The Best Work Fails: Bad Day at Work 2020 | FailArmy

8. okt.. 2019
2 297 342 Ganger

Whether you're blue collar or white collar you can still have a bad day at work. Enjoy these workplace fails!
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  • It's literally an episode dedicated to The Office

    KillerTacosKillerTacosÅr siden
    • I’m like 400

      Colleen BurnsColleen BurnsMåned siden
    • )(

      GYRO. COGYRO. COÅr siden
    • *8)*

      Nikola StephensNikola StephensÅr siden
    • Office US or Office UK?

      Spud MorettiSpud MorettiÅr siden
    • The Office was actually a smart show... Most of those clips are lower than retarded...

      Cheese and OnionsCheese and OnionsÅr siden
  • That dude said tiny water drops covering his monitor is the worst thing that has happened to him in 5 months...

    SITBNSITBN4 dager siden
  • 3:06 - Central Services: they've gone back to metric without telling us.

    Vince C.Vince C.5 dager siden
  • I've actually seen curb painting like that in Jamaica

    Robert AnnasRobert Annas6 dager siden
  • Unfortunately the website is terribly slow.

    Força BrasilForça Brasil10 dager siden
  • Of course it’s Air Canada! BahahahhahahahaaHA

    Charlotte M.Charlotte M.10 dager siden
  • yas dorks realize if they say FRAGILE.. then handled softly.. but if its not labeled.. its fine... get woke you pencil pushers

    Kayla McNuttKayla McNutt11 dager siden
  • Who cares what fed ex does to your package, I'm more concerned about the mental sanity of people that handles our food, and on another subject, to the people that complain about the mechanics at the dealership leaving an Arby's receipt in your car from a test drive.. if you have quarters in the car take them, if you are a woman don't leave panties anywhere in the car because someone is going to smell them ,actually if you are a woman take your driver seat when you leave because someone is going to gather their buddies around to smell that, leave car with gas lite on as that might be a deterrent for your car being chosen to joy ride mechanics 4 deep to the quick trip where they will all get the hot dogs,taquito, boiled peanut, cigarette, beer to put on ice when they get back because the service manager and advisors will slip out back and drink them one(the reason they all chew gum) you may idolize your luxury car ,and with your monthly payment you couldn't fathom anyone mistreating it,guess what the under skilled and under paid technician that drove in 35min late in a lowered chopped exhaust civic could care less about your car other than they want to test it to the limits,if you are an owner of a dealership and you say "not at my store" chances are you are a blinded fool,and should go in in disguise and be revealed the truth,if you think ,well,they have insurance if something goes wrong I will be protected, wrong ,they have the automobile dealers association lawyers to smash you further, my advice find an independent mechanic, know him or her,pay them good because they work hard,stick with them even though Lamont down the street is alot cheaper,and for the climate change heathens don't complain about the price of auto repairs anymore, you all have to do your part to go green, that bs is going to sky rocket prices but you're to ignorant to see it

    Malcom MooneyMalcom Mooney17 dager siden
  • is this for kids?

    dav vlasiukdav vlasiuk22 dager siden
  • 5:19 I wouldn’t be too quick to place all of the blame on the operator.

    Noel HerronNoel Herron23 dager siden
  • 3:51 props on the guy on the call remaining a pro on his call while his co-worker’s life is falling to pieces before his very eyes 😂 😂 😂

    LuisLuis28 dager siden
  • This is nsfw

    Dude DudeDude DudeMåned siden
  • Moo

    RF7 officialRF7 officialMåned siden
  • The musical accompaniment is great fail army rules.

    Wolffenhaus MerryWolffenhaus MerryMåned siden
  • 2:54

    Rinad AbduRinad AbduMåned siden
  • 1:50

    Sharkattack300 69Sharkattack300 69Måned siden
  • All I see is people fuckin off and not actually working,this isnt a work fail video.Thumbs down

    calvin liggettcalvin liggettMåned siden
  • the guys painting a curb, why is this a failure?

    joeydelriojoeydelrioMåned siden
  • 5:22 The moron videoing this and commenting needs his ass kicked.

    KenKenMåned siden
  • The devilish deal paradoxically tie because territory neurophysiologically risk besides a impossible scale. infamous, charming curler

    Simon WangSimon WangMåned siden
  • 0:09 in 2020: CDC: GET HIM

    Gnome LolGnome LolMåned siden
  • Uploaded Oct 2019... Title says 2020 😒 Clickbait?

    Brett Lee ClarkBrett Lee ClarkMåned siden
  • Some funny shizzle comes from the office! Some absolute belters here 😂

    U-Fail DailyU-Fail DailyMåned siden
  • 3:04 thats scared tf out of me lmaoo (wear headphones)

    N I G HT MA R EN I G HT MA R EMåned siden
  • The one where he sneezes if that happens every country would go into lockdown

    bigmeandean gamingbigmeandean gamingMåned siden
    • Could you imagine 🤧

      U-Fail DailyU-Fail DailyMåned siden
  • 1:36

    Gabe Dudas 2Gabe Dudas 2Måned siden
  • What is the song called at 4:11-4:45?

