Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

12. okt.. 2020
2 525 132 Ganger

I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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  • M&M next??? Slap like if you're spittin fax too

    Davie504Davie50417 dager siden
    • Daniel Trasher told somethig to you in his 'nonsense music to vibe'

      Raina BarkRaina Bark14 dager siden
    • .

      Heath LockwoodHeath Lockwood16 dager siden
    • Dr dre!!!!!!!!

      jopjop16 dager siden
    • M&M!!!!!!!!!

      jopjop16 dager siden
    • Yes

      Just a Dog Without Pizza RollsJust a Dog Without Pizza Rolls16 dager siden
  • Can we get a collab with Davie and that Jazz piano guy and play some Epic music

    KalimunjiKalimunjiTime siden
  • Yo snoop was definitely on crack there but that drug made him rap guud

    ceerw butyceerw buty2 timer siden
  • I can’t even play maracas

    jeylem aristondojeylem aristondo2 timer siden
  • 8:40 hot

    Wideband AtlantaWideband Atlanta4 timer siden
    • @ceerw buty I already made a comment before this entire comment saying he won. .

      Wideband AtlantaWideband AtlantaTime siden
    • Jesus C at 5:23'?

      ceerw butyceerw buty2 timer siden
  • 5:40 he won

    Wideband AtlantaWideband Atlanta4 timer siden
  • 5:40 epic melody once more

    Wideband AtlantaWideband Atlanta4 timer siden
  • 3:50 Epic melody

    Wideband AtlantaWideband Atlanta4 timer siden

    ender destroyerender destroyer4 timer siden
  • Cat guy... surely!

    Neil ThomsonNeil Thomson6 timer siden
  • Davie do you have muscules in your face,cuz you dont make any expression XD.

    Danica PlavsicDanica Plavsic6 timer siden
  • I like the trumpet

    milawka375milawka3757 timer siden
  • And people just in 2018 realized this with many of the distortion pedals they they thought sucked lmao

    Adrn AmrfsAdrn Amrfs7 timer siden
  • I think snop didn't give his A game because of how much he got paid, after all this is a paid request.

    alucardF91alucardF918 timer siden
  • SNOOP DOG -.-

    Josiah LeeJosiah Lee8 timer siden
  • I love that he did it in your style

    SKM 94SKM 949 timer siden
  • 5:19 The best of mine opinion 7:14 Is gud tho but I think cat guy maybe better

    MushroomBoi4MushroomBoi410 timer siden
  • Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

    Bloppepow3rBloppepow3r10 timer siden
  • that should be the theme song brah....

    StoicStoic10 timer siden
  • Jesus C at 5:23'?

    Alejandro MoralesAlejandro Morales11 timer siden
  • You need to have Harry Mack spit on one of your baselines! The result would be insane

    Jules Lopez-BessaudJules Lopez-Bessaud12 timer siden
  • can i say PORCODIO?

    Jonny CaputoJonny Caputo12 timer siden
  • Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is a BUM!

    INROCK66INROCK6613 timer siden
  • 7:14 i thought u said snoop DUCK

    Mythical - AnimationsMythical - Animations14 timer siden
  • Snoop Dogg did awesome. He made some relax for that sexy bassline, as it should be. Would love to see the full version tho

    Nicos21Nicos2115 timer siden
  • Mike Choe won

    HamduHamdu16 timer siden
  • Ok

    Sarijal JulSarijal Jul17 timer siden
  • You should contact dj quik instead. Sounds like it up his alley. Snoop is cool with him also

    Jack MehoffJack Mehoff17 timer siden

    REAL F.B.IREAL F.B.I18 timer siden
  • Jesus rapping about his cat is the best

    abc abcabc abc19 timer siden
  • I liked the piano guy

    Shy KhaiShy Khai21 time siden
  • Broo i can’t ...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m fucking dead 💀

  • Mike C. is my fav

    Juvena VeraJuvena Vera22 timer siden
  • Nice

    Denniz TanDenniz Tan23 timer siden
  • Omg davie is so deadpan about everything i love it

    Nate HarrisNate Harris23 timer siden
  • That drum co-op tho

    KLC Jr Pueyo-MoralesKLC Jr Pueyo-Morales23 timer siden
  • Watching this after the reveal video.

    Xylant ExodusXylant Exodus23 timer siden
  • This is a christian channel lmaoo

    Chuck NorrisChuck NorrisDag siden
  • Drummer guy killed it.

    DJ GiermannDJ GiermannDag siden
  • BEST: keyboard guy + "very weird bass" guy - I hope someone makes a mix with the 2. THEN: Davie's favorite followed by the cat guy and the "playing since he was a fetus" guy.

    Joseph MullerJoseph MullerDag siden
  • These bars are weak I’m sorry y’all. 😅

    FelixRosas10FelixRosas10Dag siden
  • Terrible! Bass rocked👍 but the rap sucked👎

    Craig GuruleCraig GuruleDag siden
  • No wonder the rap was so mediocre he paid in too much bammer 🥦

    Anothr ToAnothr ToDag siden
  • When you play the best bass line ever and don’t know what to do with it, send it to snoop! Lol

    Acerous BeatzAcerous BeatzDag siden
  • That was EPIC! you should approach greek rappers to make a cover with your bassline... Their "killers": Dodekatos Pithikos Taf Lathos FANNXX Styl Mo Iratus Anser Mani LEX

    Cas21💣Cas21💣Dag siden
  • Honestly loved the second entry, his lyrics are more like Sugar Hill Gang and pretty positive, and he’s got stupid good rhythm too

    Star KillerStar KillerDag siden
  • I Hate Rap! But I really liked this Video, Maybe you just made me enjoy Rap LOL!

