Sisters Get Separated In Adoption, Ending Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

13. okt.. 2020
5 081 958 Ganger

Family always sticks together no matter what.
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  • Hey #DharMannFam, thanks for watching my video! For more inspirational content and exclusive giveaways follow me on Instagram here: Also, did you know I have another NOworld channel with my fiancée Laura? We drop new videos every week! If you want to get to know us more, see more personal content and get access to exclusive giveaways, check out our NOworld channel here:

    Dhar MannDhar MannMåned siden
    • @MEMENETIC lol. i couldn't do it man sorry.

      Olivia PaulOlivia Paul5 dager siden
    • Hai

      chraian Tanchraian Tan5 dager siden

      Nightmare 1Nightmare 15 dager siden
    • I watch all your videos from your videos so great

      candy housecandy house5 dager siden
    • So sad !😭💔🥺

  • hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    Johann BrionesJohann Briones30 minutter siden
  • I love this vedio omg ❤️❤️❤️😥😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Sarina AliiSarina AliiTime siden
  • Enough to make a grown man cry

    Psychotic_beansPsychotic_beans2 timer siden
  • Oh that breaks my heart but then I guess happy

    Stephanie JohnstonStephanie Johnston2 timer siden
  • Who else cryed

    Emma YuzwenkoEmma Yuzwenko2 timer siden
  • POV:u smiled:)

    ㄨTᥲrtᥲrᥙsㄨ.ㄨTᥲrtᥲrᥙsㄨ.2 timer siden
  • This is one of my favorite videos thk u

    Norma BrownNorma Brown2 timer siden
  • This story had me n tears may god always bless u and may u continue to use the gifts he gave u

    Norma BrownNorma Brown2 timer siden
  • That's so sad

    MsMEMORY2MsMEMORY23 timer siden
  • who else shed a tear . no just me

    Nadia MichaleckaNadia Michalecka4 timer siden
  • me:crying Them: saying sad things me again:crys loud my family:come tell me what you crying for? ME: because mom and dad lookkkkkk

  • I don’t wanna be rude or anything but when he says we’re not just telling stories or changing lives how is he changing lives

    Josh GelderJosh Gelder4 timer siden
  • Plot twist : The little sister hates the new mom

    Bekah BryantBekah Bryant4 timer siden
  • Wow 🐺

    Trista faith FamilyTrista faith Family5 timer siden
  • so sad

    Ben HalawithBen Halawith5 timer siden
  • Omg it's so sad I have a sister and it made me cry plz never post something so hert Breaking

    Vanessa RamrattanVanessa Ramrattan6 timer siden
  • Me:crying in the first minute The two sisters:crying that they will never see each other again Also me:crying way harder that I have too blink 5 times per 3 seconds The two sisters:see each other and cry but happy tears Me again:phew,they are happy again and no more tears for Madeline!And no more sad tears for the sisters too.

    Madeline For lifeMadeline For life6 timer siden
  • Heart touching

    tahura warsitahura warsi7 timer siden
  • I cried when adrianna and Bella Got replaced 😭🤣🙁

    Samer Al SharkySamer Al Sharky7 timer siden
  • Who here cried in the beginning

    Hinata Rose UzumakiHinata Rose Uzumaki8 timer siden
  • This made me cry

    AmxliaXxAmxliaXx8 timer siden
  • so sad and insperational

    Jennifer EziemeJennifer Ezieme8 timer siden
  • I'm crying

    Candice WaitheCandice Waithe9 timer siden
  • I was crying so much and thank u for the love and support

    kayeisha Jalaldinkayeisha Jalaldin9 timer siden
  • this really made me cry i am actully living in a foster family and i have'nt seen my (half) siblings in years but it was so beautiful :)

    Tindra GeschwindTindra Geschwind11 timer siden

    Ranuthmi KarunarathnaRanuthmi Karunarathna11 timer siden
  • 😭😭Sister always stick together I miss my sister She's another country

    Queen AbdulQueen Abdul11 timer siden
  • Me over here crying: 😢

    Skyler BishopSkyler Bishop13 timer siden
  • This made me crie

    Nathan ClarkNathan Clark14 timer siden
  • I almost cried on this video

    Reyna CarrilloReyna Carrillo14 timer siden
  • Me crying 😭 before I watched this bc it look sad

    Amari TaylorAmari Taylor14 timer siden
  • I'm actually crying i hsve no friends you see

    Ava ShermanAva Sherman15 timer siden
  • This made me and my little sister cry knowing that their are some people that dont have a family when we have each other .

    lollipop queenlollipop queen15 timer siden
  • Why iam I crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😣

    Subme SSubme S15 timer siden
  • The new mom sound soo creepy when she come to see her

    CHER YIK WEN MoeCHER YIK WEN Moe15 timer siden
  • WAITWAITWAITWAIT...... What actually happend at Bella's last Family? She's abused? She doesn't like it? Or....

    Madina FayzaMadina Fayza16 timer siden
  • Damn why y'all gotta do me like this I'm in tears

    puppy catpuppy cat16 timer siden
  • at 3:29 u can see tg plays lol!

