The First Guy To Ever Write Fiction

9. april. 2019
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Here's a thing that I imagined happened and now we can all pretend like it did!

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    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • Ok?

      Just JackJust Jack11 dager siden
    • Yea he was a shed the whole time

      TheproX DTheproX D29 dager siden
    • It said the word raft but it actually burped me: tries to burp saying raft

      TheproX DTheproX D29 dager siden
    • Why aren’t these $15 dollars?

      Collin ShookCollin ShookMåned siden
    • Awesome

      Turkey ButtTurkey ButtMåned siden
  • Love the totally subtle jab at marvel

    Viking QueenViking Queen3 timer siden
  • "So tell me more about this elaborate lie" "IT'S NOT A LIE!"

    PerryPerry5 timer siden
  • "keep lying to us"

    AnimeLover 4lifeAnimeLover 4life8 timer siden
  • Please do the first person to ever eat meat. "Turns out, when you hit an animal really hard, it will fall over and stop moving. Then you can take it apart and eat it!"

    Royal Wyvern09Royal Wyvern0912 timer siden
  • I'm definitely going to watch this again.

    John PoiuzJohn Poiuz12 timer siden
  • This is getting to be me with Ryan George videos.

    RickRick12 timer siden
  • Nah that's just called the bible.

    Shady_Cat07Shady_Cat0715 timer siden
  • Another, now.

    Squirtle SquadSquirtle Squad18 timer siden
  • first actor plz

    Damien HeaftDamien Heaft18 timer siden
  • So... the writer of Gilgamesh?

    Tristan Thorndyke's Rock N Roll CannibalsTristan Thorndyke's Rock N Roll Cannibals18 timer siden
  • More now. Just take my money 💵

    Riley FreemanRiley Freeman19 timer siden
  • Then Ryan George did a backflip, snapped the dislikes necks, and saved the day

    Katherine LinneweberKatherine Linneweber20 timer siden
  • Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day! Did a backflip and snaped a bad guys neck and saved the day!

    Noob PlayerNoob Player21 time siden
  • So i did a backflip, broke my neck and saved the day.

    JulijanPlayzMinecraftJulijanPlayzMinecraft21 time siden
  • i literally said before the joke and that’s how the avengers were made

    your_local_overhaulyour_local_overhaulDag siden
  • I was expecting a meta joke, saying there's this guy who owns a company who makes lie stories. Then there's this other guy who comes up with a flawed lie story that they discuss the flaws of and make a movie anyway. Then there's guy on the Internet who pretends to be them to make fun of them for making a movie

    Bhavya KhatriBhavya KhatriDag siden
  • Da person: More more more more take my money Me:(that is the same way that I feel about this channel)

    Pam RogersPam RogersDag siden
  • And so the story did a backflip, snapped the bad guy’s neck and saved the day.

    NS777NS777Dag siden
  • Ha ha talking dogs how silly and unrealistic My cat speaks English tho

    Tommy the CatTommy the CatDag siden
  • I did the maths, you was going on for 510 minutes which is 8.5 hours, this guy has some kind set to read multiple stories that long

    nation of goldnation of goldDag siden
  • I actually was so interested in it that I didnt even know that he was talking about marvel characters

    that one anime fanthat one anime fanDag siden
  • Pretty sure this is exactly how endgame was created

    Cayde-6Cayde-62 dager siden
  • 4:04 video not found

    Henry StickminHenry Stickmin2 dager siden
  • So anyway he did a double backflip and snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day.

    ManicTarsierManicTarsier2 dager siden
  • Wait, but if all of the characters from the previous stories teamed up in Endgame... Where was Rufus the talking dog?

    Jonathan MathenyJonathan Matheny2 dager siden
  • I'm trying this thing called a sequel, where I tell a number of elaborate lies after each other. That means you're only going to get part of the story, so you have to pay me more to get the full picture. If this goes well I might needlessly divide stories into even more and longer parts.

    Chasing EpiphaniesChasing Epiphanies2 dager siden
  • Ryan George: the man who defines the undefinable

    EverResterEverRester2 dager siden
  • I love how he told a story about Cole MacGraph

    The AK GamerThe AK Gamer2 dager siden
  • This is my favorite video of yours it is so funny!

    Joshua ButnerJoshua Butner2 dager siden
  • Keep snapping those necks until none is left...

