The First Guy To Ever Go Camping

7. jan.. 2021
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  • Ryan with a hat looks like dollar store MrBeast

    Anto_SZAnto_SZ30 minutter siden
  • He should do the first person to be a Boy Scout!

    f l o w e rf l o w e rTime siden
  • Me every time I have to go camping.

    Restless BearRestless Bear5 timer siden
  • Theory: *The first guy to...* that appears in Ryans videos is actually a sociopathic alien who crashed on Earth many years ago that has the ability to shapeshift. The alien was very curious about every human activities like dreaming,sleeping,kidnapping,getting q job,punching someone and he quickly processed the mentality of humans and now he will manipulate every person who appears in his way.

    kool vludkool vlud7 timer siden
  • I love this channel

    Raees SattarRaees Sattar8 timer siden
  • First guy to do a murder on someone?

    protostarprotostar9 timer siden
  • That tent should be super easy to assemble, barely an inconvenience.

    JamesThames1987JamesThames198711 timer siden
  • .....An awful lot more people are going to be doing this then there already are, but not voluntarily......

    James JordanJames Jordan13 timer siden
  • That why I only go camping if there are bathrooms /showers

    ChocolateChocolate15 timer siden
  • Love the bugs flying around. Nice work!

    L. BakerL. Baker18 timer siden
  • Definetly better for your back lol

    David BallardDavid Ballard18 timer siden
  • dont ever let ryan say "I decided" if you see him in public, because that phrase carries more weight and influence than the word of god

    PewPewsAlotePewPewsAlote20 timer siden
  • “Where do we poop exactly?” We do not speak of it

    The godly ODD TRASH CANThe godly ODD TRASH CAN20 timer siden
  • Is this one of those murder things were you do a murder That got me dying 😂😂😂

    mew walley gacha Roblox & moremew walley gacha Roblox & more21 time siden
  • Canadians fight outside of an ice rink? I need to know.

    Dee MDee M22 timer siden

    Dee MDee M22 timer siden
  • -2:44

    It’s Gordon9000!It’s Gordon9000!22 timer siden
  • Yo Ryan, Video idea: First guy to ever open an Escape room I can just imagine, "So, you're paying to lock us up?" "Yep, And youre gonna have to get out" "That sounds Like something illegal"

    Joseph KillianJoseph KillianDag siden
  • "So i thought it would be a great idea for us to live in nature for one or two days just so we could appreciate it" "Oh i see, so are we gonna take the trash we left behind?" "I'm gonna need you to get aaaaaaall the way off my back about that one"

    Crispy and SpicyCrispy and SpicyDag siden
  • 1:09 they can’t get through the fabric unless they wanted to do that...😂🤣

    SnappleSteve 123SnappleSteve 123Dag siden
  • Yo could you please do "First Guy to Sing"

    monkeys r 4 bananasmonkeys r 4 bananasDag siden
  • The first person to be religious

    BruhchairBruhchairDag siden
  • Don’t read this comment I told u don’t read but please don’t scroll down Don’t read anymore! Why are u still reading Soo..... While ur still here I Like Bananas 🍌 That’s not important If u school on...... U should sub to me Oh wait One more thing Here’s a cookie :) Love urself Ur beautiful :) have a good year Here’s a present A cookie 🍪 Ur welcome

    I Love MemesI Love MemesDag siden
  • You sun of a gun, I’m in Well if he’s in I’m out Well if he’s out I’m still out THATS NOT HELPFUL well if he’s out I’m in That pretty much sums up the Ryan universe

    I Love MemesI Love MemesDag siden
  • Do one about school

    Thomas FabianThomas FabianDag siden
  • First person to have sleep paralysis and hypnic jerks

    P JXP JXDag siden
  • "So like where do we poop exactly?" And that's where things truly fell apart...

    Big DBig DDag siden
  • First guy to get sick you should make

    Bob HossBob HossDag siden
  • I really wanna see "the first guy to ever pray"

    Gion OjoGion OjoDag siden
  • Omg I recently just started watching your videos and I'm obsessed lol keep up the GREAT work

    Molly WoodallMolly WoodallDag siden
  • he makes camping sound so BAD! (Which it is. Sry to people who think it's fun. This video is my proof that camping sucks. That red polka-squared guy is my type of guy.)

