Sneak Peek: Make The Best Balloon Portrait of the Taskmaster | Series 10

22. okt.. 2020
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SNEAK PEEK: Make the best portrait of the Taskmaster and his favourite toy using only balloons, pegs and your own clothes.
Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan & Richard Herring take on the #Taskmaster tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • WHAT HAPPENED TO EP. 2???? 😭 If it’s here and geoblocked, was it geoblocked from the get go? Cause I refreshed this page every 30 minutes last Thursday, when it was supposed to air. Edit: if it’s a channel (money) thing please sell this show to a Finnish broadcaster, or HBO Nordic or something, I don’t care, just take my money and let me enjoy this quality content.

    Varpu MVarpu MMåned siden
  • I thought Katherine was quite smart to use uninflated balloons, until she revealed it never occurred to her to inflate them

    MrLarryMrLarryMåned siden
  • i've waited 10 seasons for johnny vegas

    ckyisyourfutureckyisyourfutureMåned siden
  • Johnny must have won that.

    James ButlerJames ButlerMåned siden
  • This comment section is almost as good as the show itself! ahhaha dying from laughter over here

    CamilleCamilleMåned siden
  • What happened to episode one though?

    Geli PGeli PMåned siden
  • Katherine might be my favourite contestant this series. Everybody was instantly blowing up the balloons either by pump or mouth, yet she is just placing unblown balloons on the ground piece by piece. And i still don't understand how she saw the pump and thought it was cream?

    Enycma PieEnycma PieMåned siden

    Ullas JosephUllas JosephMåned siden
  • 0:43 coughcoughcough

    beeble2003beeble2003Måned siden
    • 😗🙃

      Maurits PonnetteMaurits PonnetteMåned siden
  • Mawaan is perfect 😂❤️

    Parker ErichParker ErichMåned siden
  • No, Taskmaster, I am not watching the snippets until i can see the full episode, I cannot be spoiled!

    Michael ___Michael ___Måned siden
  • Just got off series 1. Dang Greg does age like a fine wine

    Thanaraj JaindrenThanaraj JaindrenMåned siden
  • Theirs too many people from overseas demanding other series to be uploaded and for FREE, I don’t see why you would DEMAND any TV series to be uploaded to NOworld let alone for FREE. Just be great full for what you have had so far rather than DEMANDING what you haven’t

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • U mad bruh

      EpicdutchEpicdutchMåned siden
  • Mawaan is hot as hell

    ScarecrowHugginsScarecrowHugginsMåned siden
  • Season 10 is so bad that it is starting to get funny ...

    -FAZIK--FAZIK-Måned siden
  • sneak peak on youtube. Probably have to wait a year to watch it in New Zealand :( Oh well, It was nice to see anyway :)

    aaronachnidaaronachnidMåned siden
  • PLEASE make the full episodes available to Australia!!

    Sara GilmourSara GilmourMåned siden
    • Or, you know, in the UK. We can watch it for free on TV but on NOworld? Noooo. "Not available in your country." Cheers.

      beeble2003beeble2003Måned siden
  • Sneak peek? More like the whole task uploaded with results. This is why i avoid these types of videos so I can watch the show without knowing whats coming up. That snd maybe think how ill do the task when they do it

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth TaskmasterMåned siden
    • @Portsmouth Taskmaster I should say, I was commenting because I was miffed that they didn't announce the scores, not because I felt a massive need to correct your small misstatement. Should have made that clearer.

      beeble2003beeble2003Måned siden
    • @beeble2003 my bad 🤦🏻‍♂️

      Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth TaskmasterMåned siden
    • Whole task _without_ results, you mean. The clip stops what seems to be right before the scores are awarded.

      beeble2003beeble2003Måned siden
  • Love you guys but I need full episodes here in the states. Argggh a piratin' I must go.

    angbaldangbaldMåned siden
  • This isn’t the full task. There was more to it than this on the show - it’s been edited down and yet spoils the results? Strange.

    HerHollynessHerHollynessMåned siden
  • Season eight is now on iTunes.

    Cathy GCathy GMåned siden
  • Where's S8&9?

