6. april. 2021
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I tried to complete an actual Tiktok dance...
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    Norris Nuts ClipsNorris Nuts Clips8 dager siden
    • Sockie dancing is me in maths 😂😂

      chicken duckschicken ducks2 dager siden
    • I subscribed to Norris nuts Clips Norris nuts Norris nuts do stuff Norris nuts gaming and Norris nuts Squad does anybody remember when they used to make game master videos

      Malk AhmedMalk Ahmed4 dager siden
    • And 496 to like this

      Random ThingsRandom Things4 dager siden
    • 58 to comment on this

      Random ThingsRandom Things4 dager siden
    • Ummmm ecause me but i did the (code thing) but i dont know if i am a super legend?

      Makayla CannonMakayla Cannon5 dager siden
  • That's good sockie

    Mirah PutihahMirah PutihahTime siden
  • She’s so pretty and she’s a good dancer 💗😊

    Abbi ArbuthnotAbbi Arbuthnot2 timer siden
  • You did amazing sock! ❤️

    Emma IvyEmma Ivy2 timer siden
  • Lol the open the door will be so iconic in da futua

    ItzAmyBItzAmyB3 timer siden
  • Hi sockie I am the one who is 8 and Cara hi

    Nicky CondronNicky Condron4 timer siden
  • Why do you get so exited about chocolate

    Craig WaltonCraig Walton8 timer siden
  • Sockie u know that u can’t but u can cook so practice more dancing than cooking. I used to be a good dancer and a bad cook but know I am in love with cooking and dancing!

    Sadeel Does stuffSadeel Does stuff11 timer siden
  • I am fasting and it’s 12: 34 Pm

    Sadeel Does stuffSadeel Does stuff12 timer siden
  • GO SOCKIE! You are amazing at dancing. I did this TikTok straight after I saw this video.

    Charli PlaysCharli Plays13 timer siden
  • I'm fasting today and its 10:33 in the morning and im Thirsty

    Azeen And AizahAzeen And Aizah15 timer siden
  • Wow i love the dance sockie❤️🐨❤️🐨❤️🐨

    jon estaciojon estacio18 timer siden
  • Your so confident and I love how don’t let anyone stop u from what u want to do

    Aesthetic girl Ariana grande fanAesthetic girl Ariana grande fan19 timer siden
  • It’s ✨beautiful✨

    AgeOfGraceAgeOfGrace21 time siden
  • I love how sockie does something that she doesn’t like and never gives up

    Gacha wolf 24Gacha wolf 2423 timer siden
  • You are amazing at dancing! This is your first time ever doing it, don’t worry Sockie!

    Cait Liz CoxCait Liz Cox23 timer siden
  • sockie looks so grown up

    Alissa NovakAlissa Novak23 timer siden
  • Yuh bestay love the confidence!

    Emma WillEmma Will23 timer siden
  • I’m dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    Nissa BurnettNissa BurnettDag siden
  • Is the letter in this video

    Nissa BurnettNissa BurnettDag siden
  • Is sockie wearing makeup

    Zadine Mc CarthyZadine Mc CarthyDag siden
  • Sockie just do corvet

    Charlotte Tucker’s funny vlog channelCharlotte Tucker’s funny vlog channelDag siden
  • If you look at the mirror in the beginning it's look like you have a bird sitting on your shoulder

    Jafar RahimiJafar RahimiDag siden
  • I love Sockies personality!!

    Zoe BianchiZoe BianchiDag siden
  • you should have sabre teach u dance she’s really good

    Olivia SchornackOlivia SchornackDag siden
  • Sockie

    Soccer PandaSoccer PandaDag siden
  • I feel like the only reason socks can't dance is because she is stuff she needs to relax

    Soccer PandaSoccer PandaDag siden
  • Suc your so funny

    Apple IntiaApple IntiaDag siden
  • Awww love sockie!!

    Nancy RowledgeNancy RowledgeDag siden
  • hey sockie you where pretty good for a beginner and a first timer i am proud of you

    Pug Head BakingPug Head BakingDag siden
  • Sockie u should make ur own honey chicken for the next nn cooking video

    E ArmE Arm2 dager siden
  • So funny lol

    Rania NadeemRania Nadeem2 dager siden
  • I’ve wached all of them

    Emma LucasEmma Lucas2 dager siden
  • Did biggy edit

    Emma LucasEmma Lucas2 dager siden
  • Socked your pretty as doing cringe

    Deborah AdewaleDeborah Adewale2 dager siden
  • You did good ! Good job

    Payton ElkinsPayton Elkins2 dager siden
  • Hi

    JamesJames2 dager siden
  • She cringe

    Skye FilliesSkye Fillies2 dager siden
  • I love how she keeps trying until she gets it !!

