The Country That Never Lockdown

19. nov.. 2020
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  • Mask wanker

    Kalus SaxonKalus Saxon3 timer siden
  • Go to estonia when you can

    Ragnar LuikRagnar Luik4 timer siden
  • Taxi driver is low key psycho and has a few bodies to his name

    JD CookseyJD Cooksey6 timer siden
  • I am swedish, just me?

    Rasmus NordlundRasmus Nordlund6 timer siden
  • Just to clarify for aliens. Sweden has no legislation that supports lockdowns for citizens. It’s illegal and will never happen. They can only recommend us to listen to them. Businesses and government needs to follow rules and regulations though.

    onehappynegroonehappynegro7 timer siden
  • Good things with Sweden. Well our government killed off 6.000 people just by going against the world. I really like the mellow jazz inspired music.

    onehappynegroonehappynegro7 timer siden
  • "I think everyone is trying to leave the country" Never heard anything dodgier in my life haha

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy8 timer siden

  • Lol the taxi driver guy was weird

    GabastoGabasto10 timer siden
  • There is no pandemic. There is no virus. It's all lies to crash the economy, get rid of small businesses and enslave us all. Wake up folks.....stop wearing those bloody masks for starters.

    Des BrittainDes Brittain12 timer siden
    • Only country in western Europe. Belarus didnt lockdown either.

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy8 timer siden
  • Cover your damn nose! Are you seriously that ignorant?

    DeadSeaSquirrel DeadSeaSquirrelDeadSeaSquirrel DeadSeaSquirrel13 timer siden
  • The Tesla Taxi Driver is VERY SUS

    Harry BurgessHarry Burgess13 timer siden
  • OMG! I wish I knew you where coming then you would have had a crib to crash in Stockholm södermalm. It would have been an honor and a blast to have yuo crash at my place! keep on doing what you are doing.

    Leonard LordLeonard Lord13 timer siden
  • 231,000 cases and 6,555 deaths.

    MrSupergeeMrSupergee13 timer siden
  • Simon Wilson, we all love you and your channel, but you have got to read everyone's comments about that Bobby guy, that does videos for you. No one can stand him, his head, his voice, the way he waves his hands around and the way he loves every bit of cheap food that he posts videos of. Please Simon, you will lose subscribers with him. Please tell him to go back to his own channel, living Bobby.

    Sean GooleySean Gooley14 timer siden
  • That is daylight robbery out rage 😂 😂 😂

    Phillip YoungPhillip Young14 timer siden
  • Simon are you tapping Morse code?

    jenny sutherlandjenny sutherland14 timer siden
  • At 6:05 Simon: How's the Corona virus situation here? Taxi Driver: We don't speak about it. Because opinions about it create politics, and we are not in politics. What a smart man! ✌🏻

    DC TravelerDC Traveler14 timer siden
  • When a right wing trump loving leader like Boris locks stuff down, you know it's serious.

    S MS M15 timer siden
  • I think that fella who was going to Norway via Sweden to possibly avoid the need to provide a negative test and go into quarantine for 10 days if he was to travel there direct from the UK.

    Tony RossTony Ross15 timer siden
  • taxi man is well dodgy init. Sweet heart and your majesty hahahaha

    Harry BurnsHarry Burns15 timer siden
  • Got a discount In Finland say way you did

    True BlueTrue Blue17 timer siden
  • Did the taxi guy call him sweetheart lol and you must have some big bucks to be in Sweden for all of lockdown 💯 😂😂💜🇬🇧

    sannio komisannio komi17 timer siden
  • So, nobody is going to talk about how you straight jacked that burger.😂

    Mr.A VR FreakMr.A VR Freak17 timer siden
  • Only country in western Europe. Belarus didnt lockdown either.

    Jussi ÖmanJussi Öman19 timer siden
  • Swedish Corona 🤣🤣👍

    P.N.R. NagaP.N.R. Naga19 timer siden
  • How weird was that cab driver 😅😂🤣

    Michael MikeMichael Mike19 timer siden
    • That Tesla driver was definitely gay. He had gay bracelets. And the way he talked . And his face.

      sannio komisannio komi17 timer siden
  • big simon fan but i've never seen such an idiotic mask lmao. it never stays up and isnt even in the shape of a proper mask

    Sohaib MazharSohaib Mazhar19 timer siden
  • The Swedish taxi driver that took you from the

    HenoikHenoik21 time siden
  • U sound sick

    GorillaVanilla SGorillaVanilla S21 time siden
  • The airplanes that flies to the Philippines from other countries are still on locked down for future notice. I have heard that the Aquino international airport will reopened sometimes in early, mid, or late 2021

    Lowie BlackLowie Black21 time siden
  • Please don't bring virus to other country

    Travel seaTravel sea22 timer siden
  • It's been a long while since I was last in Sweden, but I do like their Max burgers. Will definitely have to go out there again soon. The people out there are so lovely.

