

    80s Extended80s Extended6 dager siden
  • Nobody: Adam: “H2O-Ahhhhh whats up Beard Army welcome to another video...”

    Eli NolascoEli Nolasco6 dager siden
  • Go there and order that for a family for 20£

    kiwi Ikiwi I7 dager siden
  • Where on earth does he put it 😂😂😂

    Mark GibbinsMark Gibbins8 dager siden
  • cant stand runny eggs

    Terrence BellTerrence Bell8 dager siden
  • There is a county fair somewhere in the USA with a hotdog eating contest blue ribbon with your name on it. I don't know where you put it all.

    Scott JenkinsScott Jenkins8 dager siden
  • She brought him a whole 3 napkins

    William GullettWilliam Gullett9 dager siden
  • I eat chips for breakfast 🤣✌🏽

    Maher AhmedMaher Ahmed9 dager siden
  • Mushrooms don't always belong but when they do then DAMN it's delicious.

    Mark SullivanMark Sullivan9 dager siden
  • The problem with mushrooms is that everyone under cooks them, so they're always spongy gross and taste like diluted earth. They're impossible to over cook so people just need to cook them way longer!

    JayJay9 dager siden
  • Why does the breakfast have chips? Bit of a rubbish breakfast

    apex kapex k9 dager siden
  • Egg in ur beard that will smell nice

    Evan AlmightyEvan Almighty10 dager siden
  • Lol...."it's free if you finish right?"

    Brian JordanBrian Jordan10 dager siden
  • If you clean your full beared face, then your videos will more clean and healthy, i guess . Now looking so dirty for me

    Muaj HossainMuaj Hossain10 dager siden
  • Hats off to this bloke for doing what he does. How can he eat so much in one go?

    brexitmanbrexitman11 dager siden
  • Fuckin love this dudes energy n personality man, just makes u instantly happy lol...absoloute jokes!! Love a good piss up with you 👍🤣🤣 probs not ud drink the bar haha

    Lee_DunKLee_DunK13 dager siden
  • woman in shop: gluttony is a sin

    spate93 palelspate93 palel13 dager siden
  • Let’s start with the eggs (eats a sausage)

    Cooper RohrerCooper Rohrer13 dager siden
  • Go to the heart attack grill

    Cooper RohrerCooper Rohrer13 dager siden
  • Dude love your channel but what is up with acting like you never remember the name of the place you're at? I'm assuming you have to be turned on to the place by your followers, then you look em up, so you gotta research them, then type their name into your Google maps, get to the place, which I assume has the name plastered on the building, walk into the place, order, and set up inside, which probably has the name of the place all over..... C'mon man, you know the names

    Drew RogersDrew Rogers14 dager siden
  • PLEASE someone tell me/link me to whre I can get this sweater!

    70070016 dager siden
  • I miss going out for breakfast not like this but just normally.

    NatNat17 dager siden
  • What is the reaction of the people when you ask for dessert after eating all that food?

    Stéphane BraultStéphane Brault17 dager siden
  • What do you say at the beginning of your challenges? lol Loving the vids.

    peak45peak4518 dager siden
  • There's nothing wrong with mushrooms

    ChipZilla69ChipZilla6919 dager siden
  • LOL that egg rippage on to the beard...Nooo

    Karl_Drogo55Karl_Drogo5519 dager siden
  • My beard is half that thing but it catches twice the food, why?

    Francois Van ZylFrancois Van Zyl21 dag siden
  • Man I cant understand how do you do it. I love your stuff do more commentaries an show the people you joke with. Please

    Village IdiotVillage Idiot22 dager siden
  • Hello Mr. Beard it’s always a A pleasure to watch your videos I have a question what’s the difference between toast and fried bread let me know

    Kitty CatKitty Cat22 dager siden

    shiva prasadshiva prasad23 dager siden
  • What is the name of the first song? Or the band that sings it?

    Vic MVic M24 dager siden
  • The fungus joke 😂

    Ewan KoEwan Ko25 dager siden
  • Ever consider doing an American tour? Not that there haven't been some great challenges but no one does excessive food quite like America. Would be great after the pandemic to road trip across the country and hit a few dozen spots along the way on a nice vacation. There are some crazy ones in the US.

    Nathan KrissNathan Kriss25 dager siden
  • Did you practice not biting your fingers ever? Lol

    K BK B25 dager siden
  • We have Shrooms in Texas you would really like!