    Kaarthik NagaKaarthik NagaDag siden
  • Where’s the future is dumb?

    TheOdd1sOutFanTheOdd1sOutFanDag siden
  • Video idea i have. The first guy to drink milk

    YodaYodaDag siden
  • You not swatting the mosquitoes away constantly REALLY bothered me 😅😂😂😂

    Questionnaire Inc.Questionnaire Inc.2 dager siden
  • First Person to have a lot of money starring Mr Beast because good grief Ryan and Jimmy look so alike!

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI2 dager siden
  • we need “i’ve decided” merch

    Haya KhatibHaya Khatib2 dager siden
  • First guy to ever play a video game That would be a good skit

    Gabe FountainGabe Fountain2 dager siden
  • Wow nice, this channel was at around 300k less than a year ago. 👍🏾 It never caught my eye but seeing it getting close to a million now is pretty cool😎

    Black HulkBlack Hulk2 dager siden
  • He's definitly do a murder today, but with the bity things that buzz and suck your blood

    FlashbackFlashback2 dager siden
  • Ryan 1: What's this pole thing? Ryan 2: I don't know! I thought we could catch fish with it.

    J Movies & MediaJ Movies & Media2 dager siden
  • First person to swear ...and dress as like Shakespeare or something.

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI2 dager siden
  • The fact they're never in un-modern clothes proves this is another dimension at least.

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI2 dager siden
  • The first person to sarcasm

    DeerDeer2 dager siden
  • 1:01 for a sec there I thought he's gonna say "No' its actually super easy, barely an inconvenience" :(

    Amirhesam YazdiAmirhesam Yazdi2 dager siden
  • Video idea : The first guy to ever go bald

    Bald SkeppyBald Skeppy2 dager siden
  • Then he did a backflip, cut the bear's neck and saved his life

    Saket SurveSaket Surve2 dager siden
  • Hey Ryan your my favorite NOworld I love the pitch meetings and this channel is so funny Its going to be hard for you to see this Comment

    Noah BowmanNoah Bowman2 dager siden
  • Do a first guy to ever skydive

    BenBen2 dager siden
  • My son suggests that you should do “the first kid to ever get homework”

    Michael DrzalMichael Drzal2 dager siden
  • This guy provides original funny content he deserves more subs

    blitzoblitzo2 dager siden
  • Hey Ryan, do: "the first guy to run"

    Joe BergerJoe Berger2 dager siden
  • I love videos that I watch and I want to "like" more than once because they keep on making me laugh. This was one of those. Thanks man!

    Rob BishopRob Bishop2 dager siden
  • You should do the first woman to ever have twins 👇 like if you agree!

    Pastel RobloxPastel Roblox2 dager siden

    Banana-ChanBanana-Chan2 dager siden
  • You should make a "first group work" I dont actually know what it would be called but it would be funny

    barnacle boi lolbarnacle boi lol3 dager siden
  • Can you do a "The first guy to ever write a will"?

    Loui&MeLoui&Me3 dager siden
  • First guy to become a sports fan. Thumbnail: I bleed blue an white. Content topics: Tailgating, superstitions, dressing up for game.

    Nick CookNick Cook3 dager siden
    • First guy to ever sing: guy one: u why are u talking loudly guy 2: I'm not well I am talking loudly but in a different way

      DebDeb3 dager siden
  • You should do 1st person to snore. That would be hilarious

    JimmyAndJohnnyPodcastJimmyAndJohnnyPodcast3 dager siden
    • Suggestion: the first person to ever use a gun, thumbnail: "This thing makes red water come out of you"

      DebDeb3 dager siden
  • I thought I was the only one that felt that way about camping.

