7. april. 2021
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The biggest and most expensive house in the world is a 105,000 square foot modern masterpiece in Bel Air created by developer and visionary Nile Niami. The property features a nightclub, fifty car garage, AMC style theatre, bowling alley, five swimming pools and sits on a plot of land at the top of Bel Air the size of a city block. Join us as we tour the world's biggest and most expensive house in this exclusive video.
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0:00 - Intro
1:45 - Sky Deck
2:38 - Upper Hallway
4:08 - Art Gallery
4:21 - Secondary Bedrooms
4:49 - Master Bedroom
5:22 - Ladies Bathroom
5:28 - Ladies Closet
6:49 - Man's Bathroom
7:30 - Man's Closet
8:10 - Master Bedroom Swimming Pool
8:55 - Master Bedroom 360 TV
10:38 - 50 Car Garage
11:22 - Shark Tank Wall
11:39 - Bedrooms
12:15 - East Hall Bar and Lounge
13:05 - Smart Home System
13:30 - Spa and Welness Center
13:45 - Beauty Salon
15:58 - Salt Water Pool
16:27 - Gym and Juice Bar
19:25 - Bowling Alley
19:49 - Golf Simulator
21:50 - Movie Theatre
25:31 - Guest House
27:10 - Tennis Court
28:45 - Staff Quarters
30:00 - Outro
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  • Running late to an important meeting, sit in your super car and then: oh shit, I forgot my phone inside!

    Di CiDi Ci39 sekunder siden
  • Nile sly Stallone

    HighSpinSwingSpeedHighSpinSwingSpeed6 minutter siden
  • I was waiting and waiting to see the music video. WTH

    HighSpinSwingSpeedHighSpinSwingSpeed8 minutter siden
  • This guy reminds me so much of Stallone

    HighSpinSwingSpeedHighSpinSwingSpeed16 minutter siden
  • I got sick of looking at this db's house "he" built. Seemed like he enjoyed a few nose beers before as well. In a time of all around crisis...this is what bel air is producing.

    Lance WhitlockLance Whitlock16 minutter siden
  • As sick as it is the gym sucks

    HighSpinSwingSpeedHighSpinSwingSpeed17 minutter siden
  • No more drugs for this guy.

    stevenh766stevenh76626 minutter siden
  • The staff quarters though. "You could put 4 staff in each room and they'd be totally comfortable"...with zero privacy. My god. SMH.

    Nicola barnsNicola barns32 minutter siden
  • What if walking through staff quarters a family of 5 was actually living there 😆

    OverTheTopBites !!OverTheTopBites !!41 minutt siden
  • Producer Michael seems not to be listening, he's asking the same questions

    Almighty Black DollarAlmighty Black Dollar42 minutter siden
  • When Michael finally sat down in the theatre, the bottom of his boots were smoking 😆 poor guy..

    OverTheTopBites !!OverTheTopBites !!47 minutter siden
  • Looks horrific. Like throwing together a hodgepodge of ideas without a master plan. More like a commercial building than a home.

    Roberto SmithRoberto Smith50 minutter siden
  • This was just filmed a week ago.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still walking around the house filming.. just sick!

    OverTheTopBites !!OverTheTopBites !!51 minutt siden
  • thief wants to know your location

    Ali NAJAMAli NAJAMTime siden
  • Okay, I guess this isn't his home but a home he is building to sell. I'm just flabbergasted that there will be someone who will want a home like this. It's more what I would expect an elite resort to be than a home. Amazing!

    LaVaun JohnsLaVaun JohnsTime siden
  • At the end I realized that the whole house is made of concrete. In L.A...... ummmm...

    Craig DyerCraig DyerTime siden
  • I hope this house changes the world 🙄

    Matt PatrickMatt PatrickTime siden
  • The one thing that really gets me about this house is all the decor is very tastefully done. There wasn't anything that I thought was too over the top. The views are just awesome. It's funny when the staff quarters are bigger than my whole house. This must be the end of the house tours for these guys. What can you show that is better than this? Nothing.

