The First Guy To Ever Punch Someone

12. aug.. 2019
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He who does the painful hand thing holds the ultimate power.
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  • Follow me on Twitter and Instagram or I'll do the hand thing..... Although now that I type that out it sounds inappropriate.

    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • *n o*

      Teddy AcornTeddy Acorn6 dager siden
    • Yeah, kinda does sound inappropriate when u type it xD

      Jamie CaveJamie Cave12 dager siden
    • Hi! I’m a new NOworldr and was hoping I could have a little support! I started about a month ago and have already grown a successful amount! I do lots of cool vids and love and notice every subscriber, thank you

      NitrezNitrez20 dager siden
    • Give me your lunch money * I ALREADY ATE MY LUNCH MONEY*

      Nightmare DreamonNightmare Dreamon24 dager siden
    • What about the first girl to be born

      Galaxy dogGalaxy dog24 dager siden
  • . . I think the first person to punch some-one was from before the 'stone-age' . .

    Giovanni Franco-GonzalezGiovanni Franco-Gonzalez39 minutter siden
  • what makes it even funnier is its the same guy so he's basically saying his own face is stupid

    Paul HarringtonPaul Harrington5 timer siden
  • Wow Wow Wow WOW wow. . . . . . . wow!

    M M HM M H12 timer siden
  • 1:54 *you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain* - some random guy on the internet like fr why the hell are people so deep I’m crying over here by this poetry oh god he’s in my house now help me please I’m begging someone help me

    I'm awesome Your notI'm awesome Your not15 timer siden
  • Also how wwe became wwe

    John WilliamsonJohn Williamson18 timer siden
  • *OoOooOoOoO i DiD iT*

    potatoespotatoes23 timer siden
  • Two canadians fight in front of someone from Florida

    lego yodalego yodaDag siden
  • “The shape of your face is f**ked” That is an incredible insult, I’m going to use that

    Joel KosinskiJoel KosinskiDag siden
  • So this is how it happened whan Cain killed Abel

    Kevin ZebuaKevin ZebuaDag siden

    Finn DahlstromFinn DahlstromDag siden
  • He really doesn’t blink enough. Man blinked like twice in those three minutes.

    Breeze Posts CringeBreeze Posts Cringe2 dager siden
  • Ryan: i dont like your face Me: you have the same face

    Keondrei OrnopiaKeondrei Ornopia2 dager siden
  • Man discovers violence. Immediately tries to use it to extort another man for his lunch money. Yeah, that's about right.

    Josh PriceJosh Price2 dager siden
  • random person number 3 :ill give you this belt if you continue doing that hand thing. random person number 1 :I want that frickin belt!

    _TeamZodiac__TeamZodiac_2 dager siden
  • I love how in Ryan's universe everyone is super polite to each other, even when being enemies. I have a theory how that came to be - originally there was a ship of star explorers traveling the universe and these explorers they had clones onboard to do manual labor stuff when they arrive to a habitable planet. The clones were in hyper/cryo/ sleep, just like the colonists, awaiting a time when they will be awoken by the ship's computer. Then due to an accident, several dozen of the clones awoke and mistook said accident to be really serious(not super easy and barely and incovenience), so they abandoned ship in an escape pod. Now, the clones - they all looked like Ryan and Julie. Also, the clones were designed to be polite to everyone and their offspring will look the same as them with little to no variation, no matter how many generations pass...and that is what we see in happening in all these videos. :D

    Arcane ContentArcane Content2 dager siden
  • "man with multiple personalities roasts his other personalities and then punches them"

    Elijah EmensElijah Emens2 dager siden
  • ooh I did it

    Elizabeth Fujimoto-MazaElizabeth Fujimoto-Maza3 dager siden
  • and ryan hate himself now

    Frosty_AlphaFrosty_Alpha3 dager siden
  • Anyone notice he doesn’t blink for the rest of the video

    Leviathan FilmsLeviathan Films3 dager siden
  • “Nobody told me that, I’m just winging it out here.” Me, 8 days out of every week Comment by : Doe Sorry for taking your comment I just thought it was funny

    C** - Kasandra RodriguezC** - Kasandra Rodriguez4 dager siden
  • Boxing invent right there.