    Adan RaynerAdan Rayner3 dager siden
  • Here is the First Guy to Drink Milk: -Hey have you tried this white stuff? It came out of that zebra over there it's pretty good. -what, that isn't a zebra. -sorry still getting used to what animals are, but hey try this. -what is it? -it's the white stuff that came out of that zebra. -ok, not a zebra and how did you get this stuff? -well i walked toward the zebra -pls stop calling it that -i saw these things hanging down at the bottom. -idk why you decided to look there. -and you know i decided to play around with them, the zebra seemed to like that. -oh my god. -yeah it made a noise for a sec -a noise? -yeah like "moo" -i think that was a cow -but then when i pulled on it -WHY DID YOU PULL ON IT? -idk then this white stuff came out. -i think that's not supposed to happen. -idk but i kept doing it -WHY? -so i could see if it was working -i think you broke it -probably -are you drinking it? -yeah i decided to drink the stuff -you are an insane person, i think they need to put you in a room for what you did -well if they got any of this stuff in that room sign me up. Cuz this stuff is delicious -really? -yeah, i mean it could be better tho. -how so? -well it's kind of hot outside, so i don't think this would be good to have hot. -oh so you wanna chill it maybe? -yeah yeah yeah -oh ok -well except maybe boil it first -boil it then chill it? -yeah yeah yeah - but why? -well i could see little things swimming around in there, btw i have like super vision. -ok? -anyway I figured boil this stuff to kill those swimming things, but then chill it so i can drink it -seems like a lot of work, will people be on board with that? -oh yeah totally. You know how we have cookies? -yeah we always had those. Our grandmas make them. -mine too. But you know how she makes a lot? -yeah too many -yeah and forces you to eat EVERY SINGLE ONE or she'll make you feel bad? -well yeah she made them and i don't want her to think she is bad at cooking. -yeah but too many cookies leaves your mouth messy. -oh yeah it gets stuck in places and i try to say stuff but it doesn't sound right. -yeah yeah yeah -so where are you going with this? -i was thinking maybe we drink this stuff to you know get rid of that mess? -couldn't any other drink work like water? Water could do the same thing. -well yeah but then the cookie tastes bad with water. It just feels like mush. -so this white stuff doesn't turn it to mush? -no it still does, but like it tastes better. -well if you say so. -yeah i think this could catch on, maybe so much that people will leave this stuff out for Santa. -who? -just another thing i'm working on, you'll see. -very ominous but ok. -so yeah go ahead try some. -mmm that's not bad. -right? -i feel bad in my stomach tho. -oh do you wanna stop? -no. Actually i want more pls? All the time. -omg

  • "HEY EVERYONE, I go camping a lot!" *~ 60% of comments*

    calosbaboscalosbabos3 dager siden
  • Can you make the first guy to ever make/use a gun

    Putra EfenddyPutra Efenddy3 dager siden
  • I'm not one for conspiracy but he's gotta be trying to teach Mark Zuckerberg about humans.

    Jace ChapinJace Chapin3 dager siden
  • Guy one: Hey uh police guy, I hit this other guy and he isn’t moving. First guy to murder

    Connor WellerConnor Weller3 dager siden
    • Police: how is he not moving? Guy one: well u see I used this weird sharp thing on him and now red water is coming out of him

      DebDeb3 dager siden
  • Do "The first guy to ever ride a Roller Coaster"

    Sébastien GaudetteSébastien Gaudette3 dager siden
  • In regards to the bear, the tent is about as much of an inconvenience as the wrapper on a Snickers bar.

    PynaeganPynaegan3 dager siden
  • these guys stole one of your catchphrases FYI

    Randon WilstonRandon Wilston3 dager siden
  • Make "first guy to ever go hunting"

    Chives the ButlerChives the Butler3 dager siden
  • We gotta get of our devices a bit. WTF NOBODY TOLD ME DEVICES WERE MADE BEFORE CAMPING

    the savagethe savage3 dager siden
  • DAY 604 of asking Ryan to do The first person to ever own a treehouse

    JOEDOGJOEDOG3 dager siden
  • Do the first person to ever sleep

    Obi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounderObi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounder3 dager siden
  • Idea: The first guy to see his reflection.

    Rockfall 214Rockfall 2143 dager siden
  • Well then how will the fart escape What he was thinking: I didn’t plan for this but I guess I’ll just say that they won’t

    MEtimeMEtime3 dager siden
  • Love the added shaky cam

    Sturdy enough To swingSturdy enough To swing3 dager siden
  • I always laugh more when someone says "fire" in these. You probably think I'm evil too.