    Dec vs JapanDec vs JapanMåned siden
  • I hope they will continue to post seasons on here. This became my favorite show. I watch every week.

    Christopher FarleyChristopher FarleyMåned siden
  • Ok so at least I know orange suit boy is garbage

    JeremyK 541OR.JeremyK 541OR.Måned siden
  • Portrait with huge dong clearly playing to the judge on this one.

    emmeeemmemmeeemmMåned siden
  • Awwe. I've been waiting for the season 8.

    Glence Raphael CambelGlence Raphael CambelMåned siden
  • I’m shocked that no one interpreted Greg’s “favorite toy” as Alex

    Holly HigginsHolly HigginsMåned siden
    • That's genuinely what I thought it meant.

      Jess 123Jess 123Måned siden
    • Katherine may have been thinking that subconsciously, with her cuddly comfort duck.

      kisbiekisbieMåned siden
    • That was my first thought too!

      HC BYRDHC BYRDMåned siden
    • Would’ve been hilarious to have balloon Alex or more likely, real Alex to lay next to the balloons

      Captainkitty25 YTCaptainkitty25 YTMåned siden
  • Taskmaster moving to channel 4 was a mistake

    britshellbritshellMåned siden
  • No series 8?

    Fish N ChipsFish N ChipsMåned siden
  • 0:02 woody woodpecker

    Drone everyoneDrone everyoneMåned siden
  • Could you upload clips of every single task from the episode so that Americans without premium cable can actually watch this series? Or if that's too much hassle, maybe simply unblock the full episode in the U.S.? (I know it's totally out of your hands, but as a subscriber and a fan of the show I still reserve the right to be salty).

    BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • @Cricket England I mean, you took the time out of your busy life to comment not once, not twice, but thrice, so clearly you DO give a *&5poundsign. Now, would you like some cheese with that whine?

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • @BobbyLCollins well go tell someone one who gives a *&5£ after all I am in the UK and can watch ever single episode as and when I like 24/7 356 so bulls to you.

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Taylor Well, yes it is, because they unblocked it. Great success!

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • @Cricket England oh and look at that, they unblocked it PER MY REQUEST. How embarrassing for you. :)

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • @Cricket England how about you mind your own business? As stated before, I'm not demanding anything, I'm simply asking. And moreover, I'm not asking you, I'm asking the uploader. Now get your head out of your ass and go bother someone else.

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
  • 8 out of 10 series please. (As in please upload the 8th series)

    Jared JonesJared JonesMåned siden
  • 0:02 that woody woodpecker laugh

    TangJTLTangJTLMåned siden
  • As someone outside of the UK who has found this channel, I am very disappointed today didn’t start season 9 on NOworld...I bought the season 8 pass on iTunes would do the same for 9 & 10 that is now airing. Please?

    bdun0912bdun0912Måned siden
  • When they published the champion of champions, everyone clamoured for a loser of losers version - I think their wish has been granted! (In a brilliant way!)

    alexxxthalexxxthMåned siden
  • Are they not going to upload full episodes anymore?

    Rae GreeneRae GreeneMåned siden
  • Damn Katherine actually never acted in the IT crowd...

    Ayush SitholayAyush SitholayMåned siden
    • And you just worked that out... non of the main three in the IT department really acted in it

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • Where's Series 8 & 9 for US viewers? WE NEED MORE TASKMASTER!

    Chris EllingerChris EllingerMåned siden
    • Considering Series 8 was set to be aired for CW... try their site?

      Hsanrb hHsanrb hMåned siden
    • just because one episode/series was uploaded does not mean that you sold demands or expect a more episodes to be automatically uploaded

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • Anyone else who had arranged everything to watch the new episode and got their hopes up again and again with every full hour?:( I hope it comes tomorrow at least!

    suzyhangaroundsuzyhangaroundMåned siden
    • And just because one episode was uploaded (probably as a special treat) does not mean that you sold demands or expect a more episodes to be automatically uploaded

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @HerHollyness Channel 4 puts up their own content on NOworld and links to its website where you can watch episodes of 8ootc for free. I doubt that Channel 4 is blocking it. They might be, but I doubt it. If anything it'd be S10 that's affected and not 8-9.

