The Cost of Concordia

16. feb.. 2021
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Ship-a go sink.
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  • New Second Channel Video: Fashion.

    Internet HistorianInternet Historian3 måneder siden
    • @TrashBinProductions aqqqqq

      AngelAngelDag siden
    • I’m waiting for the Gamestonk Saga. Only you can do it Justice.

      Fadex RucksFadex Rucks6 dager siden
    • you havin yourself a cap'n cook?

      JosiahJosiah11 dager siden
    • Didn't know you had a second channel

      Hayashi ShockleyHayashi Shockley14 dager siden
    • Hummmm I have a suggestion for a video, is a bit of recent history but it made quite an alarm into the world, isn't covid, but the people vs all street story, how Reddit could save GameStop and cause a massive trouble in the stock market, I believe it would be a fun video.

      Recomendo!!!Recomendo!!!21 dag siden
  • I remember this happened after a year after our second cruise , now we go on every two years family cruise and I’m like glad that this we didn’t have a Captain like this, not going to ruin my vacation.

    Brandon WarnerBrandon Warner2 timer siden
  • I really enjoy and appreciate these videos. So much fun too watch and you can see the talent and effort that goes into it

    Garret SabourinGarret Sabourin2 timer siden
  • I've got a question for the Q&A: WHERE IS IT, HAROLD? 😭

    John SmithJohn Smith2 timer siden
  • Its like my 4th time watching this video and only now did I notice he plays Hollow Knight ost at 19:08

    Kamski_22Kamski_224 timer siden
  • I say we make Russel Robbello the honorary captain, seeing as he actually went down with the ship.

    Sam MaxGoofSam MaxGoof5 timer siden
  • To this day I cannot beLIEVE the captain peaced out like that.

    Midnight's ZephyrMidnight's Zephyr7 timer siden
  • As Indonesian, i cant believe there's someone in my country that having a part in Italian Cruise ship sunken _accident_

    azuki andkoroazuki andkoro9 timer siden
  • 20:24 Please tell me^ deputy major was trying to find someone in cherge not going to the bridge? Or did he try to find someone in charge of evacuation proccess? Because if bridge was empty by this time, then why the moment you tell us that the bridge is now abandonded on 21:03? Please shade some light on the actual consequences here. What happened first, and who major was searching for and where?

    BXXBXX9 timer siden
  • how about a Video this style about Apollo 13?

    ArchisArchis10 timer siden
  • Tbf im nore surprised that there wasnt a petition to refloat the ship or similar

    Flame Of PhoenixFlame Of Phoenix13 timer siden
  • 31:49 LMAOOOO @ this chick, which pilot did she fuddle duddled again for this???

    SayaKuro12SayaKuro1215 timer siden
  • 39:15 De Falco was robbed! ROBBED! This is Rigga Morris!

    SayaKuro12SayaKuro1215 timer siden
  • Why not throw it into full reverse?

    Jack NedryJack Nedry17 timer siden
    • ​@Jack Nedry yeah, cruise ships are so massive and hard to move that it just made all the issues worse

      esotericPrinceesotericPrince15 timer siden
    • @esotericPrince, I'd assume because of Newton's 1st law right?

      Jack NedryJack Nedry15 timer siden
    • boats cant move like that

      esotericPrinceesotericPrince15 timer siden
  • God I love the internet.

    AkioCorporationAkioCorporation19 timer siden
  • its not the ship of dreams, the titanic got its title first...

    ChaseYTChaseYT20 timer siden
  • Is it just me or is the before and after pictures of the Concordia in 24:12 kind of haunting? (The music made it more eerie!!)

    Angel RamosAngel Ramos20 timer siden
  • Man, I love me some epic halo music and sound effects!

    Sgt PaloogooSgt Paloogoo21 time siden
  • Where them Q&As at tho?

    João OliveiraJoão Oliveira23 timer siden
  • Imagine causing 32 deaths, over $1,000,000,000 in damages and over five years of legal legwork just because you wanna look cool

    HowTheHeckHowTheHeckDag siden

    Vocal HavenVocal HavenDag siden
  • The loose stretch strikingly haunt because chance gergely earn into a colorful coke. important, comfortable language

    Chegg AccountChegg AccountDag siden
  • Oi, Where is that Q&A you wanted to upload?

    MysticSquareMysticSquareDag siden
  • am i the only one who felt Chernobyl vibes here? since the captain, Schettino, reminds me a lot of ol' Dyatlov, he disobeys the rules, he eyeballs his decision, etc.

    『ベルリンヤグルマギク』Berlin Cornflower『ベルリンヤグルマギク』Berlin CornflowerDag siden
  • What makes it funnier to me is how Schettinos name is pronounced close to the word “скатина” in Russian [pronounced Skatina] which can quite literally translate to bastard :]

    it meit meDag siden
  • 28:57 Vice city 😍😍😍

    MR.ppbigwoah 17MR.ppbigwoah 17Dag siden
  • Anyone else come here expecting it to just be some simple mistakes with big consequences? I was not expecting any kind of death toll the first few minutes in.