    Jocelyn WilksJocelyn Wilks2 dager siden
  • bruh

    hewitt1011hewitt10112 dager siden
  • I Love How sockie Keep on trying she is so sweet and kind

    Anna Marie DickinsonAnna Marie Dickinson2 dager siden

    The Nuggie nug squadThe Nuggie nug squad2 dager siden
  • Soocie i believe u can dance✨👍🔥

    Ieva ZuokaiteIeva Zuokaite2 dager siden
  • I,m hir big fan I,m jj

    Mrs. J. FraserMrs. J. Fraser2 dager siden
  • Sockie is soo pretty just like all us legends and naz and sabre and mama noris

    chicken duckschicken ducks2 dager siden
  • Sockie dancing is me in maths 😂😂

    chicken duckschicken ducks2 dager siden
  • Sockie dancing is like me with maths😂

    chicken duckschicken ducks2 dager siden
  • I like who sockie is not afraid of stuff. Thats not in her comfort zone.

    cute kittycute kitty2 dager siden
  • I think biggy should get earings if he wants it doesnt make him less biggy Biggy is what you want biggy to be

    Layla MaccLayla Macc2 dager siden
  • I love u

    Anon MaskAnon Mask2 dager siden
  • Hi top tip for naz If naz ever gets a guinea pig You need to get 2 at once They get very lonely Very quickly Not only is it mean for the animal It means they live longer to But it is ur choice but im just giving you some tips And saying its not very nice For the animal To be alone All the time So basically im saying They need a freind in there cage with them Also cages with Wire's at the bottom Can give them foot desiese I recommend a wooden cage With a plastic bottom Also top tip Put newspaper under the dust or hay To stop the cage getting stinky as quick I recommend veg and spinach as there diet with some guinea pig food for when They want it Also on cold nights top up there hay and make a nest shape They will like that! Clean there cage out twice or once a week Also wooden toys Plastic toys are ok but they always get eaten or nibbled on And never used that much Plenty of little places they can hide in And a cage / run to put them on hot days BUT NEVER LEAVE THEM IN THE GARDEN CAGE / RUN OVER NIGHT ur fan forever P.s dont forget you need 2 guinea pigs

    NöobyNöoby2 dager siden
  • Sockie ofc no offense but u made me laugh a LOT 😂😂😂😂 I can teach u how to dance if u want

    Miranda Sofía’s LifeMiranda Sofía’s Life3 dager siden
  • Amazing lol

    Johnson FamilyJohnson Family3 dager siden
  • I love how the Norris nuts aren’t embarrassed! I would literally hate doing that I’m front of anyone, even my mom, and she does it if front of thousands of people 👉👈 Anyways lol

    The Uni PlayzThe Uni Playz3 dager siden

    Jessica Brielle B. LadrilloJessica Brielle B. Ladrillo3 dager siden
  • Norris nuts personalites Saber:oldest kind nice and has a big smile Sockie:is so sweet the next gordan ramsey Biggy:kind the bext justin bieber and emotional Naz:youngest cute loving caring

    ايمان صالحايمان صالح3 dager siden
  • sockie's dancing is great now this is what I call courage

    Abi TakeleAbi Takele3 dager siden
  • I got mad watching this but I couldn’t stop watching 😂. Love you guys and I bet you will get better if you practice!

    Nadia N. :3Nadia N. :33 dager siden
  • Sockie please do among us hide and seek ! 😟

    Quinsha AudrianaQuinsha Audriana3 dager siden
  • 0:30 Sockie hates dancing? Doesn’t she take dance classes? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

    Edith AliceEdith Alice3 dager siden
  • Not me dancing along trying to get better ✋😂

    Destiny AllenDestiny Allen3 dager siden
  • It’s okay Sock, you’re not alone, I can’t dance even for chocolate!

