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This underground nuclear missile silo has been converted into a luxury doomsday bunker! Would you stay here? Get Surfshark VPN at
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Check out GT’s channel to see how he renovated the entire bunker himself!
Here's the Airbnb listing for the missile bunker:
#Vlog 756 | Conway, Arkansas | State 21/50 | Filmed February 18, 2021
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to go travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling, and we didn’t want to stop after just one year! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries and then all 7 continents (check out our documentary here:, we had no plans to slow down, until 2020 decided to force us to ;) which is when we bought a converted Sprinter van to start exploring our own country for the first time. It was a major adjustment and so different than flying every week like we were used to, but we are incredibly thankful to be able to continue doing something we love every day. 😊🎥🌎

  • Masks ruined the video. Not worth watching

    A murrayA murray12 timer siden
  • So ugly bunker

    Beep BlopBeep BlopDag siden
  • DR Evil could rent it for an underground lair.

    James HauryJames HauryDag siden
  • i must unsub because of the mask wearing.

    mkn bytemkn byteDag siden
  • That's next level thinking : Earn money now, use as a tax write-off, but ultimately be the most ready in the world for disaster. Absolutely brilliant.

    Craig RCraig RDag siden
  • I live there no problem going to fix that step problem though LOL

    D TD T2 dager siden
  • 14:30 You call that coffee? eww

    Jeroen TrompJeroen Tromp3 dager siden
  • They are from Tennessee like me.....this has to be a sign

    Bunny MaeeBunny Maee3 dager siden
  • I have the largest gun in the U.S., I just can't find any ammo for it. Brilliant.

    davecrosdavecros3 dager siden
  • "What are we supposed to do underground?" 🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    jared bondsjared bonds4 dager siden
  • Imagine going back in time and showing the guys working there this video.

    Chris SlackChris Slack5 dager siden
  • Wow I love watching your videos ❤️ they never get old I’ve watch you both from the start and I feel like I’m doing it with you 🥰 would love to travel round the world and even the USA as live in England 😁✌️ thank you x

    Lilac93Lilac935 dager siden
  • I am in the future gonna spend lots of money if everything goes well to build my own bunker even more Awesome than this one just gotta wait a long till I am doin well enough to do it

    Lights_UtopiaLights_Utopia6 dager siden
  • I live in Arkansas where Is this

    Mr. ABT2Mr. ABT26 dager siden
  • As a child I lived on one of these bases with a silo.

    See CanonSee Canon7 dager siden
  • Very cool AirBNB but that hole at the top of stairs of the bedroom freaked me out. Definitely a place to consider though!

    Lou RosarioLou Rosario7 dager siden
  • I watched this fellow dig it out, then the storm hit. Seemed like he was going to quit. Glad he got it done.

    Brad TaylorBrad Taylor7 dager siden
  • Been to Toad-Suck. Did you get the t-shirt?

    Brad TaylorBrad Taylor7 dager siden
  • The hallway at the beginning reminds me of where they keep meta humans at star labs.

    ZhootedZhooted8 dager siden
  • i believe they did a PBS documentary on this place when a missile repair crew compromised a missile and it ended up exploding and killing a guy and tossing the nuclear war head off into a ditch.....

    jmisslejmissle8 dager siden
  • 7:13 are those big black boxes on te ground behind kara subwoofers?

    carwashgamingcarwashgaming9 dager siden
  • When people can hardly stand doing a 14 day quarantine lockdown during COVID, with many cheaters how do you expect anyone to live longer in such a bunker?

    Baby OhanaBaby Ohana9 dager siden
  • Interesting renovation. I worked in that AR silo when it was active. From a historic standpoint the shell is still accurate less the heart beat that once beat there. Thanks for the share, if you make it to AZ you should visit the Titan II museum to complete this adventure. :)

    Mike MalloyMike Malloy9 dager siden
  • I bet it was as quiet 🤫 as anything you’ve ever experienced down there.

    SealySealy9 dager siden
  • @ 09:44 - I would have wrapped an LED light strip around the whole base so it has even lighting, instead of those light sconces!

