THE END OF FOOTBALL AS WE KNOW IT | European Super League Reaction

18. april. 2021
62 736 Ganger

European Super League... Is this the END of football? Stephen Howson explains what this new breakaway format is and how it will effect football around Europe.
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  • this idea 🤔

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 dager siden
  • Our victory was overshadowed by G nevs superleague rant🤣absolute scenes on toast.

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy13 dager siden
  • If this happens I would have to switch and start supporting West Ham

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu15 dager siden
  • If this happens I would have to switch and start supporting West Ham

    dcoog anmldcoog anml16 dager siden
  • They want to take football away from the fans...simply take from the poor and the rich get richer☹️

    Aldain NaidooAldain Naidoo16 dager siden
    • relegation, no loyalty towards teams. It’s literally all about money. I have a feeling it won’t happen but the balls and idiocy on the owners to try and ruin something loved by billi

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 dager siden
  • Next thing these money greedy owners are gonna take united to America and change the name of the club nd destroy the history and passion of this club and its fans

    Aldain NaidooAldain Naidoo16 dager siden
    • fan-owned clubs anyone?

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu13 dager siden
  • Football is now officially dead☹️

    Aldain NaidooAldain Naidoo16 dager siden
    • worst I’ve ever felt as a fan. And we lived through 13-14 season under moyes

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu13 dager siden
  • Great content Ste Couldn't be more accurate

    Aldain NaidooAldain Naidoo16 dager siden
  • PL statement says; the PL is a lessor product.. FFS wake up

    AEG2020AEG202016 dager siden
  • Go look at balance sheets.. and the global economy.. forget forest, that situation doesnt exist, it existed in a different world. It's already a boys club you dont acknowledge it.. PL places are irrelevant; they are different competitions. why should one inform the other?

    AEG2020AEG202016 dager siden
  • wrong; seeding exits, coefficients exits.. wake up...

    AEG2020AEG202016 dager siden
  • This European Super League idea is disgusting and so is the new format for the Champion’s League by the way. It’s just that the latter is the lesser of two evils and slightly less about money.

    4Bester4Bester17 dager siden
  • here is the solution, if they want to carry on with this super league they should have it during preseason. Brand it as Super league preseason league.

    Lovemore ZindogaLovemore Zindoga17 dager siden
  • enough is enough foreign ownership is fucking the beautiful game.

    Lovemore ZindogaLovemore Zindoga17 dager siden
  • Arsenal and Spurs are in this, wow yet Villa and Everton are not. Pleased to see the German and French league said fuck this.

    Lovemore ZindogaLovemore Zindoga17 dager siden
  • Uefa is not monoplistic? What a joke

    MD28MD2817 dager siden
  • I do not support at all by way

    Dark Ends TVDark Ends TV17 dager siden
  • But this is how Premier league was created

    Dark Ends TVDark Ends TV17 dager siden
    • @Stephen Howson yer wasn't thinking about promotion n relegation ur right i get ya

      Dark Ends TVDark Ends TV17 dager siden
    • No it isn’t.

      Stephen HowsonStephen Howson17 dager siden
  • You mention American college football as being a good thing, but you also mention how relegation and promotion allows clubs to rise up the levels. Now an example in the UK of a successful University team, is Cardiff Metro University FC, who plays in the Welsh Premier League and played in the Europa League qualifying stage in the 2019/20 season.

    Rose TheromaniRose Theromani17 dager siden
  • This is the true americanisation of English football. A casual money making business, no passion no spirit of competition. For all who know US sports, know how they work. No relegation, no loyalty towards teams. It’s literally all about money. I have a feeling it won’t happen but the balls and idiocy on the owners to try and ruin something loved by billions of fans around the world. I mean seriously don’t they have enough thay they need more money. I would be surprised it this goes through. Been a united fan since 95, this is the worst I’ve ever felt as a fan. And we lived through 13-14 season under moyes

    sidvic767sidvic76717 dager siden
  • fan-owned clubs anyone?

    Philip DiabPhilip Diab17 dager siden
  • Its the banking system that has fucked up the entire world. From people's lively-hood to football the banks will fuck it up.

    AkbarAkbar17 dager siden
  • spread the word!!! Unfollow or un-platform any footballer, coach, even advertisements of teams who plan to play in the super league! Save Football!!

    Martin MontilusMartin Montilus17 dager siden
  • It sucks that the branding of a team is bigger than how good the players themselves are as a team of players. You'll end up seeing drafting happening after this. It's that stupid 'royalty' mentality. Football will ALWAYS be blue collar and working class.

