Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy) by V

24. des.. 2020
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  • i beg him to create a hug to ears music album like this i beg the universe i need his voice in full album

    andrei mendozaandrei mendoza4 minutter siden
  • I love you💝

    Kunsiyanon BURANROMKunsiyanon BURANROM10 minutter siden
  • sTr3@M > 25M > 50M!

    jeane808miscjeane808misc15 minutter siden
  • 😍💜

    땅콩tv땅콩tv42 minutter siden
  • AHHH, so damn soothing and it's perfect when you're just chilling in your room and vibing to this 💜

    Anisha NathAnisha NathTime siden
  • Tae porque tu voz es tan linda 🎵💜 Amo tu voz💜 Ahh ni escribir lo describiria aun💜

    Las Chanclas De BangtanLas Chanclas De Bangtan2 timer siden
  • Tan preciosa voz~ Esperare lo que tenga que esperar por el mix tape de Kim Taehyung ♡

    Ñata PeñaÑata Peña2 timer siden

    Gerard MontalesGerard Montales2 timer siden
  • V makes me cry..

    EsméerieEsméerie2 timer siden
  • 24.490

    Anu RaneAnu Rane3 timer siden
  • okey my name mean in english is a snoedrop so everytime ı listen the songs ı m being happy

    Kardelen KayaKardelen Kaya3 timer siden
  • Eu amo ele demais mdssssss

    Thayane SouzaThayane Souza3 timer siden
  • Boa pra escutar em uma tarde chuvosa, tomando café e pensar um pouco na vida

    Matheus Guimarães da costaMatheus Guimarães da costa3 timer siden
  • Muito boa essa musica

    Matheus Guimarães da costaMatheus Guimarães da costa3 timer siden
  • Baby snow

    Mi MiMi Mi4 timer siden
  • miss you taehyung

    Rachida RachaRachida Racha4 timer siden
  • Snow flower♡︎~

    Raghad ArmyRaghad Army5 timer siden
  • es una hermosa cancion, snow flower es ARTE, I love you V, I love you BTS

    Tefa JemelisTefa Jemelis6 timer siden
  • We love you kim taehyung turkish army

    zbts eszbts es6 timer siden
  • Turkish army

    zbts eszbts es6 timer siden
  • Here everyday

    k karink karin7 timer siden
  • Here again listening to this masterpiece

    Warda GrairiWarda Grairi7 timer siden
  • Focus on inner child please We need get 100m before his mixtape

    Warda GrairiWarda Grairi7 timer siden
  • My angel kim taehyung

    Warda GrairiWarda Grairi7 timer siden
  • 5

    Kim Army BEKim Army BE7 timer siden
  • Kim taehyung ❤

    ABHIJITH RABHIJITH R7 timer siden
  • La VOZ que tiene Taehyung por el amor a dios, espero su mixtape (de 13 canciones dijo él) con ansias

    Brisa ZigaliniBrisa Zigalini7 timer siden
  • Taehyung best boy

    iam joyiam joy7 timer siden
  • ily

    iam joyiam joy7 timer siden
  • soon 25M!

    CRAFT with SUHANICRAFT with SUHANI9 timer siden
  • V

    BLUE & GREYBLUE & GREY9 timer siden

    sofia moncadasofia moncada9 timer siden
  • Realmente amo esta canción, la voz de Taehyung siempre me tranquiliza y me hace sentir bien.. Se que quizás suena raro pero esos 3 minutos con 49 segundos me hacen sentir como en un lugar seguro

    Brichu MinBrichu Min9 timer siden
  • thank u for ur whole existence kim taehyung

    tete kisstete kiss9 timer siden
  • why there are not enough views today, let's be more active

    Tatyana K.Tatyana K.10 timer siden
  • Best boy♡

    Winter Bear TaeTaeWinter Bear TaeTae10 timer siden
  • Congratulations...taehyung is the FIRST male Kpop idol with 1 MILLION likes on Facebook post.He was also the first kpop idol to receive 1M likes on Twitter in 2017 💜💜

    TanviTanvi10 timer siden
  • Te amo, Tete.

    Sofía SánchezSofía Sánchez11 timer siden
  • Love yourself Relay2889

    LoveLoveLoveLove11 timer siden
  • here i am again

    divuedivue11 timer siden
  • m

    thanh nam nguyenthanh nam nguyen11 timer siden
  • V

    yUriNtA.yUriNtA.12 timer siden
  • Hermoso mi vida 💜💜

    Ruth Betzabe Pinto SanabriaRuth Betzabe Pinto Sanabria12 timer siden
  • Today was really a rough day. Thankyou so much for making me feel better. Love you Taehyung oppa.