    Indy Custom MadeIndy Custom MadeTime siden
  • I like this part better than the first part of the tour.

    Galen HaughGalen HaughTime siden
  • This fool is about to get a lien put on it from the banks according to the news.... he likes to not pay his bills. dude comes off as a douche.

    Nishimoto 61_60Nishimoto 61_60Time siden
  • What a waste of money and space, such useless things that will never be used, bigger isn’t always better, the world doesn’t need a $500,000,000 house with massive rooms with benches just to watch some squiggly line art, this whole house is so stupid

    Brendan BrendanBrendan BrendanTime siden
  • This is THE ONE... That use of space is incredible, misinterpret think we can imagine how Big it is... imagine walking through there, you would be being blown away in every room. It’s just keeps drawing you in.

    Rock-a-TronzRock-a-TronzTime siden
  • This guy couldn't make the payments. He is in foreclosure just google it.

    Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson2 timer siden
  • I'd be more impressed if he built a hospital for terminally ill children with various therapy rooms, pools, playgrounds, forests, gardens and rooms for parents to stay close by. Now That would be a Real Accomplishment to cheer!

    Elisabeth GelbElisabeth Gelb2 timer siden
  • The amount of people that could live there 👀

    Brekin SwickBrekin Swick2 timer siden
  • Ya just pack the help in them rooms like sardines. Shit, they’re probably illegals anyway.

    Ryan RichRyan Rich2 timer siden
  • Nice but can’t compare to the mansion that my lord and savior JESUS CHRIST have prepared for me in heaven!!!!

    J_smooth 713J_smooth 7132 timer siden
  • Reporter on TV: Good evening. A powerful earthquake with a richter scale of more than 9 occured around Los Angeles area. The epicenter is located at "The One". The readings could be around 10 richter scale with an equivalent of 10 trillion tons of TNT.

    Don CorleoneDon Corleone2 timer siden
  • Should add a garden with fresh fruit/ veg/ herbs that the staff can use in the kitchen.

    Neolatry XBLNeolatry XBL2 timer siden
  • For Sale: Prime hill top California mega home. IF potential buyers are Saudis, Russians or Chinese, aren't Americans concerned about foreign investors, esp as each of these govts. lack human rights? Less appealing now, eh!

    Elisabeth GelbElisabeth Gelb2 timer siden
  • Sometimes I’m too lazy to just get up and go to the kitchen. I couldn’t even imagine living someplace like this! I’d be too overwhelmed. I like small, comfy and cozy.

    goldngrl1goldngrl12 timer siden
  • He in the process of foreclosure at the moment

    Menus 1415Menus 14152 timer siden
  • Falls a bit short of the Palace of Versailles which is worth around $50 billion.

    Dan MarshDan Marsh2 timer siden
  • How many people has he hired to take care of his house

    Robert DruckerRobert Drucker2 timer siden
  • Do you know what he is missing? Freaking waterfalls, why not?

    Phissith Ottha-HekenonPhissith Ottha-Hekenon3 timer siden
  • Wonder why Nile’s wife wouldn’t listen to him.. maybe it’s cause he never listens to a word out of anyone else’s mouth and just talks about himself

    Armaan DhanoaArmaan Dhanoa3 timer siden
  • This is absolutely disgusting to me! Why would anyone need to have a house even half this size! This is glutoney and a big ego at play! a half a billion to fricking build this! All the poor , homeless, needy people out here struggling, having to try and get rental assistance just toi keep a roof over my kids heads then you have this man!

    darrell reynoldsdarrell reynolds3 timer siden
  • I've worked at his houses and they are very unique ! 👌 the one is my favorite

    Empire LandscapeEmpire Landscape3 timer siden
  • Can't I come live In your house for a year? Unbelievable such a young developer has that many huge buildings. Our homes in SA are soo tiny.

    maureen naidoomaureen naidoo3 timer siden
  • At 28:42 minutes, the music plays at the background, please people who is this artist and the title of the song 🙏🏿🙏🏿

    Sibuyiselo MthembuSibuyiselo Mthembu3 timer siden
  • That's not a house! That is a super luxury Hotel.

    lisien semanjakulisien semanjaku3 timer siden
  • pools are shitty looking. plan white small tile? gross

    TheKillzone1511TheKillzone15113 timer siden
  • i would be happy with a small shack by the ocean in hawaii.

