The All Time Record GREATEST Water Bottle Flip.. #Shorts

24. mars. 2021
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If I could pick 1 song to play for the rest of my life forever it’d bet the dream speed run song

  • Le match du barca

    Simon DossehSimon Dosseh4 timer siden
  • “Do you know the definition of insanity?”

    Revan TuxedoRevan Tuxedo4 timer siden
  • Cheating if you have something in it

    Mylas ManiaMylas Mania4 timer siden
  • Funny how the two dudes have the same haircut

    Jimothy JonesJimothy Jones4 timer siden
  • Infinity never quits LOL

    Good vibes goGood vibes go4 timer siden
  • .

    Lary_ ist_SauerLary_ ist_Sauer4 timer siden
  • I like how you use The dream manhunt music

    yaboijacobiyaboijacobi4 timer siden
  • I have the same photo in the back round haha

    Ada GainesAda Gaines4 timer siden
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Daniel BartolomeoDaniel Bartolomeo4 timer siden
  • Getting that can back out tho..

    CryptopocalypseCryptopocalypse4 timer siden
  • 👋

    Stephen JamesStephen James5 timer siden
  • °0°

    JohnJohn5 timer siden
  • Nice

    Heart QueenHeart Queen5 timer siden
  • I will never take anyone with this "meet me at McDonald's" haircut seriously. Ever.

    aboxofbeansaboxofbeans5 timer siden
  • The left guy after every throw: 😲

    mauricemaurice5 timer siden
  • The nonsense that people craving attention will do..

    SAN TOYSAN TOY5 timer siden
  • ??? It didnt even flip you just kinda tossed it in

    a dudea dude5 timer siden
  • Imagine if he got it first try like no content for you smh

    Akari DearAkari Dear5 timer siden
  • *The Can didn't do a Full Flip so it doesn't Count. Like if you Agree*

    Joshua PfeiferJoshua Pfeifer5 timer siden
  • "The vaccine doesn't make your kids Autistic" Kids who took the Vaccine:

    Joshua PfeiferJoshua Pfeifer5 timer siden
  • The kid on the left said 👁💋👁

    Joshua PfeiferJoshua Pfeifer5 timer siden
  • Hola cómo está el día de la señora que te llame para ver si te puedo ayudar a ♥️

    Jose GonzalezLizamaJose GonzalezLizama5 timer siden
  • This is kinda sus ngl

    Chris IjadeleChris Ijadele5 timer siden

    door numberdoor number5 timer siden
  • Hahaha! That ending was hilarious.

    Brooks Boys 2Brooks Boys 25 timer siden
  • surely he will have a hard time getting out the can👁👄👁

    Nai NaboomNai Naboom5 timer siden
  • 😲

    JaydenG ReviewsJaydenG Reviews5 timer siden
  • His name in the back name tomo

    Nathion DeodatNathion Deodat5 timer siden
  • I’m not even going to say it.

    StevenDayKnightlyStevenDayKnightly5 timer siden
  • Al ultimo entendio que tenía que realizar lo sin aplicarle tanta fuerza por ser un lugar tan justo para entrar tiene que ser precisamente más de una forma sutil

    Zero MartinezZero Martinez6 timer siden
  • What hurt even more was seeing the little drops of red bull fly out everywhere

    Harry OckerbyHarry Ockerby6 timer siden
  • But why? Countless hours of your life wasted....

    TNP'R sheepodogTNP'R sheepodog6 timer siden
  • Did he say at the end: Lets go, Alter, lets go! Cuz this is German😳😳😳

    Irgendein HeiniIrgendein Heini6 timer siden
  • Ur a little late to this trend

    ShadyCarl23ShadyCarl236 timer siden
  • Typical teen, typical haircut, typical obligatory "Lets go" after accomplishing a meaningless task

    clefCityclefCity6 timer siden
  • Imma about to go watch dream😅

    Hoshar VineHoshar Vine6 timer siden
  • And I thought I was going for the wrong priorities.

    KarobiKarobi6 timer siden

    Kevin wrightKevin wright6 timer siden
  • 𝕊𝕦𝕤

    i found youi found you6 timer siden
  • May be this is a magnet

    Lmz LmzLmz Lmz6 timer siden
  • So this is what gingers do when no oneS around...

    Anthony GalloAnthony Gallo6 timer siden
  • For no reason but ok nice 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

    Nikxtrap lolNikxtrap lol6 timer siden
  • When u get more Views in your shorts channel but gets 40M views in your most popular vid in ur main channel

    FrixsyzFrixsyz6 timer siden
  • Good lookin kids. You guys twins?