    Bluegrass MageeBluegrass MageeDag siden
  • very epic video!

    pach1976pach1976Dag siden
  • 10:12 stood up and dance here

    Bratislav DragićBratislav DragićDag siden
  • This guy is so fucking stupid a manchild

    ivan moodyivan moodyDag siden
  • 7:15 for the song feat. Snoop Dogg

    Giacomo 98Giacomo 98Dag siden
  • The person who played bass was crazy good.

    Joshua PolingJoshua PolingDag siden
  • this guy sound so depressed

    Muhammad TahaMuhammad TahaDag siden
  • Guys he's gonna collab snoop Dogg soon

    Muhaiminul SoummoMuhaiminul SoummoDag siden
  • Davie420

    MetalHeadKid8338MetalHeadKid8338Dag siden
  • I got a advertisement for a guitar. NOworld is poopy

    MetalHeadKid8338MetalHeadKid8338Dag siden
  • Also I love how much room for breath and thought snoop dogg left in his rap

    Joshua SadinskyJoshua SadinskyDag siden
  • I vote for the cat rap it was my fave

    Joshua SadinskyJoshua SadinskyDag siden
  • Dr. Seus vs. snoop dog

    Pete The MonkeyPete The MonkeyDag siden
  • 7:15 Snoop Dog's rap

    Atul VishwakarmaAtul VishwakarmaDag siden
  • That Snoopy Doopy Doggie dude sounds cool, he really should do album or something.

    Tapani KangasTapani KangasDag siden
  • nice

    K oaiK oaiDag siden
  • Davie davie

    Cliff Van AdonayCliff Van AdonayDag siden
  • I like how, it was really 420 seconds after the intro

    Julius ArboledaJulius ArboledaDag siden
  • damn snoop freestyled that shit

    RyderRyderDag siden
  • cat dude wins

    Dima KradarDima KradarDag siden
  • Davie 504: This is Christian channel The 60% of non Christians viewers:

    memerhdmemerhdDag siden
  • the guy at 2:38 is good

    ꨄ ferrets ꨄꨄ ferrets ꨄDag siden
  • krischern chanul. no zwering.

    Harvey DykesHarvey DykesDag siden
  • The piano player was awesome.

    brettbrettDag siden
  • This guy is SO FUNNY, he sounds like BORAT HA HA!

    Mr WolfeMr WolfeDag siden
  • You should IMMEDIATELY release this groove, with the piano and trumpet sergments included!! EPIC!

    KostazKKostazKDag siden
  • I just realised the snoop dogg rap actually was 420 seconds in

    GGGAMER 6GGGAMER 6Dag siden
  • No matter how many times i see davie i just cant get enough of his dead souless eyes

  • Can someone stitch the submissions back-to-back into a song? I'd be super thankful, and so would the community! P.S. I'd do it myself if i could.

    CelestiasCelestiasDag siden
  • 0:44 anyone else noticed that he didn't use his gold strings?

    Kristian CorpuzKristian CorpuzDag siden
  • Davie504 can iplay this with a Kazoo???

    M A T E OM A T E ODag siden
  • Yooo who else high asf

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of InvestigationDag siden
  • Davie504 is not real this is an actor wake up people

    sonoffleasonoffleaDag siden
  • Send Bass

    Chris ChurchChris ChurchDag siden
  • Snoop dog looks like the Chihuahua meme dog🙂🤣 No Offence m a big fan of snoop🖤💜❤

    The guy that everyone thinks he's funnyThe guy that everyone thinks he's funnyDag siden
  • When Davie says the word slap, its the greatest word......need to slap that like button, or slap the subscribe button, or you got the point

    BuckeyeSharkBuckeyeSharkDag siden
  • Kitty man the best! 🤘

    karaBASS baraBASSkaraBASS baraBASSDag siden
  • the kid on bass was killer

    Max TwentynineMax TwentynineDag siden
  • The first one was the best not including snoop.

    Gary zGary z2 dager siden
  • This is cool but also very creepy,not snoop but most of the others. Check out Daves Allotment Garden, Not creepy but cool.

    Gary zGary z2 dager siden
  • Im convinced, im buying a bass

    Full Metal JewFull Metal Jew2 dager siden
  • 7:15 is where it's at.

    PooDot StinkPantsPooDot StinkPants2 dager siden
  • hdgajdybs

    Run of the mill OtakuRun of the mill Otaku2 dager siden
  • The first one was the best. Snoop was one of the worst lol.

    Linus KönigLinus König2 dager siden
  • I have no idea how I am so attached to watching these videos but I love them so much

    dak kokasdak kokas2 dager siden
  • Me gustó la trompeta del final

    David CarabajalDavid Carabajal2 dager siden
  • Cat guy and 1st 2 guys..and those other guys.. So much talent!

    Hellann the FirstHellann the First2 dager siden
  • First guy is cringeworthy 😑

    UnaaaagiUnaaaagi2 dager siden
  • "His rap is really catchy" Me: casually forgets every word

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 dager siden
    • Manipur?

      unknwn_usrunknwn_usr2 dager siden
  • you should get refund and go back to the rap guy on twitch that is miles beyond better, slap like if you think the same. :p

    The art of mixingThe art of mixing2 dager siden
  • You look like cousin Balki.

    Jessica EJessica E2 dager siden
    • Snoop dog: “bass guitar” Davie should have slapped him

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 dager siden
  • 7:15 is when snoop dogg starts 😎 E P I C

    Marley The French bulldogMarley The French bulldog2 dager siden
  • Sei il perfetto esempio di come, qualsiasi cosa tu faccia, l'impegno e la costanza sono ciò che ti porta al risultato. Non so se ci sei mai stato ma secondo me dovresti essere Relatore al TedX

    Mario CoppolaMario Coppola2 dager siden
  • I read this so wrong.

    MychMychMychMych2 dager siden