      It's okayIt's okayMåned siden
    • Look, let’s be honest. Everyone who has watched the full episodes for free on NOworld up until now has been really lucky and had the joy of this programme spread to them wherever they are in the world. But it’s on a channel which has ads, always has been, so I very much doubt if that will continue as, ultimately, Channel 4 loses money by doing it.

      HerHollynessHerHollynessMåned siden
    • It’s just so good and Alex has been so generous releasing it on NOworld for those of us who have no other way to see it. I really hope bureaucracy, bean counters, or lawyers haven’t put and end to this lovely world Alex created. After S10E01 came out on NOworld hours after the UK broadcast last week, I really hoped Alex had ushered in a new world of “how’s about we don’t fuck over our audience” in broadcasting. Spent a ton on merch as a result. Fingers crossed that the dream doesn’t die this week.

      homagetogortohomagetogortoMåned siden
    • @Alexander Rojas That tracks. You can watch through Series 7 on NOworld.

      Terrence LewisTerrence LewisMåned siden
  • Upload S8E1 pleasethankyou

    Kes AshworthKes AshworthMåned siden
    • @Cricket England you get a life.

      Kes AshworthKes AshworthMåned siden
    • @Kes Ashworth get a life after all noting in this world is Free so stop demanding it!

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England you're rude.

      Kes AshworthKes AshworthMåned siden
    • @Kes Ashworth how, tell me how? after all when you go out shopping a they don’t have what you need do you go up to the service counter and DEMAND them to get some... That’s just being RUDE

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England yes it does.

      Kes AshworthKes AshworthMåned siden
  • alex horne is adorable

    Emily MooreEmily MooreMåned siden
  • Ah Taskmaster with these teaser clips you are really spoiling us

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • ummmm thanks but where's season 8 please?

    Eden LehrEden LehrMåned siden
    • @Eden Lehr there is no way of watching it via a website that rhymes with doodle clive ;)

      Vittorio SforzaVittorio SforzaMåned siden
    • @Eden Lehr i take it because series 10 is airing now in the UK they are just uploading promotional material and clips relating to series 10 on NOworld rather than uploading older episodes so you may have to wait for series 8 or get a vpn

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • This makes sense for those in the UK. Being in the states, I haven't watched all the series and couldn't until they put it on youtube. They've been uploading an episode a week for quite a while now and I come back every Thursday to see the 'new' one. They did up to series 7, did Champions of Champions and now a lot of us are expecting series 8.

      Eden LehrEden LehrMåned siden
    • This is a new series on Channel 4 so better to upload videos related to the new series than to upload old episodes

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • The Taskmaster and his favorite toy... So, that would be the Taskmaster and Alex yeah?

    TrainPassTrainPassMåned siden
  • When is the episode going to be released?

    Lea M.Lea M.Måned siden
    • @Epicdutch and what the link because I don’t see it in the uk when searching on the taskmaster NOworld channel,

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England Dude, season 10 episode 1 is uploaded to youtube, no shit

      EpicdutchEpicdutchMåned siden
    • @Lea M. it doesn’t matter what county your in when using NOworld, I would still see the video on their NOworld channel video list but when I played it , it would just tell me it won’t play in my region that how NOworld works post the link to it then if you still see it on their NOworld channels

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England it is. Maybe it didn’t air in your country

      Lea M.Lea M.Måned siden
    • @Lea M. well it ain’t their now go look

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • I wish we could watch this series in the US 😣

    arm613arm613Måned siden
    • Get a VPN then

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • These guests are 💩 toffs don’t have a sense of humour

    adamadamMåned siden
    • @Cricket England how very dare you. I bid you good day 🖕🏻😂😂

      adamadamMåned siden
    • @adam and people like you have to resort to being rude because you obviously don’t have the brain cells to have a coherent conversation on the subject

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England they usually say stuff like utter bollocks and watch shit games like cricket

      adamadamMåned siden
    • What utter bollocks if you think these guests are toffs you obviously have no conception on what a real upper class British person is