    TheKillzone1511TheKillzone15113 timer siden
  • That’s crazy

    Str8 UpStr8 Up3 timer siden
  • He sounds a bit like Sylvester Stallone...Not sure if anyone else agrees, but I keep thinking of Sly when he talks.

    Jason LassiterJason Lassiter3 timer siden
  • If I had this house, I would give birth to 50 children and they'll occupy it.

    Kwasi KumahKwasi Kumah3 timer siden
  • This is mind blowing

    Kwasi KumahKwasi Kumah3 timer siden
  • Amazing tour Nile... Good Job!

    EverythingExplainedEverythingExplained4 timer siden
  • he sounds like a cousin of Donald

    Constantin PîslaruConstantin Pîslaru4 timer siden
  • This man is high as a strippers dress 100%

    john waynejohn wayne4 timer siden
  • this fool cant sell the house lmao xD

    Sony TrianaSony Triana4 timer siden
  • Imagine having this house and you don't even care anymore, all he is thinking about is her.

    iurhviusdfavhiiurhviusdfavhi4 timer siden
  • The cost to manage this house alone is likely more than most very wealthy individuals could expect to spend on a the purchase of a home, management and upkeep. Like a beautiful Yacht, the price to purchase is just the beginning of the cost of ownership. Amazing. It is truly beautiful...

    North East OutriderNorth East Outrider4 timer siden
  • Man, you out here with a god dam airport as a house, that cost 500,000,000M, while i cant even buy myself a pc that cost 1,000$, pluss my house, or actualy my mothers house is like the size of the master bedroom That house it my dream house, or a house that is the same but smaller some places.

    QuixQuix4 timer siden
  • The house is not bad, but I hate long commutes to the office, so I will have to pass on this one.

    kyREc0nkyREc0n4 timer siden
  • This house is like an entire damn city

    Wiktor NordqvistWiktor Nordqvist4 timer siden
  • Gross...just GROSS🤬

    LibertyLiberty4 timer siden
  • the only time I will ever accept snobs is on this channel

    Elif AltunElif Altun4 timer siden
  • Does he really think hes gonna live here foreclosure coming in 3...2...1.... bye bye nile

    Dishon WhiteDishon White5 timer siden
  • What is up this guys butt?

    Dillon BrittDillon Britt5 timer siden
  • Mark 8:36 kjv ~ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    stainlesseastainlessea5 timer siden
  • Few years later yes 911 I sent my child to there room and I think they took a wrong turn that was 24hrs ago

    Jeremy GJeremy G5 timer siden
  • 19:11 Damn it! That's a deal-breaker right there!! It's not a full-size billiards table!!!!!

    ThinkerOnTheBusThinkerOnTheBus5 timer siden
  • how the heck do you beat this? a full tour of the buckingham palace with the queen?

    S LeeS Lee5 timer siden
  • yep - this defines "too big"

    Infinite VelocityInfinite Velocity5 timer siden
  • Watching this on 240p.

    Geel JireGeel Jire5 timer siden
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      Margaret L O U I S EMargaret L O U I S E4 timer siden
  • I'll take two of these.. They're small... 😆🔥❤

    Bobby James CoteBobby James Cote5 timer siden
  • I want to see an interview with his 'soulmate' to hear from her how much of a douche this guy really is.

    Nathan BellamyNathan Bellamy6 timer siden
  • Nouveau Riche on steroids.

    Afi SanaaAfi Sanaa6 timer siden
  • In 20 years this "house" will be abandoned and falling into disrepair. The only hope for it in the future is to turn it into a vacation resort or a drug rehabilitation facility for wealthy L. A. addicts.

