The First Guy To Ever Be An Artist

10. sep.. 2019
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Hey good news I moved a bunch of colours around on some paper and now it kind of looks like you.
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan GeorgeÅr siden
    • @Kalyan Akula your amazing*

      Reverse NyancatReverse Nyancat19 timer siden
    • You are amazing...

      Kalyan AkulaKalyan Akula23 timer siden
    • @Sabir Rahman Bruv it’s been a year

      Reverse NyancatReverse Nyancat6 dager siden
    • @Reverse Nyancat flip you

      Sabir RahmanSabir Rahman6 dager siden
    • Wasn’t the first artist hitler

      GraySlime GuyGraySlime Guy13 dager siden
  • This video has been disliked by flat earthers

    Evoker PlaysEvoker Plays2 timer siden
  • person 1:*draws apple* person 2:*eats drawing* person 1:*draws person* I don't like where this is headed

    zeemon rollinzeemon rollin10 timer siden
  • Now i want to eat an apple

    B. DB. D12 timer siden
  • Why does he actually kinda look like a different person with and without glasses?

    Disabled PenguinDisabled Penguin21 time siden
  • Fartist

    OzoneGamingOzoneGaming21 time siden
  • I guess you can say Ryan’s good at “sketching”

    Dawdeer200 The greatDawdeer200 The greatDag siden
  • Aren't those the cave men that did that first

    Dragon GarloDragon GarloDag siden
  • I wonder what Arty Painter did since then

    Bar GrossBar Gross2 dager siden
  • how does he get so many sponsors?

    JamieJamie3 dager siden
  • That’s murder they’ll put you in a room for that.

    Super GamerSuper Gamer3 dager siden
  • *why is it only guys who figure out things*

    • A x e l •• A x e l •3 dager siden
  • Please do first person to drink coffee

    RANDO LANERANDO LANE4 dager siden
  • The first person to get a tattoo

    Brayden Munro 2Brayden Munro 24 dager siden
  • Someone may have already said this, but the line about the point of the sunset painting about how with art you can experience that "sunset feeling" whenever you want was actually pretty touching.

    A Stranger LoopA Stranger Loop4 dager siden
  • Do: The first person to use an idiom

    Brayden Munro 2Brayden Munro 24 dager siden
  • The half naked red shirt guy acts like Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai when he encounters technology xD

    GokumonGokumon4 dager siden
  • The fact that this guy keeps track on all the older 1st time video's is amazing. Its the details that make it great

    rubikfan1rubikfan14 dager siden
  • As an artist, this makes me question my existence.

    Alex the ArtistAlex the Artist5 dager siden
  • See I just destroyed you

    Dark Unit42Dark Unit425 dager siden
  • apple

    TheMemeBirdTheMemeBird5 dager siden
  • The drawing of Person doesnt look like him because he's wearing pants in the drawing

    SheepyboySheepyboy5 dager siden
  • You're the best Ryan!

    Florian FaselFlorian Fasel5 dager siden
  • Why is he wearing pants in the drawing?

    NimrodNimrod6 dager siden
  • this is how abstract art became popular

    Kaarthik NagaKaarthik Naga6 dager siden
  • portable sunsets

    D22 23D22 236 dager siden
  • "See, I just destroyed you" has the same energy as Michael Scott's "Boom! Roasted"

    HAMA CANHAMA CAN7 dager siden
  • he drew him with pants........that aint him

    Elizabeth Fujimoto-MazaElizabeth Fujimoto-Maza7 dager siden
  • I am confused

    Noob GamerNoob Gamer7 dager siden
  • kinda feel bad for the guy who paints

    Margaretha SihiteMargaretha Sihite8 dager siden
  • It is weird tbh

    Blox masterBlox master8 dager siden
  • I feel like this is the exact evolution of art

    Father and Son GamesFather and Son Games8 dager siden
  • Marcello Barenghi brought me here

    MatthiasMatthias8 dager siden
  • omg imagine a Ryan George dictionary

    samu8030 samu8030samu8030 samu80308 dager siden
  • A fartist XD

    silme theetaertsilme theetaert8 dager siden
  • We appreciate artist guy imagining forest-bathing guy with pants on for his drawing.