    BrianBrian7 timer siden
  • Love the dream music in the background- 😂😂

    Candi BarcombCandi Barcomb7 timer siden
  • Actually he didn't flip it in the end, it just went 180 degrees

    Никита ЗахаровНикита Захаров7 timer siden
  • My user is Weston P01

    Hunter Pennywise PlayzHunter Pennywise Playz7 timer siden
  • I am a big fan you don't play GTA with me

    Hunter Pennywise PlayzHunter Pennywise Playz7 timer siden
  • half flip just saying🤔

    ScootershitScootershit7 timer siden
  • Ima

    Matheus MartinsMatheus Martins7 timer siden
  • Anyone gonna tell him that that’s not even a water bottle

    Lucky OwlLucky Owl7 timer siden
  • White people problems "thaking to God" HAHAHAHAHAHA

    EiburunEiburun7 timer siden
  • Nu pot sa cred

    marius gmarius g7 timer siden
  • Amazing

    Chyenne BrooksChyenne Brooks7 timer siden
  • Alternate title: 12 hours of my life wasted flipping a can

    La'Crone GistLa'Crone Gist7 timer siden

    ᴅᴇʟʟɪᴀɢʜ ᴀsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄᴅᴇʟʟɪᴀɢʜ ᴀsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ7 timer siden
  • I LOVE YOUR NOworld Videos

    katiekatdugkatiekatdug7 timer siden
  • Es chico todo el tiempo:😱oohh

    Victoria RiosVictoria Rios7 timer siden
  • Nobody else noticed the dream speedrun music? Just me? Okayyyyy...

    It’seasytofindme BecauseIhaveaweirdname226It’seasytofindme BecauseIhaveaweirdname2267 timer siden
  • Ez😂

    Rewind zLoupRewind zLoup7 timer siden
  • Hi I sub to you on NOworld

    Juan ChenJuan Chen7 timer siden
  • And this is when you realize how much of a toll rona has taken on you

    The EclypseThe Eclypse7 timer siden
  • His bud in the back is both ends of the spectrum: completely awed one second, and couldn’t be bothered the next.

    Anthony StewartAnthony Stewart7 timer siden
  • 😲😎😎😎😎

    Chanel BrouilletteChanel Brouillette7 timer siden
  • Lol

    Chanel BrouilletteChanel Brouillette7 timer siden
  • And we wonder why each generation gets dumber and dumber every decade.

    Bwnasty7Bwnasty77 timer siden
  • I laugh so mucg when Tomo Uuuuh says and with is shocked face lol

    PeachyxRosePeachyxRose7 timer siden
  • White people get impressed by almost nothing it seems

    GbrElfunkGbrElfunk7 timer siden
  • I love your videos and watch all your scary ones😄

    Ashley AurandAshley Aurand7 timer siden
  • Dream speedrun misic. I like it

    KageKage8 timer siden
  • Is sinks?

    Eliezer MercadoEliezer Mercado8 timer siden
  • What a waste of life....

    Br OsBr Os8 timer siden
  • Bwt Telmo is like what the f

    Stephanie Van AlstineStephanie Van Alstine8 timer siden
  • You're the best tin can water bottle flipper ever

    Stephanie Van AlstineStephanie Van Alstine8 timer siden
  • Boys will be boys 😂😂💥

    Terrible TasteTerrible Taste8 timer siden
  • Guys cool

    Billi Jo SmithBilli Jo Smith8 timer siden
  • "Water bottle". 🤔

    MusicMusic8 timer siden
  • His friend: 👁🔘👁

    Hello ThereHello There8 timer siden
  • Do you reply ? I am big fan

    Victor CastroVictor Castro8 timer siden
  • That spot sticky

    Jonathan SaenzJonathan Saenz8 timer siden
  • HI

    Susie Brooks LeeSusie Brooks Lee8 timer siden
  • Almenos lo lograste

    scarlett estradascarlett estrada8 timer siden
  • No way my man a god

    info blazeinfo blaze8 timer siden
  • Great use of time guys, glad you achieved something


    King KobeKing Kobe8 timer siden
  • Почему из тысячи сперматозоидов именно этот? 🤦 Ведь были другие гораздо полезнее для общества

    test37485 YouTubetest37485 YouTube8 timer siden
  • It's official. I am a grumpy old man now. I can't stand kids these days.

    David LakinDavid Lakin8 timer siden
  • I cried when he whipped out his Air Force 1s

    Domanik GermainDomanik Germain8 timer siden
  • Bro u have to do the air forces like that

    Ttv_Maze FNTtv_Maze FN8 timer siden
  • Your so good

    helder lopeshelder lopes8 timer siden
  • Dream music

    Anime fan with weird friendsAnime fan with weird friends8 timer siden
  • Omg

    Boti 2012 GGBoti 2012 GG8 timer siden
  • That's his brother btw

    Optical CLIPZYOptical CLIPZY9 timer siden
  • Lol look at them Air Forces

    LuhKilla44LuhKilla449 timer siden
  • All I’m saying is we need to put an end to tying forces up like that 🙅‍♂️

    Keith Shingleton JrKeith Shingleton Jr9 timer siden
  • Is it just me or does every Gen z tik tok boy have a perm?

    skip slickskip slick9 timer siden
  • Is no one gonna mention how beat that white shoe is

    skip slickskip slick9 timer siden
  • nice

    Daniel G.Daniel G.9 timer siden
  • it is now extremely weird to play gta 5 on mobile idc about verify lolll

    TapoBowTapoBow9 timer siden