The First Guy To Ever Hold Up A Lighter At A Concert

12. mars. 2020
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Ever wonder who started the tradition of raising lighters and cellphones at concerts? It was this guy. So there, now you know.

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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George10 måneder siden
    • wow wow wow wow

      Henry KnightHenry Knight6 dager siden
    • I know what happens after the hero does a backflip. He breaks the bad guys neck and he saves the day.

      Ola kalinowskaOla kalinowska6 dager siden
    • so basically the hero did a backflip snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day

      Henry KnightHenry Knight25 dager siden
    • The Ryan crowd reminds me of the Matrix Revolutions when all the Agent Smiths are hanging out with each other. 😂

      Nick McGargillNick McGargill2 måneder siden
    • Hi you should do, The first guy to get sick

      Joshua EmmanuelJoshua Emmanuel3 måneder siden
  • make a mini series Ryan!!

    Satish AnirudhSatish AnirudhTime siden
  • Bradley fucking Cooper

    GalacticGalactic13 timer siden
  • “ Brussel sprouts are the farts of the vegetable world.” 🤣🤣🤣

    Christopher SparkmanChristopher Sparkman17 timer siden
  • Hey Adstronaut, the hero did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck, and saved the day. I read that book too =)

    Hrishi PotterHrishi PotterDag siden
  • Asdstonaut is missing out on the best parts of the books, when the mc does a flip and then does the thing and saves the other thing. Sounds like losing books in space is super easy and very inconvenient...

    Geordan LucioGeordan Lucio2 dager siden
  • Most things people do really are stupid, I decided.

    Sirena SpadesSirena Spades2 dager siden
  • Istg he’s never made a bad video.

    Alessandro ColpoAlessandro Colpo2 dager siden
  • that is the most diverse looking audience

    Roma XRoma X3 dager siden
  • Look how many people he had to employ for this one sketch.

    Super GamerSuper Gamer3 dager siden
  • Imagine everyone took the lighters out a minute later

    Just JackJust Jack4 dager siden
  • Did anyone else cringe when the ryan george in the background sneezed at the concert

    clowncraftclowncraft4 dager siden
  • arson.

    hai strangerhai stranger5 dager siden
  • I loved when the Ryan George with an afro sneezed

    the derpy sandwichthe derpy sandwich6 dager siden
  • 3:00 oh I’ve read that one ,he does a backflip ,breaks the bad guys neck and saves the day

    Zorawar GillZorawar Gill6 dager siden
  • The fact that Ryan stood there for at least 4 minutes doing nothing at least 6 times, makes me laugh.

    bones22jbones22j6 dager siden
  • A Star is Born was released in the 30s and 40s in a way this works.

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI6 dager siden
  • 1:18 "there is a time and a place for roasting marshmallows and this is not .... [thinking maybe it is a good place to roast MARSHMELLO [✖‿✖] ]"

    ALL.CreatorALL.Creator7 dager siden
  • *Spoiler Alert to Ryan*: Hero snaps the bad guy's neck and saves the day after the backflip

    Zyrus VitoZyrus Vito10 dager siden
  • u dont know waht happenes after hero does a back flip let me tell u after he does a back flip he snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day

    Diamond ArmorDiamond Armor10 dager siden
  • This guy is the Jango Fett from alternative universe 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Sameer ShirsikarSameer Shirsikar11 dager siden
  • 1:03 OH GOD A SNEEZE >*checks date Oh whew, it was right before COVID really hit.

    Andy MalikAndy Malik12 dager siden

    Jazmine GarciaJazmine Garcia12 dager siden
  • Don't the backflip snapped the bag guys Next and then save the day

    Jude VlogzzJude Vlogzz12 dager siden
    • Neck

      Jude VlogzzJude Vlogzz12 dager siden
  • Why would you- why would you- why would you

    Drew GoldDrew Gold13 dager siden
  • I like how there is just a bunch of ryans

    Le Dumb PotatoLe Dumb Potato13 dager siden
  • Guy who doesn’t know how to use IMDB! 😂

    Robert PrimmRobert Primm13 dager siden
  • Well you see the hero does a back flip snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day. PS I Love MY FREAKING BOOK it's so good

    Gannon LandersGannon Landers13 dager siden
  • He obviously Snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day

    Ethan 123Ethan 12313 dager siden
  • Ryan’s in the background tho

    Phoenix StPhoenix St13 dager siden
  • Ryan is a better actor then most actual actors Ngl

    The CrimsonFireThe CrimsonFire14 dager siden
  • Look at the guy in the back, he eventually falls asleep. I love the attention for the people in the back so much (:

    RepliXRepliX14 dager siden
  • yeah...i got an ad about fat burning after this....