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Mark Brown you know them 3 toffs were 💩

      adamadamMåned siden
  • Love every time task master shows up.

    seversonismseversonismMåned siden
  • "...Oh! It's like... Art Attack?" "No, it's completely different!" 😆😆😆

    Ricky MansonRicky MansonMåned siden
    • As Ed Gamble pointed out on the podcast, Mawaan got that idea - and then still made something really small. 😄

      kisbiekisbieMåned siden
    • Art attack nah it more Take Hart, the original and the best

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • The only thing that was helping me get through this whole lock down fiasco was Taskmaster Thursday, and now * sniffs * they have taken away Taskmaster Thursday with Little Alex Hoooorne ! *sniffs*.

    Blessed BeesBlessed BeesMåned siden
    • @Mark Brown And just because one episode / series was uploaded does not mean that you sold demands or expect a more episodes to be automatically uploaded

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Mark Brown I think series 8 and 9 were sold to CW for broadcasting, I am guessing they can't upload them to youtube, but they uploaded episode 1 of series 10 last week, maybe they will upload ep 2 later

      Alexander RojasAlexander RojasMåned siden
    • @Cricket England They post a new (new to the rest of the world) full episode every Thursday. The last was Champion of Champions. So series 8 episode one should have gone up today.

      Mark BrownMark BrownMåned siden
    • It just a clip from the new series after all it yet to be aired on channel 4 yet when this was uploaded so how the fuck can they upload the whole episode

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • No new episode tonight? Woe is us.

    AbhothraAbhothraMåned siden
    • @Cricket England How's about you actually listen to what other people are saying for a change? Let me spell it out for you. If you're OUTSIDE of the UK and you go to the taskmaster NOworld channel, you have every episode available to watch IN FULL from Series 1 to Series 7 (with the exception of NZ at least). Also they posted the latest series, series 10 episode 1 last week. Most people who are subscribed to this channel were expecting Series 10 episode 2 to be posted immediately after it aired on Channel 4 last night. Unfortunately, as yet, it hasn't arrived. That is the complaint. Once again, I'll reiterate that if you LIVE IN THE UK you are not able to see these posts on the NOworld channel.

      SamSamMåned siden
    • @Cricket England Yes just checked with a VPN. That episode is region locked from the UK.

      Ron RolfsenRon RolfsenMåned siden
    • @Ron Rolfsen their is no full episode from series 10 showing in the taskmaster NOworld channel just a few clip

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @sandstrod How should I then interpret someone using "How the fuck do you think" as anything else than being angry or to the very least annoyed. English is my native language, but pretty sure that is not the normal way to carry a conversation. Most of the time pretty sure it's used to show anger or annoyance.

      Ron RolfsenRon RolfsenMåned siden
    • @Ron Rolfsen @Ron Rolfsen I think you misinterpreted the comment above - nothing about it conveys anger. Your comment on the other hand...

      sandstrodsandstrodMåned siden
  • Johnny is proving to be exactly the contestant I thought he'd be. Katherine, on the other hand....

    Kelly GKelly GMåned siden
  • Sneak peak: s7 on the channel?

    Rion CaughmanRion CaughmanMåned siden
  • But Thursday is Taskmaster episode upload day :(

    AngelaAngelaMåned siden
    • @Cricket England your the one replying to everyone questioning way the channel changed their well established schedule like the commenters are idiots. So blow it out your ass

      Cody UhlmanCody UhlmanMåned siden
    • @Cricket England We. Are not. Talking. About. Series 10.

      gamekid55gamekid55Måned siden
    • @no. I fully understand but obviously they not going to upload series 10 because it still being shown on C4 and they are only going to upload clips to promote series 10 rather than upload full episodes from older series

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England you're posting this a lot, and you fail to understand what everyone is referring to. We always got clips from new series, *and* an episode every Thursday.åned siden
    • @MrUnseen well episode 1 is not their now

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • I've become accustomed to having a full episode of taskmaster on Thursdays, but this is not a full episode! Thus, I am sad.

