The Day Erling Haaland Scored 9 Goals in 1 Game

13. april. 2021
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    sherry ramizessherry ramizes3 timer siden
  • Heck of a player, I know he'll go where the money is but hope in the future he will follow his pop and have a few years with us at Leeds 👏

    Robert GoldthorpeRobert Goldthorpe6 timer siden
  • wtf pogba is goalkeeping

    EZIO AuditoreEZIO Auditore6 timer siden
  • Holland,poland,hoeland

    Chad MarksChad Marks6 timer siden
  • Playing against bots

    Popo Pull upPopo Pull up7 timer siden
  • Honduras players started to get pissed at him 🤣

    Casimir EngblomCasimir Engblom10 timer siden
  • Everyone: talking abt the goals Meanwhile, Me:Did the keeper suicide after match?

    ᎶᏫᎦ mᏫᏰᎯ.ᎶᏫᎦ mᏫᏰᎯ.11 timer siden
  • Are they playing against Pros?

    Ade SileAde Sile13 timer siden
  • Next Cristiano Ronaldo

    Al qamarAl qamar13 timer siden
  • 6:16 wtf... No penalty, Haaland was shoved

    yesyes16 timer siden
  • Haaland could've scored 30 goals if he didn't miss chances but 9 is fine

    yesyes16 timer siden
  • Haaland could have scored 20 ! Did the other team take a shot ?

    OBGOBG19 timer siden
  • Bro wtf is this he could've had 25 goals if he actually finished all lmao this is what it looks like when you play on easy in Fifa 21 lmao

    William HWilliam H19 timer siden
  • Commentator: Haaland 4 and Noir 5 Me: Who the F is Noir? 🤔

    Mahlare Leslie lezMahlare Leslie lez20 timer siden
  • 5:10 did this man in the white jersey really just try to talk shit to a man who has scored 6 goals on his team?

    GavinGavin22 timer siden
  • You can strike off most of these goals with the miles offside rule

    Michael AMichael A22 timer siden
  • Offside first goal..-)

    Michael AMichael A22 timer siden
    • and 3rd

      Michael AMichael A22 timer siden
    • and 2nd

      Michael AMichael A22 timer siden
  • One goal stolen one pen not given one pen taken away

    Eric TheRedEric TheRed23 timer siden
  • Haaland is a very humble player natural goal scorer.

    Patrick Kluivert.Patrick Kluivert.Dag siden
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    Emerita CaponeEmerita CaponeDag siden
  • How many did you score? Erling - "9" I meant in the rest of the tournament, against teams that could play football? Erling - "Fuck all"

    새론이tv새론이tvDag siden
  • vay arkadaş 9 gol nedir ya

    Wodyi XWodyi XDag siden
  • that goal keeper needs to be better.

    Ibrahim QuraishiIbrahim QuraishiDag siden
  • High level

    Nikola c290vNikola c290vDag siden
  • The defense of the other team was shit.

    Yassine ZaitouniYassine ZaitouniDag siden
  • beast

    armavirarmavirDag siden
  • Kipere rak iso turu ra iku 🤣🤣

    Khoirul MemetKhoirul MemetDag siden
  • I didn’t know they could review it just to call a foul

    Got GameGot GameDag siden
  • This guy made grown men cry that no no in my book 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ned ZeoNed Zeo2 dager siden
  • Lol Lopez crying at the end 😂😭

    Jeremy MacVicarJeremy MacVicar2 dager siden
  • The white dots on the pitch - where they footballers?

    Hanno franzHanno franz2 dager siden
  • Stupid honduras

    David SultanDavid Sultan2 dager siden
    • Clasifiquen a un Mundial a ver

  • something that lionel mesi and CR7 never did in their carer 3 hat tricks they not even did 2 in their lives

    cachorro leondelgadocachorro leondelgado2 dager siden
  • Those young fellas are representing their country? I played higher skill levels in high school.. in the U.S.

    SL0wBurnSL0wBurn2 dager siden
  • Girl: how many you scored babe Haaland : 3 Girl: I expected more Haaland: 3 hattricks

    Old KSI VideosOld KSI Videos2 dager siden
  • No passes he only finishing😠

    Rihal KpRihal Kp2 dager siden
  • Credit to him but Honduras didn't look like they wanted to play that day

    Kunal BhatKunal Bhat2 dager siden
  • ยิงจนเมื่อยตีน สงสารอีกทีมชิบหาย

    RegensuRegensu2 dager siden
  • Haaland should of had 4 hat-tricks this match, 3 is still truly impressive

    Robyn HoodRobyn Hood2 dager siden
  • Get the ball, shoot the ball, that was his intention, quality player/striker!