    WardeNWardeN17 dager siden
  • I dont even want to argue about which teams should be included because that legitimises the idea of it and that shouldnt happen, it is illegitimate, full stop, but the reason the clubs included are who they are are mainly because of who their owners are rather than for past achievements. Ive seen ourselves, arsenal and liverpool fans, all american owned, all saying they havent been especially successful since the owners came in, certainly not moreso than before, and they have traded our histories to fill their own pockets. Joe (Jesus) said it on Paddock, games in dubai, saudi arabia, china, etc, etc is only a step away, and relocating clubs only one step after that. It is horrible for football and only 0.00000000000001% of people in football want it to happen, they all just happen to be billionaires and because of that might get their way. Really feels like what we loved could be over.

    dantyson851dantyson85117 dager siden
  • They will only be successful if fans turn up to games and pay for TV coverage. It really is in the hands of the supporters.

    Paddy ConeyPaddy Coney17 dager siden
  • The glazers are going to rename MUFC to Manc Wanks.

    Quivver77Quivver7717 dager siden
  • Only fans can battle this by boycott. Uefa is useless here

    barchenkobarchenko17 dager siden
  • JPMorgan the vampire squid, sucking the life out of a culture near you. Woodward you patsy, Gill would never have gone along with this shite.

    Donald CampbellDonald Campbell17 dager siden
  • My grandad, an 80 year old salford lad who has been supporting the club his whole life, has decided to cut all ties to the club because as he says the passion is being stripped from the game, we don’t see barca fans or milan fans in england to compete with. We don’t get leicester competing to be the best without that carrot on the string of becoming the best team around. We saw how much the money city were plied with turned them into a dominant side, now imagine 6 man cities. Now people who don’t live in this country like our owners won’t understand this because they don’t see how it will affect England as a whole, but taking competition out of the hands of the many and placing into 3 cities London, Manchester and Liverpool, destroys national communities who get together over football because they lose hope that their team can become better. I love this club with all my heart but if the super league starts the club dies, history down the drain just a soulless money machine, that isn’t Manchester United, that isn’t football.

    Isaac LanceleyIsaac Lanceley17 dager siden
  • This isn’t a European League it’s a US style Koch brother, Amazon style predatory Oligopoly

    Saragon MackenenySaragon Mackeneny17 dager siden
  • scummy moneychester utd

    craig mitchamcraig mitcham17 dager siden
  • City's stockport fans probably go for this?

    Gary DunningGary Dunning18 dager siden
  • Whether this goes ahead or not, i won’t be watching anymore games, they’ve tossed us as fans who have supported for years upon years just to make a few quid, the damage has already been done even if it doesn’t get the go ahead, absolute disgrace. Fuck the glazers and fuck woodward.

    RoyalRoyal18 dager siden
  • The players and managers need to step up against this and say we will not participate in this league. needs to happen at all these clubs though. if the top players arent there then the attraction for this league goes away

    Aaron HeimdaleAaron Heimdale18 dager siden
  • R.I.P. Football

    Skiltonjack MusicSkiltonjack Music18 dager siden
  • This feels sad 😢

    Henry VHenry V18 dager siden
  • Kick them out of the league and Europe now don't wait get rid of all of them and I'm a united fan

    Adr RalphAdr Ralph18 dager siden
  • Just saw Andy Tate walking behind Sky news sport correspondent 😃

    Máté FarkasMáté Farkas18 dager siden
  • Bankers and money grabbers are colonizing football just for the sake of greed. Its an American philosophy & money pumped to SUCK THE LIFE OF FOOTBALL. Boycott all club merchants & season tickets. People in the UK & all over the world please don’t support anymore & go to games out of boredom just for the sake of your entertainment. STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE WE ARE FOOTBALL UNITED NOW & NOT MANCHESTER UNITED ANYMORE. Love bro

    Mohammad AliMohammad Ali18 dager siden
  • I've been a United fan for 30 years. Wearing shirts when I was 3 years old. If this goes ahead it craps on every league and team. I would happily walk away from United

    It's the Enterprise!It's the Enterprise!18 dager siden
  • As someone from Australia, I can tell you first hand that not having a relegation system is shit. Theoretically a team can finish last every year and never be relegated. Instead, they lose fans, and therefore slowly lose funding, and they liquidate.

    Toby HellewellToby Hellewell18 dager siden
  • General question to all fans - Would you continue to support your club if they break away?

    ankit maheshwariankit maheshwari18 dager siden
  • Its sports colonisation

    Salah ud din AhmedSalah ud din Ahmed18 dager siden
  • will no support the club no more if this goes through

    LeonLeon18 dager siden
  • You didn’t learn anything from burnley game ? I’m still waiting on the upload

    Yunqkinqz EntertainmentYunqkinqz Entertainment18 dager siden
  • UNFOLLOW MAN UTD ON ALL SOCIALS, might sound stupid but will imidiately hit glazers where it hurts POCKETS / BRAND!!!

