The BIGGEST Unboxing Continues!- Part 2

13. sep.. 2020
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Part 1:
Unboxing Playlist:
▶Parts list◀
NZXT Kraken Z73:
Aukey LED Lamp:
Aukey True Wireless Earbuds:
ASUS Delta Gaming Headset (white):
ASUS RGB Strix Scope TKL Keyboard:
ASUS ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse:
ASUS ROG Strix B550-A Motherboard:
ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 (White):
ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Super (White):
NZXT N7 Z490:
MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X Gaming:
DURGOD Hades 68 RGB Gaming Keyboard:
DURGOD Venus HK RGB Keyboard Gaming Keyboard:
Mira S Gaming Mouse:
HK Gaming 108 Double Shot PBT Pudding Keycpas:
DURGOD Fusion Retro Keyboard:
Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360P:
Cooler Master MasterFan SF360R 360mm:
Cooler Master MasterFan SF240R 240mm:
Cooler Master GPU RGB Sag Bracket:
Cooler Master V1000 Platinum PSU:
Gigabyte Q70C 165Hz Gaming Monitor:
EKWB 480mm Radiator:
Alphacool Watercooling parts:
Alphacool Eiskoffer:
Alphacool Eisball Digital RGB Reservoirs:
ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601:

  • Part 1:

    TechSourceTechSource2 måneder siden
    • me getting kicked at the discord server

      KirkDarrel MntlbnoKirkDarrel MntlbnoMåned siden
    • I am actually making a new gaming setup I would appreciate it if I could win a keyboard and mouse please

      DAZZLE Bailey13DAZZLE Bailey132 måneder siden
    • Your videos so satisfying to watch makes a lot of us jealous hehe

      Kevin SecusanaKevin Secusana2 måneder siden
    • G

      John Michael Dela CruzJohn Michael Dela Cruz2 måneder siden
    • Hey ed, i got abused on your server by admin Michael admin abused me on your discord server... A guy was annoying and breaking rules I said that guy to stop! He didn't listen to me... Michael timeout me! And reason was spam.. When i didn't spam... I got into his dms and asked for reason... He extended my timeout without and answer! And when i said its admin abuse he just banned me I just want you to notice m comment and warn Michael

      Om TapkirOm Tapkir2 måneder siden
  • The faithful white proximately file because celsius inversely memorise through a yummy hardboard. aberrant, innate punch

    Nicholas CisnerosNicholas Cisneros5 timer siden
  • Please bro PC gift me ... Help me please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Humayun MamunHumayun Mamun13 timer siden
  • I've legit never seen a aorus power supply crazy

    Derek gDerek g20 timer siden
  • God I gotta start a channel make lot of money and get a bunch of free shit one of those boxes would make someone week

    Derek gDerek g22 timer siden
  • I love your work man, I hope the best for you, I enjoy your videos very much, thank you for helping me through tough times.

    well bornwell bornDag siden
  • Can I get one of the keyboard and mice

  • 8:59 does anyone else think that the keyboard looks like the Ikea sign

    MostlyGamingMostlyGaming4 dager siden
  • Im crying! I can’t even buy the mid range gaming pc even i have a job😭

    Kuya KomKuya Kom5 dager siden
  • ed: not reacting much to alot of computer stuff me:can i have some please:)

    ya_likejazz123 jazzya_likejazz123 jazz5 dager siden
  • Bruh so many radiators

    Sky X24Sky X246 dager siden
  • And also because I don’t want your earwax in my ears....

    PsycainyPsycainy8 dager siden
  • Doesn't the venus not have arrow keys

    Westminster Presbyterian Church PCUSAWestminster Presbyterian Church PCUSA8 dager siden
  • Even if I dont have a pc yet. Hoping to get some of those give aways bro. So satisfying to watch from the 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    Kelvin CacalKelvin Cacal10 dager siden
  • iskoffa

    BMC PCBMC PC12 dager siden
  • How do yot get in the give away

    Luciano ValdezLuciano Valdez12 dager siden
  • You're wearing your air pods upside-down!! Your welcome. 👍

    mike mallamomike mallamo12 dager siden
  • congrats on the baby and pls keep up the chane its fantastic!

    wastl gamingwastl gaming13 dager siden
  • I wonder how it feel to have a gaming setup as an south african

    Die PeuDie Peu13 dager siden
  • How do we enter the giveaway?

