The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial

4. okt.. 2019
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • I get to chat here

      Mrbeast 6000Mrbeast 60008 dager siden
    • And tiktok

      PhiIIyPhiIIy 76PhiIIyPhiIIy 7615 dager siden
    • Ryan do first person to get a homework

      WatchersWatchers15 dager siden
    • I want one of those sandwiches with a pretty big pickle in it

      WatchersWatchers15 dager siden
    • I had no idea this was a real thing.

      Jacob AdamsJacob AdamsMåned siden
  • Oh hi I'm gonna stop you from watching this show so you can give me your money so come down and give me money

    Yxzic The DrawerYxzic The Drawer17 timer siden
  • Those commercials were pretty good

    ÏDAC!!!ÏÏDAC!!!Ï19 timer siden
  • Exactly 500 dislikes

    ÏDAC!!!ÏÏDAC!!!Ï19 timer siden

    Mustufi DrawsMustufi DrawsDag siden
  • This really feels like a Commercial on Interdimensional Television of someone who wants Picklerick dead.

    Lars SchellhasLars SchellhasDag siden
  • Should've promote skillshare for the commercial

    Potato ManPotato ManDag siden
  • And thus, false advertising was born.

    Hhh PestockHhh PestockDag siden
  • *sees the sandwich with a pickle and Buys 100 of them*

    Jacob CombsJacob CombsDag siden
  • @DrewGooden wants to know ur location

    TomatoTomatoDag siden
  • U should change your channel name to first person

    Akash H NairAkash H NairDag siden
  • *PICKLE RYAN!!* He was a pickleman before it was cool.

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez2 dager siden

    1k subs without any vids challenge1k subs without any vids challenge2 dager siden
  • That smooth Jon Lajoie reference at 3:08 . Mmmmm. Perfection

    m ish-km ish-k2 dager siden
  • first adoption center: here take this child *why I don't want it* take it it pees and poops and makes pickle sandwiches *ok*

    Elizabeth Fujimoto-MazaElizabeth Fujimoto-Maza3 dager siden
  • This video felt shorter than the 5 second unskippable NOworld ads

    YouCuber HDYouCuber HD3 dager siden
  • "it's not that big of a pickle, but I wouldn't say it's small either." Same, dude. Same.

    zip91187zip911873 dager siden
  • Where can I get one or more of these sandwiches?

    Thefood IsJazzyThefood IsJazzy3 dager siden
  • binge watching every ryan george video in quarantine is TIGHT!!

    camoflackuecamoflackue3 dager siden
  • I bet Jeff Movie-Actor could help you move some of those sandwiches with a pretty big pickles in them

    Fake Bobby HillFake Bobby Hill3 dager siden
  • cal kestis

    finny is a qtfinny is a qt4 dager siden
  • Totally what Commercial is = Buy so i can get rich thats it.

    Gepard micGepard mic4 dager siden
  • the video should be called the first guy to make three commercial's in a row

    Aser. AmmarAser. Ammar4 dager siden
  • Why dose this make me feel sad

    i mani man4 dager siden
    • Yes

      Super Gamer QSuper Gamer QDag siden
  • I don’t like pickles

    Pink MasterPink Master4 dager siden
    • When you need to use Pink Sheep’s profile picture

      The Lamb SauceThe Lamb Sauce4 dager siden
  • Hello, I’m Michael pickleseller here and I want you to buy my sandwiches. Top 10 anime betrayals

    Byrdy BoiByrdy Boi4 dager siden
  • 1:12 tf

    Over RiderOver Rider4 dager siden
  • Has anyone noticed that his outro music is the same as Moriah Elizabeth’s old intro music

    Ruby calamRuby calam5 dager siden
  • God bless everyone.

    ejjk ejjejejejjk ejjejej5 dager siden
  • So we know it's been 13 years since "the event" forced everyone to relearn their lives.