    Jo-el van BergenJo-el van BergenMåned siden
    • @anty god That's excellent. I never needed to download it though. I feel bad for those that can't watch it through the official channel and have to find more dubious ways to watch it. It's good to know that there are ways around, and a VPN is a good way to watch it. I've never used a VPN before, but I do find other ways to watch. However, I would much prefer to watch it on the official channel

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennonMåned siden
    • @alphadawn2015 lennon and I downloaded series 8 and 9 from the google drive and binged both series on Saturday

      anty godanty godMåned siden
    • @anty god Like I suggested on an earlier comment, there's a GoogleDrive link on Reddit that has all episodes

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennonMåned siden
    • @Jo-el van Bergen Series 1 through to 7 complete are on NOworld, Series 10 has just started in the UK and they are being uploaded to this channel a day or so after UK broadcast. these are region-restricted and it looks like S10E01 was region locked for the US, but it is viewable for those in Canada, as my VPN can attest. Series 8-9 have not been uploaded and this is just a guess but i assume 8 and 9 will be uploaded once Series 10 finishes, so the weekly episode will now be Friday or Saturday instead of Thursday afternoon (UK time)

      anty godanty godMåned siden
    • @alphadawn2015 lennon most episodes are region restricted, hence my suggestion of using a VPN.

      anty godanty godMåned siden
  • Cream?

    ArgonautilusArgonautilusMåned siden
  • I'm fairly sure that nature's charcoal is... Charcoal.

    13strong13strongMåned siden
    • @Jeff Kaplan So coal is not nature's charcoal then.

      13strong13strongMåned siden
    • @13strong coal is dug from the ground, charcoal is formed from the process of carefully burning wood

      Jeff KaplanJeff KaplanMåned siden
    • @Jeff Kaplan Please explain the difference between charcoal and coal...

      13strong13strongMåned siden
    • Or coal

      Jeff KaplanJeff KaplanMåned siden
  • Y'all it's 9pm in the uk right now!!!! The new episode should be out soon.

    Clee AliceClee AliceMåned siden
    • @Ace K same

      cont15895cont15895Måned siden
    • I really fear they quit putting them on youtube and just gave us episode 1 to tease us.

      Ace KAce KMåned siden
    • F5 is my buddy right now

      Nebuloid1Nebuloid1Måned siden
  • ..........

    Don’s WorldDon’s WorldMåned siden
  • Mud: nature's charcoal

    WhiskerMoonWhiskerMoonMåned siden
  • Is it just me or is the audience laughter really throwing it off. Like it just doesn’t sound right and the timing seems weird

    Daniel RamirezDaniel RamirezMåned siden
    • The audience watched episodes in the cinema, so perhaps their reactions aren't synced correctly.

      Wojciech ZylinskiWojciech ZylinskiMåned siden
  • Mawaan really Baddield it up there.

    Kid AKid AMåned siden
  • In the first episode alone two of the three main tasks resulted in all 5 contestants getting disqualified. I'm curious to see how the rest of the series will turn out with this cast.

    Thomas DThomas DMåned siden
  • Mawaan's eyebrows were pretty spot-on. I never noticed how hooked and judgmental Greg's eyebrows actually were until now

    Kyle BaranKyle BaranMåned siden
  • When did Johnny Vegas start turning into Sean Connery? Looking good mate!

    Ben GBen GMåned siden
  • I relate to Katherine a lot- book smart but the street smarts/practical skills of a brick

    Kate SKate SMåned siden
    • Same

      Manj JManj J29 dager siden
  • I can't wait to see Johnny compete. He's not to be underestimated. Chaotic but extremely smart.

    Heather WhitedHeather WhitedMåned siden
    • He has a degree in Arts and Ceramics so these creative tasks are right up his alley

      ConradMcBadConradMcBadMåned siden
  • Yes, Katherine, he is VERY handsome...especially with that 18-foot-long, non-creamed nose.

    KaraNUFCKaraNUFCMåned siden
  • They're sitting soooo far away

    ChrisChrisMåned siden
    • Covid 2 meter restriction dummy

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • Bet Daisy was gutted she didn't have her ballgown for this.

    Matt FryMatt FryMåned siden
  • Vegas is looking really good, the beard looks great on him I reckon.