    JadeDragonFilmsJadeDragonFilms15 dager siden
  • Please sub to me. And Ryan George

    AbdullahAbdullah15 dager siden
  • imagine if he started clapping and the guy is like: why are you punching yourself

    kNigokNigo15 dager siden
  • Thousands of little flames? That's way more than the 30 little flames in the birthday video

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV16 dager siden
  • lucky he didnt mosh or stage dove XD

    Benny GrauBenny Grau16 dager siden
  • 1:03 ... I miss the time that I didnt back away from my screen when hearing a sneeze ... (and the word spreading afterwards doesn't help)

    TechdraconisTechdraconis16 dager siden
  • I think this singers audience is very targeted

  • 2:41 "Yes, I dropped the lighter" "Wait you what-"

    xCreeperBombxxCreeperBombx17 dager siden
  • Now do the person who invented clapping

    This VideoThis Video17 dager siden
  • I laughed soo hard 😂😂😂

    Kaniwaneyclone2Kaniwaneyclone217 dager siden
  • Is this a thing people actually do? What f*cking weirdos...

    BlueEnglandBlueEngland17 dager siden
  • He did a back flip snapped his neck and saved the day :D

    [ izbxbybunny ][ izbxbybunny ]18 dager siden
  • I think the hero does a back flip snapped the bad guys neck and was actually the villian.

    ChickensAreHereToDestroyUsChickensAreHereToDestroyUs18 dager siden
  • How about first guy to do the wave?

    Brad KBrad K19 dager siden
  • 3:01 its okay, adstronaut the hero does a backflip, snaps the bad guy's neck and saves the day

    如诗如诗19 dager siden
  • 3:00, he snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day

    Casey DoniniCasey Donini20 dager siden
  • *light*

    The Amazing AustinThe Amazing Austin20 dager siden
  • *wait people do that normally?*

    Amy PlayzAmy Playz21 dag siden
  • Where does he find all of these actors?

    TrollMonkeyTrollMonkey21 dag siden
  • This is a message to the adstronaut Your book ends with the hero doing a backflip, snaps the bad guy’s neck and saves the day

    Matthew Fitzpatrick-FoleyMatthew Fitzpatrick-Foley21 dag siden
  • This must be the matrix cuz everyone looks the same

    Javier SantanaaJavier Santanaa22 dager siden
  • Take a moment to appreciate that this guy made a whole career out of talking to himself

    I Like to eat the food after i drink the waterI Like to eat the food after i drink the water23 dager siden
  • The musician is lowkey and asshole.

    B E S TB E S T23 dager siden
  • I know what happened after the hero does a back flip, he snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day

    Ashton EngleAshton Engle24 dager siden
  • Make The First Guy

    Lewie WingroveLewie Wingrove24 dager siden
  • Best part was stage Ryan's moment of hesitation to decide if this whether it was in fact the time and place for roasting marshmallows.

    Leeroy GraycatLeeroy Graycat25 dager siden
  • That might be the most Ryans I have seen in one place!

    Song SaysSong Says27 dager siden
  • Adstronaut, I'll help you out, the hero does a backflip, snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day

    BeanzBeanz27 dager siden
  • At least using a phone is safer.

    LadyClassicalLadyClassical29 dager siden
  • I'm just as curious about all the other Ryans standing around.

    The Rugged ArcheologistThe Rugged Archeologist29 dager siden
  • oh my, suddenly holding up a lighter at a concert doesnst make sense to me anymore

    JuliWieAprilJuliWieApril29 dager siden
  • Jesus his mums being pumping out kids

    Alexei KhaidurovAlexei KhaidurovMåned siden
  • Wait, is that a thing?