    Bulldog77Bulldog7726 dager siden
  • Gunna's breakfast

    RIP Van WinkleRIP Van Winkle26 dager siden
  • Diabetes! 😵

    Metoprolol TartrateMetoprolol Tartrate26 dager siden
  • You managed cake and custard too!! You absolute champ!!

    Mariposaoro Fusion food ChannelMariposaoro Fusion food Channel27 dager siden
  • Please turn to Jesus He loves you very much, He is the God of miracles, i was ill for a long time, but the doctors couldn't really help me, i don't blame them there was only so much that they could of done for me, Then Jesus gave me a miracle and healed me, There is Hope in Jesus, God has done amazing things in my life and in the life's of people i know and love, He can do the same for you and yours, When you need Him call on Him, The bible tells us in Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, He is the God of comfort and will be there for you when you call on Him, God saved someone i love from an illness leading to death, There is nothing impossible to God, Its as simple as asking Jesus into your heart and life to be your personal Lord and Saviour, Confess your sins to Jesus and Jesus will forgive you, And if you truly seek Him Jesus will answer you, i know this because He answered me when i called out to Him,

    Jesus SavesJesus Saves27 dager siden
  • Actually asphyxiation by breakfast foods is how I wanna go out!

    BeardedGumbyBeardedGumby27 dager siden
  • Not too sure about the bottom half of your face but nose and up... you look like captain American 😎👍

    JosRos RosJosRos Ros27 dager siden
  • that scene where you yell out, "I believe in you", changed my perspective. In that moment, you're a spectacle.. much like the performance of music, you're performing the food-meat(sic)-face and gastronomically-elite showmanship that warrants a crowd and aside from us cheering you on, I'm more assured you've invested in the most expensive plunger known to man, because that toilet does not celebrate you the way the rest of us do.

    Bert LoBert Lo28 dager siden
  • I wish I could see their faces when you ask for dessert😎

    harmony331000harmony33100028 dager siden
  • She wasn’t just disgusted, she was mad with what was happening.....that killed me😂🤣😂🤣😂

    harmony331000harmony33100028 dager siden
  • I'm going to try and save my business, lets give away the most expensive meal we do for free....come on guys you're there to MAKE MONEY!!!

    That GeezerThat Geezer28 dager siden
  • She wasnt just shocked, she was angry🤣😭😭💀💀💀

    Beverly anneBeverly anne28 dager siden
  • Beard can you tell me what the name of the first song you use in the video?

    Vic MVic M28 dager siden
  • BEARD!!! I need to know where you got that shirt!!! Please respond!!!

    aehs44aehs4428 dager siden
  • I like watching people with beards eat heart attack’s . Yup definitely didn’t search it up sounds weird out loud

    Skiis IISkiis II28 dager siden
  • DESSERT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr28 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr28 dager siden
  • It looks so good tho 😭

    Icey Wifey ASMRIcey Wifey ASMR29 dager siden
  • Great vid again Beard! And yet another tasty looking try ha

    Dave wDave w29 dager siden
  • After finishing the 'heart attack breakfast meal' Where's the dessert menu😂 lol

    RithikRithik29 dager siden
  • please visit India someday

    Archana PrajapatiArchana Prajapati29 dager siden
  • They didn't give you a spoon? Seems that would have helped

    Infamous Crime LocationsInfamous Crime LocationsMåned siden
  • Dude those English breakfasts look so good.

    Dane MadsenDane MadsenMåned siden
  • When the t.v show Man v Food with Adam richman ended it really did my head in i loved it . But then I discovered beardmeatsfood 😃 your videos are bluddy brilliant man and you should be on T.V.. thank you dude geat vids your a great entertainer too 👍 😀

    Alan birdAlan birdMåned siden
  • MrBeard, what amazes me is when you finish a challenge then you look around and your like, oh Blueberry pie, yes can i have 2 slices and some ice cream.. simply amazing.

    TriXie KatTriXie KatMåned siden
  • If ever im having a down day i just watch beardmeetsfood.....always makes me laugh....and hungry

    kiwi 001kiwi 001Måned siden
  • Poor Adam...once again, meeting his archnemesises, chips and fungi!! You KILLED that, tho!! CONGRATULATIONS‼‼

    I'mWatchingYou PplI'mWatchingYou PplMåned siden
  • chips for breakfast wtf man. that's just wrong.