    Florian RascheFlorian RascheMåned siden
    • Beards..... makeup for men.

      KJAKJAMåned siden
  • I was on the fence about moving to England but no Taskmaster may do it. You've brought this on yourselves.

    Fiddled While Rome BurnedFiddled While Rome BurnedMåned siden
  • Series 8? Where are you?

    ZSandmannZSandmannMåned siden
    • @ProtMythic I doubt it copyright more probably because series 10 ha s just started so it better to upload videos closely related to the new series after all the NOworld channel is not run by Dave or C4 but by the production team/Alex Horn

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • Dailymotion if necessary.

      A HA HMåned siden
    • @David Jensen awww boo I like those. Maybe we will get it here eventually UK rights seem a lot freer than in the US.

      ZSandmannZSandmannMåned siden
    • Yeah, free on the CW Seed app. Unfortunately it’s censored and slightly edited in other ways (they took out the “this is the end of part 2, see you in part 3” announcements and vignettes, probably because they added additional commercial breaks and those parts wouldn’t make sense.

      David JensenDavid JensenMåned siden
    • You can watch series 8 on The CW Seed app on your phone or roku

      charfitz83charfitz83Måned siden
  • But... he's handsome isn't he?

    JessicaJessicaMåned siden
    • Quite. This series is turning out to be funny as hell for all the wrong reasons and it's great.

      BrannDailorBrannDailorMåned siden
    • Katherine just sort of blanked, bless her.

      Heather WhitedHeather WhitedMåned siden

    VacantHavenVacantHavenMåned siden
    • @Starry A Richard Herrings last Stable Televised Programme

      VacantHavenVacantHavenMåned siden
    • Or as the cool kids call it.....

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • Richard Herring's lightning speed tremendous portrait

      Starry AStarry AMåned siden
  • Between trying to force helium into eggs and mistaking a balloon pump for a cream dispenser, this bunch might be the most incompetent set of contestants this show's witnessed. And remember, this show's seen a certain David Baddiel.

    Kevin MorrisKevin MorrisMåned siden
    • "It is such a bad sign that Rhod is the smart one"

      Robyn The ThirdRobyn The Third15 dager siden
    • But that's what makes it all the more funny and ridiculous

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennonMåned siden
    • @brainiac642 i think it’s daisy as well, but i would point out im pretty sure everyone tried during the tasks it’s the first round specifically they don’t do well as in not trying, so it might not effect the overall scores too badly idk

      Reese PettigrewReese PettigrewMåned siden
    • One of them makes Greg genuinely angry with their not-trying. Daisy maybe? He didn't say.

      brainiac642brainiac642Måned siden
    • “I know it's early days, but are we the stupidest so far?”

      Thomas DThomas DMåned siden
  • How can Americans watch this series (the new season)? Does the BBC have a website that streams their shows?

    malenotyalcmalenotyalcMåned siden
    • @Cricket England Someone already commented that is is on Channel 4. Forgive me for not FU&*&*&ing knowing the channels in a country I've never been to. C you next Tuesday.

      malenotyalcmalenotyalcMåned siden
    • What’s the BBC got to do with it the series is in Channel 4 and you call yourself a fan

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • It's not on BBC, it's on channel 4. You can watch it through their website for free but you'd probably need a VPN or similar as it's geoblocked.

      jhfh3112jhfh3112Måned siden
    • @TheCakenukeism thanks!

      WesterlywickWesterlywickMåned siden
    • @Westerlywick season 8 is on CWseed which is free with ads too, so if it doesn't come out on this channel you can watch up to that

      TheCakenukeismTheCakenukeismMåned siden
  • Owowow I'm such an addict. Proper mental health achieved by laughing at you wonderful, goofy people

    Patty and Buster ShowPatty and Buster ShowMåned siden
  • Hhaha that ending hahaha

    revocrednu_GTrevocrednu_GTMåned siden
  • Thank you so much for this amuse bouche! So thoughtful of the channel to tease us NOworld dwellers. Can't wait to see the full episode

    Sweet EverythingsSweet EverythingsMåned siden
  • I knew Johnny's would be good!!

    apiedsapiedsMåned siden
    • Yeah Johnny Vegas has shown many times he is genuinely gifted when it comes to art based tasks.

