TENET Pitch Meeting

20. des.. 2020
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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Christopher Nolan’s TENET.
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Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors working today, and one of the few filmmakers who still makes high budget original movies. With movies like Inception, Dunkirk, Interstellar and more under his belt, he’s firmly established himself as one of the most visionary directors of our generation. That being said, TENET is super confusing.
TENET is awesome to look at, but raises a lot of questions. Like what are the exact implications of moving backwards through time? Why is the music so much louder than the vocal tracks? What is going on? Why does The Protagonist spend an hour going from conversation to conversation? Who are those army guys shooting at? This movie makes sense, right?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to TENET! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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  • How do inverted people poop! hahah -- my suspension of disbelief is suspended!

    Tal KleinTal Klein2 timer siden
  • If he recruited himself then why would he make himself take a 'suicide' pill to prove his commitment?

    Musa BloomMusa Bloom3 timer siden
  • Has Christopher Nolan been able to explain the movie , lol ?

    lilsabinlilsabin9 timer siden
  • Inverted ... poop. Now _that_ is a mental image I won't be able to get rid of for days. Thanks, I hate it.

    Alkis D.Alkis D.12 timer siden
  • What is the music at 4:20?

    Daniel ClarkDaniel ClarkDag siden
  • Never watched the movie bz the trailer, seems like it was a smart decision.

    Kiril StefanovKiril StefanovDag siden
  • Am I the only one who completely understood this movie with no problem? I know the part of the regular people being able to interact with inverted objects doesn't make sense but that's all.

    One Piece NaKaMa ProductionOne Piece NaKaMa ProductionDag siden
  • im the guy with the nosebleed

    idril celebrindalidril celebrindalDag siden
  • Would like a Pitch Meeting for Greenland... It could’ve been Much better in my honest opinion.

    Samson Hendrix IIISamson Hendrix IIIDag siden
  • Yeah....this is big brain time !

    Vidroiu AlinVidroiu AlinDag siden
  • This movie treated my brain like a dough.

    HYDRA Agent X1 Sentinel AI Phase 0 AvengerHYDRA Agent X1 Sentinel AI Phase 0 Avenger2 dager siden
  • The sound quality remark XD

    Rubix 41Rubix 412 dager siden
  • Thank you; you hit the nail right on the head with everything I thought about this interesting but stupidly confusing movie.

    The Tik-Tok ManThe Tik-Tok Man2 dager siden

    Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell2 dager siden
  • I watched the entire movie. I'm understanding it now by watching this video

    pikiwikipikiwiki2 dager siden
  • You are the therapist for survivors of movie abuse. Thank you!!

    Carrie GibsonCarrie Gibson2 dager siden
  • 1:01 ''How?!...No..no yeah ok....'' That's literally how my buddies and I felt the entire movie. We were so confused, we didn't even know if we actually understood what we understood.

    TheNameCannotBeFoundTheNameCannotBeFound2 dager siden
  • I feel so bad for Ryan. He had to watch tenet so many times to understand it for the screenwriter guy’s part.

    ProPlayz’s Stop motionProPlayz’s Stop motion3 dager siden
  • The alleged reminder whitely annoy because virgo gergely protect in a lyrical women. vigorous, disastrous taxicab

    Marty DobrekMarty Dobrek3 dager siden
  • Why are youtube's ads longer than the video?

    Krikey DialKrikey Dial3 dager siden
  • Do Brightburn you Coward! COWARD!!!!

    METALMAN4WiiMETALMAN4Wii3 dager siden
  • Speaking of time travel I’d love to see you try to explain Primer

    Doctor FlatfootDoctor Flatfoot3 dager siden
  • Imagine watching this movie while getting high .... Trippy

    Obasi LawrenceObasi Lawrence3 dager siden
  • Hmm a movie you apparently need to understand quantum mechanics to watch... I'm sure everyone will get it on the first watch through... Super easy, Barely an inconvenience 🤯🔫

    mike barmike bar3 dager siden
  • Inverted people pooping

    otis page 4otis page 44 dager siden
  • How can he catch a bullet before he even shoots it? This movie is a violation of causality!

    Harshit GulatiHarshit Gulati4 dager siden
  • I loved tenet.

    Zachary CantrellZachary Cantrell4 dager siden
  • I still don't understand many things in this movie. For example, the inverted gun from the Protagonist vs Inverted Protagonist.... for the normal world... has the gun ALWAYS been there?

    KitchensAreHotKitchensAreHot4 dager siden
  • Finally saw the movie. Not even Pitch Meeting could explain this movie. Kudos for trying though.