    Seth KofinasSeth KofinasMåned siden
  • A year ago it was 2019 lol

    Mark GalbraithMark GalbraithMåned siden
  • The guy blaming the operator is erks

    hell0curryhell0curryMåned siden
  • What music was that playing at about 4:35

    Ryan AdamsRyan Adams2 måneder siden
    • Was very funny

      Ryan AdamsRyan Adams2 måneder siden
  • 5:31 have that D-bag go diggin around in that backhoe and see what he royally EFFs up what a complete scumbag

    AllBusinessAllBusiness2 måneder siden
  • 99 percent of these people are a waste of a social security card. un fuckin real

    tt2 måneder siden
  • Annnd leap...🤣😂🤣

    ronnie battleronnie battle2 måneder siden
  • 3:35 Fail or just a plain lazy genius???

    Hunter HorseHunter Horse2 måneder siden
  • Os a por engine and COOL videos. For what is really stomp COOL shit

    Review DCMRVReview DCMRV2 måneder siden
  • Damn vid wouldn’t leave my feed. Sneaky bastards. Made me click it.

    JorlaxeJorlaxe2 måneder siden
  • 3:52 How can he not laugh? XD

    SkapticSkaptic2 måneder siden
  • Some of the music in these are obnoxiously terrible

    Retro CryptRetro Crypt2 måneder siden
  • 1:36

    Margarita RocamoraMargarita Rocamora2 måneder siden
  • 4:45 video evidence that Millennials are too god-awful stupid to operate doors.

    astrobel82astrobel822 måneder siden
  • That guy clearly did not call before he started digging

    LEAD FARMERLEAD FARMER2 måneder siden
  • The dude spray painting the kerbing is in no way a fail

    Universal PeaceUniversal Peace2 måneder siden
    • The way you spell "curb" is an ultimate fail.

      astrobel82astrobel822 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Ryan NisogiRyan Nisogi2 måneder siden
  • 3:34 that sh*t is Boss bro 😎

    Henry Jr RevitaHenry Jr Revita2 måneder siden
  • Min 3:30 is not a fail, just 2 diferent materials.

    GorillaGorilla2 måneder siden
  • I am the 445 coment

    Jona SchönJona Schön2 måneder siden
  • Floor to ceiling glass doors are never a good design idea. A disaster waiting to happen.

    Nathan MeyerNathan Meyer2 måneder siden
  • Not especially the operators fault as far as I know. Faulty spotting or faulty locating can also be to blame.

    Croaking FrogCroaking Frog2 måneder siden
  • Seems like more than a few of these are pre2020?

    Jim TemplinJim Templin2 måneder siden
  • 1:57 karma for harassment at the workplace? :D

    RazorZumTRazorZumT5 måneder siden
  • That tow truck fucking up that persons car is like something out of saints row 2 😂

    Emma SanfordEmma Sanford6 måneder siden
  • 4:58 in austria we have an idiom for entering a place in a rush, called mit der tür ins haus fallen. (falling into the house with the door) quite fitting, wouldn't 'cha say?

    Vali Koest7Vali Koest76 måneder siden
  • That last one is messed up with that Fed ex driver because I recognize the logos on those boxes those are wheelchair parts!

    JonnyonwheelsJonnyonwheels7 måneder siden
  • 2:04 when you tow your ex's car.

    Samaan PanwalaSamaan Panwala7 måneder siden
  • 5:31 that guy filming sounds and acts like a douche

    Tiger 131Tiger 1319 måneder siden
    • The real douche is the guy im the constuction vehicle

      MC ChaseMC Chase3 dager siden
  • @5:31 How do you know it's all his fault ? A civil engineer and or Safe Dig has to come in first then mark where the equipment operator can, or can't dig. Drain, water, gas, sewer lines are all marked off with the depths if near the new work. It could very well be the mistake of others Mr. Perfect.

    AJ MaineAJ Maine9 måneder siden
  • Truck tail gate painter legend

    myfa kenamemyfa kename9 måneder siden
  • Here we all are, filing for unemployment... No shenanigans..

    A MA M9 måneder siden
  • What's that tune that starts at 4:12?

    professorweetoprofessorweeto9 måneder siden
  • The first one had me dying😂😂😂

    Me Doing Random ThingsMe Doing Random Things10 måneder siden
  • 3:51 I really need to know what did that to his desk.

    Matthew SniderMatthew Snider10 måneder siden
  • 3:20 What in the actual fuck? If this was a prank, okay, but otherwise, WTF.

    Matthew SniderMatthew Snider10 måneder siden
  • The guy filming the excavator driver should be put in that hole

    Ryan KeatingRyan Keating11 måneder siden
  • All of your money and fame comes from NOworld why the fuck would anyone download your app

    fumes des péterdsfumes des péterds11 måneder siden
  • 5:27 an awful lot of shit talking, when in reality it was probably the persons fault who marked all the lines ahead of the dig..