    Dougie MitchellDougie MitchellMåned siden
  • Just watched your video of when you used to be in the gym all the time....I'll try the turkey jam and cream gotta try peanut butter and jam with sour cream and onion chips

    steven amundsensteven amundsenMåned siden
  • Love your videos way too much😅.. what dessert is that?? Love from South Africa🇿🇦

    Alison DelportAlison DelportMåned siden
  • Should have changed the chips for hash browns and scrambled eggs.

    Evie170Evie170Måned siden
  • I just started and saw the big bowl of mushrooms!!! Eww for you

    Nikki HeinzNikki HeinzMåned siden
  • I can’t even fathom where to even start eating from 🙉

    Adam CruzAdam CruzMåned siden
  • Change it to "The George Floyd last supper" BAM! ZING!

    Operator 020Operator 020Måned siden
  • Dude you are awesome. I really enjoy all your videos and your sence of humor. Plus the food always looks delicious, I love food too. Keep it up and I look forward to your holiday challenges. Cheers

    ry fitzry fitzMåned siden
  • not fair they throw those chips on there... thats not part of breakfast , thats just them trying to fill u up... they shoulda just put more toast to be honest

    EnemyEnemyMåned siden
  • Keep em coming Adam !

    joseph De Souzajoseph De SouzaMåned siden
  • Yummy

    Dine with NasrinDine with NasrinMåned siden
  • I agree when you go into my cafe people buy cans of fizzy drink and chips at 7am. What’s wrong with these people

    balf1111117373balf1111117373Måned siden
  • I hope you still pay even though they say its free. 😉

    Mark RimmerMark RimmerMåned siden
  • I do love chips, but gotta agree, they have no place on a breakfast. Solid video as always Beard!

    MGSnake 12MGSnake 12Måned siden
  • Dose he lose any challenges

    Kerry AndersonKerry AndersonMåned siden
  • Pls less chat

  • Nice Challenge. But chips dont fit with breakfast. But you eat it like a man. Great work Beard.

    MarioSratssMarioSratssMåned siden
  • i think beard asks for a dessert menu so he can actually pay for something cause he secretly feels bad for getting the main meal for free.

    SarcraiSarcraiMåned siden
  • Being from the US, fries are weird for breakfast.... but beans are too! Beard you should do a southern US breakfast challenge! Bacon sausage biscuits and gravy grits eggs!

    Traci RobertsonTraci RobertsonMåned siden
  • cheating. video modify ??

    The End Times Market PredictionThe End Times Market PredictionMåned siden
  • Eats 10 kg of breakfast food “hey do you have an dessert menus?”

    Ben KeysBen KeysMåned siden

    Ashli LoweenAshli LoweenMåned siden
  • Chips 🍟 no thank u remove.

    MAFI OSOMAFI OSOMåned siden
  • The audacity when he asks for something sweet in the end.

    Comical Genius-buffComical Genius-buffMåned siden
  • Do you pay these places even though they offer for free? It being hard for business etc? Just wondering, love the videos mate

    Stuart ReidStuart ReidMåned siden
  • Amazing, great that u came to Lincoln! You have many fans from here aha keep up the great vids, u should have ur own tv show 😎

    Terminator1208Terminator1208Måned siden
  • "Who eats chips for breakfast?" the real question here is, who eats beans for breakfast!

    Stephanie LamoneStephanie LamoneMåned siden
  • The timer started again

    pcolaafpcolaafMåned siden
  • where u get your jumper from love it x

    Sue HowardSue HowardMåned siden
  • Beard eating all those mushrooms makes you a fun guy 😉

    ttrublu79ttrublu79Måned siden
  • You kinda look like Dyatlov from the Chernobyl series in some angles, but with a fearsome beard! Very good! :D

    C OC OMåned siden
  • I hope they put your picture up on the wall , you earned it :)

    bren70sss sbren70sss sMåned siden
  • Good evening, I love watching your videos just wondered if you've came across the viking Burger being sold in Doncaster so I'm led to believe but not sure at what place 🙂

    Wendy SmithWendy SmithMåned siden
  • 20 quid for that......value for money!

    TM HuangTM HuangMåned siden
  • I'd probably take an hour to finish that ... 😂

    Vito SumiVito SumiMåned siden