    AnimeCruizerAnimeCruizer2 dager siden
  • "Keep lying to us"LOL

    GianGian3 dager siden
  • this is amazing, comedy gold. every frame of this video is meme-able(in a good way, not offensive).

    Sasanth BollineniSasanth Bollineni3 dager siden
  • Seriously, I think Ryan George could be the next Ryan Reynolds. Seriously funny, fantastic comedic timing, great acting, everything!

    Colin FoxColin Fox3 dager siden
  • Legends say that red guys house is still burning

    Kool KidKool Kid3 dager siden
  • the end where they just went :o got me

    Dumbr0Dumbr03 dager siden
  • "Keep lying to us"

    jaguarjaguar3 dager siden
  • I think he’s going to be in a endless loop of stories.

    The True YuuThe True Yuu3 dager siden
  • This man is underrated! You are so funny!

    Bora The PianistBora The Pianist3 dager siden
  • For once Ryan George, Ryan George and Ryan George are getting along

    Trick Shot HeadquartersTrick Shot Headquarters3 dager siden
  • Can uhh somebody tell me a lie story thing?

    Vhinzyzrhael AbuboVhinzyzrhael Abubo4 dager siden
  • lying for money is Tight!

    ThePyrishThePyrish4 dager siden
  • The attention to detail when the guy said his house was on fire and fire engines pass in the distance 🤣

    WesWes4 dager siden
  • Flamed all of the Marvel Universe lmao

    Chris SmithChris Smith4 dager siden
  • "How are all those characters gonna team up, sounds super complicated." "Actually, it's super easy, barely an inconvenience."

    starflame34starflame344 dager siden
  • Everyone does the same thing

    Zeroburb YTZeroburb YT4 dager siden
  • So similar to pitch meeting I love it

    Arash TAArash TA4 dager siden
  • So there's this guy who invented fiction... 1000 minutes later... And then he did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day!

    Aiden JohnsonAiden Johnson5 dager siden
  • I also wanna do a back flip and snap a bad guys neck some day

    JOEGEJOEGE5 dager siden
  • You missed the part where the 2 listeners start to argue on who would win between the guy who shrinks and the guy who does magic

    Crystal GamerCrystal Gamer6 dager siden
  • I now refer to harry potter with the term "Glorified lie designed to entertain"

    Crystal GamerCrystal Gamer6 dager siden
  • When I first read the title I thought it said "Fan Fiction" and I was like " **GASP** I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE!" Then after I clicked I realized it just said Fiction..... wasn't disappointed though XD

    Lionclan WariorLionclan Warior6 dager siden
  • You mean the first guy who wrote a movie and is talking about the whole story of it

    The Mystic EeveeThe Mystic Eevee6 dager siden

    The CarryThe Carry6 dager siden
  • If you take requests, can you do the first guy ever to have chickens? I can imagine the amazing realisation that you can eat their butt nuggets.

    TeroTero6 dager siden
  • 1:14 imagine a dog doing a backflip and snapping a dude or maybe another dogs neck

    Rafael AgustinRafael Agustin6 dager siden
  • So is he going to find it inconvenient to do a backflip and snap the badguy's neck?

    RiverSiegeRiverSiege6 dager siden
  • ....... did a back flip and anap the bad guys neck and save the day

    Dark ImposterDark Imposter6 dager siden
  • It's been a few days since I started getting your videos in my recommendations. 3 videos in and I have to subscribe.

    SynSyn7 dager siden
  • Nice story! Keep telling us.

    Elson SutrisnoElson Sutrisno7 dager siden
  • He snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day

    PrincessJPrincessJ7 dager siden
  • it was called the bible

    Chris EverlyChris Everly7 dager siden
  • More *just take my money!*

    Trade Smith CustomsTrade Smith Customs7 dager siden
  • It's around 5hrs of those story and the person havent even drink water XD also the time is still around 7AM LMFAO

    Zomebodynoty :DZomebodynoty :D7 dager siden
  • After this, the first guy to make a sequel

    Io KeehuIo Keehu7 dager siden
  • So there's this guy who's a writer right? And his job is to have a Pitch Meeting with a producer.