    Scott LutherScott Luther11 dager siden
  • @ 09:27 - this would be a perfect room for a "planetarium" if he can find a way to shine stars on the ceiling. I guess it could be used for a "dome movie theater" as well

    Scott LutherScott Luther11 dager siden
  • Cool video. Thanks for sharing

    Ray AustinRay Austin11 dager siden

    Susan SierraSusan Sierra11 dager siden

    Susan SierraSusan Sierra11 dager siden
  • Just noticed the funkition one speakers in the cinema 🙀

    willber318willber31811 dager siden
  • Wow! Bunking in a nuclear bunker! They might *need* a nuke to get me out of there! Gonna have to find out what their rates are!

    Eric AwaltEric Awalt11 dager siden
  • 2:25 Alyn Wallace uses this song on his channel

    Luke VadekarLuke Vadekar12 dager siden
  • 14:19 You COULD sleep forever down there. You can't tell if it's day or night unless you had a clock lol It's a shame they filled in the other side of the silo. That could've been several floors of apts.

    Sprits FalSprits Fal12 dager siden
  • That looked so awesome, an to be cooking then eating on the upper curved counter while kids are in lower level watching their movies. I'd love to live in one of those, even if I had to install my own elevator that goes to the top floor in the master bedroom. Then have about 6-8 other bedrooms inside there in some unfinished space. Just as long as my kids are safe with me inside it like all parents prefer to do. Definitely want a elevator inside it because stairs get old, even tho they are good for working out on if your inside it for a year locked in an need to get your exercise. Great video, thanks for sharing with us. How much would one fixed up vs a bare needing alot of work sell for.

    Terry DouglasTerry Douglas12 dager siden
  • This is a great ad for that guy's air bnb spot lol

    zck2020zck202012 dager siden
  • Just found you with the South Dakota bunkers and y'all are the cutest couple! I pray that love and spark stays with you the rest of your life, in Jesus name!

    MichaelMichael12 dager siden
  • Wow , that's super cool . I would sleep their almost every night.😁

    Tom WebberTom Webber13 dager siden
  • I love that you guys get into the history of the adventure you’re in and to see life through a different perspective. I’m sure it has expanded your horizons to experience life to its fullest. Love it!

    Dog Faced Pony SoldierDog Faced Pony Soldier13 dager siden
  • ahahaha this is right outside where we live!!! we see them advertise this on 40 as you into conway AR.

    Goat of the FallsGoat of the Falls14 dager siden
  • All the drama and hand waving turns me off and detracts from the subject matter.

    Grandma janeGrandma jane14 dager siden
  • Hey

    Chloe davisChloe davis15 dager siden
  • I’m SO STOKED y’all had fun while in Arkansas!!! Thank you for shedding some light on a cool spot close to where I grew up :) I spent most of my life north of there, in NW Arkansas. I always heard rumors of missile silos and even stumbled upon a couple while hiking deep in Arkansas woods. They were all protected by barbed wire fences and surveillance systems. It was mainly old timers and country folks that lived down dirt roads that would open up about wild stories from the past. People used to call me a liar, but stuff like this helps proves my points (a little bit), that Arkansas may have been a hot spot for an apocalyptic missile crisis if the world came down to that sort of destruction. Anyway, I’m just happy to learn about a new place to stay the night in lol

    Corban DallasCorban Dallas15 dager siden
  • mask monkees--a face mask has not prevented one person from getting sick-the guy who invented them said it is not possible,he holds five face mask patents-but the filthy germ infested masks have probably gotten lots of people sick

    dethray1000dethray100015 dager siden
  • mask monkees--a face mask has not prevented one person from getting sick-the guy who invented them said it is not possible,he holds five face mask patents-but the filthy germ infested masks have probably gotten lots of people sick

    dethray1000dethray100015 dager siden

    SeeBreanna RowdsCrossHereSeeBreanna RowdsCrossHere15 dager siden
  • Nah... You stayed at many awesome places. This one...