    Tim the EnchanterTim the Enchanter8 dager siden
  • Thinking of getting into the portable sunset business myself actually...

    David EmesDavid Emes8 dager siden
    • Omg good luck!😃

      You TubeYou Tube6 dager siden
  • 1:57 If people wanna look at somebody that looks like me, they can look at me or you; we've got similar.... everything! "Looks down"

    KosmoakKosmoak8 dager siden
  • 0:51 Apples are supposed to taste like apples! Apple:-NOTED.

    KosmoakKosmoak8 dager siden
  • I love the fact that this channel is all about people creating things but the slots use modern english

    The CommenterThe Commenter9 dager siden
  • I can confirm, as a degreed professional artist, that art is indeed stupid and pretentious.

    SeraphsWitnessSeraphsWitness9 dager siden
  • I’m Eating An Apple *COINCEDINCE*

    OntrenEnerusOntrenEnerus9 dager siden
  • ,,Ceci n'est pas une pipe"

    TastyTimyTastyTimy10 dager siden
  • "this apple sucks"

    『uni the first』『uni the first』11 dager siden
  • This guy is the new ryan higa

    AnAbsolute DoggoAnAbsolute Doggo11 dager siden
  • 4:00 that art teacher

    Gron BonGron Bon11 dager siden
  • "Well you seem pretty adamant about it" while talking about the guy not wearing any pants, lol

    TimotiusTimotius11 dager siden
  • New subscriber subbed on two my channels!

    Fluffycat5000 ReactsFluffycat5000 Reacts11 dager siden
  • that is me

    russian poochrussian pooch11 dager siden
  • this was posted in my birthday. and i just now figured it out. i've been watching for quite a while.

    Shadow FireShadow Fire12 dager siden
  • Can you do first person to dance

    Benjamin CookBenjamin Cook13 dager siden
  • You should do something with Daniel Thrasher!!!!

    Dante DiNardiDante DiNardi13 dager siden
  • This dude is soooooo funny

    WolfgirlgamingWolfgirlgaming13 dager siden
  • no one has said anything about the fact that his shirt looks so black it looks edited in

    Shinobi StudiosShinobi Studios13 dager siden
  • Hey, just got here because One Topic at a Time fangirled about you. Your content is really funny and I'm going to binge watch everything.

    Joule PiJoule Pi13 dager siden
  • 1 type of normal coffee is enough

    RandomVideo'sRandomVideo's14 dager siden
  • the first guy to ever draw, drew a better drawing than what i can draw now...

    Duvaughn WeirDuvaughn Weir14 dager siden
  • I was expecting a part on galleries, buying art and museums as well tbh. ”If you like someone’s art you can buy it. But if enough people like the same art, noone can buy it. You can only pay to go to a house and look at it for a while.” 😂😂😂😂

    Super MoosieSuper Moosie14 dager siden
  • fist person to look in a mirror imagine that

    Crafting NerfCrafting Nerf14 dager siden
  • art defined: a portable sunset business

    anshul pandeyanshul pandey15 dager siden
  • “That’s part the apple experience”

    Amazing StudiosAmazing Studios16 dager siden
  • Paid in exposure right?

    TechdraconisTechdraconis16 dager siden
  • “I just destroyed you”

    MaroMaro16 dager siden
  • "i sat alone at home, i thought about you" isnt the title suppose to be *the first guy to ever be gay* ???

