Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

11. okt.. 2020
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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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  • Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.

    Call Me ConorCall Me Conor18 dager siden
    • doddi

      tanitani9 dager siden
    • doddi

      tanitani9 dager siden
    • doddi

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    • doddi

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  • Y’all are sleeping on food network

    Hornet 183Hornet 183Time siden
  • sorry but the clips of singing shows throughout im 💀💀💀

    Martha GodivalaMartha GodivalaTime siden
  • They shoulda made 9112

    Stephen SchusterStephen Schuster2 timer siden
  • my grandpa hates cable but he doesnt have internet in his house so its his only way to get entertainment over there lmao

    FromSydneyWithLoveFromSydneyWithLove2 timer siden
  • but my brain looks like this

    Anna LAnna L2 timer siden
  • Scrubs is a national treasure. Except the last season.

    Kelly SKelly S2 timer siden
  • That's so weird. On every episode I've seen they ALWAYS List It!

    Caden EmryCaden Emry4 timer siden
  • my parents watch 911 and SWAT, they’re the same thing and my mom yelled at me cuz i told her that

    Sniper !iSniper !i5 timer siden
  • You look and sound like Danny Gonzales

    eeXDeeeeXDee5 timer siden
  • "Millenials and Gen Z are ruining cable!!!" No I think cable is ruining cable.

    sokin jonsokin jon6 timer siden
  • this is making me sob and cry i wouldve never guessed drew likes sportsball... theater kid looking ass.

    Ana RodriguezAna Rodriguez6 timer siden
  • Spectrum should be called rectum.

    MajesticSeeOtter _MajesticSeeOtter _6 timer siden
    • 9:29 Right after he said "Constantly interrupted by commercials" there were two ads playing.....Gota love NOworld

      sokin jonsokin jon6 timer siden
  • My friend has like six siblings, and her parents are pretty busy, so they use hello fresh every once in a while, cause it’s a lot easier.

    Mr.Duck1 24Mr.Duck1 248 timer siden
  • Man, I love Drew Gooden... anyways! We have some similar (worse) stuff over on the Henchboys channel, enticing?

  • So let me get this straight, you bash on horribly outdated overpriced cable(Justifiably so!)...BUT then have the nerve to promote a food delivery service that's So Disgustingly Overpriced(and for such Tiny portions) that it's able to give "a deal" of $80 off of 5 boxes??? Which means it cost More than $80 fking dollars for 5 meals/boxes, with even more Unnecessary Overpriced "added fees(such as overpriced shipping, when you could take your lazy a** to the store and buy the exact same things for less than a TENTH of the price...yes even in a pandemic, wear a mask and wash your hands!!)"...For Again literally ONLY 5 Meals, 10 If you plan on eating like a mouse...all while you're running those dreaded ads you supposedly hate so much, 3(x2) to 5(x2) times, or more during your Less than half an hour video...SMFH!! /Facepalm!!!

    ReapersmoviesReapersmovies8 timer siden
  • I cant believe he put Attaway General next to The Good Doctor im done

    Camila CepedaCamila Cepeda9 timer siden
  • everytime drew talks about sports it surprises me like ??? youtubers can like sports too? i dont think so.

    Stefania OrtizStefania Ortiz9 timer siden
  • I have cable and my wifi still fucks up the tv sometimes, and god forbid it dare rain because my cable throws in the towel immediately

    boobly hooblyboobly hoobly9 timer siden
  • I will say that certain things like investigation discovery and history channel can be watched on demand through their apps with your TV provider

    Maddie MacMaddie Mac9 timer siden
  • The masked singer and I can see your voice are actually both remakes of Korean shows

    Saffire starSaffire star9 timer siden
  • your eyebrows are so demanding to look at in this video. like it's all i can see. yor talking and making good points but all i can look at is your eyebrows. they look fine though that's the weird thing. i've never felt this way. Also I think yu make funny videos . Thanks

    Reid BousmanReid Bousman9 timer siden
  • Oh man, G4 was amazing. X-Play and attack of the show were honestly my favorite things to watch back in the day, next to pretty much anything on Discovery.

    PkmnMasterTashPkmnMasterTash10 timer siden
  • I Like the shirt

    MilkisMilkis10 timer siden
  • wtf disney xd plays popular youtuber's lets plays?

    PaytonnPaytonn11 timer siden
  • I appreciate that you made the background blurry in the office thing

    Carol jeebenCarol jeeben11 timer siden
  • And constantly interrupted by commercials *ad plays* wow drew how creative

    Aida UrrutiaAida Urrutia12 timer siden
  • 9:29 Right after he said "Constantly interrupted by commercials" there were two ads playing.....Gota love NOworld

    Katri MKatri M12 timer siden
  • Wait wait- Disney XD is just playing JSE?

    Dizzy BoothDizzy Booth13 timer siden
  • Did not understand it in elementary school, loved it in high school, ignored it in college, and study it as an adult.

