The First Guy To Ever Own A Cat

31. juli. 2019
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This video is about a cat, and there is a cat in the video.

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    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • I didn’t know you had a cat

      Sarbast BarwariSarbast Barwari7 dager siden
    • The 2 words he has always said in all of these videos: I decided

      Kolfang AshrafKolfang Ashraf12 dager siden
    • Been watching your vids non stop and sharing with mates. So funny

      Luke WarburtonLuke Warburton18 dager siden
    • How many cats do you have

      Big ChungusBig ChungusMåned siden
    • Gosh darn it, VPNs do not make you hack proof. XD

      Crystal KanashiiCrystal Kanashii2 måneder siden
  • Your cat is adorable

    Cameron CawthornCameron Cawthorn15 timer siden
  • I have 20 cats.... and... well, take all this x20..... *bangs head on desk*

    Tina LynnTina Lynn18 timer siden
  • Fun fact cats were only domesticated around 200 years ago. They were only kinda... around... before that. This is the reason that they are soulless monsters that scratch me when I pet them and bit me fuck you Lewis ur a dick.

    foxtrotfoxtrotDag siden

    DarkShadowsDarkShadows2 dager siden
  • Must be confusing for the cat to see two identical men talking to each other

    A. SinggihA. Singgih2 dager siden
  • I love how there’s modern ideas but the whole point of the video is not modern

    SillysaurusSillysaurus2 dager siden
  • Theory: The black shirt guy is the 'ba ba ba' guy. He says that in the start of the video

    Didactic DictionaryDidactic Dictionary3 dager siden
  • stockholm syndrome with cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Margaretha SihiteMargaretha Sihite3 dager siden
  • Okay but what kind of cat is that, he’s so handsome. Is be brown? Golden? Olive?

    Natalia HNatalia H3 dager siden
  • You should do the first guy to make pencils(before paper)

    •RTT Ready The Teddy••RTT Ready The Teddy•4 dager siden
  • thats one cute cat

    billy boibilly boi4 dager siden
  • we also clean our wc all the time we just haven't invented flushable cat toilet, connected to the sand pipe and sand septic tank

    Kitu's JunkyardKitu's Junkyard4 dager siden
  • I love when he says “I decided” 😂

    Wesley HandWesley Hand4 dager siden
  • he kills bugs though

    Salvatore De Lille OrlansinoSalvatore De Lille Orlansino5 dager siden
  • Oh no, we're going to give him food until he develops... Stockholm syndrome?

    James WilsonJames Wilson6 dager siden
  • Guy with the glasses seems like a dog person

    Mr. RiddleMr. Riddle6 dager siden
  • That green screen looks so realistic

    Eshmam BEshmam B7 dager siden
  • This is all wrong. 1- No one has ever owned a cat. Cats have owned many humans for a very long time. 2- Cats were first used to chase rodents away from food storage. They lived outside.

    Ireallyreally HategoogleIreallyreally Hategoogle7 dager siden
  • the 'develop stockholms-syndrome' bit made me crack up loud at 4 am lol

    Adam HollisAdam Hollis7 dager siden
  • bro i watched thsi vid last eyar and i never found the channel again

    Jayden HuangJayden Huang7 dager siden
  • adorable cat

    Jayden SorsdahlJayden Sorsdahl7 dager siden
  • I like how there is just some lines that's just makes me laugh like "(Something) I decided)

    -Reaper--Reaper-7 dager siden
  • My family use to have a cat that knew how to use the toilet. Sure, she didn’t flush, but who cares.

    kratal122kratal1228 dager siden
  • I have lots of kitties

    Awa SadaqatAwa Sadaqat8 dager siden
  • That stockholm syndrome😂

    Wali AbidiWali Abidi8 dager siden
  • Do we appreciate all of Ryan’s styling enough!?!

    Pam’sPam’s8 dager siden
  • He clearly trusts you a lot was totally sprawled out aw reminded me of my little guy RIP Toby :) Unproductive cat roommates are the best!

    Eva PEva P8 dager siden
  • The cat must be thinking: this human spents so much time with me he got crazy and is talking to himself

    Lucas MarinhoLucas Marinho8 dager siden
  • My cat is a outside cat

    Yummy SoulYummy Soul8 dager siden
  • Should have got a dog.

    Bobby HempelBobby Hempel9 dager siden
  • This is my favorite 1 of all

    KingsKings9 dager siden
  • Get this man 1 million subs

    ImaLegendImaLegend10 dager siden
  • i like and i will give you a free nord vpn account

    Pedro89blaster RAMIREZPedro89blaster RAMIREZ10 dager siden
  • Yep, the pooping stare😂

    Haylie WintersHaylie Winters10 dager siden
  • Ryan George the theory that your cloned is it true

    Ethan SmallEthan Small10 dager siden
  • Best NOworld ad EVER.