    Robyn HoodRobyn Hood2 dager siden
  • That’s the Derby team 20/21 season.

    tdurbotdurbo3 dager siden
  • Nine goals is too many. At some point the number loses credibility. Score three or four and you must have played great. Score nine and the other team must have played miserably.

    Keith SmithKeith Smith3 dager siden
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    ryan hanniganryan hannigan3 dager siden
  • I'd like to make a pun on Nainggolan when he scores 9 goals in 1 game 9Goalan

    Hyper YoutubeHyper Youtube3 dager siden
  • But his recieves and ball controls tho !?!??!

    sorrysorry3 dager siden
  • Lmao at Lopez😂😂😂

    pushin itpushin it3 dager siden
  • Looks like Honduras players are intimidated by Norway. The defenders are so slow, lacks workrate.

    GwapitoGwapito3 dager siden
  • I feel one thing that is consistent with Erling is that he is not the an elegant football player. He plays football as if he had the spirits of Meta World Peace + Charles Barkley + Dennis Rodman melded together in him, with a bit of LeBron. Bulldoze the competition, and when they try to climb on him like little kids trying to stop a giant, he shake them off as if they were leaves that happened to fall on him and then he rams into the goal through all defenders as if a bull gunning for a red shirt... It is hilarious to watch but also perhaps is a look at football when larger more muscular players start showing up on the field regularly, just as it happened in Basketball in the later 90s into the musclebound LeBron era (ie Erling is definitely a LeBron character... hahahahaha)

    S DS D3 dager siden
  • Did you win? Yes. Did you score? Yes. How many? 3. 3 goals?! Yes, 3 hattricks. Why? Why not? How do you feel? I feel old now and it is what it is. I should have scored 6 more but yea I am old now and yea I am 16 and cant even drop a 15 bomb in world cup so it is what it is and yea.

    Chuck NorrisChuck Norris3 dager siden
  • Is it only me who noticed the 2 cute girls? 🤔 6:47 anyway.. Thank me later 😂👍🏾

    allwinjoyallwinjoy3 dager siden
  • Could have been 12 14...:D

    Zoltán József MolnárZoltán József Molnár4 dager siden
  • Not hard to do against a poor team the defending was shockingly bad.

    Ian BartleIan Bartle4 dager siden
  • Someone's using the FM Editor 🤔

    Matthew MusgraveMatthew Musgrave4 dager siden
  • I scored 8 goals in a game. Played to passes to my mates cause they started to complain

    Juju RellamaJuju Rellama4 dager siden
  • When your girlfriend comes to watch your game:

    ARMY BOYARMY BOY4 dager siden
  • Shhh

    Spencer GascoigneSpencer Gascoigne4 dager siden
  • have mercy Erling, on your foes

    Juju RellamaJuju Rellama4 dager siden
  • Nine scores in one match? Yesterday evening I scored twice in two attempts!

    ottarvendelottarvendel4 dager siden
  • I remember seeing this and not k ow who he was I was watching it with my dad

    mfbastidasmfbastidas4 dager siden
  • Dude even his dad was like.... mercy rule mercy rule... these poor little Hondurans

    Josh BoersemaJosh Boersema4 dager siden
  • Those Honduras players must have traumatic flashbacks whenever they hear 7 Nation Army.

    Ryan AllanRyan Allan5 dager siden
    • only 1% of honduras population is black but almost all the players are black, they deserve it for not giving opportunity to the rest of the population, it is more possiblw you will find one world class player from 99% than finding one from just the 1%

      HR - GHR - G3 dager siden
  • When you play FIFA on amateur

    Memento MoriMemento Mori5 dager siden
  • Dream league 😂😂

    kevon simpsonkevon simpson5 dager siden
  • Fact those players are not crying because of the lose but because they were beat by 12 goals to nil and a boy scoring 3 hattricks...

    Sammy S. SamsonSammy S. Samson6 dager siden
  • Ref denied Haaland a goal... Haaland: So you have chosen death...

    Sammy S. SamsonSammy S. Samson6 dager siden
  • No big deal, I do this on FIFA all the time

    BIGBOY£BIGBOY£6 dager siden
  • Viking bloods

    Green GardenGreen Garden6 dager siden
  • Every time the commentator said haaland I kept think of Netherlands...

    Rabie DiabRabie Diab6 dager siden
  • Opponent at 5:08 "How long will you keep humiliating us?" Haaland: "Just three more".