    Gepard micGepard mic4 dager siden
  • 1:06 reminded me when spider man punched flash

    Casual_DropoutYTCasual_DropoutYT4 dager siden
  • can we appreciate the fact that he was standing there for 72 hours

    dragonwarrior1820dragonwarrior18204 dager siden
    • Yeah 😂

      giyo bhai jaangiyo bhai jaan4 dager siden
  • The shape of your face is fucked 😂

    AleashaAleasha4 dager siden
  • Bully’s: imma do that

    The F***king PoliceThe F***king Police4 dager siden
  • G

    Jesse WalterJesse Walter4 dager siden
  • “Its like 2pm I already ate my lunch money”

    Byrdy BoiByrdy Boi5 dager siden
  • Small problem your fist is wrong if you ever noticed on a boxing glove the thumb is on top and not over the knuckles cause you can break a bone

    Donovan CareyDonovan Carey5 dager siden
  • The greatest roast session ever

    Gavin WhiteGavin White5 dager siden
  • What a twist

    Treyvin TracyTreyvin Tracy5 dager siden
  • Plot twist: He hates himself with a passion.

    N PearsonN Pearson6 dager siden
  • 1:19 I understand why people get addicted to this(including me)

    Anshuman GuptaAnshuman Gupta6 dager siden

    Lydia PokémonLydia Pokémon6 dager siden
  • Omg i love your vids! 3

    GoFlameGoFlame6 dager siden
  • “You forced my hand!” “To do what?” “I’m gonna list everything I don’t like about your face!” So glad people can punch now or I would be getting roasted left and right 😂

    TheKingHotDipTheKingHotDip6 dager siden
  • Making fun of yourself

    køde czora 133køde czora 1336 dager siden
  • The start of WWE

    Caleb SanchezCaleb Sanchez6 dager siden
  • First people to fight

    Caleb SanchezCaleb Sanchez6 dager siden
  • First person to roast a person then getting punched

    Caleb SanchezCaleb Sanchez6 dager siden
  • This is brilliant

    GalaxyBoy 93GalaxyBoy 937 dager siden
  • "I've been standing here for 72 hours I'm not moving now".

    colnk markallcolnk markall7 dager siden
  • Twist: its a gucci belt and money to buy gucci gucci flip flops

    Danielek kDanielek k7 dager siden
  • I feel like this is 2 videos in one

    Spiral GalaxySpiral Galaxy7 dager siden
  • I have a question Who on gods green earth saw someone point the middle finger at them and said: “ayo this kinda offensive”

    Shouta AizawaShouta Aizawa7 dager siden
    • I would say the; *dumbest morons in my class*... Ahem... More of..... The hippy on drugs and hope boy. Possibly that Kaminari kid that you teach?

      Celeste LudenburnedCeleste Ludenburned7 dager siden
  • Let me list something off: Ryan is basically calling himself ugly in this video but not that many people realized. And the belt scene was really ironic cause of the boxing belts that the winners win in boxing.

    SandBoxArrowSandBoxArrow8 dager siden
  • “You were talking with your face really fast so I put my hand there so I thought you wouldn’t notice” *WELL I NOTICED* 😂

    V_BlazeV_Blaze8 dager siden
  • "What did you do to me?" "I thought maybe if I put my hand there really fast, it might obstruct your whole speaking area without you noticing." *Upgrades, people. Upgrades*

    Mr RainbrowMr Rainbrow8 dager siden
  • That is one nice belt.

    SMSFF7SMSFF78 dager siden
  • who thought the guy that wasn't wearing glasses was gonna punch the person that wore glasses?

    Oreo_GamezOreo_Gamez8 dager siden
  • i-its like 2pm! I already ate my lunch money... AND I PAID WITH MY FOOD

    Patrick RettigPatrick Rettig9 dager siden
  • Anything for the belt!!!

    Zaushan_playzZaushan_playz9 dager siden
  • Ryan calling himself ugly

    Lazy DevLazy Dev9 dager siden
  • Give me your lunch money... oh sorry but uh I eat it

    Kiarash KojouriKiarash Kojouri9 dager siden
  • They say he’s still standing there,and he says it’s super easy barely an inconvenience to stand there

    JoshJosh9 dager siden
  • The first UFC match

  • another ending: Ryan #1: and so he did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day Ryan #2: wow that sounds hard! Ryan #1: actually, it was super easy, barely an inconvenience Ryan #2: oooh tell my more lies! Ryan #1: they aren't lies it's a story, you're not supposed to believe them Ryan #2: so you're telling me that the lie you told me about the super dog who did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day wasn't real? Ryan #1: yep. you're brain made it up when you were time traveling. Ryan #2: I thought that we were gonna call it sleep now. Ryan #1: oh, yeah i forgot. NOW GET OF MY HOUSE Ryan #2: but why? Ryan #1: because you're not supposed to come in here it's m-my space Ryan #2: do you wan t me to knock down these logs that have mysteriously fallen and trapped you here? Ryan #1: just, just go away or i'll have to take you against your will and put you in a room. Ryan #2: you're not supposed to do that. okay, it ended because i didn't wanna write anymore but i hope this was funny.