    Alex HallAlex Hall18 dager siden
  • This is so far reaching. If it happens, it means Jesse won’t want to join West Ham anymore, despite obvious footballing reasons to do so. He wouldn’t want to risk his career. Imagine being a Leicester player. Makes you wonder who crashed that helicopter.

    Uncle DoobiusUncle Doobius18 dager siden
  • It’s already a moneytocracy given that merit is being bought left right and center. NOW, it’s just old money excluding new money. This is one group of billionaires trying to exclude others. With the destruction of the “American Dream” (as in anything is possible for anyone) as a result. Monstrous rape of the game of football. I pray to the gods that lawmakers everywhere can absolutely destroy this and relegate all the conspirators down to their second leagues. I never thought I would want fifa and uefa to wield some serious absolute power.

    Uncle DoobiusUncle Doobius18 dager siden
  • If it goes ahead fans should take their support elsewhere... Manu is nothing without fans.

    David KeenanDavid Keenan18 dager siden
  • This all started with the glazer take over. The EPL was too greedy back then to see the bigger picture, if they sided with the green and gold campaign things would have been different because they would have stopped the influx of billionaire American and to an extent middle eastern owners into the European football. But they ignored the united supporters for profits and so the flood gates opened up. The thing about unregulated capitalism is that it is never satiated there is always more profit to be made and those with the capital will always seek to concentrate it at the top. The FAs, Uefa and FIFA were all too happy to play along because they got a slice of the pie but now the billionaires have no further use for them so they are being discarded. What a sad but ultimately predictable state of affairs.

    Ebubechi OtiEbubechi Oti18 dager siden
  • Why and we take back ownership from all English teams? The government should just do what the German's do and cap commercial ownership at 49% stake. In fact if UEFA imposed it on all teams, then it'd still be a fair market and no owner could ever go against the fan's interest.

    John WoodJohn Wood18 dager siden
  • Thank God I am a Glasgow Rangers fan as well as Utd. I have something to fall back on. Totally gutted.

    David SommerfieldDavid Sommerfield18 dager siden
  • A classic situation of Capitalists using the 'free market' as a trojan horse to create their own closed society where they're gaurenteed success and power.

    John WoodJohn Wood18 dager siden
  • They should have called it European soccer league, so that people would at least know that this has nothing to do with football.

    Mantas ValciukasMantas Valciukas18 dager siden
  • Steve asking how Arsenal and Spurs are here when united themselves haven't been a super power in thier own league for almost a decade now. Its simple, this has nothing to do with form or history, it's money, pure and simple.

    nr macky8.7nr macky8.718 dager siden
  • Brilliant. Just need to correct Steve. The American system is an elitist capitalist oligopoly not socialist at all .

    The EdgeThe Edge18 dager siden
  • Americans should not play football, they know nothing.

    uchenna okerekeochauchenna okerekeocha18 dager siden
  • When you are in debt you pawn your furniture, these clubs are in debt, they're pawning fans and football to JP Morgan. I would rather support United playing in the conference than United in the Super League. United, Barcelona and Real Madrid should dial in themselves and get out of this wild West disgrace.

    George ZibuyeGeorge Zibuye18 dager siden
  • Its a disgrace, but its not gonna happen, the reaction has been so bad, that this will make the club feel the pressure and back out. UEFA state they will do everything to stop it and punish the clubs, Premier league said they would ban them from ALL domestic competitions which includes the premier league and the cups. So (as their shitty super league only wants to replace the champions league), these clubs (especially english clubs) would be left only with that competition to play in. Watch this play out, but I dont see this going ahead if the the threats from UEFA and the Premier League are real.

    Marty SmithMarty Smith18 dager siden
  • Thanks for the memories united. Enjoy your new super league .... I won’t be watching anymore.

    Jus Jokes JosheeJus Jokes Joshee18 dager siden
  • Right there with you Ste ❤️

    Aiden CAiden C18 dager siden
  • I'm a United fan but the best live game I've seen was Charlton vs Sunderland playoff final...

    Stuart EnglishStuart English18 dager siden
  • It's a black day for football

    Lagan BhaisareLagan Bhaisare18 dager siden
  • Should the premier league be complaining? They took over division one which messed with the football league.

    robin groganrobin grogan18 dager siden
  • What have Spurs won ?

    andrew mossandrew moss18 dager siden
  • Good point made on another video- even if it does not happen the fact they wanted it to means they should still not escape the consequences of seeking to make it happen- they are not the right people to be involved in the game with the attitude this exposes in massive underlined text.