    Benny ParkBenny ParkDag siden
  • Dominica is Romanian , I am too . She was a big fucking thing in Romania after the accident. The clip of her fighting the police was about her being 'sexually asaulted ' by the police

    Andrei MilcometeAndrei MilcometeDag siden
  • Honestly on rewatch it's unbelievable the morons in charge of this cruise business spent hundreds of millions on acquiring this gigantic ship but then skimped on less than 50,000 to get an Indonesian cleaner who can't speak English to drive the thing instead of someone at least marginally qualified lol.

    relix7373relix7373Dag siden
  • God metal gear solids music is so effing good

    Jesse H.Jesse H.Dag siden
  • This video has inspired me to become a third mate and not fuck it up

    Purple_ChowderPurple_ChowderDag siden
  • Man that halo 3 soundtrack hit me too hard..

    Fernando RodriguezFernando RodriguezDag siden
  • 43:52 hilarious

    Senior AdrianSenior AdrianDag siden
  • What's the song at 34:11

    Ultra QuakeUltra QuakeDag siden
  • guy where art thou is bored

    EllieEllieDag siden
  • What a weasel.

    Ava JonesAva JonesDag siden
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    billy saundersbilly saunders2 dager siden
  • 28:48

    YMCA 123YMCA 1232 dager siden
  • This is my fourth time watching this Video and the second time within there days :D

    Jah-Warrior 1Jah-Warrior 12 dager siden
  • God i love this video.

    JoeOnYTJoeOnYT2 dager siden
  • Honestly I’d probably steal that big fuck off bell

    Crispy CreamCrispy Cream2 dager siden
  • I only just realized that the video title is “cost” and not “coast”

    thunar1970thunar19702 dager siden
  • how the fuck did that helmsman even get hired?

    nignoggins nigignignoggins nigig2 dager siden
  • For some reason this video has shown up in my recommended like 8 times, and every time I'm like 'you know, I guess I could watch that again.'

    Shawn ConwayShawn Conway2 dager siden
  • He had crashed ... twice before?

    Nautilus1972Nautilus19722 dager siden
  • It DOES cause me physical pain to hear you pronounce ‘Cazzo’ like this but good video :)

    INFINITF2INFINITF22 dager siden
  • How different the outcome would've been if the captain had immediately declared an emergency and began evacuation protocols. He would've been branded a hero instead of an incompetent idiot.

    Leonel CantúLeonel Cantú2 dager siden
    • Ehhh I'm not so sure about "hero". He still did something really dumb by sailing that close to shore, and he was generally a pretty bad captain.

      No I won't sign your ArmpitNo I won't sign your ArmpitDag siden
  • Where is the incognito mode Q&A? Did I miss it somehow?

    Online NoviceOnline Novice2 dager siden
  • hearing Lace... god still waitng on Silksong

    Jimmy KeochindaJimmy Keochinda2 dager siden
  • i remember hearing about the costa concordia while playing Grid as a child. its pretty cool hearing about it years latet

    MrSignmeoutMrSignmeout2 dager siden
  • Saw this on a reaction channel so had to watch it again here so OP gets 🅣🅗🅔 🅒🅛🅘🅒🅚🅢

    LobbySeatWarmerLobbySeatWarmer2 dager siden
  • HOTTAKE: Colossal Is Crazy Kraut And Internet Historian are the same guy. I have no proof besides the extremely similar voices and how mysterious they are with their identities, but prove me wrong.

    Megan CampbellMegan Campbell2 dager siden
  • Ahhh Italy. Europe's Real life Meme that keeps on giving. Like the French Navy. Like British Quality. Like German humor. Like Polish drivers licenses Like Sweden Jailtime for Rapists. Like Greek banks. Like Spanish patience Like Belgium roads. Like Austrian amateur painters with political aspirations. Like Russian Politics. Like American politics But, if you make a mess. You can be damn sure a Dutchman is ready to clean it up and laugh at you at the same time.

    Wim de BWim de B2 dager siden
  • we need a witness testimony that one guy that somehow was the navigator: so anyway i Dipped

    Bucket Of HeadBucket Of Head2 dager siden
  • Does anyone know what the “down with the ship” song was at the end?

    Ian MilkóIan Milkó2 dager siden
  • Really appreciate the effort put in those videos.

    c_drom3darc_drom3dar2 dager siden
  • "Who steal a big fuck off bell?" Classic.

    Clairette ChambersClairette Chambers3 dager siden
  • Brilliantly made video.

    David LewinDavid Lewin3 dager siden
  • Can you do one about the oceanos?

    Tate WangTate Wang3 dager siden
  • The rhetorical sturgeon ultimately obtain because lace compatibly box plus a feeble feigned magician. freezing, splendid beet

    LittleTimmyJrLittleTimmyJr3 dager siden
  • “Alright clowns, get your masks on.”

    Nick PeralesNick Perales3 dager siden
  • A good Micky take on the titanic.

    Barbara DysonBarbara Dyson3 dager siden
  • I'm gonna say something that hopefully doesn't sound too weird, but you have a really amazing voice. You ever considered doing audio books?

    ScrambledAndBenedictScrambledAndBenedict3 dager siden
  • Hollow knight boss music!