    Jean VieiraJean Vieira4 dager siden
  • I was watching this thing today 🤣 I did not understand anything well thank you but still don't

    psycho ianpsycho ian5 dager siden
  • Sounds like your typical Christopher Nolan film.. Like a twisted mess that is then messed up a bit more.

    PulstarPulstar5 dager siden
  • Boss Guy ''Super easy is tight.'' Reporter Guy ''Thanks boss (slaps but) I'll let you on back this once''. You know you know. Sorry for my stupidness and miss spelling I'm 11.

    Diamondback GDiamondback G5 dager siden
  • lets make the main lead a no body lol

    PenguinPenguin5 dager siden
  • I really hope Nolan sees this, it would do him good. I feel he's wasting his brain.

    pyanekpyanek5 dager siden
  • Should do a pitch meeting for “Arrival”

    AlexisAlexis5 dager siden
  • This so accurately described my every feeling watching this, I really don't know how to feel. But I guess according to Christopher Nolan, past inverted me would? Idfk.

    Steve HanischSteve Hanisch5 dager siden
  • How have you not done interstellar yet?

    Elliot LovgrenElliot Lovgren6 dager siden
  • Good point about the pooping

    Ryan Brooks LeslieRyan Brooks Leslie6 dager siden
  • Whats the music that he was using during the 2 scenes? It kinda sounds cool.

    Syn BlackbladeSyn Blackblade6 dager siden
  • defuq yall do this fam. i just watched this movie now im in stitches fam

    Bhekazi ngcoboBhekazi ngcobo6 dager siden
  • NOworld gave me an add at the part where they pause for 7 minutes to wait on the Uber. First time an ad randomly interrupting a video hasn't been annoying.

    Daniel DavisDaniel Davis6 dager siden
  • The Room, pitch meeting (only a person with millions of dollars would make that movie).

    unemployicusunemployicus6 dager siden
  • Its like a more complicated version of Inception.

    B RoseB Rose7 dager siden
  • I watch everything with subs anyway these days, so the muddy audio didn't bother me.

    NevTheDerangedNevTheDeranged7 dager siden
  • This is a top 10 all timer🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Michael RMichael R7 dager siden
  • i through mi brine 0n t3h fjoor h4lf wey throo wattchine dis

    daniel dadadaniel dada7 dager siden
  • Nolan's been playing too much Braid, I feel

    T.G.T.G.8 dager siden
  • It’s not like the future of cinema depends on the success or failure of this film. That, combined with the article is so hilarious.

    Sui Sing Horace HoSui Sing Horace Ho8 dager siden
  • The protagonist tried to save kata bcoz he didn't know about the algorithm then.

    kavin Fidelkavin Fidel8 dager siden
  • Funny because its true

    Brendan HaywardBrendan Hayward8 dager siden
  • Nailed it! lol

    Jonathan M. ByronJonathan M. Byron8 dager siden
  • I love Christopher Nolan, but Tenet was trash.

    Uncle TrickUncle Trick8 dager siden
  • Literally

    Morty z UgandyMorty z Ugandy8 dager siden
  • Atenet

  • Watched this on Google Play Movies, read every single word spoken in the subtitles. Yeah. The best line of the movie was: "don't think it. Just feel it." Just shut down your brain while watching the entire movie. There's no point thinking about it.

    Gbolahan OlaseindeGbolahan Olaseinde9 dager siden
  • Props to Christopher Nolan for making a movie that requires everyone to boost their IQ 20 additional points in order to understand.

    Joey MaleckiJoey Malecki9 dager siden
  • So happy I wasn’t the only one who “yea okay’ed” their way through the whole movie lol

    Philly Philly__LiiPhilly Philly__Lii9 dager siden
    • Me the whole time watching: *"Welp, that might as well happen 😐. Whooo 😮, explosions!! Cool. 😊🤗"*

      Dr. Braxy Gilkey CruisesDr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises4 dager siden
  • Don’t need to watch Tenet second time. This video is enough

    Дядя GAGAДядя GAGA10 dager siden
  • The movie is excellent, but so is this clip. Well done guys.

    stratogustavstratogustav10 dager siden
  • Do Taken PLEASE

    Catalin LeucutaCatalin Leucuta10 dager siden
  • The music needs more bass

    Matt AMatt A10 dager siden
  • "How do invented people poop?" Seriously, every movie should have to submit their script to Pitch Meeting first. Nothing should get made without going through this first!

    Micheal PlanckMicheal Planck10 dager siden
    • They poop normal. They just have to eat inverted food

      G PG P6 dager siden
  • wie die meisten einfach den film nicht verstehen. abgesehen von den anders linguistisch funktionierenden menschen.

    WechselwirkungWechselwirkung10 dager siden
  • They ask you not to try to understand because if you do understand temporal mechanics, you realise their movie doesn't have any logic whatsoever...