    Gül BegümGül Begüm17 dager siden
  • Does Ryan George looks like dead pool

    Mandolorian The bounty HunterMandolorian The bounty Hunter17 dager siden
  • the first guy to ever be a skaterboarder

    FacelesscvmFacelesscvm17 dager siden
  • LOL

    TTVDounutTTVDounut17 dager siden
  • Lolll

    vEmptzvEmptz17 dager siden
  • Art is complicated ;-;

    BL4CK FL4MEBL4CK FL4ME17 dager siden
    • Ye

      dragon master67dragon master6714 dager siden
  • fartist

    IndeksCardIndeksCard17 dager siden
  • Has anyone noticed why they are in the forest..l

    Random ShortyRandom Shorty17 dager siden
  • "Oh I get it. This is like a portable sunset business your starting".

    damaris carrenodamaris carreno17 dager siden
  • "I just destroyed you" "no I'm still good actually" LMAO

    CoinBowl LIVECoinBowl LIVE18 dager siden
  • Is everyone forgetting that he isn't wearing pants.

    The WaffleThe Waffle18 dager siden
  • Fun fact: if u put fun fact more people will read it

    3arth w0rms 773arth w0rms 7718 dager siden
  • 4:18 Ryan, i have a question for you, what is the world’s most attractive thing?

    Vincent SchneiderVincent Schneider18 dager siden
  • Ngl the dude has some pretty good points

    DK01DK0118 dager siden
  • Guy with glasses say:"Art more like fart". Guy without the glasses:"that's inopropiate". Lol...

    Mishmishlucy LucyMishmishlucy Lucy18 dager siden
  • Ghhhjjn

    Abida ShaikhAbida Shaikh18 dager siden
  • This was actually happened in past

    Suraj JhaSuraj Jha18 dager siden
  • Okay, but why is this happening in a forest and why does this forest make me feel a weird nostalgia even though I've never lived near a forest?

    RaccoonRaccoon18 dager siden
  • E

    PickleGrinPickleGrin19 dager siden
  • Stalker

    Yettus YeetusYettus Yeetus19 dager siden
  • "it's about capturing life." "That's murder they will put you in a room for that"

    madi lynnmadi lynn19 dager siden
  • lol

    Reagan CaspersonReagan Casperson19 dager siden
  • Best content ever

    I make crappy AnimationsI make crappy Animations19 dager siden
  • Lol I am the "ad store not"

    zooming craftzooming craft19 dager siden
  • 1:38 Sounds gay to me

    sage willowssage willows19 dager siden
  • New Years was 6 minutes ago...

    AgentFalloutAgentFallout20 dager siden
  • When fake fruits where created: *What do you mean it's not a REAL apple*

    Akio 'WorldAkio 'World20 dager siden
  • Isn't it called a skit?

    Mr. RiddleMr. Riddle20 dager siden
  • 3:56-5:58

    JaC eNJaC eN20 dager siden
  • My name is Ryan and I know when people say the Ryan cinematic universe they mean the channel but I feel like I they talking about me having my own.

    Mama's BoyMama's Boy20 dager siden
  • 1:12 Redditors when they say "No u" for the 280th time.

    FalonthorneFalonthorne20 dager siden
  • I like your video I just figured out I might have a tumor on my head and might have cancer so I'm enjoying life while it lasts

    UFRevaUFReva20 dager siden
  • So my waifus don't taste like waifus... Huh 😭😭🤧

    Kenyon Jason AlaveraKenyon Jason Alavera21 dag siden
  • Ah yes forest bathing

    The crazed ChihuahuaThe crazed Chihuahua21 dag siden
  • In all the videos I’ve watched of yours, you seem pretty annoyed with yourself and might have a multiple possibility disorder. You should make see someone about it and while you’re at it, make a video of “The first guy to see a psychologist”

    Avimech 85Avimech 8521 dag siden
  • *When he shows his sunset watercolor* If I was still in first grade:Hold my 🖌

    Sketchy RoseSketchy Rose21 dag siden
  • *me realizing that he single handily started WWI and WWII* (This a joke btw)

    BNU 298BNU 29821 dag siden