Thanks, Trevor Noah! Erasing Women's Achievements One Puberty Blocker at a Time!

15. april. 2021
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Trevor Noah thinks men competing against women is awesome, and we think Trevor Noah is an idiot. Expect a THOROUGH debunking of his recent puberty blocker segment. We also expose the Left’s latest court-packing scheme. And as shocking as this sounds, Ben & Jerry's found a way to be more insufferable jackwagons. All this and special guest Jason Whitlock!
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  • How long do we have until women’s sports no longer exist?

    StevenCrowderStevenCrowderMåned siden
    • Hopefully longer then this dorks career

      Bryan GatesBryan Gates2 dager siden
    • Thank you so much for the women’s sports bit, I’ll be sharing it as much as possible 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 You started on an extremely good point, it drives me mad that people don’t recognise that.

      Human Ape CreatureHuman Ape Creature2 dager siden
    • A year and a half

      David CatabuiDavid Catabui8 dager siden
    • Hopefully they last longer then you

      Bryan GatesBryan Gates12 dager siden
    • Until yesterday!

      ridizzle189ridizzle18925 dager siden
  • Can I email you? I have a good idea for a video I want to see. Mm 30 seconds isnt a minute but it is enuff to do a lot if you are fast, the world is changing faster too who knows what's going to happen.

    TrickysnacksTrickysnacks2 timer siden
    • I dont know if you could do it but put together people who have been disrespecting iwannasay* but go in there words maybe mash some stuff together mixing words because it's what they do they assume what you think, when you say something and they dont like it they just brush it off couldnt they use just a taste of there own Mexican medicine. I dunno

      TrickysnacksTrickysnacksTime siden
  • NOworld sucks

    Another ConservativeAnother Conservative15 timer siden
  • Praise Jesus!

    Casey HartsockCasey HartsockDag siden
  • If Joe Lewis doesn't pine for her when she's gone, give Betty the farm :) Also hope NOworld let you out of jail soon. No new uploads on Bitchute :(

    Alex BrewerAlex Brewer2 dager siden
  • May 15 where is steve

    Stefanie DrdulStefanie Drdul2 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah is a joke...

    Simeon DahlinSimeon Dahlin3 dager siden
  • Are the people throwing things white? They looked white to me?

    H HideH Hide3 dager siden
  • These people are trying to kill themselves because their living A LIE and weather they consciously know it or not, they know it in their heart and that's why there miserable. Its a LIE that has been told to them by MORONS on the left that because maybe a boy plays with a doll, "he's a trans" or if a girl plays with a truck, "she's a trans". Which are BOTH LIES. You can have a girl that likes playing with trucks in the mud, she's called a TOMBOY, but she's still MOST DEFINITLY A GIRL, same goes for boys who may like dolls or who care more about the way they look, there STILL BOYS. Even gay men and women are STILL MEN AAND WOMEN, it does NOT mean there the wrong sex.

    Chris LChris L4 dager siden
  • Putting CHILDREN on puberty blockers IS CHILD ABUSE...PERIOD. And ANYONE who puts a child on it, parent or not, DESERVES TO GO TO PRISON.

    Chris LChris L4 dager siden
  • The "it is ma'am" soundbite when someone misgenders is so funny

    faster than you Blackfaster than you Black4 dager siden
  • I dont give a shit WHAT someone "identifies" as, thats a MAN playing in women's sports and its NOT RIGHT. They have an OBVIOUS advantage against ACTUAL REAL women and MORONS on the left want to pretend they dont see it or that its ok.

    Chris LChris L4 dager siden
  • Yes!

    John EvansJohn Evans4 dager siden
  • It’s funny watching people talk about hormone blockers when they don’t know what it means if you take hormone blockers they stop your hormones but when you go off them you go back to normal And when Male to female people take estrogen they have to take something that brings down your testosterone levels so they basically have no testosterone in their system and just estrogen

    Kathleen HeveyKathleen Hevey4 dager siden
  • Crowder is yolked

    David LavrinovichDavid Lavrinovich4 dager siden
  • I have a new inspirational, rational voice for humanity and that’s Jason Whitlock!

    Stefan SStefan S5 dager siden
  • .

    Jonnyboyyy11Jonnyboyyy115 dager siden
  • Up until the age of about 10, whenever someone asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up: “ a black basketball player!! “ they were just the coolest to me, i loved basketball. Am i racist!!??

    SDDRDZESDDRDZE5 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah looks terrible with his current hair. Lockdown or not - just get someone to trim your hair.