    Martin SMartin S18 dager siden
  • Would have to boycot

    Nick QuinnNick Quinn18 dager siden
  • I'm utterly ashamed to be a United fan today!

    Adnan MajeedAdnan Majeed18 dager siden
  • Imagine if the internet was around in 1992. The game is bollocks anyway. Why are people acting surprised and feigning naivety. The likes of Norwich and West Brom fish in a dirty canal while the so called top 6 are deep sea fishing in the ocean as is, so why not make it official?!

    peejay88peejay8818 dager siden
  • We should make a petition and stop this. Football is being stolen from us fans by the rich who has no love whatsoever for the game but only for the gain

    Zakir KhodabocusZakir Khodabocus18 dager siden
  • 1:07 - starts here.

    Ame MasireAme Masire18 dager siden
  • The day United join this disgrace of a project is the day I stop supporting the club I have loved since I was a kid. The game is fucking gone.

    R3D3VILR3D3VIL18 dager siden
  • I gave up my season ticket up when the Glazers came,I watch United from afar has I won’t give them leeches a penny,the fans had their chance with the green and gold campaign and we blew it.singing a few nasty songs was never going to work,it needed PROPER protest.The government should have implemented the same rules as Germany no sole ownership ,51% of all clubs should be fan owned.The game has gone,this is the death of Football or should I say SOCCER welcome to America 🤬

    Robert MansellRobert Mansell18 dager siden
  • the fixture list in England is already congested, to the point where even International games are hard to squeeze in. So what would a top English team prioritise as more important, a game vs Real Madrid on a Friday in the Super League, or a game vs Leicester in Prem on a Monday? it also takes away from the excitement of playing the big teams in Europe, as these are rare occasions during a season. It would lose it's magic, no massive build up to a big match anymore, if our teams play Barcelona, Juventus etc once a month, every month.

    Mental BowlsMental Bowls18 dager siden
  • Please start a campaign that if this goes ahead not only are these clubs booted out of the rest of football as soon as possible but forced also to rename themselves and re-start as new clubs: if they want their closed, collusive, anti-competitive cartel - for that's what this arguably is potentially- make them start it with no ties to the past of the sport or teams or fans or players...... they seek to betray. There needs to be a massive backlash against this.

    Martin SMartin S18 dager siden
  • Games gone

    Ben WrightBen Wright18 dager siden
  • "the charlots superleague" ok they do it one condition: that the presidents of the respective league (Serie A, Premiere League, Liga) purely banned all "dissident" clubs from all national competitions. I do not give a season of "charlots superleague" for these club presidents to come back with deep throats. another possibility: that the national coach refuses to select dissenting team players, and there after a month the players will put pressure on their president to get back into trouble. third possibility: that the biggest football star strike just two matches (I insist on the biggest star because most of the pro players do not earn 20 Millions per year) and after two strike matches, everything will come back to normal. but to do this you need one thing: "balls or courage" you choose the words that suit you, but seeing when this moment the fashion is for men without balls I don't think that will happen.

    axl demattaxl dematt18 dager siden
  • What an utter disgrace, Football is Dead because of Greedy owners with their Americanized style Super League ,..They will pull out because of the Backlash and try re-negotiate their cut on d TV rights from Sky & BT TRUST DAT 💯

    Fergie's SonFergie's Son18 dager siden
  • 3:32 my favourite part of the stream

    KeylanBryer14KeylanBryer1418 dager siden
  • I suspect that it's just a big bluff to get UEFA to cede some control and cash...

    KayDeeKayDee18 dager siden
  • People really don't understand what is going on... go back to the early days when this was proposed... it's all about the dough and who controls it... when EPL was formed, fans and critics said similar things... when the Champions League was formed, similar sentiments were given... we're on the cusp of yet ANOTHER rejig of the CL but are mum because we're used to it... this isn't anything new, football isn't dead... other teams will join; it's about control of the European game. Football isn't "dead"... calm down and wait to see how it unfolds

    KayDeeKayDee18 dager siden
  • Calm down fellas... this is just a high stakes game of poker... they're not breaking away but trying to get a bigger slice of the pie from CL... UEFA mad that they went against the Friday agreement and threatening all manner of repercussions... this affects CL... get the CURRENT facts right then give opinions... The clubs simply need greater control of the competition and a bigger slice of the pie... UEFA will crack and accede to the demands of the clubs...

