The First Time We've Done This In Person

4. april. 2021
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► The First Time We've Done This In Person
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  • love the new camera!!

    TheBounceTalesTheBounceTales3 dager siden
  • Download the app or buy the book “The Wonder Weeks”. It tells you when baby hits developmental milestones and can be quite fussy!

    Lara AdamsLara Adams4 dager siden
  • Cheeky thumbs up, followed by a cheeky comment. Just bec.

    a Lace Placea Lace Place4 dager siden
  • youre having a real life burrito baby🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Hannah woodHannah wood4 dager siden
  • Hey guys! The book 'Your Baby Week by Week' helped us loads with our daughter who is now 2 - there is also a follow on book after she reaches 1 called 'Baby to Toddler Month by Month' - wish it would keep going til she reaches 18 though, haha! Also 'Commando Dad' is such a fun book with fab advice in - congrats to you both!! :) x

    Fay's DayFay's Day4 dager siden
  • Just a few top tips from experience of being a new mummy... 1. Both me and my partner were 9lb baby’s and I was told that I would have large baby, and in fact she turned out 6lb 5oz!!!...So I wouldn’t worry Zoe! 2. I had new born clothing (as she was so small) for about two months, and I was pleased I brought lots as you change them all the time!...body suits&sleep suits the most. 3.Zoe, plan early if you want home birth, or hospital birth. My little girl came 3 weeks early, so the due date is only a guide! 4. YES Alfie is correct, when your new parents EVERYTHING takes sooo long...the supermarket shop from start to finish is a ‘all day thing’ but it’s lovely and enjoy it! 5. Zoe, some people advise to stay home for long time after baby is born, I know people that have stayed home for about 5-6weeks! I went out within 2 weeks from having her, I did go on my own, my partner offered to help but...I felt as if I needed to do it alone, get used to the feeling and also I didn’t want to feel not independent, isolated and then become anxious when I had to go out. I took her clothes shopping and wasn’t long but enough to get us both out and me used to having her as everything is new, parking in child parking, pram, lifts instead of stairs, changing her when your’s all experience. Anyway so pleased for you both and I’ve watched both your channels for years now, congratulations and it’s the best thing in the world! My little girl is coming up 2years now and her name is Mia-Rose , and she’s my world! All the best, Sabrina.

    Sabrina Lloyd MusicSabrina Lloyd Music4 dager siden
  • Try living in Australia we have to wake up at 3am for every bloody drop for every brand !

    TiffazazTiffazaz4 dager siden
  • The only parenting book I thought every parent should have is by Jamie Glowacki Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right.

    ladiixtahcladiixtahc5 dager siden
  • Those wraparound bodies that you were looking at in the sore are actually super practical for newborns and small babies. Because when you're changing their clothes you don't have to pull it over their heads, because it wraps around their body. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

    EvelinaEvelina5 dager siden
  • Omg you telling that girl that you will send her some stuff and actually doing it and just taking so much time in the vlog to talk about that it just made me CRY so much with joy, I'm just sitting here trying to finish watching and just red eyes, tears down my cheeks, wet sleeves and blurry vision :D no idea why it hit me so hard but it was just the sweetest thing I have seen in weeks and I guess I just poped a bit :D and I hope one day I'll get my hands on a future self piece like her

    iamdesibelliamdesibell5 dager siden
  • We actually want you to talk about the baby nonstop.

    Pati LopezPati Lopez5 dager siden
  • 🔥

    Sam ColesSam Coles5 dager siden
  • Hi! Best rule about being a parent is to listen and to trust you're own instincts

    מיכל מימוןמיכל מימון5 dager siden
  • The aware baby from Aletha J. Solter is a good book to read!

    Jorien RozemaJorien Rozema5 dager siden
  • You have the same problem that my sister😮

  • ABOUT THE KNEE!!! (Hope you see this!) - had the same quite a few times (before I actually tore my cartilage but that’s another story 😂) - my doctors advised to put cottage cheese on my knee and then wrap it in cling film and leave that on for 30-60 minutes. It’s a really disgusting feeling but oh my god it helps sooo much with the swelling!

    Lisa HellerLisa Heller6 dager siden
  • I honestly cannot find the words to express how proud and soul happy you two have made me. I’m smiling the whole video through, feeling so filled with joy for you. You two deserve amazing, incredible blessings. I’ve grown up with you guys and I love to see you grow up. Thank you for choosing to be now honest as well. The comment about Zoe’s vagina you would have never said before but it made me laugh . I just love the fact that you seem to be more.. just more. Take care you three. 💕☺️🥳

    jenfehr1jenfehr16 dager siden
  • alfie, just want to let you know, your vlogs cure my depression x

    ShritaShrita6 dager siden
  • Yeah I think it depends on who the baby is like. A friends son had a long body but he was only a 6 pounder. He is nearly 4 now and is tall.

