The Among Us "Movie"

12. jan.. 2021
8 107 718 Ganger

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#AmongUs #AmongUsMeme

  • Bruh

    Jxam PagaranJxam Pagaran28 minutter siden
  • Brown

    Nora AvalosNora AvalosTime siden
  • Hacker in a episode lol

    LewarisnakiristokiLewarisnakiristoki2 timer siden
  • This is R for me so..

    LewarisnakiristokiLewarisnakiristoki3 timer siden
  • sami ks a boy

    Speed iPhone - Dancing line dance 2Speed iPhone - Dancing line dance 24 timer siden
  • Well I don't care I'll even go out for 100 days

    Hefaa AlemiHefaa Alemi4 timer siden
  • Sirius black and red what the heck is wrong

    Hefaa AlemiHefaa Alemi4 timer siden
  • Black and red

    Hefaa AlemiHefaa Alemi4 timer siden
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Jahmari WhitakerJahmari Whitaker4 timer siden
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Jahmari WhitakerJahmari Whitaker4 timer siden
  • Mr Grits is sire sirol

    Stoppy GD ÆStoppy GD Æ5 timer siden
  • Oh my God pepperoni man just kill the Imposter sequential Deceit by Sade no one's ever done that every man is insane he's probably my favorite character now if it's another round of dance they have to keep an eye on pepperoni and if they might be one might and might kill them again

    Marcey GochnourMarcey Gochnour5 timer siden
  • i like it when green says I CAN KILL THE KILLERS!!!!!

    A LoredoA Loredo5 timer siden
  • snow ball loves sandy

    michele Skeltonmichele Skelton8 timer siden
  • Lol

    Ava PaganAva Pagan9 timer siden

    Taytum cool show Friend of Evan cool showTaytum cool show Friend of Evan cool show9 timer siden

    p jap ja10 timer siden
    • sus!

      kekkek10 timer siden
  • 1:12 First became 💗

    The Master GamerThe Master Gamer10 timer siden
  • I find that funny 😂 and your videos are funny

    Cherisse RobinsonCherisse Robinson10 timer siden
  • I love snowball

    Mmm MmmMmm Mmm12 timer siden
  • And how is

    Marilu EsquivelMarilu Esquivel12 timer siden
    • White and the purple came back when they were voted out

      Marilu EsquivelMarilu Esquivel12 timer siden
  • Wait something is not right there is a last character that supposed to be in dear and that character is black 🖤 where is he

    Marilu EsquivelMarilu Esquivel12 timer siden
  • evil laugh mr pepperoni man in 24:41

    Agustin LewandowskiAgustin Lewandowski14 timer siden
  • Tell me if your Sta Or Sua

    Naomee Nao from New MinecraftNaomee Nao from New Minecraft15 timer siden
  • Hi SUA

    Naomee Nao from New MinecraftNaomee Nao from New Minecraft15 timer siden
  • way god way

    Gabriel CropGabriel Crop17 timer siden
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Gabriel CropGabriel Crop17 timer siden
  • we broke up

    Gabriel CropGabriel Crop17 timer siden
  • have you seen sandy not that im in love or anything

    Gabriel CropGabriel Crop17 timer siden
  • oh hi Mrs.potato

    Gabriel CropGabriel Crop17 timer siden
  • Herobir ok at PIP 💖💖💖😂😂😂😂

    Mary Ann SolisMary Ann Solis17 timer siden
  • The Steve's are cute

    Joao FidalgoJoao Fidalgo17 timer siden
  • i mean man and he killed everyone but i see brown but he did not kill the imposter

    Narasimha MurthyNarasimha Murthy18 timer siden
  • in the 2 video he was checking the the imposter i mean pepperoni mam

    Narasimha MurthyNarasimha Murthy18 timer siden
  • My name. xxCKNxx

    Deborah EvansDeborah Evans18 timer siden
  • Were black

    moof760 loofymoof760 loofy19 timer siden
  • 25:40 context please

    Ben HolmesBen Holmes19 timer siden
  • Red is Santa because Santa costume is red :)

    Tiến Phúc NguyễnTiến Phúc Nguyễn19 timer siden
  • wow. this video was released on my birthday!

    Srinija MalothSrinija Maloth20 timer siden
  • Red was Santa

    Ibrahim AliIbrahim Ali20 timer siden
  • Whoa this is the best among ys video

    Sabitha JuvvadiSabitha Juvvadi20 timer siden
  • Everyone dumb

    Rudgen CauguiranRudgen Cauguiran20 timer siden
  • Hackers are evil

    Cool Phoeb yoCool Phoeb yo21 time siden
  • Snowball: “oh shucks” Subtitles: “nope ur gonna say oh sharks” Me: “😂”

    Margaret TristanMargaret Tristan21 time siden
  • wait red is real santa

    darkbgdarkbg22 timer siden
  • im sorry but idk i dont done des vides

    darkbgdarkbg22 timer siden
  • wait sandy and red is inloneve😇

    darkbgdarkbg22 timer siden
  • 24:37 ahhhh you missed poops body hes alive

    amirKing0amirKing023 timer siden
  • Look the name of cyan was Chester and the name of dark blue was Mr grifts but here 31:05

    Dark Skull456Dark Skull45623 timer siden
  • Good movie

    Matilde CarrascalMatilde CarrascalDag siden
  • 3:20 funny

    Matilde CarrascalMatilde CarrascalDag siden

    OliOliDag siden
  • 👍👍👍😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍👍👍👍👦👦👦😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰

    kostilkovkostilkovDag siden
  • Hahaha hahaha Mr pepperoni was so funny using fake knife then push Steve down hahahahahahahhahhahahahahaha

