The BIRTH to DEATH of the ALPHA Wolf!

1. mai. 2021
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This is the life of a Minecraft Werewolf from BIRTH to DEATH! 🐺
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  • Y is Mac in kawai Chan’s skin in this scene 3:42

    Hazel RamethHazel Rameth2 minutter siden
  • Why is kawaii chan sound like mack

    Sarah navaSarah nava26 minutter siden
  • 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺

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    Wadeea AlbasriWadeea AlbasriTime siden
  • Hi

    Calboyzin TTDVCalboyzin TTDVTime siden
  • Yes

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  • Is anyone gonna talk about how this video was stolen for an ad

    whittywhittyTime siden
  • Hi

    Theresa JostTheresa JostTime siden
    • Rayshouse2020

      Theresa JostTheresa JostTime siden
  • And how do you do the shapeshifter ones???

    Logan Freitas-RodriguesLogan Freitas-Rodrigues2 timer siden
  • What mod is that??? And where can I find it???? I want to try!

    Logan Freitas-RodriguesLogan Freitas-Rodrigues2 timer siden
  • Jesus is coming

    Brooke JoletteBrooke Jolette3 timer siden
  • It was so cute

    Tacy MartelliTacy Martelli3 timer siden
  • For some reason I always mistake their tail I always think their tail is a ponytail

    sprinkle cookie cookies with creamsprinkle cookie cookies with cream4 timer siden
  • love it

    sarahzio2sarahzio24 timer siden
  • 1:26 I was kinda dying of laughter at this point for some reason 😂😂😂😂

    Kyra ParkerKyra Parker5 timer siden
  • You should do birth to death as the Ultima werewolf

    sally kingsally king5 timer siden
  • Why is kawaii chan s voice macs voice

    chelsey Chachelsey Cha5 timer siden
  • furry

    Gulbik nfjsafjafijusaGulbik nfjsafjafijusa5 timer siden
  • I’m sorry to interrupt the video but it’s not birth to death it’s probably supposed to be delivery to death

    Adventures OutsideAdventures Outside5 timer siden
  • I got the grammerly ad when he howled

    Michael Nolan Jr.Michael Nolan Jr.6 timer siden
  • Yeah they are always her parents lol

    Evie O'BrienEvie O'Brien6 timer siden
  • street anyone

    Boba TeáBoba Teá7 timer siden
  • I love it

    Ian FeskoIan Fesko7 timer siden
  • Did Anyone who noticed that Quite chance voice sounded like Mac's voice

    Arjun BijaypatiArjun Bijaypati7 timer siden
  • You Aphmau is really Creative girl

    Wolfy Night YTWolfy Night YT8 timer siden
  • At 3:29 Mac is in kawaii chans voice and idk why😀💅

    I’m AmeliaI’m Amelia8 timer siden
  • I had to do it twice because I was on the iPad I am on the phone and I can see clearly

    Thinh TranThinh Tran8 timer siden
  • Yeah more like shatter all the glass Pierce

    KaylynnKaylynn8 timer siden
  • Aphmau’s bark is strong I’m so glad!

    Thinh TranThinh Tran8 timer siden
  • If kawai Chan sounds like mach then kawai Chan has been replaced by mach

    flame flareflame flare9 timer siden
  • 3:37

    Carlos TejadaCarlos Tejada9 timer siden
  • I Bevlive you

    Krishnamurthy ArrojuKrishnamurthy Arroju9 timer siden
  • BRUH Bluey why

    Tim greenTim green9 timer siden
  • Why is pearce always the brother

    Jennifer CalautitJennifer Calautit9 timer siden
  • Young👼🏽 Tu👴 end game

    ALWAYS ME LSALWAYS ME LS9 timer siden

    Rose PetalRose Petal10 timer siden
  • How did you be a wolf

    Jake KouJake Kou10 timer siden
  • Do you like Aaron

    Jake KouJake Kou10 timer siden
  • Kawi~chan:watch some bluey Me who loves bluey:I'd be happy to

    Briana HainesBriana Haines10 timer siden
  • When kwaii Chan is talking, her voice changes into Mac’s voice.

    Eilanah Mae RicoEilanah Mae Rico10 timer siden
  • No I be like are we going to catch Che's bergers

    Tori HenleyTori Henley10 timer siden
  • Lol it's funny

    Paola SerraPaola Serra10 timer siden
  • Yea F

    Paola SerraPaola Serra10 timer siden
  • Ooo aphamu in love im like

    Sylwia GalatSylwia Galat10 timer siden
  • Im like to werry mac🐶

    Sylwia GalatSylwia Galat10 timer siden
  • Aphmau’s bar k is so strong

    Thinh TranThinh Tran11 timer siden
  • Does Zane need a hair cut because some hair is in his eyes?😐

    sid garciasid garcia11 timer siden
  • Why is Mc always the teacher?🤔

    sid garciasid garcia11 timer siden
  • nooooo why ein why would u do that

    Beth BlakemanBeth Blakeman11 timer siden
  • I wish you can do shoutouts

    Alexa ParedesAlexa Paredes12 timer siden
  • I like the fact that pierce is her brother at these kinda minecraft stuff and kawaii chan and zane are there parets lol

    Emma San juanEmma San juan12 timer siden
  • Can we just appreciate that she uploads a video everyday ❤️❤️❤️

    Princess Roro8989Princess Roro898912 timer siden
  • Im glad an add came when perice was awoling

    Renee BainRenee Bain13 timer siden

    Bayleigh TyszkaBayleigh Tyszka13 timer siden
  • So cute baby alpha aphmau is sleeping and see zane and kawaii-chan and aaron is back to help aphmau

    Jacky LeeJacky Lee13 timer siden
  • 3:29 did you guys realize that kawaii chan voice turn into mac?!