    LeavethebuildingLeavethebuilding6 dager siden
  • That’s why Man City are going to break the bank, probably pay a record fee, & he’ll go on to be City’s record goal scorer, premier league record goal scorer & an all time City legend. Wow!!! He’s killing it @ the mo, but the sheer volume of games in Premiership, Cups, CL, Internationals ect, the pace & physicality of the Premiership, makes it an interesting prospect. Some take time to settle, some don’t & vanish. Others kill it. Reckon he’ll be the latter, hope so! Wanna see him play next season. Or will Man U pay an insane record fee for him, when they bulked @ Sancho’s & bottled it? Do they even need Haaland? Not next season. City do. Wish Sheikh Mansours’billionaire brother, cousin or mother would buy Leeds Utd & build a top squad to compete & win. An Oligarch would do. If only. Another dream. Will Haaland suffer a momentary lapse of reason, see the light, run his contract out & sign for Leeds Utd on a free? Lol I can dream. Haaland playing under Bielsa tho! I can dream, wish, & hope, but not plait fog, unfortunately.

    baz frearsonbaz frearson6 dager siden
  • wouldnt have happened if Roy Keane was playing

    cardigan3000cardigan30006 dager siden
  • Yr 10s v year 7s

    Mkz_JynMkz_Jyn6 dager siden
  • Honduras? Lool

    BrummagemBrummagem6 dager siden
  • s1mple ? is this how s1mple stays in shape? scoring some football goals then going back to csgo?

    Michel LambergMichel Lamberg7 dager siden
  • Haaland a sodomisé l'équipe adverse.dommage qu'il soit dans une équipe flingué aurait dû choisir l'Angleterre.

    doula971doula9717 dager siden
  • Pobres hondureños jajajaja

    Pablo asdasdasdasdasasdPablo asdasdasdasdasasd7 dager siden
  • Honduras isn’t really the standard for football but still impressive I guess

    djr644djr6447 dager siden
  • Does someone know, when this match happened???

    Marko StechertMarko Stechert7 dager siden
  • Goal keeper was sbit tbf

    DrewcorleoneDrewcorleone8 dager siden
  • Honduras basically a high school team😂 this match shouldn't have happened.

    Nicco BossNicco Boss8 dager siden
  • Contra Uruguay no hizo nada jajaja

    dTxiC_odTxiC_o8 dager siden
  • this is how i used to use one player on the fifa demo as a kid

    prod.faithChiprod.faithChi8 dager siden
  • -That was a great game for your country/team Erling: what team?

    Cabrini playzCabrini playz8 dager siden
  • To easy no disrespect but Honduras is one of the most horrible national teams in the world

    Andres GallegosAndres Gallegos8 dager siden
  • Break records while breaking hearts

    Dj-InfernoDj-Inferno9 dager siden
  • He doesn't look very inteligent

    Ian FraserIan Fraser9 dager siden
  • he could have had 14 or 15.

    ProbuilderProbuilder9 dager siden
  • Honduras XD

    Jorge Enrique Cardenas AvilaJorge Enrique Cardenas Avila9 dager siden
  • পুলাপান বেশি ভাব লয়

    THE CAKE MANTHE CAKE MAN9 dager siden
  • Ten years from now if your still reading this your a Legend

    Conroy BanksConroy Banks9 dager siden
  • How many times did you score? Erling: yes

    CristóbalCristóbal9 dager siden
  • Poor Honduras

    Remero RussRemero Russ10 dager siden
  • I only see this in video games ...😇

    michael Fearnotmichael Fearnot10 dager siden
  • I feel bad for the goalkeeper

    Ravenclaw AARavenclaw AA10 dager siden
  • Halaand made Honduras cry .. This had Germany vs brazil vibes except one player did the whole thing lol

    Marc - Oh !Marc - Oh !10 dager siden
  • So what you are saying is that Haaland scoring 78 goals in a season on my Dortmund FM21 save is not unrealistic

    KingslayerSrbKingslayerSrb10 dager siden
  • What is this, pro clubs football banging in goals for fun 😂 man got the golden boot award in one game 😂 feel sorry for the other team and especially their keeper, poor guys career ended before it even started. Haaland have Mercy dude and welcome to Chelsea!

    LNDN1905LNDN190510 dager siden
  • He looks like Brock Lesnar when he was young ...

    Bone CollectorBone Collector10 dager siden
  • Why are the hondurans crying? I mean they are honduras, what did they expect? To not lose against any european nation except for andorra, luxemburg or liechtenstein? 😂

    CaptainMarci104CaptainMarci10410 dager siden
  • The video should be titled..the day when erling haaland lost his mind

    Swapnil NetamSwapnil Netam10 dager siden