    Trej RhaTrej Rha5 dager siden
  • How hard is it to sell a sandwich with a pretty big pickle in it ? Ryan: It’s super easy , barely an inconvenience

    Can PolatCan Polat5 dager siden
  • i need sandwich with a pretty big pickle RIGHT NOW

    Gideon CSGideon CS5 dager siden
  • This is how Rick's interdimensional channels made their ads

    Z3ROZ3RO5 dager siden
  • I want 3 sandwiches

    Andre MonizAndre Moniz6 dager siden
  • I would definitely by one of those picklesandwiches

    Gron BonGron Bon6 dager siden
  • 0:48 out of contects

    Hippy HappyHippy Happy6 dager siden
  • i have nothing to say about this

    『uni the first』『uni the first』6 dager siden
  • Hot dogs are not sandwiches

    IronAndrew 0414IronAndrew 04146 dager siden
  • The mustache. 👌

    Dallas ThornleyDallas Thornley7 dager siden
  • I like how I got a SkillShare ad before this video 😂😂

    Amar Does Random ThingsAmar Does Random Things7 dager siden
  • I feel like Rick & Morty kinda stole their writing style from Ryan. If you listen closely to both, they are very similar.

    Jack EJack E7 dager siden
  • If advertising was actually formatted like this I would pay more attention to it and even consider it, instead of just skipping because now it's more skits that tell you to buy than stuff that actually convinces you to buy it

    S SS S7 dager siden
  • I am laughing for 2hrs for the face he makes after the add campaign failure I think I am devil 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Sameer ShirsikarSameer Shirsikar7 dager siden
  • When there was an ad after the end of the ads...

    Human PersonHuman Person7 dager siden
  • I lost it at * whispers * "What the hell is it?"

    Cameron CawthornCameron Cawthorn7 dager siden
  • “Women will want to sleep with you” Me, a girl: uhm so...

    Windyyy AirrrWindyyy Airrr7 dager siden
    • Me being female aswell-

      Kuz KaitlynKuz Kaitlyn3 dager siden
    • She never said she wasn’t a lesbian

      Toni BrentsonToni Brentson3 dager siden
    • It was a pretty big pickle, after all.

      QualityPenQualityPen3 dager siden
    • So are you now attracted to Federick Ryan

      leo songleo song7 dager siden
  • This is a big Dill...... :)

    Erika WErika W7 dager siden
  • 3:04 I’m getting some vat19 vibes near the end of that one

    Milkio MakezMilkio Makez7 dager siden
  • I want a sandwich.

    FroznGuacFroznGuac7 dager siden
  • Why does it feel like a commercial from Rick and Morty

    JlinusJlinus7 dager siden
  • that was the smallest pickle I've ever seen

    H1PP1EH1PP1E8 dager siden
  • I got a commercial of skilshare

    yahalomrenyahalomren8 dager siden
  • No one carrs until they say Women wil wanna sleep with you

    Glitchy BoiGlitchy Boi8 dager siden
  • How much does one cost? I'm tempted.

    Crispy GamingCrispy Gaming8 dager siden
  • Ryan: Eat this sandwich and women will want to sleep with you. Me: CAP

    NotFlashNotFlash8 dager siden
  • I wanna buy those pickle sandwiches

    CrazCraz8 dager siden
  • Pretty big pickle sounds wrong

    Mrbeast 6000Mrbeast 60008 dager siden
  • Please make a full episode of ATNIKHTM

    Omer OzhanOmer Ozhan8 dager siden
  • Those pickle ads are almost as desperate as those skillshare ads I keep saying.

    JokerJoker8 dager siden
  • The noises lol

    RadiicalRadiical8 dager siden
  • This is a skit... not a sketch...

    GamerPaulBro1021GamerPaulBro10218 dager siden
  • ich just got an skillshare ad before this video the ad is over and the video starts with this video is sponsored by skillshare lmao

    the longest commentthe longest comment8 dager siden
  • *I want 5 sandwiches* Why: He wants 5 ladies to sleep with him

  • I love how the fraud commercial is immediately followed by an actual ad.