    Teira-Leighg AlesanaTeira-Leighg AlesanaDag siden
  • 24:24 Flowey: hey that's my line

    Thunder sharkThunder sharkDag siden
  • Hehehehehe

    Teira-Leighg AlesanaTeira-Leighg AlesanaDag siden
  • Snowball has a crush

    Teira-Leighg AlesanaTeira-Leighg AlesanaDag siden
  • This is pretty good

    Scarlett Galipo TurnerScarlett Galipo TurnerDag siden
  • Ok

    Kidfox111Kidfox111Dag siden
  • Make more please 🥺

    Gisele HalimGisele HalimDag siden
  • Did you know that I have every skin in among us

    randi Sheppardrandi SheppardDag siden
  • Doing doing videos your videos are awesome

    King CharlesKing CharlesDag siden
  • Snowball in love with SANDY

    Ariana ROBLOX VEVOAriana ROBLOX VEVODag siden
  • 4:16 why does Mrs Potato have a leaf instead of the sticky note?

    YiY GamerYiY GamerDag siden
  • Snowball has a crush on Sandy?!

    YiY GamerYiY GamerDag siden
  • In the ending of reverse among us Mr pepperoni man goes totally phsyco!

    spider playzspider playzDag siden
  • Hi

    Seth LancasterSeth LancasterDag siden
  • yup1\

    R.A.P. RR.A.P. RDag siden
  • AND at 10:08 why did was it red pushing the button if he was always asleep in the lobby, and why did green say that HE called the meeting?

    Dylan PashDylan PashDag siden
  • 4:30 why was the body yellow when he reported it, if sandy was pink????

    Dylan PashDylan PashDag siden
  • this is so boring

    AnthGamerAnthGamerDag siden
  • I made this btw yep yep yep

    wondrwondrDag siden
  • Lo puedes traducir al español de México por favor 🙏

    Anayeli SanchezAnayeli SanchezDag siden
  • It's a really good movie

    Tara LewisTara LewisDag siden
  • glitch! it said green hit the button but it was red

    Elly YangElly YangDag siden
  • you can't hit a girl

    Jazlyn SanchezJazlyn SanchezDag siden
  • I like how Mrs. Potato is a woman, but she has a male voice actor

    Samuel YehSamuel YehDag siden
  • 433333333333333333333333

    Cooper SmithCooper SmithDag siden
  • He has a a crush🤣😁

    Daniel AlkozaiDaniel AlkozaiDag siden
  • Omg that is much and much funnnnny

    chrislyn Westchrislyn WestDag siden
  • Jeff el rojo es el inosiente

    Maria Fernanda Vasquez PavasMaria Fernanda Vasquez PavasDag siden
  • I like this video

    Jaiyaire Walker BlueJaiyaire Walker BlueDag siden
  • What do you use for amobg us animations

    Sofian DirvonskisSofian DirvonskisDag siden
  • I love this vid

    Alexandria MoriartyAlexandria MoriartyDag siden
  • In Among Us Reverse, that was a cool plot twist at the end

    Tikki LoverTikki LoverDag siden
    • Bro it literally told you it says it’s a Among us reverse so the crew mate is going to

    • Ikr

      Rj PrickettRj Prickett20 timer siden
    • @Aanya Anahita Kumar ㅣ1111111ㅣ1111111ㅣ11ㅣㅣ1111ㅣ14555ㄹ555ㄴㄹㄴㄹ555ㄴ5

      김태은양훈김태은양훈23 timer siden
    • Yeah how does a crew mate kill a imposter

      Aanya Anahita KumarAanya Anahita Kumar23 timer siden
  • do the movies all the way up to, like... 1,000

  • 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😘😘😘😍aadihi

    Deepti AjmeraDeepti AjmeraDag siden
  • I love how you made the vid!!!!

    ì ś ĺ â UwU c ø ø k i e UwUì ś ĺ â UwU c ø ø k i e UwUDag siden
  • Hey guys listen up this is among us and there are 9 crew mates amongst the impostors lol weird play but yeah

    Kogan the KillerKogan the KillerDag siden
  • 3:18 S I M P

    • Heavenly purple •• Heavenly purple •2 dager siden
  • 43:42 Jeff punched Yellow 😂😂🤣

    Trisha NarayanTrisha Narayan2 dager siden
  • Fact Gabriel

    Lil KAYLil KAY2 dager siden
  • 🍡🍥🧁🍭🍮🍭🍮🧁🍥🥠🍭🧂🍿🍺☕🍿🍻🍯🧊🧊☕🥂🥢🍹🥢🍹☕

    Aloi GenabeAloi Genabe2 dager siden
  • 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪⬜

    Aloi GenabeAloi Genabe2 dager siden
  • among us 2

    Cooper SmithCooper Smith2 dager siden
  • pumba is the best

    Karina JaimesKarina Jaimes2 dager siden
  • 40:28 they voted out white and purple but you can see them

    Lucas ALucas A2 dager siden
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Eric DeutschEric Deutsch2 dager siden
  • This is not really a movie. Its just short clips. But I still love it

    Lily loves SparklesLily loves Sparkles2 dager siden
  • Why do you always have to make mistakes?

    Joshua BrownJoshua Brown2 dager siden
  • I Like your mom