      LionsatemymumLionsatemymumMåned siden
  • I mean... It wouldn't be the first time they were forced to draw with whipped cream

    sofia orlandosofia orlandoMåned siden
  • Thank you, little Alex Horne

    Super DSuper DMåned siden
  • Nice, but where's the full episode?

    James LaineJames LaineMåned siden
    • @James Laine yea and just because the first episode was uploaded (probably as a special treat) does not mean that you should automatically expect the rest of the series should automatically be uploaded as well....

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Cricket England Series 10, episode 1 was uploaded in full just last thursday.

      James LaineJames LaineMåned siden
    • I doubt series 10 will get uploaded in full on NOworld for several months if at all and certainly not until the whole series has aired on C4

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • Hasnt aired yet

      Hanne ThereseHanne ThereseMåned siden
  • Didn’t expect Katherine in the “dry teabags” chair.

    homagetogortohomagetogortoMåned siden
  • Just imagining how much Josh Widdicombe would’ve hated this task...

    Miranda HesterMiranda HesterMåned siden
  • Is there a new ep coming tonight????

    Anna GuedezAnna GuedezMåned siden
    • Not on NOworld no because it a new series they are uploading stuff to promote the new series rather than uploading old Episodes

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Ron Rolfsen interesting thanks for the info my whole Thursday has beeb thrown off haha

      Conor PeacockConor PeacockMåned siden
    • @Conor Peacock I also hoped that, but last week they also released the first episode of season 10. So not sure if they will, or all allowed, to release season 8 and 9 here as well.

      Ron RolfsenRon RolfsenMåned siden
    • @Ron Rolfsen they had recently finished series 7 then did the champion of champions. Figured they would start series 8 on youtube today.

      Conor PeacockConor PeacockMåned siden
    • @Conor Peacock it has to be on tv first then they will post it here

      JoshJoshMåned siden
  • Sneak peak? It’s the full task

    JoshJoshMåned siden
    • Also it’s a sneak peek of the full episode which it would be even if it was the full task

      Ruth WilliamsRuth WilliamsMåned siden
    • @Matt the scoring isn’t the task though so it’s the full task

      JoshJoshMåned siden
    • Didn’t get the scoring though.

      MattMattMåned siden
  • Yes! More Taskmaster on NOworld

    Captainkitty25 YTCaptainkitty25 YTMåned siden

    EEMåned siden
  • Y’all should do a champions version but with all the people who’ve come last😌

    Kendall HewsonKendall HewsonMåned siden
    • P. Wang, N. Kumar, P. Chowdrey, R. Conarty and J. Wilkinson what a lineup....

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Ruth Williams oh, that sucks. I disagree. If it were the best of the worst, I think they'd try. Especially when one of them is Phil Wang.

      Kelly GKelly GMåned siden
    • They could do it so that the winner gets into a champion of champions!

      PoisonbiscutsPoisonbiscutsMåned siden
    • But another champions special for series 6-10 would be pretty cool

      truthbeginstruthbeginsMåned siden
    • I saw an interview somewhere with either Greg or Alex where they said that has been suggested a lot but they didn’t want to because they wanted people to genuinely try and that would give them an incentive to do badly

      Ruth WilliamsRuth WilliamsMåned siden
  • first! yes....

    Sohan KaliraiSohan KaliraiMåned siden
    • You were 3rd

      JoshJoshMåned siden
  • first

    Wuffer MaurerWuffer MaurerMåned siden
  • Treee wizard oH mY gosh it's another balloon

    FlamFlamMåned siden
    • @beeble2003 Thank you

      Robbert van de GraafRobbert van de GraafMåned siden
    • Tree Wizard... Once again checking the balloon

      Nipun KothareNipun KothareMåned siden
    • @Robbert van de Graaf Just search "tree wizard" on NOworld. Now! It'll be the best thing you've seen all week.

      beeble2003beeble2003Måned siden
    • @Robbert van de Graaf making something looking good backwards

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • @Miranda Hester no the best

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden