The First Guy To Ever Celebrate Christmas

13. des.. 2019
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Christmas is the great time of year when an old man breaks in and leaves you stuff because it's someone's birthday (but not yours)

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  • Why is everyone bullying my beautiful baby boy

    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • I just wasted 500th reply.. how do u feel

      Nemanja LjubicNemanja Ljubic7 dager siden
    • Huh

      Mahran IslamMahran Islam21 dag siden
    • idk

      Super MarioSuper Mario27 dager siden
    • idk

      Super MarioSuper Mario27 dager siden
    • idk

      Super MarioSuper Mario27 dager siden
  • Baby Ryan has a mustache

    Yasmine MYasmine MTime siden
  • Dear god, never do that baby thing again. OK no, do it.

    Jörgen KarlssonJörgen Karlsson10 timer siden
  • "Shopping for watches is hard". Actually..........................

    Vegan ManVegan Man21 time siden
  • Haha

    SkyOnOsuSkyOnOsu23 timer siden
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh, scary

    chazzthepukekochazzthepukekoDag siden
  • The dad's story is sketchier than his son's mouth.

    Erik DavisErik DavisDag siden
  • Okay dad 😁 Okay dad😁😁

    Chronic AnubisChronic AnubisDag siden
  • The kid is ✨GOALS✨

    Izuku MidoriaIzuku MidoriaDag siden
  • "I scared you huh ...." NO THE KID SCARED ME !!! XD

    NotASpyReallyNotASpyReally2 dager siden
  • Worse than ice age baby

    The MournerThe Mourner3 dager siden
  • Those teeth

  • While everyone else is talking about his ’son’, I'll be chilling here loving the plot of this sketch.

    1 AM1 AM3 dager siden
  • Your son is terrifying I’m sorry but I only speak the truth

    LittlesLittleBearSpotty AnimalsLittlesLittleBearSpotty Animals4 dager siden
  • I was the 1 millionth view

    Yifan WuYifan Wu4 dager siden

    DeathStalker1499DeathStalker14994 dager siden
  • That child is gonna haunt my nightmares

    smiling psychosmiling psycho4 dager siden
  • why does the son have a beard????

    the square root of seventhe square root of seven4 dager siden
  • What did Mike Tyson do to that poor boy's teeth? Lmao💀🤣

    Zachias NobleZachias Noble5 dager siden
  • Ryan George's son is just a Snapchat filter on ryan like if you agree

    Muhammad MughalMuhammad Mughal5 dager siden
  • The kids teeth

    Bewear129Bewear1295 dager siden
  • That kid is so creepy

    Ana WiederAna Wieder5 dager siden
  • Shaveclub ad would been genius

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez6 dager siden
  • That kid *FREAKS ME OUT* honest- worse than most shit i seen!

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez6 dager siden
  • Good god ... what is that 😂😂 ummm. A little scary

    Turquoise BubblesTurquoise Bubbles6 dager siden
  • His son has a beard. Nice

    Mr. RiddleMr. Riddle6 dager siden
  • Ur baby boy is so beautiful

    Anna HostettlerAnna Hostettler7 dager siden
    • Lol

      Anna HostettlerAnna Hostettler7 dager siden
  • We shall call him. Sata- *cough cough*. Santa. Yes santa.

    A Rezerd the mageA Rezerd the mage7 dager siden
  • I'm gonna have nightmares for a long time, so yeah, thanks for that, I guess.

    Łukasz WilkŁukasz Wilk7 dager siden
  • I just found out that Chris kringle isn't real

    Amish abdussalamAmish abdussalam7 dager siden
  • BLOOD!!!!

    Zak LuckZak Luck7 dager siden
  • I'm sorry, but your child is kinda terifying

    -Reaper--Reaper-7 dager siden
  • This was amazing

    EmeraldEmerald8 dager siden
  • I'm gonna put a tree inside the house I've decided

    SarcasmSarcasm9 dager siden
  • I legit screamed when I saw the kid! XD Holy fuck I had to cover my eyes for the rest of the video! I actually feel super uncomfortable

    Jon MercanoJon Mercano9 dager siden
  • Nightmare inducing child

    Oneil DavisOneil Davis9 dager siden
  • Parents hate him to this day

    Roki-kunRoki-kun9 dager siden
  • Cute baby 1000%. Let's just hope we never see him again

    flix. jakeflix. jake10 dager siden
  • If only everyone had this kind of boss

    TopGamer 512TopGamer 51210 dager siden
  • Ryans boy has anime girl eyes, but is still horrendously ugly. Huh.

    ToastyToasty10 dager siden
  • I thought the first person to to celebrate Christmas was Jesus-

    gacha travelergacha traveler11 dager siden
  • I don't celebrate Christmas for religion I celebrate it for giving and family

    luckyfox bearluckyfox bear11 dager siden
  • All I can think about with child Ryan is “blood”

    Ravens MoonRavens Moon11 dager siden
  • It's fun when when you open the playlist and not look at the title and try to guess what it is going to be about

    Anirudh PKAnirudh PK11 dager siden
  • That’s a face not even a birthday dude could love

    CryosaurianCryosaurian11 dager siden
  • why does your son hurt to look at

    HumterHumter11 dager siden
  • Santa is based of saint Nicklaus who gave money to porr pepole.

    Kevin dragon hunterKevin dragon hunter11 dager siden
  • Co Cola: Ya I would like that idea, you know that's mine now.

    Cosmic WonderhoofCosmic Wonderhoof12 dager siden
  • Young you looks creepy

    suthiratt limchaiyawatsuthiratt limchaiyawat12 dager siden
  • 0:50 i will never sleep normal again

    TentroTentro12 dager siden

    Ryan PeacockRyan Peacock13 dager siden
  • This is the best video ever

    RyBloxRyBlox13 dager siden
  • I’m scared of baby Ryan

    Iron Brick StudiosIron Brick Studios13 dager siden
  • Acctually the first guy to celebrate it was the shepherds that the angel cam too on jesus' christ's birth thats why it's named (christ)mas.

    80 flames80 flames13 dager siden
  • The coffee it... it doesn't move.

    Coney JoneyConey Joney14 dager siden
  • Who cares about the baby from the ice age just remove this thing

    VentingSine27VentingSine2714 dager siden
  • I was about to say your sketch isn't very interesting and not that funny. Then I realized your point was to terrorize people with your fake son. 😱 They say Andy in Toy Story is scary. NO! Son of Ryan is SCARY!!! Here come the nightmares everyone!

    J Movies & MediaJ Movies & Media14 dager siden
  • I was about to say your sketch isn't very interesting and not that funny. Then I realized your point was to terrorize people with your fake son. 😱 They say Andy in Toy Story is scary. NO! Son of Ryan is SCARY!!! Here cone the Nightmare everyone!

    J Movies & MediaJ Movies & Media14 dager siden
  • Damn, that's one scary baby👀👀

    Himani SethiHimani Sethi15 dager siden
  • here's a fact: *Christmas is Jesus's birthday*

    GoldenD60GoldenD6015 dager siden
    • @Okay Then bruh I'm a Christian that's why 😂

      GoldenD60GoldenD6014 dager siden
  • Holy Goddamn what the fuck is that thing!! Scared the shit out of me!

    theoriginalshewtheoriginalshew15 dager siden
  • I think...... I think.... I think I am going to have literal nightmares at the age of 13 about that demon child.

    That Kid Who Can DrawThat Kid Who Can Draw15 dager siden
  • I know that just a filter of you but your son is terrifying

    The Relaxing BenThe Relaxing Ben15 dager siden
  • I'm afraid I can't purchase that watch. I'm a mear boy.I ain't even 16

    yeetsiryeetsir15 dager siden
  • Honey... how much meth as I supposed to give the baby? Wha...? Meth. Yeah. Wait. What’s form-u-la?

    Mark SheldonMark Sheldon16 dager siden
  • That baby still gives me nightmares!

    Victor AromaVictor Aroma16 dager siden
  • Child Ryan is the spawn of satan

    The worst MINECRAFT MANIACThe worst MINECRAFT MANIAC16 dager siden
  • do the first guy to ever give a gift

    Kylie CrumpetKylie Crumpet16 dager siden
  • Please stop doing little Ryan, he’s horrifying

    Boarded UpBoarded Up16 dager siden
  • cant stop laughing at that monster 😂

    LMSLMS16 dager siden
  • Did you HAVE to ruin Christmas with an evil creepy hybrid version of yourself, or was it all baby Ryan’s idea?

    Brween AhmedBrween Ahmed16 dager siden
  • He looks cool.

    rapiddrapidd17 dager siden
  • ryan I thought you were better than this

    AckbloxAckblox17 dager siden
  • That child is beautiful, I wish he was mine

    Aedan WrightAedan Wright18 dager siden
  • Chris Chrindges.

    The state leader of skauThe state leader of skau18 dager siden
  • Person in speaker: hello welcome to MacDonalds what may I get for you? Me: May I order a burning child aka Ryan’s “ Beautiful” boy and I Diet Coke Person in speaker: sure that will be 10 dollars and... WAIT WHAT

    Armand DenisArmand Denis18 dager siden
  • I love the son lol

    HimehimelegolegoHimehimelegolego18 dager siden
  • anyone else find this funny

    J RPJ RP18 dager siden
  • Child Ryan: BLOOD!

    MitsukaimigMitsukaimig19 dager siden
  • His son is never gonna be kidnapped

    NuyaNuya19 dager siden
  • I like how the boss has fake coffee in his mug

    Ricky GrubbsRicky Grubbs19 dager siden
  • Sloth from the Goonies had a kid!!!!

    C HillC Hill19 dager siden
  • Child ryan is evidence women shouldn't impregnate themselves using bone marrow.

    TORCHman99TORCHman9920 dager siden
  • that baby boy is the stuff of nightmares

    Robby KunkelRobby Kunkel20 dager siden
  • "Jolly? Is that a word that people say?" This will never not be funny to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    xman txman t20 dager siden
  • That kid gave me the hebee gebees

    Ryan MolinaRyan Molina20 dager siden
  • JESUS CHRIST THAT BABY IS---.........cute. yeah cute?

    May xxMay xx20 dager siden
  • I mean, yeah, if the holiday just appeared without context and weren't the result of thousands of years of cultural evolution celebrating the winter solstice that was then coopted by a Johnny-come-lately religion. Sure.

    PengalenPengalen20 dager siden
  • Your the only 1 that makes Ads fun

    JPG_BARS 617JPG_BARS 61721 dag siden
  • Ryan’s son is fucking terrifying. Thanks for the nightmares, dick!

    ThurstonThurston21 dag siden
  • Merry nightmare fuel...

    D SanD San21 dag siden
  • Have you done one on Christmas decorations or any holiday decor?

    Adam ShultsAdam Shults21 dag siden
  • What was that horrifying child, goblin, creature thing! Truly terrifying

    Theresa DowlingTheresa Dowling21 dag siden
  • I have no problem with your son but I think he needs to go to a dentist, not only does he have only 2-3 teeth but they’re flesh colored.

    Kevin DolanKevin Dolan21 dag siden
  • Who did you marry to make this.... thing

    AdamToonsAdamToons21 dag siden
  • Make sure not to look kid Ryan in the eyes. You might turn to stone.

    Oh_ okOh_ ok22 dager siden
  • Jesus didn't pass away. He lives in my Heart and in your if You Want him. Merry Christmas may your 2021 be beautiful unlike 2020

    Eryk MelgaardEryk Melgaard22 dager siden
  • Why does your son have flesh teeth?

    Tim WeinerTim Weiner23 dager siden
  • Holy shit this was christmascreepy, please don't do this ever again. It will be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    ExorciseYourSoulExorciseYourSoul23 dager siden
  • Good lord that child is going to be in my nightmares 😳 lol 😆

    priceyboy gamingpriceyboy gaming23 dager siden