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5. april. 2021
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thank you guys so much for everything, you all changed my life whether you know it or not

  • Milad after closing time: "Reality can be whatever I want"

    BeeseChurmgerBeeseChurmger12 dager siden
    • yeah

      Valerie BrevetValerie Brevet2 dager siden
    • Pp

      nico costalotnico costalot2 dager siden
    • @North Florida Rail Videography LOL

      Miller ChiangMiller Chiang4 dager siden
    • He has so much power

      EL gourdoEL gourdo7 dager siden
    • Id eat that sandwich

      Andrew CAndrew C7 dager siden
  • I likes trains and supway idk

    Call me RoseCall me Rose5 minutter siden
  • u r the best

    _Zick_Zick8 minutter siden
  • u r the best

    _Zick_Zick8 minutter siden
  • Anything you want.

    NenekomeeNenekomee19 minutter siden
  • eat fresh, more like eat less my boi wtf is this sandwich xD

    gallent86gallent86Time siden
  • 0:06 what is that? is it bread crumbs?

    Gamer BrosGamer BrosTime siden
  • Eat freshhhhhh 🥪

    Marc MeyerMarc MeyerTime siden
  • You remind me of another NOworldr he does ice cream where he commentates footage of him making the ice cream

    Nathan PfirmanNathan PfirmanTime siden
  • this was so funny bro

    David PDavid P2 timer siden
  • sub way.....

    Valeria RosasValeria Rosas2 timer siden
  • now I’m hungry

    HinkelobergoHinkelobergo2 timer siden
  • Idk but I’ve been watching these vids for 1 hour strait

    Dommy BearDommy Bear2 timer siden
  • You are my entertainment when I’m bored

    Aidan WarnerAidan Warner3 timer siden
  • Wow

    Amit GuriAmit Guri3 timer siden
  • I like your shoes

    mister octomister octo3 timer siden
  • What can we say You are our brother

    Ionut LiboteanIonut Libotean3 timer siden
  • Con gratts

    Billy InfoBilly Info3 timer siden
  • This is was a waste

    GO_T33GO_T333 timer siden
  • i wont get $100

    Baby LeviBaby Levi4 timer siden
  • Yeet

    Rom YankelowitsRom Yankelowits4 timer siden
  • Blip

    LilyLily4 timer siden
  • Sanguich

    Charmatic _YTCharmatic _YT4 timer siden
  • A

    Félix GuérardFélix Guérard4 timer siden
  • YO thats all i can say

    Ritzer MoonRitzer Moon5 timer siden
  • Did you do it? 🥪 yes. What did it take? Everything... 🥗 🍅 🥖 🥩 🍖 🫒 🧅 🫑

    Cédric LavalléeCédric Lavallée5 timer siden
  • Welp he said I can comment anything I want to enter soooo, CAN I GET A HOOOYAAA

    SoapzSoapz5 timer siden
  • Old meme can i get a hiya New meme can i get a free cookie

    HarleyHarley5 timer siden
  • Subcrazy

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia6 timer siden
  • That sub thicc

    Blanc MistBlanc Mist6 timer siden
  • Milad the legend. Milegend

    Rhyan King SaksazRhyan King Saksaz6 timer siden
  • damn, even though I just came across your channel, so glad I did!!! Hope you continue to grow :))

    Mallika SinghMallika Singh6 timer siden
  • god the poor animals that got the left overs

    smittysmitty6 timer siden
  • You kinda sound like what Morty would sound like grown up.

    Carl Louis JohnsenCarl Louis Johnsen7 timer siden
  • U are amazing

    Yassin FatouhYassin Fatouh7 timer siden
  • Wanna try the 1m xD

    Richard BiermaRichard Bierma7 timer siden
  • Am subscrib

    CryptoCrypto7 timer siden
  • i am not milad

    warsame453warsame4537 timer siden
  • U should make a drink and put every drink u have in the store

    Good grades gamerGood grades gamer8 timer siden
  • Hi

    Megan WalkerMegan Walker8 timer siden
  • That looks amazing! Even though it probably isn’t.

    CherryBombCherryBomb8 timer siden
  • Me🥲🤩

    BM03 FNBM03 FN8 timer siden
  • I am subscribed hopefully I get picked

    IammilenaandGoaileSabIammilenaandGoaileSab8 timer siden
  • me::eat eat eat eat milad: yea no not gonna happen but here have some dollars and come to subway. LOL btw love your really refreshes and keeps me hungry xD

    unphantomed vunphantomed v8 timer siden
  • I hope i can get pinned

    Pixie PixBPixie PixB8 timer siden
  • I love your channel so much

    Major GamerMajor Gamer8 timer siden
  • Hi

    Mason PhillipsMason Phillips8 timer siden
  • Fat food eats

    W HuntW Hunt8 timer siden
  • This is better than any subway commercial lol

    Azaria DanielAzaria Daniel8 timer siden
  • These sandwiches look so good when you're fasting and waiting for iftar haha Btw I hope I can win the 100$

    MKMK9 timer siden
  • "anything u want" , liked the vid .