    Liezle HeathLiezle Heath9 dager siden
  • "I already ate my lunch money" -Ryan George 2019

    Liezle HeathLiezle Heath9 dager siden
  • That is the most famous boxing ring PNG ever

    MR. King MangoMR. King Mango10 dager siden
  • 0:54

    N JayN Jay10 dager siden
  • the world before this happened was probably full of People of High Intellect

    Marauder_ FrenzyMarauder_ Frenzy10 dager siden
  • I felt personally offended

    Thijs AartsThijs Aarts10 dager siden
  • I think he’s talking to himself You will understand if u think hard

    Ryder MarvelfanboyRyder Marvelfanboy10 dager siden
  • Plot twist: the guy did not hit him His hand did :) Lik or youll get punch

    shlurp playzshlurp playz10 dager siden
  • Fiwija maloco what am I saying lol

    Tersit GetachewTersit Getachew10 dager siden
  • "I've been sitting here for 72 hours" resting wasn't invented yet I see.

    JOHN GRJOHN GR10 dager siden
  • I all ready ate my lunch muny aren’t u supost to by lunch with the muny

    Michael WileyMichael Wiley11 dager siden
  • why is his description and the title of the video in french

    AkaNightmare IIAkaNightmare II11 dager siden
  • Wait up he talks english

    capsulcapsul11 dager siden
  • Blahahahahahhahahahaa

    gordon gillardgordon gillard11 dager siden
  • "I've been standing here for 72 hours." "Why?" "Because." "That works."

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV11 dager siden
  • And this, my dudes, is how boxing was invented.

    XJetfireXXJetfireX11 dager siden
  • 2:45 My phone rang ONCE lol how

    ButterKing -28ButterKing -2811 dager siden
  • Imagine Ryan in kindergarden, how he would argue with other kids there very logically

    FanTazTiCxDFanTazTiCxD12 dager siden
  • Teaches kids to punch other kids

    JPRockstarJPRockstar12 dager siden
  • I showed it to my history teacher and they said it wasn't how things went... The teacher must be in the wrong then, I decided

    I am trashI am trash12 dager siden
  • Bullying: the origin

    PharaohPharaoh12 dager siden
  • I love how these discoverers are so stupid!

    Ofentse Mwase FilmsOfentse Mwase Films12 dager siden
    • @King Beesechurger Yeah they are super polite.

      Ofentse Mwase FilmsOfentse Mwase Films9 dager siden
    • Hey dont forgot polite

      King BeesechurgerKing Beesechurger9 dager siden
    • hi verified comment

      MaynorMayHamMaynorMayHam9 dager siden
  • Thinking the person insulting him would punch him-

    XxPlutoGamingxXXxPlutoGamingxX12 dager siden
  • He did that fast hand thinf

    CrazCraz12 dager siden
  • Love the knit hat hipster activist getting smacked.

    01nmuskier01nmuskier12 dager siden
  • F

    krishna playzkrishna playz12 dager siden
  • I love how he subliminally made a WWE reference

    Mohamed Amin Mdarbi RadidchiMohamed Amin Mdarbi Radidchi12 dager siden
  • Can we just mention that he’s roasting himself

    idk?idk?12 dager siden
  • How bully was invented

    Benjamin StriderBenjamin Strider13 dager siden
  • The best channel on NOworld right here. Funny skits and amazing content

    Jack FroemelJack Froemel13 dager siden
  • boxing

    Yummy SandYummy Sand13 dager siden
  • that is a nice belt though

    Velo C. RaptorVelo C. Raptor13 dager siden
  • The problem was he wasnt standing far enough you see if punching guy was standing there for 72 hours and wasnt gonna move insulting guy just had to stand out of arms reach

    LilPizzaBoi Jr.LilPizzaBoi Jr.13 dager siden
  • I heard you on tiktok

    Richard MaddinRichard Maddin14 dager siden
  • everyone in the Ryan universe is so kind-

    a maniaca maniac14 dager siden
  • They have the same face tho

    GoldicaneGoldicane14 dager siden
  • I've been standing hear for 72 hours and I'm not going to stop now

    The Ultimate CrabThe Ultimate Crab14 dager siden
  • GIMME YER BELT! Hefhefhefhefhef

    justin Cjustin C14 dager siden
  • For a sec I thought that that the guy insulting him was gonna be the one to punch

    Unexpected productionsUnexpected productions14 dager siden
  • His insulting himself because they look exactly the same

    adan perezadan perez14 dager siden
  • Summary of this video: This guy insults himself

    Ahmed AAhmed A14 dager siden
  • He is just making fun of himself

    TortoiseTortoise14 dager siden
  • “The shape of your face is fucked” Lmaooo

    Cameron GrayCameron Gray14 dager siden
  • Dang

    RadiicalRadiical14 dager siden