    Laura BLaura B15 dager siden
  • Alright thats it i’m getting a bunker

    C4T0C4T016 dager siden
  • And all I can’t get out of my brain is OMG PEEL THE GINGER!

    elya foustelya foust16 dager siden
  • I like the idea. Thank you guys for giving us the tour.

    Dihsarla DulahDihsarla Dulah17 dager siden

    Prophetic end time messagesProphetic end time messages17 dager siden

    Prophetic end time messagesProphetic end time messages17 dager siden
    • For some dates in June it says about $300 a night. I was expecting $1000 a night tbh

      Anna SalmonAnna Salmon10 dager siden
  • Stayed here a few days ago. Definitely a great experience! Shoutout to GT for the chance for my husband to check off one of his bucket list experiences.

    shammy dammyshammy dammy17 dager siden
  • Im from Memphis :)

    Hema Latha DevarakondaHema Latha Devarakonda18 dager siden
  • Bunker Rave 🕺💃🕺🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️🎵🎵🎵🎵

    upin armsupin arms18 dager siden
  • You should watch threads. Now that is a crazy cold war film!

    rachel carrrachel carr19 dager siden
  • this one is amazing! The decor is beautiful it makes it feel so comfy being underground

    slvrbullet22slvrbullet2219 dager siden
  • I'd live there permanently in a heart beat.

    Cats01Cats0119 dager siden
  • My dad was a missileer in the Cold War up in South Dakota and the silo site that's now a National Historic Site is very, very cool. It is a little jarring to drive down the highway and realize that nuclear warheads were right by the road.

    Two Wives & Their DogTwo Wives & Their Dog19 dager siden
  • So funny, they're walking around in the ultimate doomsday bunker wearing masks against a virus that 99.9% of the population recover from.

    Area108Area10820 dager siden
  • Gotta PEEL the ginger Kara, but your dinner looked good though!!

    Timothy GilTimothy Gil20 dager siden
  • I love but where is the roof covering the stairs so rain and snow doesn't go in and ruin the tv

    Justice CarterJustice Carter20 dager siden
  • Wow, never realized how many bunkers we have XD

    J -MotionsJ -Motions20 dager siden
  • Thank you both for keeping me sane the last year x

    Mandy OxbrowMandy Oxbrow21 dag siden
  • I would own one if I could

    neophytealphaneophytealpha22 dager siden
  • the cooking scene was so satisfying

    all!eall!e25 dager siden
  • 0:19 Tesla!

    Ted KiddTed Kidd26 dager siden
  • Hi watch your stay in a nuclear bunker I know how the missile left the bunker but how did the toilets work is it vacuum missile!!?? Let me know. Love you show Brendan Ireland

    Brendan WhiteBrendan White27 dager siden
  • My Great Grandfather was the first King of Toad Suck Daze!

    Alicia CruzAlicia Cruz27 dager siden
  • It is supposed to be like a underground Cavern ?

    Iris FariasIris Farias27 dager siden
  • 4:14 I'm surprised they didn't try and capture that effect on camera

    Nate MNate M28 dager siden
  • i missed the coffee cup intross!!!

    Prisha GoelPrisha Goel28 dager siden
  • Thank you for the airbnb link. One of my dreams is to stay in one of these and this actually makes it possible. I was completely envious, and now just thankful for the chance. Thanks you guys!

    Jesse HollomanJesse Holloman29 dager siden
    • I would have liked to stay in the silo too. I wonder what that looks like now?

      Jesse HollomanJesse Holloman29 dager siden
  • You gotta check out the documentary of the damascus titan II disaster. I think it's available on youtube it's called command and control...

    Brooke DBrooke DMåned siden
  • That 🚿 🚿 shower 🚿 🚿

    Shine BrightShine BrightMåned siden
  • Talk about a comfy apocalypse.

    Griffin LepageGriffin LepageMåned siden
  • How long did it take to climb up the ladder?? Think I would’ve freaked out 😂

    Shannon JohnsonShannon JohnsonMåned siden
    • @Wally Kramer thanks!

      Shannon JohnsonShannon Johnson14 dager siden
    • 50 feet is similar to four stories.

