Summit1g Reacts to xQc BANNED ON NOPIXEL AGAIN! | GTA 5 RP

4. april. 2021
400 141 Ganger

Summit reacts and tries to understand the xQc drama & perma ban on NoPixel after checking out clips!
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  • RIP to the dream duo... what do you guys think about the whole ban?

    JaronJaron12 dager siden
    • @Terra Incognita Gaming He got shot in the head, but so what? X gets tazed, ejected headfirst from cars and still gets up and does spiderman shit to evade the police. Jumping from building to building, knocking out 5 cops with his fists while they have battons, etc. The point that you seem to be missing on purpose is that it is up to you how you want to play the scene. If what you do breaks the rules, you get reported to an admin who will do what needs to be done, but generally you get a lot of leeway. It's a game after all and everyone is adults who are expected to roll with the punches. What you DON"T do, is get so pissed you break character and RDM. That's obviously justifiably bannable.

      JoooogerJooooger7 dager siden
    • @Jooooger "My shoulders and heads the only thing visible from the other cars position and said driver, totally wasnt shot in the head nuh uh" -summit viewers on drugs And "how many times" he was shot 6 times, just count. 6 times in the chest is pretty much fatal

      Terra Incognita GamingTerra Incognita Gaming7 dager siden
    • @MetalArcticSC nah well worthy

      Mrbacon 5445Mrbacon 54457 dager siden
    • @Terra Incognita Gaming When playing, inside a car, while looking at the person shooting you, it's very hard to tell where you've been shot or even how many times. Summit even mentioned, it's up to the player if they want to RP full unconscious or not. There's a lot of leeway they give you for your RP. The trick is to just roll with the punches and go with the scene. If you think someone broke the rules, take it to an admin and don't mald so hard you metagame, break character, and turn into a psycho. Jean Paul is a shit character and X isn't that great of an RPer.

      JoooogerJooooger7 dager siden
    • @Terra Incognita Gaming Technically by server rules it isn’t Meta gaming. It’s definitely distasteful and frowned upon.

      Brandon WestfallBrandon Westfall7 dager siden
  • x is so immature. I’m assuming all his viewers are in high school

    johnisdead5johnisdead57 timer siden
  • What oc mean

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty ShacklefordDag siden
  • Xqc is a man child

    bigballa313bigballa3134 dager siden
  • xQc isn't perma banned.

    Phil BPhil B4 dager siden
  • At the end of the day, real life what really matters. He earns hundreds of dollars monthly and those cops live from paycheques to paycheques. XqcL

    Abdulah OsmanbegovicAbdulah Osmanbegovic4 dager siden
  • X had a cop at gun point but the cop completely disregards his own life to pull a gun on X , That should be against the rules

    AltAlt5 dager siden
  • I feel like its a little unfair the way he’s treated sometimes but also a little bit of xqcs fault i mean he doesn’t usually react in the most mature or responsible way. At the same time what do they expect he’s obviously aggravated or annoyed so why push his buttons. Idk tho.

    Big Old ManBig Old Man5 dager siden
  • A dog howls when they get smacked

    Alex DeiningerAlex Deininger5 dager siden
  • I’m sorry do people take role playing this seriously tho good lord

    Brandon NavaBrandon Nava5 dager siden
  • RP is for bots.

    Deeen chDeeen ch5 dager siden
  • this game is fucking rigged because COPs always win as most of them always abuse their powers like come on, the game is about doing crimes, if COPs treats "criminals" personally, this game is no longer fun

    ar far f5 dager siden
  • Summit and X the dream team

    greafgreaf6 dager siden
  • Most of the cops are just baiting drama its half there content.

    Karson LaneKarson Lane6 dager siden
  • We miss you X !

    Mikael BoiesMikael Boies6 dager siden
  • anyone know when/if Xqc gets unbanned?

    S0NES0NE6 dager siden
  • well some one has let the money gone to their heads. why would twitch let him stream

    Burden82Burden827 dager siden
  • dumb game imho

    Arcade SlumArcade Slum7 dager siden
  • 8:45 anyone wouldve flipped out with this b*tchy move

  • how does anyone watch xqc, literal man child lol. Cant watch dude for 5 mins

    ML GamingML Gaming7 dager siden
  • Is Kyle a bitch ? YES ! Where ma gang ? xL

    S. VladS. Vlad7 dager siden
  • Guy gets shot 6 times in the face Somehow still conscious and can identify the suspect. > summits chat ITS NOT META XQC IS LYING XQC STFU

    Terra Incognita GamingTerra Incognita Gaming7 dager siden
  • Guy gets shot 6 times in the face Somehow still conscious and can identify the suspect. > summits chat ITS NOT META XQC IS LYING XQC STFU

    Terra Incognita GamingTerra Incognita Gaming7 dager siden
  • Why am i not surprised. Chess seems to be the only game X wasnt banned in.