    Anthropology BearAnthropology Bear10 dager siden
  • Your cat looks sad. I bet you threw his favorite toy out right before pitching the Lion King

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV11 dager siden
  • Cats have extreamley good directional sense and kan litherly sense north so it wont forget were it lives and they are not that stupid they are atleast smarter than ratts.

    Kevin dragon hunterKevin dragon hunter11 dager siden
  • I can’t wait till this:hello I’m a adds addstranot here in a add space our sponsor is raid shadow legends

    Traces SpaceTraces Space12 dager siden
  • Who wants to be in ad space

    ink sansink sans12 dager siden
  • Cats can be good companions

    Camden PetersCamden Peters13 dager siden
  • Awww....cute kitty😍😍

    Later Feraligatr2Later Feraligatr213 dager siden
  • I'm correcting the title: "The First Guy To Ever Be Owned By A Cat"

    PleXquaredPleXquared13 dager siden
  • I’m tryna get to 100 subs by the end of January it would help out a lot if some people considered subscribing.

    MrPlayzMrPlayz13 dager siden
  • When my cat goes outside for 2 hours she goes to like other places and then she comes back

    Dominic's WorldDominic's World14 dager siden
  • Cat: There goes my homan talking to himself again

    Orbital SnapshotsOrbital Snapshots14 dager siden
  • Cats actually have the vital job of keeping the rodent population down.

    Longbeard BobsonLongbeard Bobson14 dager siden
  • 0:05 For some reason, I thought of Alf smh

    luckygluxxluckygluxx14 dager siden
  • "You wanna steal him?" "Who?" "The cat" "What's the point!?"

    XxRazoryrxXXxRazoryrxX15 dager siden
  • The first guys was saying ba ba ba in the gaming The RCU is confirmed

    Demonz RaidDemonz Raid15 dager siden
  • Cats are not dumb even tho it’s a joke i don’t like this.

    MelodyAndMaddie TalksMelodyAndMaddie Talks16 dager siden
  • “He will forget where he lives because of how dumb he is”

    Ravens MoonRavens Moon16 dager siden
    • Yes

      Bunny BlossomsBunny Blossoms16 dager siden
  • plot twist: with almost 2 million views, he is literally helping pay the bills! xD

    Nis 3rNis 3r16 dager siden
  • That is one cute kitty

    Irina BellassaiIrina Bellassai16 dager siden
  • My cat is 2 and loves the color orange so she twirls up against herself xD

    Suvaan GSuvaan G17 dager siden
  • i decided wow

    Noob Has JoinedNoob Has Joined17 dager siden
  • What about the first guy to own a parrot?

    Mighty XTMighty XT17 dager siden
  • I thought it said first guy to own a car lol

    Hahaha HahahahaHahaha Hahahaha18 dager siden
  • I let a stray cat hang at my place and fed her sometimes and now I'm raising her kittens this is all way too familiar from both sides

    Lindsey FrancescoLindsey Francesco18 dager siden
  • Did he buy a cat just for this sorry if he already has one and I do not know

    Behind The setupBehind The setup18 dager siden
  • Cats also help with anxiety

    Kyle VuKyle Vu19 dager siden
  • That poor cat doesn't know whats going on lol.

    DarkstardragonDarkstardragon19 dager siden
  • they are like a married couple and it's so confusing for the cat not knowing wich ryan george is his ryan george

    zivosaurus -rexzivosaurus -rex19 dager siden
  • I'm questioning some things all of the sudden.

    Mmm, MeMmm, Me19 dager siden
  • dont forget the hair in your food and everywhere

    A AA A20 dager siden
  • Not as funny as the story of the guy who first discovered cow milk and tried to tell his tribe about it, to their horror and disgust! After being chased away for a while, he doubled down and told them about how he invented, then ate, cheese. At which point, the first insane asylum was invented.

    Christian UngerChristian Unger20 dager siden
  • I bet the cat was thinking "why this guy talks to himself?"

    Cheron78Cheron7821 dag siden
  • It's the Ba Ba Ba Guy! I love that guy! Or at least I did before he totally changed and starting popping instead.

    Eric CulverEric Culver21 dag siden
  • Ryan is really a cat person .