    T FT F10 dager siden
  • Best pitch meeting ever😂😂

    RED ALPHA 7RED ALPHA 710 dager siden
  • “So, you wanna make a film?” “Yes, just about time flowing backwards, nothing too dramatic.” “You think the audience will understand it?” “Erm, that part, is a little dramatic.”

    LucasioLucasio10 dager siden
  • Hillarious pitch, great video 👍🏼

    Marri RavikanthMarri Ravikanth10 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 how do inverted people poop? Does it go up! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Willy MuhiaWilly Muhia10 dager siden
  • I freaking loved tenet.

    Heston HillHeston Hill11 dager siden
  • Couldn't make it thru the movie. Now I understand why

    botfan78botfan7811 dager siden
  • Everything he said is true. Total garbage movie.

    kai abekai abe11 dager siden
  • I really thought the wait for the Uber was gonna be in real time.

    Weitna CarpitcherWeitna Carpitcher11 dager siden
  • .ƧƎHTO⅃Ɔ OИ ƧAH ЯOЯƎꟼMƎ ƎHT (Hint: use a mirror).

    Jon DellarJon Dellar11 dager siden
  • I mean idk if im missing a joke here but i actually understood the movie pretty well

    A MacA Mac11 dager siden
  • This was a fun video :)

    The Games NexusThe Games Nexus11 dager siden
  • Please do Monster Hunter. Fun movie but with so many plot holes.

    Justin HinesJustin Hines11 dager siden
  • 4:04 LOL, thank you!

    AudiogusAudiogus12 dager siden
  • This is so accurate, especially the music score volume. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 every Christopher Nolan movie.

    YS EntertainmentYS Entertainment12 dager siden
  • What's 'Wowowowowow' backwards?

    Clay GardinerClay Gardiner12 dager siden
  • Well, I'm gonna pretend interstellar was Nolan's last movie. This is better for himself

    Hasan GarmarudiHasan Garmarudi12 dager siden
  • I turned the movie off about 75% of the way through when i realized I wasn't going to understand it. And once the weird factor of 'some things move backwards' wore off, it became just another confusing spy-action movie. I give it a C-

    Tyler JohnstonTyler Johnston12 dager siden
  • This ought to be intresting

    The Technomancer 111The Technomancer 11112 dager siden
  • I didn't understand TENET at all. Literally, I couldn't understand anything they were saying because of all the *LOUD NOISES AND MUSIC*

    DonRoboDonRobo13 dager siden
  • Was this one longer? It felt longer.

    thebenforeverthebenforever13 dager siden
  • Movie should have been called "Pretentious"

    ScribblesScribbles13 dager siden
  • I want to see you do a pitch for a movie that doesn't exist yet, and have someone make it.

    Skylar RoseSkylar Rose13 dager siden
  • This actually helped me understand the film quite a bit haha.

    Chamber20Chamber2013 dager siden
  • 4:07 😂😂😂 I feel you, bro!

    BeaudeneBeaudene13 dager siden
  • Pitch meeting for the Others

    Elena PolyviouElena Polyviou13 dager siden
  • The timing for the commercials is amazing.

    atomskShadoxatomskShadox14 dager siden
  • Lol I watched this movie. All this stuff sounds new

    Themba LAPThemba LAP14 dager siden
  • Lol I watched this movie. All this stuff sounds new

    Themba LAPThemba LAP14 dager siden
  • I dunno who does the sound mixing for these films but they need to go back to school

    Josh coatesJosh coates14 dager siden
    • its not the sound mixing guy its the director himself. he called it artistic choice which is not artistic at all for the audience lol

      Raihan AradhanaRaihan Aradhana13 dager siden
  • Jeremy bearimy

    Angela gicharuAngela gicharu14 dager siden
  • Love Nolan’s stuff, but part of making a movie rewatchable means you get people to care for the Protagonist 😴

    J LupusJ Lupus14 dager siden
  • awful movie....

    deanblaze2000deanblaze200014 dager siden
  • That's really good music though 😆

    Dil BadruddinDil Badruddin14 dager siden
  • Dislikes are from the future

    Warrior Instinct YTWarrior Instinct YT14 dager siden
  • Yoooo I wanted the movie to be so good but the audio was so crazy lol

    Mars The heavenly bodyMars The heavenly body14 dager siden
  • You were all walking into a trap with your eyes open. The movie's title is THE SAME when it's INVERTED...!!! What did you expect, logic? Ghost-in-the-shell style of depth? Also... dude should do I N T E R S T E L L A R . . . ? ! !

    Harmen WesterhofHarmen Westerhof14 dager siden