    Toni FuentesToni Fuentes14 dager siden
  • 2:54 who knows the reference from 2 years ago

    Rehaan MRehaan M14 dager siden
  • Love these videos bro

    Stephon RileyStephon Riley15 dager siden
  • nice video man congratulations on your kid... you're gonna be a great dad... good luck

    Ilene AmarasingheIlene Amarasinghe15 dager siden
  • ❤️

    Clouud 9Clouud 916 dager siden
  • How do you enter a giveaway

    william Reedwilliam Reed16 dager siden
  • Not do this man I was crying at the end

    CODM AidenCODM Aiden19 dager siden
  • Is it possible if I could win one of the GPUs or motherboards as I currently don't have a GPU and my motherboard is very basic please could I have one of them. And how do I get a chance to win it

    Aron AsherAron Asher19 dager siden
  • 19:35

    Josef HuertoJosef Huerto20 dager siden
  • 😉

    AUKEY OfficialAUKEY Official22 dager siden
  • Are all the giveaways gone?

    tore seebachtore seebach23 dager siden
  • Still laughing about the mice😂

    HateHate23 dager siden
  • what id give to win a give away

    Liam HartoghLiam Hartogh25 dager siden
  • Its not cristmas Yet?

    ZakiZaki25 dager siden
  • wallah

    Muhammad Ali SCIT R2 446Muhammad Ali SCIT R2 44626 dager siden
  • I commented on your house tour video about making your spare room as a gaming room for your kids someday, and here we are, Im so happy! 😂😂 congratulations other Ed!

    Edrian HenioEdrian Henio28 dager siden
  • can you give some parts to build my pc becauseyou have tooo much items

    khushal kumarkhushal kumarMåned siden
  • Jesil srbin??

    daka gamingdaka gamingMåned siden
  • I like how he just tilted the thumbnail he used in the first unboxing

    A Toasty BreadA Toasty BreadMåned siden
  • 3:59 damn he lost his accent for a second! lol

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaMåned siden
  • Me:My guy gets GPU from sponsers. My setup: 2012 idea pad Ed:BRUH

    Mary MayMary MayMåned siden
  • i hope i win gaming pc I can't even afford 500$ gaming pc

    Mor SalinMor SalinMåned siden
  • damn he could make a garage just out of gpu's

    SeptreFNSeptreFNMåned siden
  • Good evening, my brother is poor. Your brother is studying at the university. He needs a computer because I am poor and I do not have money to buy a computer. I will be happy please

    Brahime brahime BrahimiBrahime brahime BrahimiMåned siden
    • adresse email /

      Brahime brahime BrahimiBrahime brahime BrahimiMåned siden
  • How do I enter the giveaway

    Drifting Beast 212Drifting Beast 212Måned siden
  • Can someone explain how to enter the giveaways

    SkittlezMcSkittlezMcMåned siden
  • I love your videos but I got banned for sending the link of a graphics card I wanted. I appreciate what you've done for the discord but I think some rules are a bit extreme. Thanks.

    taha malihitaha malihiMåned siden
  • I see my dream in your hand I want win My istagram @ayitkof

    jonas lamjonas lamMåned siden
  • congrats and ill see u after 5 years where u have a lotta subs and building an RGB setup for ur kid

    abishek Shanmugamabishek ShanmugamMåned siden
  • How can we win stuff from you ? I would love to Try And win stuff

    Ricky CirocRicky CirocMåned siden
  • techsource I hope I can win the pc because my dream is to have a pc and you would change my life if i won this

    XXflakey XXXXflakey XXMåned siden
  • Very Nice

  • How do you enter a give away

    Jay’sPC’s GamingJay’sPC’s GamingMåned siden
  • I subscribed and turned on notifications

    Jay’sPC’s GamingJay’sPC’s GamingMåned siden
  • This video just called me poor for 29 minutes

    Abdullah DrawsAbdullah DrawsMåned siden
  • When the giveaway or im late

    lyrics 4everlyrics 4everMåned siden
  • Can i ask for keyboard and mouse? Mine broked earlier it already doest workk

    CRITIC_ 84CRITIC_ 84Måned siden
  • Im from the philippines can he notice me tho?