    Mith’raw’nuruodoMith’raw’nuruodo3 dager siden
  • Few small errors I spotted near 3:45 : the 2nd officer is not the 2nd in command, the first officer is the second in command after the captain. At 4:15, when mariners talk about miles it's almost certainly nautical miles which are 1800-ish meters per mile, not american miles which are 1600. I can't imagine Italian mariners speaking in American miles. So 0.35 miles should be about 650 meters

    AntalzAntalz3 dager siden
    • Bruh......

      Agent_EAgent_E2 dager siden
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    Alayna NelsonAlayna Nelson3 dager siden
  • did they not vet their crew at all???

    CL.PowCL.Pow3 dager siden
  • Does anyone know what the accordion song is at 12:20?

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson3 dager siden
  • "I took the brakes out of my car. Man like me, never really learned how to stop" *"shut the fuck up"*

    SontersSonters3 dager siden
  • It’s an awful tragedy that shouldn’t have happened, but this is fricking hilarious. ... btw anyone else recognize the music at 22:40 from the first Halo?

    MotorcikeyMotorcikey3 dager siden
  • "No more 45 minute videos on the main channel" Me: *Falls down to my knees and screams in despair*

    Gamma AngelGamma Angel3 dager siden
    • Same :(

      Agent_EAgent_E2 dager siden
  • What the fk, where is the Q&A on 2nd channel?

    M WM W3 dager siden
  • I showed this to my grandma, and she ADORES you, IH. Which is amazing, cause she hates everything; but she and I ended up binging most of your videos together. I have literally never seen her laugh so hard.

    Luna MaleficaLuna Malefica3 dager siden
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    Chegg AccountChegg Account3 dager siden
  • That "People still onboard" counter... it's so chilling when it halts at 35, then historian mentions 3 more survivors and it finally stops at 32, and the reality of what it means sinks in.

    Jarvi BlueJarvi Blue3 dager siden
  • Tugs theme intensifies!

    Existing PeopleExisting People3 dager siden
  • 6:40 The ship cannot turn because "What' they've got is UNDERSEA? UNDANCY?" What is that term in physics?

    John KellyJohn Kelly3 dager siden
  • 13:55 that L.I.V.E. acronym was hilarious

    Spud KaiSpud Kai3 dager siden
    • @The ENColony good point but I doubt it

      Spud KaiSpud KaiDag siden
    • @Spud Kai I mean IE's version is obviously a joke, I was just wondering if there was an actual emergency procedure it was based off of, something like Locate Inform Volleyball? Idk I'm not clever Evacuate

      The ENColonyThe ENColonyDag siden
    • @The ENColony got to be made up

      Spud KaiSpud KaiDag siden
    • Is there a real version of it, or was it entirely made up?

      The ENColonyThe ENColonyDag siden
  • Wait hol up jacob rusli bin have the same nationality as me :_:

    Chez burgezChez burgez4 dager siden
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  • This sponser doesn't even have to do anything with the actual product

    KingcraftKingcraft4 dager siden
  • What a great video !

    GymmotGymmot4 dager siden
  • The pictures of the ship run down are so aesthetically unpleasing, it's strangely artistic

    Siegward of CatarinaSiegward of Catarina4 dager siden
  • stopepda t 34:15

    thejekky_brthejekky_br4 dager siden
  • the person who put the ship on Ebay... I fucking cackled like a witch

    Altered WaveAltered Wave4 dager siden
  • Please make a video about theranos scandal

    olivier sealolivier seal4 dager siden
  • The real heros of this story are the engineers, the “vada a bordo cazza” guy, and almost everyone but the dipshits in the cockpit.

    Phantomartist !!!Phantomartist !!!4 dager siden
    • Also the Safety Officer who made the early call to evacuate the engineers

      AttigatorAttigator3 dager siden
  • 32 people died because of a dipshit helmsman and captain

    Phantomartist !!!Phantomartist !!!4 dager siden
  • Since when, in recorded history, did an electrical fault cause a ship to list?

    Ray WestneyRay Westney4 dager siden
  • 24:10 what is the music that starts at this time stamp? I can’t find it after looking through the description.

    Average KAverage K4 dager siden
  • whos that guy saying stfu at 10:19

    ________4 dager siden
  • The captain was so close he did everything he could to avoid the crash damn language barrier

    Wayne HaleWayne Hale4 dager siden
  • 28:24 dead island music is a nice touch

    MrStabGuyMrStabGuy4 dager siden
  • Big Fuck Off Bell! - Australia

    Oblivious AustralianOblivious Australian4 dager siden
  • This is the most fun and the most laughter I've ever had watching a video about a tragic loss of life. 😜

    Tracy ATracy A4 dager siden
  • 14:30 hold on Matey.. whoa now... They're playing THAT??? DAFUQ 👀👀👀

    Cereal & WhiskyCereal & Whisky4 dager siden
  • Shit went from 0 to 100 real quick

    SidSid4 dager siden
  • Wheres the cyberpunk video

    Wubby17Wubby174 dager siden
  • Okay but Silvia was the queen

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