    StofStofMåned siden
  • “And I never find out what happens after the hero does a backflip.” lmao

    RussianBotNet VirusRussianBotNet VirusMåned siden
  • God Bless and Merry Christmas 🎄❤️

    King CreeperKing CreeperMåned siden
  • This is just me at a concert two years from now.

    Orion ForeseeOrion ForeseeMåned siden
  • After he backflips he snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day adstronaut. Just so you know.

    Jasmine GallagherJasmine GallagherMåned siden
  • Arson is TIGHT

    Maximum MattMaximum MattMåned siden
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that this man recorded himself several times basically doing nothing just to fill that crowd and for our entertainment? Ryan, you’re a legend. Every single one of you.

    João Pedro Calheiros MirandaJoão Pedro Calheiros MirandaMåned siden
  • Shades Ryan on the right of the sea of faces is my fave

    Brad HarrisBrad HarrisMåned siden
  • 2:58 I think I know what the hero does after he does a backflip he snaps the bad guys neck and saves the day, we all know that.

    Majik ButtonMajik ButtonMåned siden
  • There was a Ryan in the background whose head snapped forward the second he lit the fire. Thats some crazy fuckin attention to detail goddamn this mans a legend

    Danny DebitoDanny DebitoMåned siden
  • Message to the adstrnoght After the hero does a backflip he snaps the bad guy’s neck and saves the day Sorry for you trouble with reading :nightmare

    nightmarenightmareMåned siden
  • you are the only one who can make me sit through a sponsered part of a video and make me enjoy it

    Hi ThereHi ThereMåned siden
  • XD the ryans in the back are making me more laugh than the actual sketch.

    Robert FriedrichRobert FriedrichMåned siden
  • Luv how I'm guessing the "stoner" Ryan 2 the left falls asleep then Wales up slightly startled & starts smiling like he knew wut was happening the whole time. I been there lol

    DOCAHK1DOCAHK1Måned siden
  • "and I never find out what happens after the hero does a back flip." X'D

    FiveWayTieFiveWayTieMåned siden
  • I remember when this started. Nowadays lol.......

    Mango TMango TMåned siden
  • My gosh all the RYANS!!

    The crazed ChihuahuaThe crazed ChihuahuaMåned siden
  • Hold up a lighter? Is that a thing?

    PKMN Trainer MarkPKMN Trainer MarkMåned siden
  • I love how the Ryan on the left falls asleep, during this whole thing

    BrenyattaBrenyattaMåned siden
  • Whoops

    The curse of DimensionalityThe curse of DimensionalityMåned siden
  • I love how he puts the ad at the end of his video and somehow still gets me to watch them

    serenablack1991serenablack1991Måned siden
  • Don't worry he did a backflip snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day

    TXBC 3000TXBC 3000Måned siden
  • 0:37 lmao

    Aaron EleyAaron EleyMåned siden
  • Why is his iris just straight up white! Maybe blue, but i can’t tell

    GooseDoesThings ‘GooseDoesThings ‘Måned siden
  • "for me, you, everybody everybody" okay..thats pretty well placed :D

    NeakasNeakasMåned siden
  • Ryan on stage looks kind of like Markiplier

    Joey FehlJoey FehlMåned siden
  • I had no idea people did this...

    Chase Films ProductionsChase Films ProductionsMåned siden
  • The guy in the background who kinda looks like Ryan George is pretty observant.

    AllYourPieAllYourPieMåned siden
  • I love how the blue shirt Ryan in the background looks at him when he lights the lighter like "woah, whats that guy doing over there"

    Cosmic SaiCosmic SaiMåned siden
  • If you haven't about "The first guy to drink cow milk"...LOL

    Rodger BroadwayRodger BroadwayMåned siden
  • 3:00 he breaks the bad guys neck!

    AceAceMåned siden
  • semihemidemisemiquaver

    NinjaKTONinjaKTOMåned siden
  • What about hard boiled

    Bumbo 3184Bumbo 3184Måned siden
  • Jesus loves u all so much

    I LIKE BEANS!!I LIKE BEANS!!Måned siden
  • thats so specific uh.

    angyangyMåned siden
  • Singer Ryan is kind of a dick

    Rick SanchezRick SanchezMåned siden