    Sekinah GratiaSekinah Gratia13 timer siden
  • I like the Boy he teleported

    Marcus james MarceloMarcus james Marcelo13 timer siden
  • Aaron: *deep growling noises*

    RobloxVibesYt :0RobloxVibesYt :013 timer siden
  • I want more videos with Aaron in it

    Brianna CollinsBrianna Collins14 timer siden
  • Hahahahahahahahhahhahahahah

    monruedee mitcharoenthavornmonruedee mitcharoenthavorn15 timer siden
  • I think the voice of kawaii-chan is Mac when pierce and aphmau is marking the carpet and maybe kawaii-chans mic is broken

    Love JaniellLove Janiell15 timer siden
  • Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment Current subs 1

    Fennex fox PlaysFennex fox Plays15 timer siden
  • Tall things are not your weakness 🤨

    maltbywhitemaltbywhite16 timer siden
  • She should make more intruder videos

    maltbywhitemaltbywhite16 timer siden
  • Good video maybe you could do more life to death😊

    maltbywhitemaltbywhite16 timer siden
  • P

    maltbywhitemaltbywhite16 timer siden
  • Lil Pierce: scream howls) Me: r u sure ur not just screaming???

    jennylea wilsonjennylea wilson16 timer siden
  • Why does kawaii~chan sound like mac? Am so confused about that TwT

    Athena RiveraAthena Rivera17 timer siden
  • 🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮🦮

    Khôi Nguyên ĐỗKhôi Nguyên Đỗ18 timer siden
  • Aphmau can my friend join your server? Pls agree pls....☺️ And if i sign in into my Microsoft Acount i hope i can to i promise i will listen to everything you said pls.. Sorry if i make you mad 😔 ..☺️

    Neoly ElloNeoly Ello18 timer siden
  • 3:33 is it just me or did kawaii-chan just change her voices to mack's !!!!!!!

    Anne Khristine ReyesAnne Khristine Reyes18 timer siden
  • Nah

    monruedee mitcharoenthavornmonruedee mitcharoenthavorn19 timer siden
  • Whenever Pierce and Aphmau were fighting, why did Kawaii~Chan sound like Mac?

    Lobo ManadaLobo Manada19 timer siden
  • pierce kid voice is so cute and adorable idk why

    gunepratimgunepratim19 timer siden
  • ithink the 2st kawaichan is mac

    prince mamalapatprince mamalapat19 timer siden
  • Can you do more videoslike this plz

    Persetgone-Eve CarterPersetgone-Eve Carter20 timer siden
    • Can you make more pup videos b/c they are hilarious and funny

      Persetgone-Eve CarterPersetgone-Eve Carter20 timer siden
  • Aaron comes in clutch

    Wolf_GamesWolf_Games20 timer siden
  • 😍😍😍😍😊😵😵😵😵😵😚😚

    Evi EphonkEvi Ephonk20 timer siden
  • Is it Mac in kawaii chan skin

    REgina playsREgina plays20 timer siden
  • Af is baby Always I’m sure

    Palabas MarathonPalabas Marathon21 time siden
  • 👶☠👻

    Aashika BhaggeaAashika Bhaggea22 timer siden
  • Kawaii Chan to mac

    michelle balcuevamichelle balcueva22 timer siden
  • Aaron Just Telepoted to aphmau

    Slay3 FORYOUSlay3 FORYOU22 timer siden
  • When- when Aaron and Aphmau are old, there so funny XDDD

    •[Officixl_Yxri_Gxcha]••[Officixl_Yxri_Gxcha]•23 timer siden
  • In all of the videos like this Zane says “welcome to the world little one.

    Cooper SeeCooper See23 timer siden
  • At 2 points Kawaii-Chan sounded like Mack

    David MaharDavid Mahar23 timer siden
  • When you can’t breathe after hearing pierces howl KDGNRUADHKXAJFHLVZNDHUCSKRNYXISTMGAU LOL 😂

    Ella ShotolaElla Shotola23 timer siden
  • no one else notice at somepoints it was mac voicing Kawaii Chan~?

    Regina WangRegina Wang23 timer siden
  • *sniffs his but* 23:09

    April SampsonApril Sampson23 timer siden
  • Ummmmm duh

    Sofia McDonaldSofia McDonaldDag siden
  • Everything you need to know and everything I learned from this video: Fear Your Parents.

    G MickeythecakeG MickeythecakeDag siden
  • Did you forget about the Ultima?

    April SampsonApril SampsonDag siden
  • Oof

    Chrissy KelleyChrissy KelleyDag siden
  • Kh

    Emma ZhangEmma ZhangDag siden
  • Aphmau : *Dies* *FIVE YEARS LATER* Ein: IT IS I EIN TO TAKE PLACE AS ALPHA- Random angle: You mean goddess Irene? (idk how to spell it TwT) Ein: What?!-

    Snowy FlareSnowy FlareDag siden
    • @Spider Queen thank you

      Snowy FlareSnowy Flare2 timer siden
    • Irene

      Spider QueenSpider Queen4 timer siden
  • 3:53 Kawaii~Chan sounds like Mac

    •ᴇxᴏᴛɪᴄ.ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀᴢ••ᴇxᴏᴛɪᴄ.ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀᴢ•Dag siden
    • Your right OwO

      Snowy FlareSnowy FlareDag siden
  • Hola

    Begum HaniBegum HaniDag siden
  • What mod(s) do you use?

    ItzVoidPlaysItzVoidPlaysDag siden
  • Peirce : awwooooo Me: oh wow it’s was so good I got an ad

    Colton NuskeColton NuskeDag siden
  • I know right

    Shazia AshrafShazia AshrafDag siden