    Nandini ShrivasNandini Shrivas12 timer siden
  • Baby bear 😘😘😘

    Baby MochiBaby Mochi12 timer siden
  • This cover page have a deep meaning According to me:- The person standing their is Kim taehyung WITH A PURPLE HEART PROTECTING PURPLE FLOWER(maybe that symbol for ARMYs) FROM COLD

    k-pop Talksk-pop Talks12 timer siden
  • ```V Fans```

    Carissa Xaviera Alexsandra AxyraCarissa Xaviera Alexsandra Axyra12 timer siden
  • The most underrated song

    Nikita joelNikita joel12 timer siden

    Georgett PereaGeorgett Perea12 timer siden
  • can't wait for taehyung mixtape 😍

    Ria CitraRia Citra13 timer siden
  • Snow flower Sweet night Scenery Stigma Singularity Some one like you ( cover) SSSSSS

    maria maria널 위한 말이야maria maria널 위한 말이야13 timer siden
  • Love it 💜

    EMMA&EMMSEMMA&EMMS14 timer siden
  • 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    西木子西木子14 timer siden
  • Waiting for tae's mixtape💜

    TanviTanvi14 timer siden
  • V love you so much

    BTS FANGIRLBTS FANGIRL14 timer siden
  • Again KIM TAEHYUNG, you never disappoint us to fall in love over and over again.

    lumen kimlumen kim14 timer siden
  • Love yourself Relay2884

    WeWe15 timer siden
  • Masterpiece

    Diba ShaikhDiba Shaikh15 timer siden
  • I keep coming back ugh so soothing voice

    끼토끼토15 timer siden
    • Taehyung's voice is really soothing, so unique wow

    • Same! Can't wait for KHT1

      テテテテ15 timer siden
  • 💜💜

    katiecarie TVkatiecarie TV15 timer siden
  • this song makes me want to slow dance under a starry night sky

    Fahmina KhanFahmina Khan16 timer siden
  • I discovered BTS when I was 11..I'll be an adult next year and I just feel like I grew up with THE best friends/people I could ever ask for!

    I'm thirsty But not for waterI'm thirsty But not for water16 timer siden
  • iove tae

    longing halonging ha16 timer siden
  • FiGhTiNg!

    jeane808miscjeane808misc16 timer siden
  • この背景かわちすぎ💖

    パクちみぃパクちみぃ17 timer siden
  • sTr3@M!

    jeane808miscjeane808misc17 timer siden

    C AC A17 timer siden
  • Amo la voz de tae, espero con ansias sus mixtape... y les comento Armys que como reproduzco mucho la canción y mi hermanita menor esta a mi lado, me dice que el niño que sale en la portada el CAYU, no se si lo conozcan pero me dijo eso y empezó a cantar la intro de la caricatura jajaja.

    Camila ArriagaCamila Arriaga17 timer siden

  • "LeT's GeT IT" > 25M! > 30M! >

    jeane808miscjeane808misc18 timer siden
  • the song is very calming

    BangtanArmyBangtanArmy19 timer siden
  • this song it just makes me so HAPPY :'')

    sd.sophiesd.sophie19 timer siden
  • I love u ~ with deep voice

    Kw ThamKw Tham20 timer siden
  • Stream please

    ᅳ hopeluvᅳ hopeluv20 timer siden
  • Love yourself Relay2879

    TogetherTogether20 timer siden
  • 당신이 이전처럼 미소 짓기를 멈췄기 때문에 🥺🥺💜💜

    Katy Burboa SalazarKaty Burboa Salazar21 time siden
  • dont you just love how there's a new comment highlighting taehyung's achievements here every single day. best boy's breaking records everyday.

    T.A.T.A.21 time siden
  • 13th March.... Anniversary of sweet night.... We will celebrate it by $treaming. That song has made us more proud. That song has comforted us like his every masterpiece. And pls $tr3@m MTV unplugged blue and grey, snow flower, winter bear, singularity with sweet night on YT. Borahae

    Anu RaneAnu Rane21 time siden
  • 24.430

    Anu RaneAnu Rane21 time siden
  • StR3@M SnOw fLoWeR > 25M! > 30M!

    jeane808miscjeane808misc21 time siden
  • my V...waiting for your mixtape..

    Jell GanzonJell Ganzon21 time siden
  • I didn't have my family with me for a long time and the Christmas day this was released I was so miserable. When I listened to this, I cried for hours. It felt like being hugged by someone and telling me that it's gonna be fine. Just wait a little bit. You'll be with them soon. Thank you so much Taehyung and Peakboy for this. Everytime I revisit this, I get teary eyed.

    Grace GomezGrace Gomez22 timer siden

  • I love you

    Maritza LooMaritza LooDag siden
  • Taehyungie 💜

    Devi Permata Sari Butar ButarDevi Permata Sari Butar ButarDag siden
  • Amo tanto ♡♡

    Belli B.Belli B.Dag siden
  • Esto va lento, hagamos que snow flower llegue e los 30m antes de su mixtape!!

    BBDag siden
  • Amo la voz de Tae y el chico que canta con él se complementa muy bien sus voces (。♡0♡)

    ୧I purple u୨ Maye7୧I purple u୨ Maye7Dag siden

    kayra sofiakayra sofiaDag siden
  • V got the beautiful voice 😍♥️

    CathyCathyDag siden
  • Still believe Santa... 🎅🏻 🤍💜✨

    Kim TaehyungKim TaehyungDag siden
  • Still LOVE this song

    Rabia WaseemRabia WaseemDag siden
  • I'm waiting for your mixtape Kim Taehyung 13 tracks

    Tae'sAllTimeFavourite BlackParallelPantsTae'sAllTimeFavourite BlackParallelPantsDag siden
  • I love this song is really beautiful ,taehyung I PURPLE YOU💜

    Cristy LunaCristy LunaDag siden
  • BTS kingsBTS kingsDag siden
  • snow flower ♡♡♡

    BTS kingsBTS kingsDag siden
  • Stan tae

    BTS kingsBTS kingsDag siden
  • I love you

    BTS kingsBTS kingsDag siden
  • Snow flower♡︎~

    Raghad ArmyRaghad ArmyDag siden
  • Love yourself Relay2874

    PeacePeaceDag siden