The First Guy To Ever Play Tag

7. juli. 2020
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Tag is weird. It's a weird game.

  • The prime example of toxic masculinity: the very act of touching someone is sexualised.

    WhiteScorpio2WhiteScorpio23 timer siden
  • Now that you say it like this that game is weird... xDDDD

    zRqyzRqy4 timer siden
  • The thumbnail kinda sus

    SkarSZNSkarSZN6 timer siden
  • That's an aggressive thumbnail

    Chicken With EcoliChicken With Ecoli20 timer siden
  • And that people is how covid happened 😂

    Scarletto the cornetoScarletto the corneto23 timer siden
  • And a week after everyone ran around touching eachother and running away, and then they also did a count down until they would go search from a person hiding from them trying to not get caught

    NotA ClassyWeebNotA ClassyWeebDag siden
  • How hide and seek was created, I the seeker count to 10 While this you go to a room and hide And then I have to guess the room you are and find you And then I win And the game goes on

    MrLuiggeMrLuiggeDag siden
  • bababa guy lol i just saw that one

    BeckBeckDag siden
  • “Advertising Friendly”

    DutchtubergamerDutchtubergamerDag siden
  • this is a lawsuit waiting to happen

    KingUman30KingUman302 dager siden
  • Well shit Ryan invented rape...

    I Am A Dil PickleI Am A Dil Pickle3 dager siden
  • Covid: My favorite game is tag!!!

    ඞEason The BestඞඞEason The Bestඞ3 dager siden
  • That's what safe words are for ;P

    emília kastrupemília kastrup3 dager siden
  • I thought up of another game. In this game, people will have to split themselves into two teams and peg balls at the other team. They have to try to dodge the ball to avoid getting hit or they’re out. The game ends when one team runs out of players. After that, the people can decide to either play again or not. It’s going to catch on well with schools.

    LawEnforcer98LawEnforcer983 dager siden
  • In my school we had a game like tag its called virus/infecton but the it spreads

    RoCaBaRoCaBa4 dager siden
  • I get why... But technically both static 'other character' over the shoulder shots should match. They should both be on the right or both on the left

    Fart PimpsonFart Pimpson5 dager siden
  • We'd call that person "IT" Lol, that expression right there xD

    TorileiTorilei5 dager siden
  • Him: It's a game I call, "Tag." The other guy: That sounds like a game called, "A lawsuit."

    DreamdroidsDreamdroids5 dager siden
  • This is what they should teach in history class. Real history.

    FETFET5 dager siden
  • Love the subtle innuendo slipped in there lol.

    jean-frederick bolducjean-frederick bolduc6 dager siden

    acdrums 007acdrums 0076 dager siden
  • This video is just a big sexual innuendo lmao

    rae okrae ok7 dager siden
  • When teachers see kids doing anything other then standing still 1:01

    SatanSatan7 dager siden

    Kaarthik NagaKaarthik Naga7 dager siden
  • Hey in secondary school let's add kissing to this game!

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI7 dager siden
  • i will never look at tag the same way again

    CoinBowl LIVECoinBowl LIVE7 dager siden
  • Just came across these videos... pure gold mine 😆

    Joachim JørgensenJoachim Jørgensen8 dager siden
  • "I'm gonna touch you." That just sounds wrong.

    YouTubers are amazingYouTubers are amazing8 dager siden
    • And water is wet..and the sky is's kinda the point

      2m0rrow is not promised2m0rrow is not promised5 dager siden
    • Yeah

      Fluffs GachaFluffs Gacha7 dager siden
  • Hat: you didn't let me finish. Glasses: I don't want that to happen either.