    Matthew RichardsonMatthew Richardson22 timer siden
  • I thought you were still in Mexico!

    Nick ANick A22 timer siden
  • My experience of Sweden before Corona it was quieter than most British cities ( I went to Gothenburg)

    slarti bartfastslarti bartfastDag siden
  • Sort out your tripod.

    Matus KukuraMatus KukuraDag siden
  • You need to edit the title mate. It doesn’t make sense. It should be: ‘The country that never locks down’ or They country that never locked down’

    bssni touirbssni touirDag siden
  • Supermacs is in Ireland Simon lol. Fair play to you. It's madhowbtheyvenever been in lock down. Enjoy Sweden ☺️😁

    midnightpanthoramidnightpanthoraDag siden
  • Simon you would love Lockdown in Australia

    Lachlan SmithLachlan SmithDag siden
  • Did he keep calling him sweetheart?

    Steven McGlinnSteven McGlinnDag siden

      bssni touirbssni touirDag siden
  • That Tesla driver was definitely gay. He had gay bracelets. And the way he talked . And his face.

    funky smokEEfunky smokEEDag siden
  • lol the taxi driver calling you sweetheart

    Robert LeducRobert LeducDag siden
  • simon i love you mat but the clicking in the audio on this one was proper annoying haha

    Saigo OgiasSaigo OgiasDag siden
  • Damn right they were skeptical... Enjoy the big wad of Swedish phlegm on your Burger. 🤣

    ArnoldArnoldDag siden
  • Yessssssssss simon missed u bud x

    M GM GDag siden
  • I dont like the burger ruse...always pay ur way in life simon!

    Caroline ChaneyCaroline ChaneyDag siden
  • Who wishes they were with Simon right now 😂😭 SWEETHEART ❤️❤️❤️

    Rachel H91Rachel H91Dag siden
  • "See you later" means on youtube

    Ricky OumRicky OumDag siden
  • Am I the only one wondering where his big case went 🤔

    Callum UnwinCallum UnwinDag siden
  • This driver is an absolute wideo I'd have paid extra for a cub, sweetie

    alan andersonalan andersonDag siden
  • 😴...soooo boring...such a lazy NOworldr

    Ty GhrtTy GhrtDag siden
  • 7:08 all the cars got their lights on. well... its required all the time whenever you're out on public roads.

    hormenn1hormenn1Dag siden
    • Stockholm is pretty quiet I would say. I've been several times and it always felt quite zen.

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuDag siden
  • Thought you lived in Liverpool ?

    gaz rileygaz rileyDag siden
    • Good looking Simon on ur travels me and my boys love ur channel

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuDag siden
  • Simon, tie a knot at the end of the face mask straps, and it will fit better and it won't fall of your nose all the time. 👁👃🏻👁

    Jolene the LlamaJolene the LlamaDag siden

    Big JumboBig JumboDag siden
    • Yes we am

      Big JumboBig JumboDag siden
  • No swedes for dinner then . i mean turnip . that was an original dad joke we just dont laugh at .

    brianpc pcbrianpc pcDag siden
  • "sweetheart" 5:20 lmao

    Mark SicherlMark SicherlDag siden
  • Welcome to Sweden bruuvaa, maybe get a smaller mask? 😅

    Lucius LightLucius LightDag siden
  • Where is Harald Simon?

    Chrysler YTChrysler YTDag siden
  • Your not selling your mask very well....may aswell not have one. Love your videos but agree, drop the mcds trick. It’s trampy as anything. Just buy a burger.

    Suz TelfordSuz TelfordDag siden
  • As a fellow Welsh man I find it sad to see that you are deleting comments on your channel and will unsubscribe and go back to the number one Bald and bankrupt 👋🏻

    combrogicombrogiDag siden
    • Agreed, I noticed that too. I just don't understand the point of annoying people by deleting their comments unless they're racist or incite violence. It's called freedom of speech 👍🏻

      Dai SickDai SickDag siden
  • Get a mask that fits 😂

    Paul ArmstrongPaul ArmstrongDag siden
  • sweden only has a population of 3ooo people of which 2000 are under the age of 3.wild bears from the mountains come down to feed on the older swedes and keep the population in check.we have the corona virus yes BUT we have the real Mcdonalds.bitch!

    stink assstink assDag siden
  • Harold leaves massive tips for no reason but you won't pay for a burger.

    djldjlDag siden
  • Not even 2 minutes in and the way you keep touching your mask bothers me you need a better one man that ones shit especially if you’re travelling through country’s thumbs down from me

    Wade KWade KDag siden
  • Good looking Simon on ur travels me and my boys love ur channel

    Leigh RobinsonLeigh RobinsonDag siden
  • Stockholm is pretty quiet I would say. I've been several times and it always felt quite zen.