    KikomochiMendozaKikomochiMendoza7 dager siden
  • uh... "He's in character?" His character is literally him fucking self.

    Hinarf NarfyHinarf Narfy7 dager siden
    • Which is OOC lol 😂🤣🤣

      Alex DeiningerAlex Deininger5 dager siden
  • "i'll be back to the streets soon?" That's x's idea of talking shit?

    Hinarf NarfyHinarf Narfy7 dager siden
  • ooc?

    Juuan WickJuuan Wick7 dager siden
  • You cant tell me the Cops only go after these big streamers for past experiences... Ive seen streams of X getting taken to jail that last over 40 minutes, with him in the cruiser. Its total OOC non stop by these people.

    Jeremy PhelpsJeremy Phelps7 dager siden
  • "Wait that guy is meta gaming while dead? What is wrong with him?" - Aren't you the guy who stream sniped a FALL GUYS tourny?

    Tim CTim C8 dager siden
  • That abdul clip was so bad chat says it was OOC, I was there live on KJ stream. The mayor was saying he gives everyone a very good chance and everyone was agreeing with him!! in-character he was saying his patience with mr. jean paul was growing very thin. Because thats in-game repercussions.

    duke ettingbrahduke ettingbrah8 dager siden
  • Does summit always talk like a politician? Kinda takes the fun out of it

    redxpenredxpen8 dager siden
  • Playground shit.

    judged by timejudged by time8 dager siden
  • he has the highest view count I feel like people are secretly jealous

    OlliseanOllisean8 dager siden
  • cops should of got banned too

    OlliseanOllisean8 dager siden
    • @SoggyCereal hmm no I think it's Should've we both got it wrong 4Head

      OlliseanOllisean8 dager siden
    • should have*

      SoggyCerealSoggyCereal8 dager siden
  • Wtf is OOC....

    Glyzz OGGlyzz OG8 dager siden
    • out of character

      JaronJaron8 dager siden
  • All I’ve ever seen of this xqc idiot is him crying when he plays games. Has he been kicked from every group in every game for toxic behavior? Is this guy, who I also don’t know much of, jaron, actually defending him? Maybe when both of you get personally kicked out of every group and no one wants to play with you anymore, you’ll lose enough money to cut ties. The communities across the board will eventually just ignore you guys. No one has a good time watching a cry baby be toxic, and the only people who do probably can’t hold a real relationship. Gaslighting narcissists.

    ChoiceEnvironmentsChoiceEnvironments8 dager siden
  • Honestly I’m just watching this from a third person perspective and I don’t play GTA or anything but whoever banned him are a bunch of snowflakes

    Shayan MirshojaeShayan Mirshojae8 dager siden
  • summit is the man. Such a well rounded dude.

    sneakybeavsneakybeav8 dager siden
  • Note to editors: Please focus harder on volume leveling when possible. Throughout this whole video, Summit is about 10x louder than the dialog in the clips he's watching.

    David LewisDavid Lewis8 dager siden
  • Everyone on the server obviously targets X he’s the biggest streamer period... they just want a shrive of the spotlight and the easiest way to do that is cause controversy with X it’s kinda ridiculous

    onRynoonRyno8 dager siden
  • X just isn't suitable for rp imo. He's too competitive and ruins vibes so quickly. His improv isnt great either

    HoneywickHoneywick8 dager siden
  • seems like the RP cops wish they were real cops and that's terrifying lol

    Rogan O'ReillyRogan O'Reilly8 dager siden
  • Xqc is really bad at rp

    SaitamaSaitama8 dager siden
  • Yeah I'm guessing that was the one Sum 😐

    SAS 312SAS 3128 dager siden
  • I would have banned him as well.

    TheDoraLpTheDoraLp8 dager siden
  • You guys should go outside more.

    Average TeenAverage Teen8 dager siden
  • Dude Wrangler is such a tool bag.

    Mike LegacyMike Legacy8 dager siden
  • What if your character curses like that tho?....

    Davey ReedDavey Reed8 dager siden
  • X needs to realize that if he don’t get mad the cops will they want a reaction from him.

    Young MarcoYoung Marco8 dager siden
  • Don’t blame him 🤷🏼‍♀️. He probably has anger issues aswell. I would’ve done the same 😭

    j.4ssyj.4ssy8 dager siden
  • Yikes XQC

    Primal SmashPrimal Smash9 dager siden
  • Sub to TheClipShip for top quality daily clips :)

    TheClipShipTheClipShip9 dager siden
  • I don't really watch them often, just not my type of content more into eSports, but I'm wondering how come they are taking it so seriously isn't it just an RP server? Why did X get banned?