    KayDeeKayDee18 dager siden
  • Totally agree Stu ,with the money . They want an NFL style TV revenue where the money increases in every deal for the benefit of owners and definitely not the clubs

    Mike FischerMike Fischer18 dager siden
  • I would rather see old Trafford taken down, brick by brick ,than see Joel glazer and co stick the final dagger I to the heart of the club they'd already bled dry.I know one tbing, old Trafford is no longer a safe place for any member of the glazer family to roll up to. Disgusting. And spurs? Spurs? Never mind J.P Morgan, J.R ewing still hasn't been shot the last time that lot won a trophy.

    David PearsonDavid Pearson18 dager siden
  • Opposing this is good but at the same time UEFA has become quite irrelevant and is corrupted from top to bottom if we want to go against super league then fuck UEFA as well because they have not been able to keep the interest of the teams who dont have that budget and there are two clubs psg and city fucking with ffp and getting away with it easily what about it

    Ratnesh SinghRatnesh Singh18 dager siden
  • Heartfelt commentary. Make Gary Neville President of ManU

    StuartJackie GrayMcCoyStuartJackie GrayMcCoy18 dager siden
  • Sounds very American too ESL fits in with likes of NFL, NBA. Super League lmao next we be getting ESL I II III IV VI etc etc

    The MancalorianThe Mancalorian18 dager siden
  • The trend is clear...overall yt channels Westham and Southhamton will have the most new fans gathered. Interesting! ;-)

    Roland VarduhnRoland Varduhn18 dager siden
  • Are there really people over 18 yo that are actually fXXkin' happy about that? That's a fXxxin'' disgrace, i started boycotting man united financially when mourinho became trainer, now that it looked like we were starting to become our old selves with ole, we decide to be founders of this shit? FXxk off glazers. I hope in a massive boycott at all levels, fans, federations and uefa/fifa

    pistikinzupistikinzu18 dager siden
  • 3:30

    Arman UnitedArman United18 dager siden
  • About super league, those clubs have 95 percent global audience. It's UEFA to lose. They will take all TV deals. Who desires watching Liecester or westham in champions league. Let them first become big clubs with fans. I support super league. Other clubs should not just Leach on popularity of the big clubs. Those clubs generate most revenue true. So why don't they get a bigger share.

  • in 1987 my club had to win the last game of the season to stay in the football league, last season we won a league game away at Man United - that was an incredible night and achievement and something we could never even dream of. Watching you lot win the treble as a footy fan was incredible - where are you going to get your pleasure from now ? What a bad day for football

    flyoverfredusaflyoverfredusa18 dager siden
  • Let’s not forget under premier league big 6 clubs were allowed to buy those clubs, and for all Gary Neville said bskyb wanted to buy Man Utd to create a monopoly. Tv companies having done tremendously well, maybe now face competition from Amazon or other streaming providers. UEFA expanded the champions league to compete with the premier league too, and devalued the competition themselves. Man Utd not being champions in 1998, but qualified in 1999. I remember also Man Utd going to the world club cup because of the FA, and which devalued the fa cup. I don’t like either greedy businessmen nor corrupt bureaucrats. But which one do you prefer?

    davewhtndavewhtn18 dager siden
  • We need to stop Americans from purchasing European teams. This has gone on for too long.

    Caesar Alex-DarasCaesar Alex-Daras18 dager siden
  • Not the end of football, but might be the end of the 6 clubs who did agree to join ESL.

    Paul K SunnyPaul K Sunny18 dager siden
    • English football without those 6 dies too.

      Stephen HowsonStephen Howson18 dager siden
  • The league's have to ban these clubs including United will hurt but that can save Football ...and Fifa and UEFA have to go all out to stop this ...

    apacalypsoapacalypso18 dager siden
  • I don’t understand these comments on the “Americanization of football”. In the USA we have no leagues where you are selected based on who you are. Every sports outside baseball has salary caps and a draft in order of the team with the worst records gets first pick. This ensures you can’t buy a championship and you can acquire assets and rebuild. Any player can go to college or go pro. Since we have a draft and we don’t buy players it is just different. You can’t compare the two systems.

    Cali ShakesCali Shakes18 dager siden
  • I'm going to be free agent fan 😅😅😅

    Capt. CoCoCapt. CoCo18 dager siden
  • For all the people supporting this, "the best should play the best!" that is what the champions league is, the top teams from each league on merit and form qualify to compete... how should arsenal, tottenham etc be considered better and more deserving than Leicester and Westham this year? your argument makes no sense. You don't want to see the best, you want to see the most famous... yuck

    Elle ToopElle Toop18 dager siden