    Kim HemstritchKim Hemstritch6 dager siden
  • It sounded like super nanny that you were watching

    Lily MurphyLily Murphy6 dager siden
  • Are you using an external mic or the internal one? Absolutely loving the quality and sooooooper happy for you guys

    Megan RoseMegan Rose6 dager siden
  • You should ready montessouri books! They’re great in understanding childs minds

    Crys MaldonadoCrys Maldonado6 dager siden
  • Alfieeee I promise we Want to see everything about the baby 🥺🥺🥺

    Maisie KentMaisie Kent6 dager siden
  • Handy hint. Never buy full length rompers with clips (press studs) . Always buy them with zippers. You don't want to be clipping the baby into the romper in the middle of the night after a nappy change. Zipping is sooo much easier.

    Renee HartwigRenee Hartwig6 dager siden
  • Didn't Giovanna Fletcher do a parenting book of some sort? I'm sure another vlogger had mentioned that. X

    Lucy DoreLucy Dore6 dager siden
  • I love everything you're doing that's going towards having your daughter. Honestly the stuff like the parenting books is the cutest thing I wish you all the best💕💞xx

    Kate AdamsKate Adams6 dager siden
  • I hope baby girl has brown hair with blue eyes, like a gorgeous mixture of the both of you! Imagine if she had a flash of black hair at the front like you Alfie

    Open ArmesOpen Armes8 dager siden
  • We love you both

    Wera WeronikaWera Weronika8 dager siden
  • Don't take too much advice from other people. When your baby first comes you will need it. But after just do what you both feel is right. Nothing is wrong if the baby isn't in danger. It's always and only up to you both how you choose to raise your children xxx

    Rhona CairnsRhona Cairns8 dager siden
  • I'd highly recommend Supernanny episodes to watch if you are looking at parenting programmes and books, shes incredible! Love you both 😊❤ x

    Nicole NewtonNicole Newton9 dager siden
  • Also. I guarantee that you will prob not use one thing that you read about in those books. Every child is different. You both have made it through adulthood with flying colours 🤣🤣 so you both know what and what not to do, the health visitors will direct you and offer support but honestly there is no amount of reading or learning that can prepare you for parent hood. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to read all these books. Enjoy this part of it your journey together. You will both make wonderful parents. Xx

    rob_jojo1rob_jojo19 dager siden
  • Not me getting a baby Aveeno ad before the video started lmaooo

    Pink BettasPink Bettas9 dager siden
  • Bumpology was the best book I read to empower parents and advocate for what they want and don’t want at the birth. Happy Easter to you both, can’t wait for the new arrival x

    FoodieForce LucyFoodieForce Lucy9 dager siden
  • I'm so glad videos are back

    Natalie KlimaNatalie Klima9 dager siden
  • Love watching your channel and watching you and listening to you talk about baby stuff and looking at all the baby clothes as me and my partner are trying for a kid at the moment and all the clothes and stuff makes me so excited

    alice watkinsalice watkins9 dager siden
  • I’m only 4f 11 and i had a baby last September and he was 11lb 3oz he was in 0-3 months and 3-6months when he was born he’s now still in 0-3 and 3-6months and he’s just turned 7months x

    Annabel CloughleyAnnabel Cloughley9 dager siden
  • God I had bursitis for MONTHS because of a really bad fall (it was hilarious but it's been over a year and it still feels sore if I'm on my knees for a bit), hope your knee gets better soon!

    soniasonia9 dager siden
  • Is there any update on your swallowing issues? I remember you finally getting help for it awhile ago.

    emily Semily S9 dager siden
  • My best friend set an alarm for 4AM to get us some future self hoodies :) we wear them almost every day, it’s my favorite hoodie I’ve ever had. So soft and so cozy!! Also the green color is amazing

    Hanna KingHanna King9 dager siden
  • Every time Zoe and Alfie mention baby clothes or anything, I'm always like "what? for who?" After watching Zoe all these years, I just can't wrap my head around it, but I get even more excited every time I am reminded!

    Morgan DuncanMorgan Duncan9 dager siden
  • I always LBW who remembers?? Watched you for years and still can't believe your going to be a Daddy!! 💜💜💜

    Kelly WomersleyKelly Womersley9 dager siden
  • Been watching your vlogs since late 2017 and I'm grateful that the camera quality has been improved a lot 🤩 Will be looking forward to this September when the baby's born 🥰

    Natalie KwanNatalie Kwan9 dager siden
  • Watch super nanny usa or uk

    joeblackproductionsjoeblackproductions9 dager siden
  • There is an old book called “what to expect when you are expecting”, and another called “what to expect the first year”. I found them very helpful. I think you can google the same information. It’s just fun to learn about the baby’s growth each month in the womb, and then know what the baby will be learning each month after they are born.