    CRITIC_ 84CRITIC_ 84Måned siden
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    Khalifa Ghatam (Al)Khalifa Ghatam (Al)Måned siden
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    Khalifa Ghatam (Al)Khalifa Ghatam (Al)Måned siden
  • The thumbnail looks like he just got a divorce and now he is opening boxes to relieve stress

    mizu wapppmizu wapppMåned siden
  • How you say gif, rages me.

    MooseyMooseyMåned siden
  • can i please have the keyboard and mouse my setup sucks and it will help a lot

    snprRaZesnprRaZeMåned siden
  • 14:34 It was actually pretty good. Just the K was a bit too soft and germans don't say the R that way.

    Dominik BossDominik BossMåned siden
  • I need a mouse very badly I'm living with a corsair harpoon and the side buttons don't work plz dm AquaFLX on instagram

    Faze H1ghsky1Faze H1ghsky1Måned siden
  • You are awesome guy and I like the way you put the computer together by step by step

    Alex EmericAlex EmericMåned siden
  • I’m gonna finally start saving for parts. I’m thinking of going the used parts route.

    JakeShaw16JakeShaw16Måned siden
  • 13:09 haven't eaten in 5 hr. Me eating something every 10 minutes

    Harsh S.Harsh S.Måned siden
  • Those mise and keyboard looks nice

    Aditya PoteAditya PoteMåned siden

    Joseph TavarezJoseph TavarezMåned siden
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    Marco GarciaMarco GarciaMåned siden
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    Henry4711LPHenry4711LPMåned siden
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    S1ngle RepubliCS1ngle RepubliCMåned siden
  • wow that was great pc set... it was so nice.... i wish i had that one...vrlatech gaming pc... keep it up....

    tolits venezuelatolits venezuelaMåned siden
  • Nobody Literally nobody Ed: water cooling his house

    3239 Dhairya shah3239 Dhairya shahMåned siden
  • i dont really like videos but the last part got me man. Keep it up , i will always be supportiong you and last but not least All The Best you are gonna be a great dad

    Dhruv UpadhyayDhruv UpadhyayMåned siden
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  • Small Fan from INDIA....

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  • This mans could open a store with all he got

    x Leonx LeonMåned siden
  • K

    HackedHackedMåned siden
  • Please give me keyboard please sir

  • I sat here, for a whole hour, watching the 2 unboxing videos, with mixed emotion, sometimes I smile, sometimes with watery eyes, I wished if I found this giveaway feast earlier, maybe with mighty luck I would have got something. I don't know if you would send a giveaway to a country in Africa, I wanted to become a 3D Designer, but coming from a poor country it is almost impossible to afford a good PC, and what was on this video such a good goodies that a one can dream off. please can you put me into your consideration for a giveaway for your next give away, anything would help me to a closer step to own a good PC. even if it is just a good mouse or a keyboard, it would help, I do have a pc right now, made it in 2011, and I have an incredible story behind it, and how I managed to make it. it served me well honestly, it was a reason for me to support my family for a few years as a matter of fact. but it is dying now, I don't think it will survive more than a year. can you guys please raise this comment up with like maybe by any chance that he might read it ? and I might get some help from him in the future by any chance? and on the end congrats for your baby. Thank you.

    JλκσzλJλκσzλMåned siden
  • Congrats on the 👶

    NikTheYoutuberNikTheYoutuberMåned siden
  • When he says do not do this at home but where are you going to open it at except your home?? Maybe at your grandma's

    endless death77endless death77Måned siden
  • i have nothing not even a desk I am going to get one soon i think 🤔

    endless death77endless death77Måned siden
  • This is how much people liked this video ⤵️

    endless death77endless death77Måned siden
  • i enjoy how he got all of this at one time and my entire setup costs $1000 and i think it’s amazing

    HeliosHeliosMåned siden
  • Btw congrats on all ur hard work.

    vaishant babuvaishant babuMåned siden
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    vaishant babuvaishant babuMåned siden

    Ramana SuddalaRamana SuddalaMåned siden
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