    TxTx9 dager siden
  • Its a fictional game. I dont get someone being banned in it.

    Beast Mode BoslersBeast Mode Boslers9 dager siden
  • Who cares? X is, has been and always will be a sperg. He is constantly getting banned on everything, are we not forgetting he got banned from Twitch for a bit for stream sniping?

    TristanTristan9 dager siden
  • 1G is a legend. But XQC is autistic

    Mathias OlsenMathias Olsen9 dager siden
  • the cops really did suck and they took everything personally and they even meta gamed so u can’t really blame x

    vozzvozz9 dager siden
  • What is ooc?.

    Uneek NinjaUneek Ninja9 dager siden
    • @MCgoos09/BelgianCat thank you, appreciate the time you took to explain.

      Uneek NinjaUneek Ninja8 dager siden
    • Out of Character. In roleplay servers if you are IC, you are In Character. Some roleplay servers have rules where you must remain In Character as long as a roleplay is happening. In a few of the videos you can see X isn't really roleplaying anymore and just tossing insults at people, masking it as 'roleplay' when in reality it's obvious he's just mad in real life, out of character.

      MCgoos09/BelgianCatMCgoos09/BelgianCat8 dager siden
  • cops malding

    angieangie9 dager siden
  • i enjoy XQC but ill never defend him in these situations. he pushes the boundaries in every way possible on social media in general not just GTARP. Hes an instigator. always has been.

    JoshS605JoshS6059 dager siden
  • xqc is a drama queen. none of this should be surprising or confusing.

    JoshS605JoshS6059 dager siden
  • I like how the penta guy makes a comment about X being a man-child, but the first thing I found when I searched "Penta" is a stream showing he can't make himself dinner.

    Nico MNico M9 dager siden
  • What’s OOC? Oh, out of character.

    RendrocRendroc9 dager siden
  • Fuck those servers, they cater to one side way to heavy

    Storm GarnerStorm Garner9 dager siden
  • The reason I never play these games is because the owners and admins think they’re so important and better than everyone and they ban over petty shit really. He called her a bitch. Wow.. grown ass woman can’t handle a word or??

    Toxic FitzzToxic Fitzz9 dager siden
  • Probably the dumbest drama based video i've ever seen lmfaooo... imagine getting mad on an RP Server for CHRIST SAKE.

    CQNZR - Clips & GameplayCQNZR - Clips & Gameplay9 dager siden
  • why he got banned ? well he cant RP he didnt RP he will never RP...he has no place on nopixel

    julien Castonguayjulien Castonguay9 dager siden
  • xQC always has been and always will be a toxic little boy. Nobody liked him on that content creator rust server, nobody likes him on NOPIXEL, the problem isn't other people, the problem is with xQC.

    GuyBroDudeTVGuyBroDudeTV9 dager siden
  • xqc's actions were justified, he is trying to make new arcs 24/7 so that rp can be more fun for him and cops, but is constintally fucked over by them.

    Ian RemerIan Remer9 dager siden
  • issues here

    Drew FuelDrew Fuel9 dager siden
  • wait why cant u kill cops ????? GTA has changed

    Mercykillah87Mercykillah879 dager siden
  • Imagine getting offended by WORDS, STICK AND STONES....if you wanna RP as a cop you are a POS bully.

    Lag SwagLag Swag9 dager siden
  • I think my biggest issue is even iif this one case of X is in the right i am just jaded at this point. He is the center of every drama scandal. In among us he was the guy causing drama, in rust he was calling people stream snipers and meta gaming, and since he’s been doing RP his issues with Hassan and the cops is just out of hand. One small thing is one thing but anytime I hear about X it’s with super negative surrounding context. He needs to take a break from streaming with others.

    LilithLilith9 dager siden
    • That's just the kind of guy he is. He'll always be this way no matter what. But I agree that he needs a break, it's not healthy.

      Decomposed CorpseDecomposed Corpse7 dager siden
  • Jud sounds so humble

    Lucky 1 TimeLucky 1 Time9 dager siden
  • Love you sum ❤️

    Yoona's HusbandYoona's Husband9 dager siden
  • They racist.

    Randi FishRandi Fish9 dager siden
    • how

      SoggyCerealSoggyCereal8 dager siden
  • Anybody else notice the recent donator lmao

    KushboxKushbox9 dager siden
  • LOL you think moonmoon controls his viewers.... MoonMoon viewers are just decent. people watch xQc cus misery loves company... they wanna be mad and raging with him.

    Menoua HakopianMenoua Hakopian9 dager siden
    • What?

      Denis JonDenis Jon9 dager siden
  • This game looks stupid.

    Alpha OmegaAlpha Omega9 dager siden
  • what does ooc mean?