    Delores DeVictoriaDelores DeVictoria9 dager siden
  • I usually find parent content uninteresting, but IT'S YOU. some of us have been here since the beginning and we are INVESTED. Love you guys

    BYBY9 dager siden
  • Lmao Alfie's comment about dad bod is so relatable, although I'm not a dad, not even a male.

    BYBY9 dager siden
  • what's your youtube watching style? i always like the video before i watch when it's not my first video from the person.

    HelysHelys9 dager siden
  • You should look into elementary school or pre-k classroom management books. I know how to discipline kids because of the courses I’ve taken to get certified to teach

    Chris VineisChris Vineis9 dager siden
  • teach your kid not to hide anything from her parents and always make sure that shes not afraid to tell her parents anything

    Alveena’s LifeAlveena’s Life9 dager siden
  • New Parents Hot Tip😁🥰: Get a Cozy Cover for the carseat. It's like a cover that acts like a coat for the baby in the winter since they can't wear a coat in their carseats since it's unsafe. Lifesaver for her and super helpful for Mom & Dad😁👍

    Jessica KormanJessica Korman9 dager siden
  • Love how Alfie has already got knee problems before he becomes a dad

    Freya SpillmanFreya Spillman9 dager siden
  • It took like 6 years of me watching to realize that alfie is 6’2”.... wow

    Gabriella StahlGabriella Stahl9 dager siden
  • "I feel like I've still got a big head, but I feel like I've grown into it a bit!" hahaha.

    watch gringawatch gringa9 dager siden
  • As much as I wanted a baby I hormonally burst in to tears heavily pregnant as I’d never be able to just nip up the corner shop for milk ever again... so made me laugh you talking about doing the food shop!

    officialwillowtree81officialwillowtree819 dager siden
  • yes i agree this camera is AMAZING! great video 👍🏻

    Hattie WhiteHattie White9 dager siden
  • I hope ur knee will be okay love u Alf!!🥰🥰

    Missy MadnessMissy Madness9 dager siden
  • Be careful with your bursa! I have an injury on my shoulder from when I swam 8 years ago. My chiropractor told me that I had messed up my bursa and still eight years later if I overwork my shoulder too much it inflames again For parenting books my favorite was “the shit no one tells you.” I know there’s a baby and toddler version. I loved how real they are and they don’t sugar coat anything. And it’s funny!

    Krackin SKrackin S9 dager siden
  • Looks and sounds quite nice!

    Wdy WnchlWdy Wnchl9 dager siden
  • Thank you for sharing your baby excitement with us. I am a mom to two girls, you have got some amazing times to come. I remember the excitement and anticipation of a new baby ...... enjoy xxxx

    Pauline O'HarePauline O'Hare9 dager siden
  • Hey Alfie! I have a suggestion-why not do a Future Self baby/kids’ line?! That would be, literally, clothing for your Future Self! Take care!

    Shannon MabeeShannon Mabee9 dager siden
  • I always hope my baby is gonne be my size cause my husband was born two month early and was bigger than me😱

    Solfrid DullumSolfrid Dullum9 dager siden
  • It’s exciting to follow your journey ! I started following you both years ago as my kids watched you . I’m now in my late 50s and still watching !

    Tamasine TranterTamasine Tranter9 dager siden
  • Love the camera🦄❤️

    Sarah-jane ShearerSarah-jane Shearer9 dager siden
  • I would watch super nanny she is soo good! Jo frost

    Emily BEmily B9 dager siden
  • Buy basics in new born but cute clothes in 3-6 or 6-9 you will get given sooo much stuff

    Jorjia SutherlandJorjia Sutherland9 dager siden
  • I’m totally ok with baby content! I’m in my early 20s and its my fave type of content. Baby clothes, nursery decorating, scan updates, bring it on!!! 🙌🏻😂

    Emilyyyyy97Emilyyyyy979 dager siden
  • okay he said my name😳

    A'lana May KnowlesA'lana May Knowles9 dager siden
  • MOM ON CALL....seriously. Moms on Call. Don’t buy any other book.

    Megan EppersonMegan Epperson9 dager siden
  • you will be the cool dad every kid dreamed of

    Alice GroscheAlice Grosche9 dager siden
  • “ 1 year now” - me with the og signed poster in my room :( ...

