The First Guy To Ever Get Drunk

27. juli. 2020
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Good news I found my super old berries, they tasted like fire.

  • Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George5 måneder siden
    • For the record, you're the ONLY youtuber, that I watch the entire commercial sponser thingee...

      Bryan HarrisonBryan HarrisonMåned siden
    • How do you make me not skip the sponsors part but actually want to see what you're going to do with it?

      rise4811rise4811Måned siden
    • U should do the first guy to ever make art 😂

      TGR TrooperTGR TrooperMåned siden
    • Lol if the berries was rotten he would be drunk lol

      Real pop cat CatReal pop cat Cat2 måneder siden
    • The adstronaut portions somehow manage to be as entertaining as the videos... sign of a God tier content creator

      Ancient EntityAncient Entity3 måneder siden
  • ......yeah, okay I’m in

    A CA C15 timer siden
  • What about the frist guy to ever make a video about the frist guy that have ever done anything

    José Ricardo JúniorJosé Ricardo Júnior18 timer siden
  • titty?

    BradyBradyDag siden
  • "sWeEt CAroLiNe. Ba bA b-" -ryan george 2020

    Jack HutchinsJack Hutchins2 dager siden
  • When I watched this it was on 1,222,223 views and I am so annoyed

    Samuel_Gaming_123Samuel_Gaming_1232 dager siden
  • He is so good at the illusion that there's two people in the room

    Katie HelmsKatie Helms2 dager siden
  • Flim-phlegm is shredded!

    Pablo NevesPablo Neves2 dager siden
  • Watching drunk people is tight.

    Mac GuffinMac Guffin2 dager siden
  • POV: he actally got drunk to film this

    Noobie DevNoobie Dev2 dager siden
  • Ba- Ba- Baaa!

    Deej EhDeej Eh2 dager siden
  • Tittty?

    Version 0.111Version 0.1112 dager siden
  • I wish florpflap was just Ryan with a green filter on

    LeatherKingLeatherKing2 dager siden
  • Agreeing on drinking again while still hungover, how true

    Jessé FerreiraJessé Ferreira3 dager siden
  • This is how Noah got drunk

    Kevin ZebuaKevin Zebua3 dager siden
  • "What's your poison?" Ah! I get it.

    RyonisticRyonistic4 dager siden
  • Omg this is incredible!

    Fossil StudiosFossil Studios4 dager siden
  • Have to give a like for the somg of my people- sweet Caroline

    Russell LopesRussell Lopes4 dager siden
  • Where can I find a shirt that says sign me up for poison?

    Michael GoldmaneMichael Goldmane4 dager siden
  • "I've known you for years" Indeed

    Mika25797 HDMika25797 HD4 dager siden
  • I just noticed after the 17 hour transition a cone that wasn’t there before appears lol

    Omar TahaOmar Taha4 dager siden
  • The very first person who had sex

    Count DainCount Dain4 dager siden
  • 0:11 this reminds me of the berries vine

    YouCuber HDYouCuber HD6 dager siden
  • the knocked over trafic cone in the end was a nice touch ^^

    GirlPaintingGirlPainting7 dager siden
  • im going to turn to alchoholism

    SadistFurret420SadistFurret4207 dager siden
  • Well if he's in, I'm out.

    FitnessUnchainedFitnessUnchained7 dager siden
  • And then the drunk man did a backflip, snapped the bad guy's neck and saved the day!

    Pingu the monsterPingu the monster7 dager siden
  • I wish we could stay alcohol consumption from public knowledge. It would be great for humans to forget.

    Stephen WheelerStephen Wheeler7 dager siden
  • Why is every one of these videos sponsored

    vilelemonvilelemon8 dager siden
  • If he is in... I'm in.