    Sandavi RathnayakeSandavi Rathnayake21 dag siden
  • 2:36 *Me deciding to turn in my test that i know darn well i got wrong*

    NS 4000 DC to AC UnitNS 4000 DC to AC Unit22 dager siden
  • Watching this for the thirtyjillionth time, literally just noticed the subtle ba ba ba as the guy is in the fridge at the very beginning. Awesome callback, and also also i Just watched that one! (got The Stuff on random....again)

    Kamen AnewKamen Anew23 dager siden
    • also also Also, is the first 'I decided '?!?!?!

      Kamen AnewKamen Anew23 dager siden
  • As I watching this my cat is death glaring at me

    Emily ChangEmily Chang24 dager siden
  • I lost it on, "And you can scratch his belly until suddenly you just can't anymore!" 🤣🤣 Anyone who's has or had a cat knows this for real. 😮

    J LAJ LA24 dager siden
    • One of my bro-in-law's cats likes to be pet, but only if he can't see your hand. If you come from the front over his head, he WILL bite you.

      nahor88nahor882 dager siden
  • the most used words in the ryan george universe are either: "i decided" or "did a backflip, snnaped the bad guys neck and saved the day"

    nomfish ַnomfish ַ25 dager siden
  • "Ok but have you seen him?" "Well, yeah I-Im looking at him now" ".....ok so I don't see what the problem is.?"

    Ella Ben AmiElla Ben Ami26 dager siden
  • Cat tip: stroke them on the cheek or head they like that

    JackIsMyFavYoutuberJackIsMyFavYoutuber27 dager siden
  • What you have there, my friend, is a bronze-age varmint repellent and trap. Great for mice, rats, voles, and the odd bird.

    Kelb PantheraKelb Panthera27 dager siden
  • if you own your own house, cats are an investment. only takes one rat to eat through your insulation, and that shit is expensive.

    inceptoriinceptori28 dager siden
  • You'll regret it less once the cat eats your mice problem

    vazak11vazak1128 dager siden
  • When you realize that Stockholm syndrome is not just a one direction song

    Vimitha BalakrishnanVimitha Balakrishnan29 dager siden
    • its a song?

      TreecraftTreecraft29 dager siden
  • No pockets equals unemployment? Now this is some strange logic

    flippert0flippert029 dager siden
  • This cat is really big, though

    flippert0flippert029 dager siden
    • @Treecraft No, but my neighbors cat's were all considerably smaller

      flippert0flippert029 dager siden
    • do you have a cat?

      TreecraftTreecraft29 dager siden
  • Actually wild cats went through artificial selection, domesticated cats didn't exist at some point.

    TransfiniteTransfinite29 dager siden
    • neither did dogs or foxes

      TreecraftTreecraft29 dager siden
  • Don't we love having you restart your phone while watching a NOworld video because your phone is glitching.

    Discount TechnoDiscount TechnoMåned siden
  • hahaha the wig gag was fucken hilarious

    BanielDrownBanielDrownMåned siden
  • Omg your cat is so cute

    Tenya IidaTenya IidaMåned siden
  • One very important question: is the cat ginger?

    Emi CvEmi CvMåned siden
  • Good stuff but you left out the shredding of furniture...sorry I meant 'items you did not want shredded', and of course the 2 AM wake-up call for no apparent reason. Good times...

    rsg1963rsg1963Måned siden
  • I love how you do the sponsor at the end 😃

    Xander SageXander SageMåned siden
  • Why do people get cats because their cute

    Ars NauArs NauMåned siden
    • And that's why I have one

      Ars NauArs Nau29 dager siden
    • because they are

      TreecraftTreecraft29 dager siden
  • *The first cat to ever own a man

    Marina KatsirMarina KatsirMåned siden
  • “He’ll sleep on anything he wants any time he wants” That pretty much explains cats right there

    Nerdy BitchNerdy BitchMåned siden
  • First guy to own a dog

    J ChJ ChMåned siden
  • Is the "ba ba ba" in the beginning an allusion to the First Guy to Make Music? If so, incredible subtle reference!

    Campbell TateCampbell TateMåned siden
  • I like how recognizes the cat as an equal and cares about him.

    Victor BlancoVictor BlancoMåned siden
  • I like how recognizes the cat as an equal and cares about him.

    Victor BlancoVictor BlancoMåned siden
  • I like how recognizes the cat as an equal and cares about him.

    Victor BlancoVictor BlancoMåned siden
  • I like how recognizes the cat as an equal and cares about him.

    Victor BlancoVictor BlancoMåned siden
  • a cat is laying on my belly as I'm watching this

    Fun mathsFun mathsMåned siden