    PapaLynxPapaLynx9 dager siden
    • @Jaron thanks bud. now I get it lol

      PapaLynxPapaLynx9 dager siden
    • out of character :)

      JaronJaron9 dager siden
  • what is OC?

    sleepup7931sleepup79319 dager siden
    • OOC. it means out of character

      SoggyCerealSoggyCereal8 dager siden
  • not X being surprised cops hate him OMEGALAUGHING

    Menoua HakopianMenoua Hakopian9 dager siden
  • X goes a bit overboard but the cops always take it to far

    M pedM ped9 dager siden
  • Gta rp no pixel is just pure cancer. Cops are not perfect in their role getting headshoted 6times even once means your death and should not be talking glad i never played rp and i never ever will gonna try it fuck that

    Ons WietOns Wiet9 dager siden
  • CopPixel

    Mathias JensenMathias Jensen9 dager siden
  • Are twitch admins behind NoPixel too? Cuz they keep banning CONTENT!! Dogshit.

    Techn0wayTechn0way9 dager siden
  • Oof. What a manchild.

    savemyskinsavemyskin10 dager siden
  • xQc is such a fucking child, he literally cannot keep his mouth shut.

    AngelicaAngelica10 dager siden
  • He sounds so dumb when he tries to talk shit lol

    John RidgewayJohn Ridgeway10 dager siden
  • Him acting confused as to why he got banned is hilarious. Thats like licking a razor blade and wondering why your tongue is bleeding

    John RidgewayJohn Ridgeway10 dager siden
    • @netmonsterjr then you're a hypocrite. Xqc lost his cool too.

      Karla BricenoKarla Briceno7 dager siden
    • @Karla Briceno the admins and people on the server are know to meta game and break rp to punish big streamers its happen to x , greek , tims , ect who ever has the biggest view count gets harassed by the staff or players

      netmonsterjrnetmonsterjr7 dager siden
    • @Karla Briceno no x is role playing just fine the others are breaking ooc they are at fault they are to immature to Realise it's just a game not irl they let their feelings get involved

      netmonsterjrnetmonsterjr7 dager siden
    • @netmonsterjr so what you're saying is that if x didn't want to be treated badly he should've acted better and not roleplayed that character? And that if he was getting mad he should've logged off and played something else before making it worse?

      Karla BricenoKarla Briceno7 dager siden
    • ​@Emerson It's just a game and people need to learn to have fun or try to be a adult about situations. It's a rp server they can act how ever they want but when you have admins white knighting for Girls on the server for example greekgod, If they didn't want to be made fun of or talk to in a certain way then don't role play at any time you can always get up leave the server aka stop playing. And go do something irl or play another game no one is holding anyone hostage. If X acts a little out of hand or any streamer then so what they're server only pop because of said streamers. You can also see how they target the big streamers for any little thing. Like the cop was meta gaming he should have not known about where x was and him and his coworkers knew where to find him and harass him. The problem is video game server admins act way to high and mighty for their own good. Like If they role play however they want as long as they are noting saying racist shit it should be fine. For the example we got crack heads in irl saying slurs and sexist remarks that just life. But in a video game just ignore them or mute them .

      netmonsterjrnetmonsterjr9 dager siden
  • In character lol. Right good riddance

    John RidgewayJohn Ridgeway10 dager siden
  • X is so annoying.. little boy in and grown dudes body. Shut up ffs. Thank God penta said what he said it's about time someone did. I hope it's permanent im tired of seeing his illiterate juicer comments in the chats of the gta players I actually enjoy watching. Penta included

    John RidgewayJohn Ridgeway10 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie, the way x was cursing the cops out, makes me feel like he deserved the ban

    Brinier_Super 1145Brinier_Super 114510 dager siden
    • And you know everything that happened or no?

      DafallDafall9 dager siden
  • He’s acting like a literally teenage criminal lmfao. This is so entertaining.

    Monk KilledababyMonk Killedababy10 dager siden
  • X was telling his chat to go harass the other streamer in their chat as well. I don't watch much of the guy, but it always seems like drama follows him lol.

    Humbled MumblesHumbled Mumbles10 dager siden
    • Give me the link to that clip. That is bull fucking shit.

      Decomposed CorpseDecomposed Corpse7 dager siden
  • What does OOC mean?

    AliAli10 dager siden
    • Out of character.

      Thérèse BabouThérèse Babou8 dager siden
  • idiots playing gta wanting it to g one way when in reality its gnna go another way.

    Joe KoolJoe Kool10 dager siden
  • If it would be my server those cops were getting fucked I would literally give them a year ban and probably ask twitch to ban them for streamsniping

    FifaZentrixXFifaZentrixX10 dager siden
  • Is the guy actually in a wheelchair irl?

    DimeaterDimeater10 dager siden
  • yeah x got bad tongue

    Xian JiengXian Jieng10 dager siden