      Wally KramerWally Kramer14 dager siden
  • He sounds like LinusTechTips

    DestravDestravMåned siden
  • QUESTIONS FOR KARA AND NATE: If doomsday occurs while it it being used as a rental, will the owner just kick out the people and give them a refund so him and his family can move in to take shelter? How will that work? LOL Also, does the owner have space to sell people to live in case of doomsday? Or is it just for him and his family? Or is it just an air bnb like it's being currently used? I'm just confused because most places like this are converted and sold to a limited number of people to spend the rest of their lives in case the world becomes uninhabitable. They aren't rented out as an air bnb in the meantime. lol Plus, most are extremely expensive and cost millions or even billions to rent space....

    Angela StaceyAngela StaceyMåned siden
    • It is no longer a secure installation of any kind. Well, it is the same as any hotel, motel, or B&B.

      Wally KramerWally Kramer14 dager siden
  • You guys just find the BEST AirBnBs!

    Mylie WintersMylie WintersMåned siden
  • So this is definitely not something I can do as a handicapped person. Which sucks cause it looks cool

    The Irish Abled GamerThe Irish Abled GamerMåned siden
    • @Wally Kramer Not at all

      The Irish Abled GamerThe Irish Abled Gamer11 dager siden
    • Depends on the disability. Can you climb or descend ladders?

      Wally KramerWally Kramer14 dager siden
  • How I used the vpn: all of schitts creek in 30 days? Bet How normal people use it: No no don’t touch that there that is my no no stuff

    Jacob PetersonJacob PetersonMåned siden
  • I hope y’all bought a Toad Suck T-shirt or hat as a souvenir. I have been there quite a few times!

    Robert TaylorRobert TaylorMåned siden
  • Have you gone to Maryland yet?

    Natalie NorfolkNatalie NorfolkMåned siden
  • Y'know, back around 2002-2004, there was a website that I was *PRETTY SURE* was a joke, but it advertised itself as an "evil lair" realtor or something like that. Bunch of abandoned missile silos, dormant volcanoes, that sort of thing. It was fun to kick around the idea when I was in late high school or early college, but this madman actually went and done it. I'm absolutely agog.

    Jeremy DinsmoreJeremy DinsmoreMåned siden
  • Damn!

    Timothy WanjohiTimothy WanjohiMåned siden
  • Omg i live in Little Rock and have been to Toad Suck!!! So glad you went to that amazingly named park!

    Carteir LeCarteir LeMåned siden
  • Make the dome room a Planetarium!

    Sylvia SanchezSylvia SanchezMåned siden
  • The ending of the bloopers was adorable at least Nate tried

    Lyla's LolliLyla's LolliMåned siden
  • What did it smell like down there? Cement and iron?

    mfreolomfreoloMåned siden
  • I finally got tired of watching clips of your videos in Facebook and decided to switch to NOworld. I should’ve done this sooner.

    serendes245serendes245Måned siden
  • i swear all this couple eats is peanut butter ramen

    Leo SantoroLeo SantoroMåned siden
  • Looks like the flash prison

    Flipping SquadFlipping SquadMåned siden
  • I wanna know what they did with the rest

    Taylor minerTaylor minerMåned siden
  • This is so the 100. And because I love that show is can say without a doubt that if a nuclear bomb is coming I rather just die. Lol people get savage in the bunker

    Renee BaptisteRenee BaptisteMåned siden
  • yall should go to Conway AR i went there a few months ago

    Emma ParkerEmma ParkerMåned siden
  • Amazing

    My lyrics PageMy lyrics PageMåned siden
  • So awesome but I have no idea how my anxiety and claustrophobia would weather there. Seems hard to escape if you're having a panic attack hahah

    Megan TholinMegan TholinMåned siden
  • 11:56 you don't want to slam your fingers under that door, be careful fam

    opalopalMåned siden
  • Nice

    Bappi StudioBappi StudioMåned siden
  • If you ever have a chance, check out The Titan missile museum just south of Tucson AZ, it is a great tour of what the silo looked like back in the days. I believe it is the only one left as a museum.

    Terry DavisTerry DavisMåned siden