    Shan HowertonShan Howerton13 timer siden
  • Feelin grateful for swedish TV right now, which is actually good (at least some of it)

    Linn KLinn K15 timer siden
  • Hailey Joel Sora voice is top tier comedy

    Rick MichelRick Michel18 timer siden
  • For real, thanks for posting this video. After over a decade of not having cable, I was seriously considering getting it again, so desperate was my desire to watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Now I know that I have cheaper options that do not involve a stranger entering my home. THANK YOU

    Slender SageSlender Sage18 timer siden
  • Why pay for a streaming service when you can just pirate everything

    Crooked SadistCrooked Sadist19 timer siden
  • Pirate all shows and nba games

    Juan BermudezJuan Bermudez20 timer siden
  • they actually stole the concept of the masked singer from a korean show which is waaaaaay better tbh

    the cup RM throws in the Run MVthe cup RM throws in the Run MV20 timer siden
  • Yeah, so I got boomer parents (no, really, my dad was born in 1960) and the ONLY reason they won't switch from cable to just streaming services, is that they want their news. They literally spend all their time watching the news. They both know how to get the news through their phones/computer but they INSIST on watching it on the TV aswell. Boomer parents low-key suck. (But my dad's kinda chill ngl, he listens to Mother Mother and MSI with me and doesn't give a shit if I want pride stuff so you win some you lose some I guess)

    Maki Harukawa // はるかわマキMaki Harukawa // はるかわマキ21 time siden
  • hey drew, what nfl team do you follow?

    Wenzor The ClericWenzor The Cleric21 time siden
  • You had dead eyes while plugging Hello Fresh. Kudos you.

    Tone MillerTone Miller21 time siden
  • As someone who has always lived in a 3rd world country with crappy unstable internet, cable is probably the only thing that my fam and I will get. Feels bad man.

    AnemoiaAnemoia21 time siden
  • Uncle Iroh???

    Amanda LintonAmanda Linton22 timer siden
  • I love Brian.

    Jackie KuykendallJackie Kuykendall23 timer siden
  • when did drew stop ranting about cutting angels weird and start ranting about Spectrum cable pricing

    darbyee medarbyee me23 timer siden
  • 11:13 This is the greatest thing ever.

    David BannerDavid BannerDag siden
  • My 60-something dad dropped cable awhile back after spending years railing against shitty fuckin companies. There isn't a single thing available through cable that he can't get through youtubetv, and plenty of hyperspecific international sports channels that he can *only* access through youtubetv lol

    Existential HellExistential HellDag siden
  • 5:31 is the start of the Canadian anthem

    Bomber MxBomber MxDag siden
  • We all know the real star of the medical shows....Attaway General.

    Genevieve LaceyGenevieve LaceyDag siden
  • Cable really is only for people over 50 and 60 plus years old who don't know anything else or want to learn anything else. My mom insists on having it to watch almost every new movie that comes out and pay the extra $6 per movie half the time PLUS be subscribed to every movie package from HBO, Showtime, etc just to have the movies & shows she doesn't watch. I've always thought it was insane and never understood it. She wonder's where her paycheck goes all the time and it's just like.. yeah.. right down the toilet.

    Sarah SmilesSarah SmilesDag siden
  • I love sports

    Rain GagnerRain GagnerDag siden
  • nahh i acc love ncis and criminal minds tho

    sarlote taylsarlote taylDag siden
  • I’ve always told my parents to upgrade the internet speed and cut the cable out. Since over a decade ago.

    ohhJavierohhJavierDag siden
  • Holy fuck. I have not heard G4 in YEARS!! Thank you for that little bit of nostalgia.

    ohhJavierohhJavierDag siden
  • I was legit booting up kingdom hearts when you brought up Haley joel!!🤯🤯

  • The other day I was trimming bushes beside my house and I accidentally cut the cable wire.

    Char FloChar FloDag siden
  • Ohhh you're that guy that other guy was talking about

  • Just listen to the radio for free. Take that cable companies!

    NFS4LFENFS4LFEDag siden
  • Those kh quotes for Haley broke me

    Emilienne CasseusEmilienne CasseusDag siden
  • that jasmine dragon shirt ❤️

    Erik VenturatoErik VenturatoDag siden
  • Both shows are very similar to the already popular, already long running korean shows of the same genre and theme.. so it looks like they took the idea from there.

    Th.lm_Th.lm_Dag siden
  • “If your white theres HGTV” I’ve never heard a more accurate statement in my life

    Mr. WellickMr. WellickDag siden
  • Do y’all not have like free to air TV???

    Dylan HolmesDylan HolmesDag siden
  • i've been trying to convince my mum to stop paying for so much cable and at least just pay for very basic cable (bc she doesn't like watching the local news online), but also... why do i have to have an animal planet tv subscription in order to watch animal planet online? very silly. very silly.