    Louise EgletonLouise Egleton9 dager siden
  • The Book You wished Your Parents Read by Philippa changer! Brilliant book on parenting.

    Alexandra WelchAlexandra Welch9 dager siden
  • Pls pls pls don’t hold back from talking about the baby, it’s such a big part of your life right now and it’s also memories for you guys and baby girl to watch back on 🙏🏾.

    Renee RobinsonRenee Robinson9 dager siden
  • Omg the baby grow with the little collar is like 2013 Zoe awhhhhh

    Four Thousand Miles TogetherFour Thousand Miles Together9 dager siden
  • *“for your vagina.. hopefully a small baby”😭😭😂😂*

    Macy SMacy S9 dager siden
  • 📚 The conscious parent/Dr Shefali 📚raising happy children 👶 Jan Parker 📚 Happy Mum Happy Babby / G Fletcher

    Just CharleneJust Charlene9 dager siden
  • Love to know babys room makeover 😁🥰

    Kertu OjalooKertu Ojaloo9 dager siden
  • Sony a7x mark 3

    Clare HillClare Hill9 dager siden
  • The audio and quality of this camera is fantastic!!!!

    SanchiSanchi9 dager siden
  • really hope for zoe to do a maternity clothes haul soon 🥺❤️✨

    Eka HassanEka Hassan9 dager siden
  • Hi Alfie I love hearing about how excited you are to have your daughter, are you going to vlog decorating the nursery xxxxx

    Sarah BowellSarah Bowell9 dager siden
  • Embrace the dad bod Alfie. Dad bod is where it’s at 👌🏾

    Laura RobynLaura Robyn9 dager siden
  • Apparently you combine the birth weights of both parents and half it and that gives you a good indication of your baby’s birth weight! So hopefully you’ll be alright Zoe 😂💕

    courtneycourtney9 dager siden
  • When did you get a Tesla? What model did you get… It looks like you have a six seater

    Brad OnoratoBrad Onorato9 dager siden
  • We are interested in YOUR LIFE guys 😊

    Ana Miriam VelascoAna Miriam Velasco9 dager siden
  • I just thought about vlogmas with a baby ♥️ hope it happens!

    Ana Miriam VelascoAna Miriam Velasco9 dager siden
  • How many people are crying in the comments because they too didn’t get future self bottoms 😅 I’ve been watching since 2014 and I’m kinda salty someone who’s only been watching for a year got sent merch

    Ashleigh ZbanAshleigh Zban9 dager siden
  • I also love how much you two are throwing yourself in and watching and reading things! My learning will largely come from you two and NOworld 😂

    Rhiannon ElizabethRhiannon Elizabeth9 dager siden
  • I’m literally due the same time as Zoe and I haven’t bought anything yet I feel left behind 😂

    Rhiannon ElizabethRhiannon Elizabeth9 dager siden
  • Love hearing about the baby!

    miamirabelmiamirabel9 dager siden
  • U guys need to check out ‘Artipoppe’, its a dutch brand with the PRETTIEST carriers!

    Tamara SchukkingTamara Schukking9 dager siden
  • I love the baby content but I think that’s because I’m also due in early September

    Jacqui OwenJacqui Owen9 dager siden
  • Go on channe4. Com shoukld be shows on there called supernanny UK and US and the one women called Jo who does it is amazing I watched it years ago when I was a kid/teen, and think she still does it now, Also keep the baby vlogs going dw cos. Most of us have waited years for this... So make the most of it while you can xx

    Georgia GriffithsGeorgia Griffiths9 dager siden
  • Please turn into a “me talking about my baby all the time” channel 🥺🥺💙💙

    Aishwarya RAishwarya R9 dager siden
  • Love how you have a electric car. Well done Alfie for doing your bit to save the planet

    SamanthaSamantha9 dager siden
  • the quality of this camera omg its better than real life vision

    Charlotte CCharlotte C9 dager siden
  • Get a cooling mat pillow would be able to Chuck it into the fridge or freezer and wrap it round your knee and Zoe may love it to for her pregnancy/periods it’s the best thing swear by them instead of just ice

    Tamilei BarbourTamilei Barbour9 dager siden
  • When baby has arrived. when mark stays over ; where’s mark gonna sleep

    Alicia CuttsAlicia Cutts9 dager siden
  • Omg I work at Holmbush, in that MnS!

    Archie BaitupArchie Baitup9 dager siden
  • I was 9lb12oz when I was born, my poor mum😭😂😂

    Adi WildridgeAdi Wildridge9 dager siden
  • I never got newborn because I just KNEW my baby would be big. My daughter 8 pounds 13 - I was 5 pounds!!

    Amy LouiseAmy Louise9 dager siden