    Shaffron ShentonShaffron ShentonDag siden
  • I wish the rest of the world had Swedish corona

    Lara HenningLara HenningDag siden
    • through His * Mail *(

      gtoss chddygtoss chddyDag siden
  • Taxi driver gonna touch that butt

    Row. BRow. BDag siden
  • Strong words, sweetheart.

    Aaron HockingAaron Hocking2 dager siden
    • about my past trading experience, the amount I do use to trade, what were my challenges. After, he mentored me on the best practices of trading cryptocurrency and how to pr

      gtoss chddygtoss chddyDag siden
  • Simon, here's how to (sort of) make the burger thing right. Go there again and buy a meal, but leave a juicy tip that is bigger than the cost of the burger you stole.

    Vuyo SidinileVuyo Sidinile2 dager siden
  • Good to see you back & escaping the UK lockdown Simon ! Well done on the macs burger and not rusty at all mate, what’s happening with accommodation at the hotel - not blagging it this time round or crashing out at the lobby or swimming pool area ? Keep up the great content mate and see the world for us who are stuck at home !

    Richard ChewRichard Chew2 dager siden
  • Sweden's daily cases and deaths were very high in the beginning. They now have a second wave with waaaaaay more daily cases but deaths are MUCH MUCH fewer! I'll just take a stab in the dark and guess that it's due to HERD IMMUNITY.

    Vuyo SidinileVuyo Sidinile2 dager siden
  • There is an UK at the end of every FCUK

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard Warrior2 dager siden
  • Jst pay for it you cheap guy. I loved the video up until that point and disliked it. I feel so sorry for the swedish mcdonalds and their staff :(

    troisxatroisxa2 dager siden
  • what a weird taxi driver

    troisxatroisxa2 dager siden
  • Funny here in the us we look the same as Sweden only that we are losing about 1k people a day :) I hate it here

    Fernando FierroFernando Fierro2 dager siden
  • Welcome to sweden🇸🇪

    Philip AnderssonPhilip Andersson2 dager siden
  • “See ya later” to the taxi driver

    emteaz hassanemteaz hassan2 dager siden
  • It’s so weird seeing like handshakes and normal conversation and just people being about it’s somehow become odd interesting year

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu2 dager siden
  • Simon Mcdonalds

    Youtube KingYoutube King2 dager siden
  • That taxi driver had me 🤣🤣🤣

    Erin StephensonErin Stephenson2 dager siden
  • tip my dude you can twist your masks straps so that the bottom strap is on on top of ear and it will make your mask tighter! ;PPPPP

    Andrew ValdozAndrew Valdoz2 dager siden
    • Think you need a smaller mask

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu2 dager siden
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    jacksonlucas hilljacksonlucas hill2 dager siden
  • In Australia 🇦🇺 we had a stage 4 lockdown now we have 0 cases for the last 26 days

    Funkyk73 :Funkyk73 :2 dager siden
  • I don’t know how these countries let others in with the caronavirus

    Funkyk73 :Funkyk73 :2 dager siden
  • In my life, ....been called sweetheart only from cashier lady and driver lady

    Tesco PrimarkTesco Primark2 dager siden
  • Did that taxi driver call you sweet heart?

    Ewan RichardsEwan Richards2 dager siden
  • Simon i had the coronavirus last week and its took me 6 days and it heals if ever you catch something just msg me i will tell how to fight that virus in 6 days ! its require around of 100$ of products and 6 day later its gone and i'm not selling those products or doing any profit i simply know what to use !

    Jay RoyJay Roy2 dager siden
  • I can't wait to go home to Africa.. Secret what country but no Covid and free to do as you please.. Hopefully be home in next three weeks.. America is a mess..

    Asilia African Animal RanchAsilia African Animal Ranch2 dager siden
  • Seeing your videos got me thru last year after my mom died from liver cancer and this year as well 2020 sucks

    Marz DrizzleMarz Drizzle2 dager siden
  • Thing is lockdown didnt really happen in the UK with in days people and shops found loopholes to stay open and meet up 😂

    Leanne jayneLeanne jayne2 dager siden
  • Tell me about yourself *Sweet Heart*

    1Doge1Doge2 dager siden
  • I just had covid-19 and now i’m immune and the gyms are still open so i’m living the dream in Sweden rn lol.

    MK IIIMK III2 dager siden
  • That is awesome that you can walk around without a mask.

    JASJAS2 dager siden

    Stephen CampbellStephen Campbell2 dager siden
  • Get a decent mask that stays above your nose.

    Andrés JónssonAndrés Jónsson2 dager siden
  • Think you need a smaller mask

    Stephen CampbellStephen Campbell2 dager siden
  • Simon gives us ps5s

    Matthew MullerMatthew Muller2 dager siden
  • Sweden’s tactic really backfired on them, they’re fucked now

    DD2 dager siden