    BASOBShadowBASOBShadow7 dager siden
  • Hello I'm such a big fan and I have a question you probably won't but could you do the first guy to ever make a phone and tablet

    Chris PittsChris Pitts7 dager siden
  • Because this we have pitch meetings

    ImBraydenImBrayden7 dager siden
  • Just take my money...

    kakarot dragneelkakarot dragneel7 dager siden
  • Man of Steel in a nutshell: ...snapped the bad guy's neck, and saved the day.

    Hariken StudiosHariken Studios7 dager siden
  • just did a backflip snaped the guys neck and saved the day. :) pretty proud of my meslf

    Night_wolfNight_wolf7 dager siden
  • Oh the ending got me

    internetowe świryinternetowe świry7 dager siden
  • dont you love how his logic is so dumb but 100% right all the time

    sponge batsponge bat8 dager siden
  • you're Fuckin suprised face at the end for the two fan boy's killed me! I couldn't stop laughing!!

    Joella DwyerJoella Dwyer8 dager siden
  • Are you sure Stan Lee wrote the Marvel universe?

    Conor OdellConor Odell8 dager siden
  • Lewis Carol invented fiction :P

    KingUman30KingUman308 dager siden
  • Everytime he says this , I laugh 😂...2:17

    Kevin ZebuaKevin Zebua8 dager siden
  • This deserves 10billon likes

    JesseDaRat 23JesseDaRat 238 dager siden
  • "The guy that has strength and can fly snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day" DCEU: "Write that down"

    Eclipse VisualsEclipse Visuals9 dager siden
  • everyone in the comments did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day

    Flamestone DragonFlamestone Dragon9 dager siden
  • The end literally made me laugh out loud, although this laugh kinda sounded like someone is strangling a chicken

    Robby GenschelRobby Genschel9 dager siden
  • I did not expect that

    Christian RodriguezChristian Rodriguez9 dager siden
  • Actually I would like to read a book about a ghost figuring out who killed them. Somebody do that or point me to someone who has please and thank you.

    silentj624silentj6249 dager siden
  • Snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day

    GoldenDoomGoldenDoom10 dager siden
  • The best part is how the ending is always the same

    Juan D'MarcoJuan D'Marco10 dager siden
  • I like how some random guy just went "watr?"

    turtlerr rturtlerr r10 dager siden
  • After watching this over 10 times, i still cant figure out what the two faces at the end were. Were they "oh wow that would be tight!" Or are they "no thats dumb why would you even think if that"

    ThePhantomPig 791ThePhantomPig 79110 dager siden
  • Snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day. 🤣

    Pro GamingPro Gaming10 dager siden
  • Watching these are annoying but entertaining at the same time

  • YES!

    little clittle c11 dager siden
  • And then the guy who was terrible at gymnastics did a backflip snapped his own neck fucking died

    Vincent UrquhartVincent Urquhart11 dager siden
  • “Snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day”

    Just JackJust Jack11 dager siden
  • 2:45 the most accurate one of all

    J-Dawg 777J-Dawg 77711 dager siden
  • I wanna see all of the characters from the Ryan-verse interact each other.

    Thoriq Saladin NaufalThoriq Saladin Naufal11 dager siden
  • How about the first guy to go to war?

    Film ToppingsFilm Toppings11 dager siden
    • *Guy* "Hey you, what's that you're standing on? *Other Guy* "Oh, THIS? This is land." *Guy* "Oh really? Well I'd like that land very much!" *Other Guy* "Well ya see, you cant, you cant have this land because this is MY land." *Guy* "Well I have this pointy thing, it's called a sword I've decided. So ya, so ya have to give me this land or I'll have to poke you with it..."

      Donovan ChaseDonovan Chase10 dager siden
  • 1:58 lol

    Balance of The hillBalance of The hill12 dager siden
  • Keep lying to us

    Jack LudlamJack Ludlam12 dager siden
  • And that, my friends, is how marvel was created

    VenusVenus12 dager siden
  • All of the characters: Secret Agent Guy, Rufus the Talking Dog, Bobby (The guy who jumped into the volcano), Ghost Guy, Guy who has Super Strength and can Fly, Guy who shoots lightning, Guy who can shrink and finally, Guy that does magic.

    Omar RagabOmar Ragab12 dager siden
  • Snap the bad guy neck and save the day

    CraftgamersPLYX _CraftgamersPLYX _12 dager siden