    Robert EngelRobert Engel8 dager siden
  • this left me too tired from laughing

    MJ RAINMJ RAIN9 dager siden
  • I love the "oh my god"s in these videos so much

    BauerBauer9 dager siden
  • 👕Bababababa guy

    malth surionmalth surion10 dager siden
  • Ba ba ba guy poster live in the back ground

    Patrick MOOREPatrick MOORE11 dager siden

    Time For HorrorTime For Horror11 dager siden
  • I saw the “im going to touch you” before I saw the Title

    juggernot boiiijuggernot boiii11 dager siden
  • *touch you in 2020!? YOU NUTS!?*

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez11 dager siden
  • He words this conversation so well

    Justin RatleyJustin Ratley11 dager siden
  • I like my country's version of hide and seek better. Isntead of having to touch the person, you choose a place at the beggining of the game somewhere and that's where "it" counts, then he has to search the other players and when he finds them he has to run to the place and say "Free (name)" and if he simply knows where they are he can say it so long as he's touching where the place is. The thing is, the ones hiding have to go to the same place before "it" frees them to win, in the case It says they are somewhere they are not, no matter where they are they can call Blood and It automatically loses, and if they are the last player hiding and reach the place they can free everyone, even the ones that got freed by It, and whoever is It they have to be It again. Generally the first one found is It for the next round

    AzekiaXVIAzekiaXVI12 dager siden
  • Covid-19

    Sheepdude289Sheepdude28913 dager siden
  • the thumnail is weird without context

    Evil GamzEvil Gamz13 dager siden
  • Lmao

    RadiicalRadiical14 dager siden
  • Next...."The first guy to ever suggest an idea to a youtuber"

    Mr.InfumusMr.Infumus14 dager siden
  • “What if they change they’re mind mid game?” There was always that one asshole at recess...

    DracoBoomDracoBoom14 dager siden
  • hide and seek tag is a thing tho

    leo songleo song14 dager siden
  • our school banned tag because too many people faceplated into playground equipment

    leo songleo song14 dager siden
    • @leo song still, though. But I guess schools can get sued for those injuries.

      KRIGBERTKRIGBERT12 dager siden
    • @KRIGBERT well in their defense we had metal playgrounds

      leo songleo song12 dager siden
    • That's a bit sad, the school should have encouraged the kids to play more to learn better coordination.

      KRIGBERTKRIGBERT12 dager siden
  • Tag stands for touch and go

    Ethan 123Ethan 12314 dager siden
  • Don't lie, every time he said "tOuCh" you cringed.

    Azizul AsifAzizul Asif14 dager siden
    • this comment was the only thing that made me cringe

      Fuscous GDFuscous GD11 dager siden
  • Hi

    J VittJ Vitt15 dager siden
  • THeMS ThE RuLEs

    Abby NicholsAbby Nichols15 dager siden
  • It's so weird that this was osted during covid

    4444 14144444 141415 dager siden
  • Helo

    H I ,.,H I ,.,15 dager siden
  • This was hilarious XD 😂😂😂

    SpiderRoblox 1SpiderRoblox 115 dager siden
  • gj on 800k!!!!!

    Andy SmithAndy Smith15 dager siden
  • I am gonna touch you COVID be like : Yea touch him

    Iamin PubertyIamin Puberty15 dager siden
  • why whenever I watch his videos I sleep?

    Legend7454_Legend7454_16 dager siden
  • I saw a saw saw salsas

    joe mommajoe momma16 dager siden
  • "Wait I'm not done you didn't let me finish" "I didn't want that to happen either" 😂

    Sarujan RupanSarujan Rupan16 dager siden
  • I thought of another version of the touching game I still don’t want to be touched Well in this version when i touch you you would just freeze I’d freeze? Yeah, and you don’t move, you just stand there, exact same position as when i touched you Why would I do that Because them’s the rules. So you stand there, and you don’t move until somebody else playing the game, somebody that isn’t me, touches you again So you touch me and i stop moving but somebody else touches me and i can move again? but wouldn’t it be boring for me to just stand there no because people would try really hard to touch you so you could move again etc.