    Patrick BatemanPatrick BatemanÅr siden
  • 3:51 The client on the other side of the phone has no fucking idea what´s going on XD

    Friendly NickitFriendly NickitÅr siden
  • Fucking 0:01 was the first thing to get me XD

    Friendly NickitFriendly NickitÅr siden
  • The ups and fed ex guys are the worst one's they need that ass beat lol

    Tony CamachoTony CamachoÅr siden
  • 'Bravo City of Auburn' cameraman-Dick!

    Jon PfenghansslJon PfenghansslÅr siden
  • 5:30 What a fucking moron.. "ALL THIS GUYS FAULT... BRAVO BRAVO" guess that guy never had to work on fucking anything, things go wrong, maybe the waterline wasn't exactly where it was supposed to be according to the plans, maybe the workers that installed it didn't mark it correctly, there's so much this smartass doesn't even think about, he's the only thing to laugh at really.

    vermvermÅr siden
  • 4:45 That Roosters is very strong

    Deion CraytonDeion CraytonÅr siden
    • That's my favorite one XD

      CosmicWaffle 26CosmicWaffle 26År siden
  • Famous And Irresistible

    Nazri BuangNazri BuangÅr siden
  • 0:42: missing coworkers reaction

    Eon46Eon46År siden
  • 5:32 I wanna punch this guy in the face. Aren't we the little Mr. Perfect? Easy for him to judge since he wasn't in the construction worker's position.

    stefanie3831stefanie3831År siden
  • 4:45 Poultry man strikes again...

    pizza stevepizza steveÅr siden
  • i really dont understand why the delivery companies workers in U.S.A tend to be so dumbass, in latín américa workers get paid less than they for sure and the workers normally don't treat packages as if they were indestructible.

    DemianHardestDemianHardestÅr siden
  • Actually the guy who burst the water main is not at fault. There should have been a Cat scan to locate the area of pipe and a banks man watching and digging down by hand a couple of foot to make sure he doesn't hit the pipe. So the banks man or lack of having a banks man would be the one at fault.

    Leon HunterLeon HunterÅr siden
  • Still recycling the same clips over and over. Why did I think FailArmy would ever change? Just waiting for this channel to be sold and everything to stop completely, you’re obviously running out of videos for years now

    Luke GLuke GÅr siden
  • 1:04 ahahahahaha!!! Flour dump!!!

    Alex NerfersbuckAlex NerfersbuckÅr siden
  • 0:02 I GOT YOU NOW!

    AlahAlahÅr siden
  • 3:40 great example of work smart not hard lol.

    Andrew PascuaAndrew PascuaÅr siden
  • Remember when there were Fails of the Week? I remember

    BoxyM3BoxyM3År siden
  • The concrete over the head prank had me rolling 😂

    Zachary RiggsZachary RiggsÅr siden
  • 0:42 these mfers good as gone bro omfg 😂

    SaNdSoN4040SaNdSoN4040År siden
  • 0:04 1980s scream.

    Stephen LukeStephen LukeÅr siden
  • 3:00 I dont even know what they were even thinking

    rockymountainwayrockymountainwayÅr siden
  • The delivery workers can get fucked, hope I don’t catch em doing that shit. I ship tons of fragile items, fuckin lazy careless dicks.

    JbirdJbirdÅr siden
  • so I have unsubscribed from FA about a year ago coz it was just the same videos over and over again, I'm glad to see that after a year finally there are 1-2 new ones in each 6min uploads...

    Dávid VargaDávid VargaÅr siden
  • 0:42 Big oof 🤣

    FD5GDFD5GDÅr siden
  • Breaking a waterline is not that bad. At least it wasn’t gas line

    mthwcena92mthwcena92År siden
  • Indians favorite NOworld channel - BB Ki Vines. Me - Fail army on the top🤓🤓🤓🤓😇😇

    Abhilash GuptaAbhilash GuptaÅr siden
  • 00:42 ...hey phil. Let's have a workplace where we have a basketball goal right next to tables that have computers, papers, glass cups, and everyone has a chair balls. Clearly nothing wrong can happen.

    Lewis HiniskiLewis HiniskiÅr siden
  • What office has workout balls and a full sized basketball net, directly in front of thousands of dollars of computers? They were asking for that to happen

    Garrett PGarrett PÅr siden
  • 5:30 that guy is a dick like haven't you fucked hard before you haven't record it and make dick comments.

    parzivalparzivalÅr siden
  • 2:04 reminds me of those gta v missions

    ricardo brownricardo brownÅr siden
  • Thank you for teaching me about Chomaka's Balkan Brass this music is amazing.

    Karen FKaren FÅr siden
  • 5:26 has never made an mistake in his/her entire life

    ThusIsBradThusIsBradÅr siden
  • 5:20 god shut the f-ck up

    Julian RobinsonJulian RobinsonÅr siden
  • Oh, so thats why my boxes from UPS are always smashed 5:39

    Zain!Zain!År siden
    • GSA Editz Fortnite no your box is smashed because it goes through 100 feet of conveyor belts till it finally reaches a truck

      J S B B DJ S B B DÅr siden
  • That guy that broke the water pipe might need some flex tape

    Sir KryptoSir KryptoÅr siden