    Skye-FortniteSkye-Fortnite16 timer siden
  • I broke down in tears it was so sad

    Arvesta AddisonArvesta Addison16 timer siden
  • This made me cry

    Izzie GrimesIzzie Grimes16 timer siden
  • this made me cry it is so sweet

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    Kevin KuykendallKevin Kuykendall18 timer siden
  • Im crying imao

    Natalie DavisNatalie Davis18 timer siden
  • I’m full on crying 😭 this was such a good short move🥺

    Mimi HasslerMimi Hassler18 timer siden
  • Adrianna is a really good actress

  • I’m not crying you crying

    Clueless QueenClueless Queen19 timer siden
  • It Make Me Cry

    Sahro IssaSahro Issa19 timer siden
  • I hope my step sisters know me or my dad and my dad's wife introduce me on them but they didn't I just want them to know me as their sister I'm so mad at my dad and his wife they didn't introduce me!!! But sad and the same time😡😭😭

    Zacharie's WorldZacharie's World19 timer siden
  • If you were here you could see the tears in my eyes I’m crying

    Tj MimsTj Mims19 timer siden
  • I wanna cry now I am starting to tear up 😫😖

    Sherellye bellySherellye belly19 timer siden
  • i cried

    Ariella WongAriella Wong20 timer siden
  • Who else was in tears after this video

    Lisa TuckerLisa Tucker20 timer siden
  • I started to cry

    Gracelyn BrameGracelyn Brame20 timer siden
  • I cried

    Hayley MarshallHayley Marshall20 timer siden
  • “No matter what happens we’ll always be sisters “ that part made me cry 😭 it was so sad and I know this is acting but... I can’t help it 😭

    Joselin RiosJoselin Rios21 time siden
  • This made me cry 😭

    ender wolfender wolf21 time siden
  • Omg I cried in the beginning when Bella gets taken away from her.

    Jocelyn MayJocelyn May21 time siden
  • 4:46 melted my heart

    Emma Gamer HolnessEmma Gamer Holness21 time siden
  • At the end 🌊🌊🌊

    Max and DeMax and De21 time siden
  • The first seen I cried😢

    David&Dessy LaraDavid&Dessy Lara21 time siden

    Ce’Mya VitalCe’Mya Vital22 timer siden
  • Who else noticed that the actor for Bella’s Mom is the same actor as in other cases but with a black wig

    STH exeSTH exe22 timer siden
  • I wasn’t expecting to cry 😢

    Lara YeaterLara Yeater23 timer siden
  • It’s sad when siblings get separated, and it happens in real life too

    Mocha Chocoモカ チョコMocha Chocoモカ チョコ23 timer siden
  • Who else thinks the child always has to agree to the adoption too?

    CatteauxCatteaux23 timer siden
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  • I am crying

    brick ballbrick ball23 timer siden
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    gaming with Mali shakesgaming with Mali shakes23 timer siden
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  • Bles😭🥺🥰😍😿

    Jana PetkovicJana PetkovicDag siden
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    Roxxs KidsRoxxs KidsDag siden
  • wow, that was a nice story, I wonder if there's a part 2. Dhar Mann, you a life-changer, I even cried.

    Mehetabel BoakyeMehetabel BoakyeDag siden
  • that is sad

    Adelyn MartinezAdelyn MartinezDag siden
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    Omer IslamiOmer IslamiDag siden
  • 🥰 awwww

    Ozma SadiqOzma SadiqDag siden
  • “Sisters always stick together.” Omg I feel this with my sister all the time, even if we argue sometimes I still love to play with her, if it’s video games, normal games, outside, she will always make me crack up with laughter! I love her way too much then words can imagine, she’s the best sister ever and I couldn’t believe a life without her. ❤️😅

    Hope_de .weirdoHope_de .weirdoDag siden
    • SAMEEE

      Tomas ITomas IDag siden
  • Im crying right now

    Josephine FruetelJosephine FruetelDag siden

    tianna harristianna harrisDag siden
  • Adoption centers shouldn't do that they should find a family for both children to go to

    Blind BanditBlind BanditDag siden
  • i almost crided

    Archer DaltonArcher DaltonDag siden
  • It made me cry!

    ItzAnea GachaItzAnea GachaDag siden
  • This story means a lot to me because I was in the older sister’s position when I was younger, I was in and out of the foster care system, and my younger brother got separated from me. And I got adopted, and two years later, after my younger brother’s family didn’t work out, my mum and dad who adopted me ended up adopting him as well

    Noona_BooYTNoona_BooYTDag siden
  • Sorry but am I the onlyone who cried?

    Dalila El FareDalila El FareDag siden
  • Watch them both fight for the middle of the night

    AnimeHypeAnimeHypeDag siden
  • Sophie slalom

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  • This made emotional in a good way

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  • But it happy in the end

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  • Is it me or that is a boy toy

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  • everyone watching : "ok." me watching: *crys at the begining to credits*

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  • So you see

    TikTok WorldTikTok WorldDag siden
  • this one actually made me cry

    charlisankletcharlisankletDag siden
  • when I first saw this video like it just popped up on my screen I was like I don't want to watch this after I said I'm just going to try to watch it I start crying

    mia lolmia lolDag siden
  • Why’d the beginning of the video actually start to make me tear up

    Jaclyn MartinezJaclyn MartinezDag siden
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    Samaria GurungSamaria GurungDag siden