    Burhan BlazingBurhan Blazing9 timer siden
  • Me

    YoImagineChokingYoImagineChoking9 timer siden
  • I SWEAR TO GOD...MY DOG JUST MEOWED Edit: Ok ok ok.....Maybe I had 1 too many candy corns, but my cat just barked

    eggnogdog1239eggnogdog12399 timer siden
    • @damil farid You're incorrect. I have a doge called Porkchop and a cat called Monty. I also have some chickens...I used to have some chickens

      eggnogdog1239eggnogdog12398 timer siden
    • You don’t have a cat or a dog

      damil fariddamil farid9 timer siden
  • shush

    R1FTR1FT10 timer siden
  • I love your chanel also your pr4obally my best NOworldr

    Raf The gamerRaf The gamer10 timer siden
  • What happened . . . No tuna?

    Dylan KubalaDylan Kubala10 timer siden
  • Pk

    Manzy the one Is hereManzy the one Is here10 timer siden
  • Hi milad Happy 1 m subs :D you really deserve it

    Iliya PlaysIliya Plays10 timer siden
  • 2:49 my guy so happy he was able to make it he started exercising

    MuP MuPMuP MuP10 timer siden
  • for 100 dolars

    Amar AdemiAmar Ademi11 timer siden
  • pls me milad

    Amar AdemiAmar Ademi11 timer siden
  • Milad mirg Is the best NOworldR and subway makerz

    KeztyッKeztyッ11 timer siden
  • Hey! I’m a huge fan!!

    NO BODY cares stfuNO BODY cares stfu11 timer siden
  • Yo, you are absolutely awesome and I love you.

    Caleb TraskCaleb Trask11 timer siden
  • Egg

    Sweaty JD TeamSweaty JD Team12 timer siden
  • I want a BB gun only 31 dollars

    LJ RocksLJ Rocks12 timer siden
  • Macaroni

    Deadly GamingDeadly Gaming12 timer siden
  • This is the newest video I’ve watched all the videos I’ve watched were all made a couple weeks before I watched them lol (:

    William ZirgerWilliam Zirger12 timer siden
  • Hi

    amalplays robloxamalplays roblox12 timer siden
  • Collab with the @Odd1sOut

    Arjunkumar NidamarthyArjunkumar Nidamarthy12 timer siden
  • What if we kissed in subway? Haha jk jk... unless

    DragonBow RGHRDragonBow RGHR12 timer siden
  • milad: talks about subscribes and more me: watches my brain: woah thats alot of meat that gotta be mine

    Charles P.Charles P.12 timer siden
  • *cow* For the comment challenge btw also I liked the video it was really funny 😆!!!

    Annabelle BeineckeAnnabelle Beinecke12 timer siden
  • Here since day 1 🔥🥰

    MonarchMonarch13 timer siden
  • Why did this look kind of good? 👀

    HorseGirl 17HorseGirl 1713 timer siden
  • Hello

    Jenna SimpsonJenna Simpson13 timer siden
  • Hola

    Jaimeet ChaniJaimeet Chani13 timer siden
  • To be quite honest, just turn it into a salad.

    Lolness_HorrorLolness_Horror13 timer siden
  • I love this channel btw I also love subway. QUESTION: Has anything ever broken while you needed it?

    Gray 888Gray 88813 timer siden
  • Dude, tht looks bombing good for my stomach.

    bolehsssbolehsss13 timer siden
  • 81k people!

    Daniel BuesoDaniel Bueso14 timer siden
  • Ur a living legend

    Mostafa MohammedMostafa Mohammed14 timer siden
  • Love the videos my brother watches you and I thought you were just another stupid NOworldr but then I started watching you and you’re amazing and you’re so kind to people so keep up the great work

    Jake BowmanJake Bowman14 timer siden
  • yep i won

    Aris KefAris Kef15 timer siden
  • Jesus that thing us HUGGE

    Paul GoughPaul Gough15 timer siden
  • Gotta do it on the pastry sub

    Golden PharoahGolden Pharoah15 timer siden
  • Off topic but- Ya like jazz?

    ChxrryblxssmChxrryblxssm15 timer siden
  • Alternate title: gagging on a sandwhich

    Skyler MakSkyler Mak16 timer siden
  • This shit is bussin

    4ever4ever16 timer siden
  • TeamRedDoritos

    HorsesforlifeHorsesforlife16 timer siden
  • really need the 100$

    Official GamingOfficial Gaming16 timer siden
  • I actually went to a subway and asked for an "everything sub" and the man's face was like *pls no*

    ZentrexZentrex16 timer siden
  • If he actually finished eating that ☠

    zRedlinezRedline16 timer siden
  • Your story telling skills are great

    findingprestonfindingpreston17 timer siden
  • Your entertaining man, seriously

    findingprestonfindingpreston17 timer siden
  • Hi bro

    أشغال بسام اليدوية Bassam HandiCraftsأشغال بسام اليدوية Bassam HandiCrafts17 timer siden
  • So quik

    Andrew_bro2008Andrew_bro200818 timer siden
  • That looked amazing

    Xygi xygiXygi xygi18 timer siden
  • I like cheese burgers

    V3rtexPlays_V3rtexPlays_19 timer siden
  • Wow what a big subway

    Rasiya JaleelRasiya Jaleel20 timer siden