    TheSortaFunnyIzzyTheSortaFunnyIzzy3 dager siden
  • Its not your first remember the tic tok challange

    Selamawit BeleteSelamawit Belete3 dager siden
  • OMG YASS QUEEN! Sockieeeee you just started dancing and your soooo good! Your better than me at dancing! :>

    Sophie RobloxSophie Roblox3 dager siden
  • I’m thinking of starting a social media network for chickens. Not as a full time job just a way to make hens meet.

    randoff32randoff323 dager siden
  • I couldn't buy your merch bc I dont have enough money I really really want to buy it but, I cant sadly

    Daniel and DachelDaniel and Dachel3 dager siden
  • I'd been a legend for 6 years

    Daniel and DachelDaniel and Dachel3 dager siden
  • I haded to write it tin this vid bc the comments on the other vid are turn off

    Daniel and DachelDaniel and Dachel3 dager siden
  • I think this is the code S, W, M, P, W, S, F

    Daniel and DachelDaniel and Dachel3 dager siden
  • Aww sockie u dance so much better than I can lol amazing tho

    Araceli BelmonteAraceli Belmonte3 dager siden
  • I love how she actually trie not like other times lol (no offense) but honestly if she out a bit of hard work she could really kill it like Sabre!

    Dania BarreraDania Barrera3 dager siden
  • You and me should be friend because my dancing is cringe too!! 😌😇

    Valerie GarnerValerie Garner3 dager siden
  • honestly I have probley watched this clip 5,000,000,000 and my favorite part all the time is when sockie is like "I can do it!" and then it says sockie editing (and realizing how bad she dances) and sockie be like, "girl are you ok?" and then she looks back at the person editing, is she okay?!"lol it gets me everytime! :) stay Safe!

    Alexis YochAlexis Yoch3 dager siden
  • I think the dance that you did was better then the girl that did it so yeah and 8m really bad at it myself

    Laiba EssaLaiba Essa3 dager siden
  • You are better than me!!

    Lanie LaBoissiereLanie LaBoissiere3 dager siden
  • did she say the f word

    Lola BalaLola Bala3 dager siden
  • Wow sockie is dancing 💃

    Gnarly BeaulivGnarly Beauliv3 dager siden
  • Great job sock!

    PiperFamily SmoothMallowPiperFamily SmoothMallow3 dager siden
  • another life amoung us

    Molly HiltonMolly Hilton3 dager siden
  • I hate dancing two

    Xzandra RadcliffXzandra Radcliff3 dager siden
  • Sockie is way braver than me. I would not do that ( In a good way ) Why am I trying when I am going to sound Rude. Know what Nevermind

    Elise WhiteElise White4 dager siden
  • I'm un-subscribing bc your so annoying

    kate gameskate games4 dager siden
  • Its not cringe! don't be so harsh on yourself.

    yxng_ idrxxs_yxng_ idrxxs_4 dager siden
  • This made my day lol

    Shalom BharathShalom Bharath4 dager siden
  • its okey ef you cant dance i cant dance to

    Farida ShendyFarida Shendy4 dager siden
  • Is it just me or did she say I’m sick of ffing cooking videos btw great dancing

    Meghan CoxMeghan Cox4 dager siden
  • Hi Sockie I really hope u having a rlly nice day I just wanted to let you know that u inspire me to cook and ur just a really nice person and I love everything u do thanks for inpiring me love u have a nice day

    Aesthetic TutsAesthetic Tuts4 dager siden
  • only true legands remember when they were recreating famous tiktokers dances and she did one then

    Melanie CapperMelanie Capper4 dager siden

    Sally BunceSally Bunce4 dager siden
  • it was fine you did good (exept for the last part)but you did good go sokie go

    Mi mundo especialMi mundo especial4 dager siden
  • Sock remember one of ur first videos u did a dance 💓

    gracie Holdsworthgracie Holdsworth4 dager siden
  • Sockie

    Teryn FelixTeryn Felix4 dager siden
  • Socjie is a boy

    Teryn FelixTeryn Felix4 dager siden
  • tik tok took her dance vid down btw xd

    •Chocolate Maddie••Chocolate Maddie•4 dager siden
  • Early

    Ella HallsElla Halls4 dager siden
  • Sockie did really good I’m glad she has confidence to not only post that on tik tok and NOworld luv u guys

    Bellany SuharnoBellany Suharno4 dager siden
  • I know she is older than me by 3 years but this melts my heart how much effort she is putting in ☺️

    Ella FarrellElla Farrell4 dager siden
  • hi sockie im dixie im from England and watch the Norris Nuts everyday!

    Rebecca SinnottRebecca Sinnott4 dager siden
  • i havent laughed so much in days sockie x you did a lovely job though if you practise you will get better x

    myas worldmyas world4 dager siden
  • Hi Norris Nuts you probably not watch this message but I wan’t to say to you that I love you from Italy (Milan)

    Benedetta SalaBenedetta Sala4 dager siden