    CymesCymes5 dager siden
  • You tube should not have suspended you guys.

    Amanda FloodAmanda Flood5 dager siden
  • half the battle of being successful in life is just showing up

    Raymond MaglarisRaymond Maglaris6 dager siden
  • As an Aussie I apologise on behalf of us all for Hannah Pouncey Mouncey. In all seriousness that dude has got serious issues

    SkinksInTheCity HoGSkinksInTheCity HoG6 dager siden
  • Noah pays for his views. It's really that simple

    SkinksInTheCity HoGSkinksInTheCity HoG6 dager siden
  • Bahahaha instead of 911 call Ben and Jerry’s. Give out their number for the police non emergency number.

    Shaun McGoughShaun McGough6 dager siden
  • Bahahaha I thought I was the only one who thought Cheney was funny. He gave no F’s.

    Shaun McGoughShaun McGough6 dager siden
  • comment for algorithm

    BenBen6 dager siden
  • That's incel of him.

    BatmanBatman6 dager siden
  • I'm from South Africa - same as trevor noah - and I am ashamed of this clown. He's a total bought-out talking puppet for the democrats. And, the least funny 'comedian' I have ever come across.

    Dirka DirkadirkaDirka Dirkadirka7 dager siden
  • Here’s a good ponder topic : if there’s no difference with transgender athletes and regular athletes, how do trans men athletes hold up in men’s sports?

    Pat BordashPat Bordash8 dager siden
  • Gerald is the smartest dude on this show (...change my mind)

    Pat BordashPat Bordash8 dager siden
  • Dogs will genuinely be happy in most situations because they live in the moment. As long as u exercise them and entertain their brains they’re gonna be happy :)

    KristenKristen9 dager siden
  • It's fine...this is okay, folks because it's not the narrative of the day!

    Jean Luck PiccardJean Luck Piccard10 dager siden
  • Man.....local news here in mpls didn't mention this at

    Mario PuzoMario Puzo10 dager siden
  • if trans women are women under the law then arent they all doping

    Mack HeadrumMack Headrum11 dager siden
  • If we are in a 'cold civil war' ... then, what citizen actions will be effective to call a Constitutional Congress? I want a conversation between states to reduce the authorities and budget of the 3-fed branches codified in a Consititutional amendment. If we have a common list of what is effective, then I will be a conservative activist (with the energy of a liberal!).

    wcouch8wcouch812 dager siden
  • So it sounds like transgender is canceling lesbians and gays. It is more socially celebrated to have a trans child then it is to have a gay or lesbian child. 🤔 As a woman and mother of both boys and girls it pisses me off that trans-boys can play against biological girls. I would hate for my son to play against a trans girl and hurt her because she thinks she is a boy.

    Shelby SittigShelby Sittig12 dager siden
  • The left denies competition.

    DonaldDonald12 dager siden
  • About Betty: I would just get more dogs. i have 8. it's all good. now I breed and show and it's a blast!!!

    Kris HigashiKris Higashi12 dager siden
  • parody of tmz? pretend like theyre famous and u love them and just bomb him with rough questions

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • media gone wild

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • anybody thinking of suprising them after work with an interview?

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • anybody think of suprise interviewing them after work?

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • would u get selter on the show?

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • these guys r the worst

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • ive tackled race issues. the prez. hit on every girl i can imagine. ive done so much shit. its been beautiful

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • awww

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • poor geoff. did i spell it write?

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • ahahaha

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • ahahaha

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • talk about it

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • pfff

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • Comment, comment, comment.

    Llama BahamaLlama Bahama12 dager siden
  • omg

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • u look tall bro. how much u weigh? 210?

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • im a bit like chowder but im aussie version

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • im a bit like chowder but im aussie version

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • eww

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • 4 yrs salary at 50k a year at close to min wage full time in aus. cheap. im going to sue my state

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • good shit

    Johnny DeepJohnny Deep12 dager siden
  • comment.

    Evyn HalloranEvyn Halloran12 dager siden
  • Where i live people still use falconry lol, pretty common

    PetmopPetmop12 dager siden
  • get a puppy, and let betty free

    Saverio MorandoSaverio Morando12 dager siden
  • Noah is hilarious when he is serious, and depressing when he attempts humor.

    Aldo MoraigneAldo Moraigne13 dager siden
  • You know, I just realized something. NOworld automatically disliked this video for me. I vhanged it immediately, but i found it odd that I hadn't even touched the screen since I clicked on

    Grey BloodhoundGrey Bloodhound13 dager siden
  • I enjoyed the daily show a lot.....then Trevor Noah took over and I just couldn't keep watching. Shame I enjoy the show too

    The DogeThe Doge13 dager siden
  • Take Betty to visit the farm for a few weeks per year. Everyone takes a vacation. Why not Betty? You did say that she's family after all.

    Melissa AttawayMelissa Attaway14 dager siden
  • I’m just here to say I live in the great state of TN and I’ll buy a side car for my Harley to take Betty to KY one a year so she can run and play Best of both worlds! Just saying man, u can have 16 employees!!!

    John MitchellJohn Mitchell14 dager siden
  • We don't need the supreme court to tell us what the law says. It's in English Gerald. You're wrong again. Like how Biden says he is the people. The government ordains the government? K, Joe.

    Mark DavidMark David14 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah at birth: a black dude Trevor Noah today: a black dude on too much soy...

    Chasing NeverChasing Never15 dager siden
  • “At least” Sicilian, what does that even mean? 😂😂😂 9:20

    Mmm HmmMmm Hmm16 dager siden
  • God, that Jenner clip was like a drunk Shatner attempting to do a spoken word Real Slim Shady

    MulletmanaliveMulletmanalive16 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah is an absolute joke.

    Rustin RissRustin Riss16 dager siden
  • Trevor is trash. 🚮

    Da AgDa Ag16 dager siden
  • I know a couple people who love Trevor kills me

    Lindsay JohnsonLindsay Johnson17 dager siden
  • Last year was pretty bad, but how this year has gone so far, i would say we are screwed

    Mason BennettMason Bennett17 dager siden
  • Did I really hear the CNN tell BLM, I'm an allie ? Who would have guessed ? 🤔

    Jack CummingJack Cumming17 dager siden
  • was that bongino argument for real! arguing over a meatball recipe, no way.lmao!

    Main SourceMain Source17 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah, your not that funny. Get over that.

    T DogT Dog18 dager siden

  • Algorithm bump

    A DA D18 dager siden
  • I believe in all science except biology.

    Darin HendricksDarin Hendricks18 dager siden
  • Crowder for Michigan Governor 2022!!

    Richard MeyerRichard Meyer18 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah is trash.

    Caballein SanCaballein San19 dager siden
  • Transfer League: Great solution

    Nataleigh DeWittNataleigh DeWitt19 dager siden
  • Didn't Noah the book burner get the first black women Oscar winners movie cancelled too ,gone with the wind I think it was.

    Dan BodenDan Boden19 dager siden
  • benny knows youll give him attention anytime most likely. just keep the dog

    Dylan RodriguesDylan Rodrigues19 dager siden
  • I would've been put on puberty blockers as a kid if I grew up today. It's a terrifying thought.

    Z WoodZ Wood20 dager siden
    • Only if you're white

      nutmannutman16 dager siden
  • Hi

    Ajanthan ThevarajahAjanthan Thevarajah20 dager siden
  • The sound board "it is ma'am" had me dying laughing 😂😂

    Keller HobbsKeller Hobbs20 dager siden
  • Ha quarter black falcon

    TheDirtiestSanchezTheDirtiestSanchez20 dager siden
  • Keep fighting the good fight.

    Big FlipBig Flip20 dager siden
  • To answer the pinned question: Within the next 10yrs the transitional community will find a way to force transwomen to be allowed to compete with "natural" women. Once that occurs no naturally/physically born woman will win another women's sport, and very few of them will be competing with transwomen.

    William PlainWilliam Plain20 dager siden
  • Beijing biden

    jaimin Sangarjaimin Sangar20 dager siden
  • on auto play i usually get fox news and jordan peterson

    Old PloopyOld Ploopy20 dager siden
  • Great show as usual

    York’s YouTube channelYork’s YouTube channel21 dag siden
  • Beating women sounds weird

    Phrog TesemPhrog Tesem21 dag siden
  • as of 04/27/21 at 1021am 792 commies disliked this video

    mcdeucej88mcdeucej8821 dag siden
  • It's worse than handball, Hannah Mousley plays womens AFL (football) which is a full on contact sport. He's currently in the Australian courts fighting to be allowed to play in the big womens league, but hasbeen unsuccessful so far. Thank goodness for that, because he'll end up killing somebody. As you saw in the handball video, he plays hard

    Roll Mops PoppyRoll Mops Poppy21 dag siden
  • 1M views... People are looking.

    steven nguyensteven nguyen21 dag siden
  • Comment algorithm action.

    Isaiah WhiteIsaiah White21 dag siden