    SheepyboySheepyboy3 dager siden
  • hey ryan, this is gonna sound dark compared to the vibe of the videos, but when I'm in a really bad headspace, I love to binge on your stuff/the same old pitch meetings and then the sun rises and whoops I watched a ton of these and the night is over and I'm kinda sorta happy now

    Tales ExtraTales Extra3 dager siden
  • Hi hello Ryan I freakin love your outro music I would enjoy enjoying it for hours, just hearing the same air vibrations over and over again while cooking cookies makes me think about good stuff, do you have any idea where I can found an eternal version of that pleasing vibrations ? Love what you do man keep it up!

    Pierre NicolaidisPierre Nicolaidis4 dager siden
  • The First guy to start a riot

    Tehman93Tehman934 dager siden
  • Has anyone noticed he has purple eye color.

    Miha KooMiha Koo4 dager siden
  • Iv been subed for almost 3 years. So pin my comment

    Potato GuyPotato Guy4 dager siden
  • 595,671th

    James CoffmanJames Coffman4 dager siden
  • *pulls out tent* "Wuuuut"

    LaTasha BrownLaTasha Brown4 dager siden
  • We're gonna do this every year now, I decided

    LBentFor LeatherLBentFor Leather4 dager siden
  • This notification just said you uploaded this but I allready watched it like 4 days ago

    Franklin SchmidtFranklin Schmidt4 dager siden
  • I live on the third floor of an apartment thing. That means I have walls and a whole bunch of top parts over my head so I don't have to go outside and hopefully no bears live on one of the other top parts over my head.

    Steve McKinnonSteve McKinnon4 dager siden
  • Every video he makes is hilarious

    Blair RodningBlair Rodning4 dager siden
  • Suggestion: The first guy to be a scammer/scammed

    JetProjectJetProject4 dager siden
  • my mind too about camping it doesnt make sence

    noonespecialnoonespecial4 dager siden
  • -So what's hiking? - Well, you get out on nature and then you walk. - ... And? - And also we will be walking. A lot. - Would there at least be roads? - No, no roads, and frankly, sometimes there may not be even a way forward, so we would have to backtrack a little. - Ok. But at least it's not a long distance, right? - We will be walking for hours. - For hours?! - Yes. And we can't set up camp unless we find a water source, so if there isn't one around, we'll have to walk through the night. - God, that's awful, can't you just not walk sometimes? - Well, you can sure, but there is no way for any kind of transport, so if you want to get from point A to point B, you gotta walk. - Okay... - While wearing at least 10 kgs on your shoulders, probably, likely, more. Much more. - Why would you do this? - Oh, yeah, have I told you about mountain climbing?

    nETbKaHnETbKaH4 dager siden
    • Also, let me tell you about that one time two bears used me as a football.

      nETbKaHnETbKaH4 dager siden
  • If he's in I'm out, if he's out I'm in

    Comic-Topia New MexicoComic-Topia New Mexico4 dager siden
  • Are you gonna do a murder on me?

    Atheist GamerAtheist Gamer4 dager siden
  • This guy in the red shirt is exactly me when people say it's okay to go camping.

    Le Monde de ChrisLe Monde de Chris4 dager siden
  • This is what I thought when it comes to camping.

    Johnathan HolmesJohnathan Holmes4 dager siden
  • Ryan: how many bugs should I edit in? Ryan: _yes_

    Laura KayeLaura Kaye4 dager siden
  • The first guy to ever find magnets...

    RadMarshmallow AnimationsRadMarshmallow Animations4 dager siden
  • Petition to get Ryan more subs than Screen Rant

    BlockBreaker88BlockBreaker884 dager siden
  • Haha they think camping is just for hanging out but its actually to perform dark rituals

    AFAF4 dager siden
  • So do you ever get help doing these

    Rhys BinneyRhys Binney4 dager siden
  • The First Guy To Ever Eat Icecream “Wanna try this.. Frozen thing?” “....Sure?” “Oh woww!” “It has so much flavour” “What is this?” “I’d like to call it.. Ice.. Cream?” “Who made thi-“ “Get out now”

    SamomariSamomari4 dager siden
  • How old are you Ryan??

    Pro NetworkPro Network4 dager siden
    • He's 31

      Jo JoJo Jo4 dager siden