    J effJ eff6 timer siden
  • 25:55 this is where they do satanic rituals.

    Who is that guy?Who is that guy?6 timer siden
  • I’d rather live in the guest house

    Who is that guy?Who is that guy?6 timer siden
  • Anybody see the ak47 videos on niles phone? I’m guessing this home has a shooting range as well and he didn’t want to show that part because it’s not approved.

    Who is that guy?Who is that guy?6 timer siden
  • very good

    marcelo facin hassmarcelo facin hass6 timer siden
  • “I’ll show you my girls music video.”

    Who is that guy?Who is that guy?6 timer siden
  • If somebody spent 500 million on a basically repainted painting of Jesus, there will be a bidding war when this home sells. Just look at the spell it put producer Michael under.

    Who is that guy?Who is that guy?6 timer siden
  • This is madness! For clean this house he need practically 100 or more people! Incredibile I will never live in a house like that is to much for me!!

    Evra GoletEvra Golet6 timer siden
  • This is so beautiful live your dream man, because you worked for it but bless the people who are living in shacks,its heart sore to see people live in such great mansions when there are others who are suffering

    bernadette canhambernadette canham6 timer siden
  • All these rooms and no arcade. tsk.. tsk..

    Wolf StarWolf Star7 timer siden
  • This guy is hilarious rich and wealthy 😂🤣

    DFORREAL Log upDFORREAL Log up7 timer siden
  • Yo! I love it!! Do you bro and do it BIG! That’s what’s up!👌🏽I’m motivated right now! If I can’t my one million this year with all of my investments after seeing this then I’m not trying or working or being smart enough to be wealthy! Word up to the those who can. I’m not mad at this guy for going for it!

    DFORREAL Log upDFORREAL Log up7 timer siden
  • Closest thing to heaven.

    Foxtrot OscarFoxtrot Oscar7 timer siden
  • This house is insane. Beautiful but no thankyou. To big.

    elize bruwerelize bruwer7 timer siden
  • I love how you can tell he actually was involved in designing this because he know every single door, drawer and detail.

    Z. LukeZ. Luke7 timer siden
  • It would be such a great video if you had someone WITHOUT TURRETS SYNDROME running the camera!

    Mike CollinsMike Collins7 timer siden
  • 5 1/2 acres of flat .

    Faith MooreFaith Moore7 timer siden
  • Theater 5 million unbelievable is an under statement.👍🏾❤️

    Faith MooreFaith Moore7 timer siden
  • Rent is high where I live. I could move into his house and he would never know it.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️👍🏾

    Faith MooreFaith Moore7 timer siden
  • 3:30 🤑

    Phenyo Victor SakoPhenyo Victor Sako7 timer siden
  • dude should make the dead end to the night club a gun range!

    James MatthewJames Matthew7 timer siden
  • Wow huge 🏠

    Faith MooreFaith Moore7 timer siden
  • where is my comment????

    Robin FagasRobin Fagas7 timer siden
  • The most expensive house ( I am saying house because India's richest person Mukesh Ambani lives in it but in actual it's a whole building ) is Antila worth $ 1 billion when it was made. Probably now it is way much expensive.

  • "Ten minutes from homeless encampments."

    Mich050Mich0507 timer siden
  • Should not call it a house. That's the thing. It isn't a house. By definition not a house. It's a community. It's a village.

    Tanks critters and urban homesteadingTanks critters and urban homesteading8 timer siden
  • Doesn't even have a landing strip. My house in heaven will be bigger than this.

    Etienne 777Etienne 7778 timer siden
  • There is a house in central London that is 830,000 sq ft and valued at $1,293,475,150 ($1.29 billion)

    Philip TomlinsonPhilip Tomlinson8 timer siden
  • He reminds me of a young Stallone, looks and voice, and Producer M. as Robin Leach.

    VoskyVosky8 timer siden