    Martin LiguoriMartin Liguori8 dager siden
  • There is 1 mistake, first wine was smth like 5000 - 6000 years ago and they who invented it weren’t talking on english

    SHADOWSHADOW9 dager siden
    • And there wasn’t houses like that

      SHADOWSHADOW9 dager siden
  • And then he punched the bad guy did a backflip and saved the day

    GraySlime GuyGraySlime Guy9 dager siden
  • If u havent do first man to smoke a cigarette

    Brittany HerndonBrittany Herndon10 dager siden
  • how many t's?Lol

    Luke ThorsenLuke Thorsen10 dager siden
  • *Titty?*

    Soviet GMNGSoviet GMNG10 dager siden
  • dont you need to add alcohol to let wine make you drunk?

    Pippip GamingPippip Gaming11 dager siden
  • You should do a "the first person to smoke weed" i feel like he would make that hilarious

    bobthebillablebobthebillable11 dager siden
  • As someone who can’t drink b/c of health issues, this is so relatable. 🤣🤣

    Tiedyed OwlTiedyed Owl11 dager siden
  • Which ones the drunk one?

    joblessalexjoblessalex12 dager siden
  • 2021: 43

    Alexandra DelliouAlexandra Delliou12 dager siden
  • Considering that there're men of similar age to you who've lost nearly all their hair, you don't look to me like someone who should be saying you have a problem...

    Laxey StuLaxey Stu12 dager siden
  • Why does the dunk guy sound Canadian? Is it because he's super polite?

    Liz Real Girl BeautyLiz Real Girl Beauty13 dager siden
  • my uncle actually did steal a traffic cone once

    b boib boi13 dager siden
  • giorgi

    Gio SonGio Son13 dager siden
  • Did anyone else hear him say skitch

    AnimalYTAnimalYT13 dager siden
  • My mom loves the rotten berry stuff! She won't stop drinking it!! Thanks Ryan for inventing it!

    SnoozinSnoozin13 dager siden
  • Alternate title: first Russian to exist

    C4KEMANC4KEMAN13 dager siden
  • I love how this sketch points out everything illogical about alcohol consumption. I despise alcohol to an almost irrational degree, just on principle (also it tastes repulsive), and I feel like this video explains the "almost" in that statement.

    Wandergirl108Wandergirl10813 dager siden
  • 2:12 best part

    Barney G506Barney G50614 dager siden
  • Why is He Attacking me about the Street Cones

    Brendalo RodriguezBrendalo Rodriguez14 dager siden
  • I just ate a Taco Bell taco and now I'm drinking Gatorade and going to sleep.

    GalaxyRaeGalaxyRae14 dager siden
  • Sine me up sine u up for posin

    Michael WileyMichael Wiley14 dager siden
  • Titty?

    HALO300GEAR !HALO300GEAR !14 dager siden
  • This is how i am and im sober

    Juocy JayJuocy Jay14 dager siden
  • You’re so funny

    Lilly FloodgateLilly Floodgate14 dager siden
  • Please can you do first to build a robot please

    Lilly FloodgateLilly Floodgate14 dager siden
  • Hey it's not a good night unless you get a traffic cone

    Jennifer ErcegJennifer Erceg14 dager siden
  • Imagine what the neighbors think

    IHaveCurvySpineIHaveCurvySpine15 dager siden
  • He said he could do a backflip, and the other guy doubted him, so He did a backflip, snapped the other guy’s neck, and saved the day

    PengtropicaPengtropica16 dager siden
  • Pog

    _ AZZOOME __ AZZOOME _17 dager siden
  • Titty ?

    thebabyoda 33thebabyoda 3317 dager siden
  • You should have used Dyonisus in this 😆😂

    jeremy natolijeremy natoli18 dager siden
  • “If you have to spell the word ‘titty’ how many T’s you put in that, umm, shit...” 😂😂😂

    Trey BestTrey Best18 dager siden
  • "I texted her titty question mark, she'll know what it means." What does it mean I wanna knowww

    madi lynnmadi lynn19 dager siden
  • Can we just appreciate the fact that he makes the start not 20 minutes long when talking about sponsors and just says, "its at the end of the video" and then after the video he makes the ad enjoyable so you actually want to watch it

    Bassy x GrelleBassy x Grelle19 dager siden
  • Then he snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day

    Julian ServantesJulian Servantes19 dager siden
  • this feels super relevant as i just drank myself into 2021 and whew i definitely know i never wanna drink again (but absolutely will be)

    idlesnctidlesnct19 dager siden

    Aiden RoederAiden Roeder19 dager siden
  • Tittttte.

    Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson19 dager siden
  • I like drunk Ryan George. He makes senses to me. Also, while I don't want to compete with your advertisers, we still do live in a capitalistic society. So I would like to say that I sell a line of razors that you can use to shave off what's left of your hair and say, "f*** it." It's easier not to have any hair anyway.

    Scott SandsScott Sands19 dager siden
  • .

    MichaelMichael20 dager siden
  • There is a traffic cone on the sidewalk behind him at the end..🤣

    Ravens MoonRavens Moon20 dager siden
  • Why has no one commented about his drunk acting he nailed it

    KobeS4KobeS420 dager siden
  • Wait but what did she say I want to know

    Epic nameEpic name21 dag siden
  • i like da *ads-stronaut*

    Ho Nha-linhHo Nha-linh21 dag siden
  • I started balding at 42 years so the jokes on you Adstronaut!

    Röss ÅkeRöss Åke21 dag siden
  • B

    Head HunterHead Hunter21 dag siden
  • 3:08 you can see the traffic cone in the background Lmao

    Mason CMason C21 dag siden
  • I just saw 69k likes lol

    Smitha RajSmitha Raj22 dager siden
  • Usually I feel bad like in general, like a general rule, but now I feel great.. I love poison brain chemicals :)

    IdunnoIdunno22 dager siden
  • why do all your videos have 69k likes? 😂

    Darmi GamesDarmi Games22 dager siden
  • Everyone knows what "titty?" Means

    Boppo JrBoppo Jr22 dager siden
  • 69k likes the third time on this channel

    YuviTheBoiYuviTheBoi23 dager siden
  • lmfao why does he ALWAYS look stoned in every video lmfaooo

    Lisa keyLisa key23 dager siden
  • "Usually I feel bad like just in general as a general rule"

    XFYRE 127XFYRE 12723 dager siden
  • So that's my dad got that random traffic cone...

    MarginisMarginis23 dager siden
  • U wanna see me do a backflip? 🤣

    mooser atbmooser atb24 dager siden
  • I was the 69,272nd

  • Man your videos are amazing. I just like how you put ideas in such a unique perspective.

    Archit bajpaiArchit bajpai24 dager siden
  • Did he get ex titty?

    TheFriendliestGamerTheFriendliestGamer25 dager siden
  • This is very good drunk acting.

    akmunchkinakmunchkin26 dager siden
  • cool, my sound is caroline :D

    the bare necessitiesthe bare necessities27 dager siden
    • you should give me credit if you use my sound!

      the bare necessitiesthe bare necessities27 dager siden
  • Gdamn you're annoying, but I can't seem to get enough of your videos

    jean vellajean vella27 dager siden
  • It was almost “Teetotaler explains why they choose to not drink,” until the end.

    wish upon a dreamwish upon a dream28 dager siden
  • 🎼 Hey there, Georgey Guy Ryan through the sky, so fancy free 🎶

    Mr Mojo MajesticMr Mojo Majestic28 dager siden
  • 0.47 "Are you feeling ok... you're kind of acting like you're not yourself..." "It's because I'm actually acting MYSELF... "Did I let slip that we are actually one and the same person... whoopsie!!!" 🤭🤣

    Claire BamberClaire Bamber28 dager siden
  • Why not do “First Guy to Smoke”? “Yeah, I think I’m just going to breathe smoke into my lungs.”

    LadyClassicalLadyClassical29 dager siden
  • Even the drunk people are logical in Ryan’s videos

    British BlueberryBritish Blueberry29 dager siden
  • Plot twist: he is a drunk and they made a video about it

    Ali YoussefAli Youssef29 dager siden
  • "What? I didn't text my ex- oh noooo." Absolutely loved it 🤣

    Martyn CurrillMartyn Currill29 dager siden