    Ravenclaw LunaticRavenclaw Lunatic16 dager siden
  • I love how you make these situations awkward

    SagePuppetSagePuppet16 dager siden
  • Oml I love your videos they always make me laugh

    Galaxy_colaGalaxy_cola16 dager siden
  • Fun fact:TAG stands for touch and go

    Diana MatiychukDiana Matiychuk16 dager siden

    CHUMPyDOGy9202CHUMPyDOGy920216 dager siden
  • I like how awkwardly he talks

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin16 dager siden
  • lawsuit for snowflakes :-)

    RobbieRobbie16 dager siden
  • the last part🤣🤣🤣

    LogicXLogicX16 dager siden
  • Hi there hello, in the background

    Mr CactusMr Cactus17 dager siden
  • hope there's one with Twister.

    Benny GrauBenny Grau17 dager siden
  • huh... I never thought of it that way.

    ButterKing -28ButterKing -2817 dager siden
  • So I guess Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter had to talk to these guys to get the rights for thier Tag Movie

    Edward ScalesEdward Scales17 dager siden
  • It's been ages since I've heard somone call it tag, I moved into an area where other people called it chasies

    my artmy art17 dager siden
  • so many easter eggs in the background

    EpicMineMan420EpicMineMan42018 dager siden
  • I’m binging his channel and this one is my favorite so far

    BobTheFishyBobTheFishy18 dager siden
  • LOL

    GalaxyGamer4973GalaxyGamer497318 dager siden
  • Touch? does kicking work?

    Ain’t Real enoughAin’t Real enough18 dager siden
  • I wish humans in public would speak like this

    Atomic Blaze158Atomic Blaze15818 dager siden
  • “Hi there hello” on the sign in the background

    Timothy MooneyTimothy Mooney19 dager siden
  • Funny video

    Blobble WobbleBlobble Wobble19 dager siden
  • How in the freaking world do you make everything we do normally sound so creepy.

    AddieAddie19 dager siden
  • Here Richard, go over there and go touch Melissa

    Justin ChenJustin Chen19 dager siden
  • Tag the game for pedophiles..

    GrandNebulaGrandNebula20 dager siden
  • Covid

    Premarald YtPremarald Yt20 dager siden
  • So far the funniest yet

    ROBLOX police centreROBLOX police centre20 dager siden
  • “Please don’t talk to any children about this.” I’m gonna talk to to children”

    Logan McNeilLogan McNeil21 dag siden
  • he comes up with so many cool videos

    Lane LemonLane Lemon21 dag siden
  • Super easy barely an inconvenience!

    Mr. Good CitizenMr. Good Citizen21 dag siden
  • *”Im GonNa tElL kIdS aBoUt ThiS”*

    Unicornsaver10 ajs LifeUnicornsaver10 ajs Life21 dag siden
  • This made he laugh hysterically the whole way through this video. Laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Super SnailsSuper Snails21 dag siden
  • Hilarious! 😂 No. Don’t talk about this to any kids!

    Nathaniel WildstoneNathaniel Wildstone21 dag siden
  • 🤣🤣

    Cody SCody S21 dag siden
  • Bruh love how subtle but funny asf this is

    Instinct ScazzicInstinct Scazzic21 dag siden
  • (It’s called tag)

    Cole DeneauCole Deneau21 dag siden
  • First guy to run

    Hp edits Harry PotterHp edits Harry Potter22 dager siden
  • Everyone: Ba Ba Guy Me: It’s Tig You DUMBOS

    ItaiItai22 dager siden
  • You deserve more subs

    Gaming_Amirite?Gaming_Amirite?22 dager siden

    Matthew GilmoreMatthew Gilmore22 dager siden
  • Technically He Didn't Even Play It.

  • Potato

    Rene Mahl Ch. EN 寿司Rene Mahl Ch. EN 寿司23 dager siden
  • “This is a lawsuit waiting to happen” Schools: *WRITE THAT DOWN!! WRITE THAT DOWN!!*

    •Simply Grace••Simply Grace•23 dager siden

    Noob Has JoinedNoob Has Joined23 dager siden
  • Welcome to the “hi there hello” restaurant. Love the names in the background.

    Not A Stingray AnimationNot A Stingray Animation23 dager siden