    MercuryExplorerMercuryExplorerDag siden
  • Wait go back, did he just say Disney XD plays Jacksepticeye?

    anthonyanthonyDag siden
    • Always here for spectrum slander.

      alida flusalida flusDag siden
  • Drew: Unless you want to watch two guys yell at each other, even though they're both wrong Me: The 2020 Presidential Election?

    Olivia DuboisOlivia DuboisDag siden
    • "and constantly interrupted by commercial breaks" ad about the election interrupts drew

      alida flusalida flusDag siden
  • The amount I’ve had to have choice words with Spectrum because of all the little charges they add 😤 I feel your pain...

    Teresia A-PTeresia A-PDag siden
  • Wow, I’m the uk and it’s 150£ a year and you buy it directly from the company with no extra fees.

    Everything YoutubeEverything YoutubeDag siden
  • 9:35 ahhh nicely timed ad you got there

    Everything YoutubeEverything YoutubeDag siden
  • U better not b shitting on criminal minds...

    April VoelknerApril VoelknerDag siden
  • Attack of the show :c

    Wow ZersWow ZersDag siden
  • An ad immediately started playing for me at 9:35 wtf

    geekinc 329geekinc 329Dag siden
  • G4 was one of the best tv channels. r i p

    Parker RheaParker RheaDag siden
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    polkabikepolkabikeDag siden

    Roslyn SymeRoslyn SymeDag siden
  • Nice add cut my guy

    MarbleoidMarbleoidDag siden
  • Ahh, yes. Who can forget all of G4's great Original content. Show's like Attack of the show and X-play and who can forget their many, many clones. Peak television right there.

    Shia Lebeouf: Life CoachShia Lebeouf: Life CoachDag siden
  • I aint gay. I have relationships with women and sex with men. New's-Flash, that makes you gay... *Bom bom*

    Shia Lebeouf: Life CoachShia Lebeouf: Life CoachDag siden
  • Can't get anymore "What's up my fellow teens" then bringing Ninja onto your show..........

    Shia Lebeouf: Life CoachShia Lebeouf: Life CoachDag siden
  • Just gonna watch cartoons rather than this shit” cable shows “

    ArthurFhackingShelbyArthurFhackingShelbyDag siden
  • ok wait i have no idea what the maaked voice show is. Do they like lip sync then people just guess what they actually sound like?

    EmmaEmmaDag siden
  • "and constantly interrupted by commercial breaks" *ad about the election interrupts drew*

    LaurenLaurenDag siden
  • Always here for spectrum slander.

    Daniela SalameDaniela SalameDag siden
  • If I had cable as a kid I would have never been able to spend hours watching Charlie the Church Mouse, Jane the Dragon, and Ghost Whisperer in that order.

    Willow IsabellaWillow IsabellaDag siden
  • I bet you smell like a new computer.

    Christopher DanielsChristopher DanielsDag siden
  • *stares in californian* what do you mean you still go IN the grocery store? I don't get out of my car...

    RaantuvaRaantuvaDag siden
  • i do like to use tvs because i like wider screens and smaller screens are harder to pay attention to BUT i'd never use cable (its too much and also its not even good imo)

    Jordan likes cakeJordan likes cakeDag siden
  • They're allegedly bringing G4 back...but why?

    RaantuvaRaantuvaDag siden
  • as someone who watches (and enjoys) crime shows- and has for the majority of their life- i appreciate people making fun of them. they’re ridiculous, but they’re entertaining. i don’t really trust cops, though, so go figure

    Char KahlerChar KahlerDag siden
  • Ok, Scrubs was good tho

    beeg yoshebeeg yosheDag siden
  • great video very unique

    831 827831 827Dag siden
  • ... CSI: Miami still the best

    MangoMangoDag siden
  • so, im p sure i helped convince my aunt into getting netflix, hulu, hbo max and disney+

    ethan dennisethan dennis2 dager siden
  • I have fuboTV and it’s pretty baller

    livid creaturelivid creature2 dager siden

    Marty_GremMarty_Grem2 dager siden
  • this has very “we’re delta airlines, and life is a fucking nightmare!” vibes

    mary voetmary voet2 dager siden
  • 8:01 That’s just american politics

    Chixen Leg JoChixen Leg Jo2 dager siden
  • Also check out your library! they usually offer free dvds, as well as free streaming sites

    Sim AalSim Aal2 dager siden
  • For some elder people TV is easier for them. For example some of them that I work with can't use netflix because browsing/searching is too much for them compared to just flipping channels.

    MrPanduhhhMrPanduhhh2 dager siden
  • im ashamed to have spectrum

    sxaltedcarmelsxaltedcarmel2 dager siden
  • is that how you actually pronounce Guy Fieri's name what the fuck

    TrixieTrixie2 dager siden
  • Me: Hey grandpa, why do you use cable? My grandpa *that lives in a place with shoddy electricity and WiFi cafes*: 😠

    BilienBilien2 dager siden