    Enlightened CentristEnlightened Centrist9 dager siden
  • the video has an ad and it's about the first person to make an ad

    illoneslyillonesly9 dager siden
  • That second one is the most invested pickle commercial I've ever seen!

    zivziv9 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Fanro CmFanro Cm9 dager siden
  • Ṕ̸̧̡̢͎̫̙̖̹̭̳͚͎͍͔̭̙͍̦̩͈͚͓̟̟̬͕͖̰̼͎̠̖̹͊̀̎̚͜͜i̷̺͍̣͚͕̳͖̰̩̳̹̻̰͐̆̾͆̿̾̌̓̄̌̒͌͠͠c̵̛̞̘͈͖̖͋̑̾̿͠l̷̮̻̜̘̠̫̼̻̝͈̰̰̬̤͓͚̮̪̫̆͊̋̀͋͊̄̊̄̀̓̃̐̔́̈̒͊̚͠͝ͅͅe̷̡̧̢̢̗̱̰̯̙̣̪͍͓̗͓̖͈̦̣̙̫̺̻̤̕͘ͅ

    red pyrored pyro9 dager siden
  • the ending was just wow im speechless just wow

    MAUV TANGMAUV TANG9 dager siden
  • i want 10 sandwitches

    FringeFringe9 dager siden
  • I want one of those sandwiches

    Trenton AnimationsTrenton Animations9 dager siden
  • the ending was legendary

    Sheikhimtiaz AhmedSheikhimtiaz Ahmed9 dager siden
  • It's not that big of a deal, but it is that big of a dill

    Master WayneMaster Wayne10 dager siden
  • I bought a sandwich with a pretty big pickle in it

    Nick GilesNick Giles10 dager siden
  • Are there women in this universe? XD

    Jazper BungayJazper Bungay10 dager siden
  • Lol I can't believe he's been making noises for 13 seasons 😂😂

    Andrew-Lee De BruynAndrew-Lee De Bruyn10 dager siden

    RavenpoolyRavenpooly10 dager siden
  • I got a skillshare commercial before the fisst thing he said (THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY SKILLSHARE)

    mahmoud nouramahmoud noura10 dager siden
  • Ryan: makes a video about commercials Video: is sponsered

    OC_AndyYTOC_AndyYT10 dager siden
  • My man is teaching about ethos, pathos, and logos

  • We clicked to watch an ad.

    Никита БереаНикита Береа10 dager siden
  • "if you buy a pickle woman will like you" everybody: I WANT A PICKLE SANDWICH

    The Koala GamersThe Koala Gamers10 dager siden

    LionBUffLionBUff10 dager siden
  • What's your PayPal?

    CreeperGamer75CreeperGamer7510 dager siden
  • Who cares about the *”First ever Commercial”?* I wanna watch more of *All the noises I know how to make!*

    MsDrewDevMsDrewDev10 dager siden
  • If you disliked this video that means you hate pickles

    Boom Boom InkBoom Boom Ink10 dager siden
  • #capitolism

    Ryan MarvinRyan Marvin11 dager siden
  • "Hi im a ad stryn odd im in ad stour space" see what i did there ;)

    Liam HawkinsLiam Hawkins11 dager siden
  • 0:40 I have to. I’m sorry. General Kenobi. You are a bold one.

    SpinosaurusSnakeSpinosaurusSnake11 dager siden
  • 6:50 is best part

    Pogger bobberPogger bobber11 dager siden
  • 6:50

    Pogger bobberPogger bobber11 dager siden
  • 4:48 Among Us

    CrystalfoxCrystalfox11 dager siden
  • if you learn new skills using skillshare women will want to sleep with you(if you're a man) and men will want to sleep with you(if you're a woman)

    master shooter64master shooter6411 dager siden
  • The fake mustache taped to clueless guy's face had me rolling

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV11 dager siden
  • Lol is all I can say

    Little Chicken NuggetLittle Chicken Nugget11 dager siden
  • that big pickle really is pretty

    Ringo van den HeuvelRingo van den Heuvel11 dager siden
  • What type of pickles

    Red Gorg ExtraRed Gorg Extra12 dager siden
  • I love your comedy

    magic boy have powersmagic boy have powers12 dager siden
  • Isn't it an AXE campain ?

    RaimazukiRaimazuki12 dager siden
  • "My name is Michael pickleseller, and I'm selling sandwiches" that caught me off guard until the "it has a big pickle in it" but that's what makes it funnier.

    DeathstormDeathstorm12 dager siden